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LATIN LINDA IN THE CLUB CONCLUSIONThe conclusion. After the 3rd guy came everyone was eerily calm. The guys were talking about me as if I wasn’t there. I was snuggling against Mr. Latin in a semi measure of undress. We dropped off the passenger 1st then it was our turn. As I was about to get out of the car guy on the left stopped me, looked at me & without saying a word gave me another aggressive wet kiss. More like he was sucking my tongue & licking my mouth. Again at the end he bit my lower lip & whispered in my ear “I’m going to get your number & I will have that pussy of yours!” Although I was not really attracted to this guy the way he lusted after me was very intoxicating. As I started walking to the door I realized I didn’t have my panties. Where are they. I asked Mr. Latin but he just grinned & grabbed me by my waist & said “Baby you won’t be needing those at any point tonight!”We walked up to his apartment. It was not what I expected. It was very clean. A great view of the Ocean, Very sexy indeed. He made us a couple of drinks & put on some music. I asked to use his bathroom as I wanted to freshen up some, after all I just been bent over & fucked hard & sucked 3 guys off not to mention I still had dry cum on my left thigh. He walked me over to the master bathroom which had a nice tub & shower. I was about to take a shower but he didn’t want me too. “Freshen up a little. I want you like this.” He told me very assertively. So I did. As I was leaving the room I noticed a uniform. This guy was a State Trooper. Great. I decided to go back in the bathroom & strip down. As his closet was open I went & picked out a blue Polo dress shirt & that would be my attire for the evening. He was sitting on the sofa wearing nothing but his underwear. WOW! This guy had a gorgeous body. He was very muscular but not in a bodybuilder sort of way. He had no bodyfat whatsoever. This guy is eye candy for sure. So we sat down & quickly he began to kiss me on the couch. His hands were wandering all over my body and I was definitely getting wetter feeling his hardbody. He quickly removed the shirt I was wearing & asked me to stand up. I was kind of puzzled as we were starting to get into it but I complied. He sat back up with his cock now straining to burst out of his underwear. Boy he was hot.He insisted that I turnaround for him. Made me walk away then walk towards him. He then pulled me close to him and began licking my belly & sucking on my belly piercing while firmly squeezing my ass cheeks. Again he pulled away and asked me to stand back a couple of feet. What was he doing? I wondered to myself. “Is there something wrong?” I asked. He simply nodded no. “I simply want to enjoy your curves” he said. He then took his drink and with a bit of cockiness asked me how bad do I want it while grabbing his manhood. I was about to say something negative when he stood up grabbed his ample hardon & said “As you can see I want you real bad. Can’t fake a hardon Mami!”Well that wiped out any negative thoughts and got my poonani stirring again. I quickly noticed that the song that just bursa escort started playing was Joe Cockers “You can leave your hat on” & decided to give him a little show. Immediately I dashed to his room & put on his Trooper hat. I put on my heels & wearing nothing but hat & heels began dancing for him. I pushed him back on the sofa turned around opened my legs & bent over giving him a great view of my ass cheeks and pussy. I started playing with my clit and inserting my fingers. Walked back to him and put those fingers in his mouth. I made him taste my wetness the wetness he was bringing out of me. When the song ended he grabbed my face and gave me a hard passionate kiss. He carried me into his bedroom and placed me on the edge of his bed. He then knelled down and began licking my inner thighs. He would get close to my pussy but just when I thought he was going to eat me out he would go back to my inner thigh. I was desperate to feel his mouth on my pussy. I wanted him to taste me. To devour me. But Mr. Latin was a tease. Just when I thought he was going to nibble my clit he started breathing on my clit. What? Why!?! Got to admit the feeling of his warm breath on my sensitive clit wasvery stimulating. At this point I’m bucking my hips and pulling his hair trying to get his mouth on my pussy. The teasing was insane. I could feel my juices starting to flow. I blurted out “ Papi por favor give me that tongue dammit!!!” And he did! Boy could he eat pussy. He was doing things to me with his tongue & lips I had never felt before. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My toes curled, my stomach tightened and I grabbed his head and I came all over his face. I tried pushing him away since my orgasm was so strong that I was real sensitive. But he wanted to lap up my juices. He then rubbed his face all over my soaking wet pussy. The sight of him doing that drove me insane & I started feeling another wave of ecstasy. I came again!!! WTF! I’ve never done that before. I was trembling when I saw him remove his underwear and out sprang his very desirable cock. I wanted, no I needed to taste him. I got down on my knees and I put his big juicy cock head in my mouth. He tasted so good. He grabbed me by my face and lifted me up. He opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom. This time I put it on for him. He grabbed me tight and I loved the feeling of his tight body and hard cock pressing against my belly. He pushed me down and started rubbing his dick against my opening. I opened my legs wide to accommodate him but he began teasing me again.This was torture. “I need your cock in me now!!! Pound me dammit!” Not him. He did not look away from me one second. He told me to be still or else I wouldn’t get any. “Tell me how bad do you want it. Beg me. Do you want my dick? Show me!” What? This guy was making me beg for his dick? And I did. I pleaded with him. I pulled his hair. He would only tease me and insert the head and then say I wasn’t sincere, or I wasn’t wanting it bad enough. Every time his head penetrated me I got wetter and hornier. At that point I would have said or done bursa escort bayan anything for him to penetrate me fully and pound me silly. This went on for a few minutes, felt like hours, and then it happened. He penetrated me fully! As soon as he did my body started convulsing and I had another orgasm. What? He just now went inside me and I came. I never cum fast. Sometimes not at all. This guy I just met is giving me orgasm after orgasm and we just started fucking. He would thrust in & out of me for about a dozen times & stop. He would then begin to tease me for a few strokes by only keeping the tip of his cock inside me.Then he would begin grinding into me deeply. This was too much & too new for me and again another gush of ecstasy overtakes my entire body. My orgasm seem to be coming in waves. No joke.I was then asked to turn over. He wanted me on all fours. I quickly assumed the position & he made sure my face was way down on the bed & I in return arched my back fully so he had the best entry & could ravage my pussy from behind. This time there was no teasing. He entered me slowly & every stroke went deeper than the one before. He grabbed my hips & began pounding me hard but not in a jackhammer way many guys do (not a turn on for me most of times) instead it was an assertive manly pounding away. I felt him pulling up by my hair and he raised my head & grabbed me by my shoulders. This allowed him to get really deep inside me & it seemed he was in my belly. Again he stopped thrusting & began grinding my ass. WOW!!! I was astounded at the whole thing. Mr. Latin was showing me things about my body I didn’t know. This deep grinding of his beautiful veiny cock deep in my pussy on all fours generated yet another orgasm! I had never cum before on all fours. I knew most of the men I had been with loved seeing my big ass this way but I had never cum. We were both soaked in sweat by then. So I decided I wanted to see his face & body while feeling his throbbing cock inside me. I turned around knelt on the bed & gave him a quick wet kiss & got him to lie down. I then proceeded to give him some of his own medicine. I demanded he put his arms above his head. As he did I grabbed his engorged cock & straddled him. I placed his raging hardon on the tip of my pussy & I asked him “How bad do you want it? I’ve already cum. How bad do YOU want to cum? Dime Papi!” All this while squeezing his dick & rubbing it against my pussy. His arms moved & grabbed my waist but I quickly pulled away. “No mi amorcito. You have to BEG for this pussy now!””Tell me how it feels to be inside me. Tell me!” His chest was heaving, he kept trying to raise his hips so he could penetrate me but I was in control for now. He had no other recourse but to grunt out a couple of sentences “Your tight. Your pussy is so smooth.” So since I was now desperate to feel his dick inside me I sat down and inserted the tip only. Every time the tip would penetrate me I would feel/hear a pop! My pussy was wrapping that delicious head as if saying “I got you. Your mine!” So I made sure he kept his arms over his escort bursa head & began controlling the pace & depth of the thrusting. I started gyrating my hips & I would bend down to lick his lips. This allowed me to rub my clit against his hips thus adding to my enjoyment. As this continued I got lost in the moment & the only thing guiding me was my lust & the look on his face. At some point his arms moved down & grabbed me firmly by the hips & he began trying to control the pace. I would move his hands so he could play & squeeze my breasts. He raised himself & sucked on them a few times. I pushed him down & noticed that he was tensing up all over. I knew he was about to cum. I didn’t want him to come into a condom. I wanted to taste him. To swallow his load.I failed. He was too powerful & I was now having another orgasm. Knowing that I have brought him to the edge & the look of a****l lust in his face was too much for me. I simply held on to him & began grinding myself onto him. I could feel his cock inside me pulsating as he spurted inside of me. What a FUCK! This guy has fucked me every which way & made me cum more than anyone till that point! I collapsed next to him. He was breathing so hard. He then turned to me & kissed me. All he could muster up was a “WOW!!!” I told him to stay put & not move. I quickly got up went to his bathroom sink & found a hand towel. I wet it with hot steaming water & wrung out the excess water. I grabbed his semi hard dick removed the condom & cleaned him out thoroughly. I raised his balls & made sure he could feel the warm towel everywhere. (Thanks to a much older & very sexual girlfriend of mine for teaching me this. Guys always were astonished when I did this.) I placed my head against his powerful shoulders & drifted off to a very deep & comforting sleep.Next morning as the sun arose I realized I had no car & needed to get back & take my mother to run some errands.I still had an overwhelming desire to taste & swallow his cum. As he slept I discovered the most glorious morning wood beneath the sheets. I gently pulled them away & grabbed this veiny hard dick that had given me multiple orgasms the night before & began licking him. I put his head in my mouth & sucked on it. His breathing became heavier & suddenly I notice him clutching the bed. His eyes are now tightly closed so I knew he had awaken. He made a feeble attempt to make me stop (later he confessed he wanted to enter me again) but I resisted. I got on all fours so I could really handle his manhood. I licked up & down his balls. I tried to lick his asshole & rim him but that position didn’t allow me to do so. I popped that dick back in my mouth and sucked him hard. I saw him tense up & he grabbed my head. I was about to get my prize. He did not disappoint. I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat. I was trying not to swallow all of it at once. I wanted to savor his cum. And I did. When he finally opened his eyes I quickly straddled him & I put my fingers in my mouth to pull out some of his juice. I rubbed it around my lips & pulled away to form strings between my lips & fingers. I would then suck my fingers to ensure I didn’t waste a drop of this delicious nectar that I just extracted from deep in his balls! I then gave him a wet kiss & said “Good morning. Rise & shine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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