Nis 19

Latte Seduction Ch. 02

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I throw my thong at you and laughing make a break for the door. I can hear your low growl as you jump off the couch to pursue me. Out into the hall we run and straight up the stairs. I am still laughing as you say

“Oh honey you better run. After that kind of teasing you deserve everything I am going to give you.”

I run down the hallway straight to the master bedroom with you hot on my heels. Halfway into the room you catch me from behind. Quickly you spin me in your arms. Your lips descend onto mine to kiss me breathless. Your hands are caught up in my hair as a fire ignites in my belly. I need to feel your naked skin against my own. I tug your shirt from your waistband feeling your warm skin under my palm. Our kiss breaks and we both take a deep breath to calm down or ragged inhalations.

After a few moments I once again I start to lift your shirt. Inch by painful inch revealing your chest to me. Finally it is all the way off. You kick off your shoes as I loosen the belt at your waist. Your hands rest at your sides as I undo the button on your shorts and began to ease down the zipper. I drop to my knees in front of you. Your shorts are hanging loosely at your waist as I grasp the sides to pull it off. The only barrier left between us is the pair of dark blue boxers that your cock is trying to poke through. I lean into your thighs. My face is level with your dick now. I kiss the ridge of your erection through your boxers. Your hands fall to my shoulders as I finally ease the boxers down your legs and off of your body. Your hot, hard cock falls into my sight. I lick my lips when I see the precum gathered at the tip. I have to taste it. I lean in and flick my tongue over the head of your cock. Your hands tighten on my shoulders. I then take it into my mouth. I glance up to see your head fall back as I take it deeper and deeper. My hands are around your hips gripping your tight ass. Finally, my nose buries in your pubic hair. I have swallowed your whole dick!

I pull my head back and began to fuck you with my mouth. Faster and faster. I can feel your cock swelling in my mouth. It tastes heavenly. Each ridge running sensously over my tongue. Your head falls forward and you stare into my eyes as I look up at you. I want to taste your cum so badly. I want to feel it güvenilir bahis rocket into my mouth. But you pull me away from your straining erection.

“Not now baby. I don’t want to cum just yet.”.

You lift me back onto my feet and propel me to my super king size bed. As I fall onto the soft downy comforter I look at you between my silk clad thighs. You pull my ass to the edge of the bed. Your hands run up and down my leg as you say “Do you know how sexy it is to see your gorgeous body totally naked except for these stockings and high heels. It’s a beautiful sight baby.” I picture myself as you must see me now. Hair in a disarray. Blue eyes clouded with passion just for you. Full breasts with tightened nipples heaving begging to be caressed. Smooth sexy legs encased in silk stocking and high heels widely parted exposing a hot, pink and dripping pussy. Just the thought made my pussy leak more cream out of my slit and down onto the curve of my ass. You mumble to yourself and the only words I can catch are ” Oh god baby.” as you come down onto my body to take my right nipple into your mouth. My hips buck into your abdomen.

My pussy is on fire. I want your dick in me now. So I beg. And I beg. Yet still you continue your slow torture of sucking my nipples. First the right and then the left. If that isn’t bad enough then you move back to the right. Now back to the left. Drawing the rock hard peak into your mouth. Now your biting gently on the tip. Liquid fire runs through my veins. Both of your hands now move to push both breasts together. You push the nipples side by side. You suck both into your hungry mouth and my body bucks off of the bed. Just when my hands feel like they are going to rip the comforter to shreds you stop. For one brief moment I am at a loss. My nipples are aching for your continued touch. And then I feel a light kiss under my breasts.My mind races and flames as your hot kisses continue down my abdomen to my navel. You pause for a moment to lavish wet kisses on my belly button before continuing on. Now you are passing over the top of my mound.

” I love the way that you have you pretty little pussy shaved baby.” you say.

Then your tongue flicks out to touch my distended clit. Immediately I began to cum. Hard. My body was too primed not too. My türkçe bahis back bows and my body spasms as I let loose a torrent of moisture on your tongue. As I come back to myself you are slowly licking my slit. Tasting me. Your eyes meet mine as you realize that I am watching you. You are kneeling beside the bed between my thighs. My pussy is perfectly aligned with your chest as you sit on your heels. Your hands are on my thighs caressing me. You move your right hand to my wet pussy parting the engorged lips. Your index finger slipping easily in my hot hole. Your eyes stay locked with mine as your finger begins to fuck me slowly. Gradually you pick up speed and add another finger. My belly begins to feel tight as you add a third finger. I am fucking your hand hard. Riding your fingers and moaning like mad. I can feel my orgasm hovering in the wings. Your saying dirty things to me making me hotter and hotter. Just as I know I am about to cum again you say “Cum on honey. Cum on my fingers right NOW!”. As soon as you say it my pussy tightens around your fingers as I have another mind blowing orgasm.

This time as I come back to myself you are laying at my side both of us laying in the center of the bed cuddled with your fingers still in my pussy. As I watch you draw them out and proceed to lick each finger clean. As you finish the last one we kiss passionately. I can taste myself on your tongue. The combination so erotic a taste that I hope I never forget it.

Now I can tease you. I kiss you all over your face. I nibble from your chin to your earlobe. I suck the soft skin into my mouth and suckle it gently. I then nibble down your neck stopping to suck hard on your collarbone. I leave my mark on you. Down your chest I go stopping at your left nipple. I take it into my mouth and suckle it. In seconds it is a hard bead that I am rolling my tongue over. I nip it gently before I move to the right. I give it the same treatment. Unlike you instead of torturing your nipples there is something I am in a hurry to get to. I kiss across your abdomen down to your belly button. My hands are on either side of your hips as I slide first one leg and then the other between yours. I kiss down to your cock. I lick over the head and down to the base. Now I am almost where I want to be. Finally, I take one güvenilir bahis siteleri of your tight balls into my mouth. Uhmm heavenly. I love to suck on nuts. I mouth your balls first one and then the other. After I had given them sufficent attention then I move back to your hot cock. I put my left hand on your thigh as I wrap the right around your shaft. I then put my mouth on your head and suck down until I touch my closed fist. My hot mouth suctions to the end of your dick. I began to twirl my tongue and then move my mouth and hand in tandem. Up and down. Up and down. Faster and faster. You grasp the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth and hand. Your moans coming out low and resonate.

Suddenly you sit up and throw me onto my back. Before I can blink you have your hands on either side of my shoulders bracing yourself. The head of your cock is poised at my dripping pussy as you thrust all the way home in one quick move. My head goes back and my eyes roll on a long moan as your cock fills my pussy. You never let up. You begin to fuck my pussy hard. Oh god it feels so good.

” Uhmm” I moan louder yelling out “FASTER! HARDER! OH YES BABY GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR HARD COCK!”.

And you do faster and harder until I cum again screaming your name. Pussy snapping tight on your dick. Before the last spasm has passed through my body you have me on all fours. One arm curled around my shoulders and one around my hips as you settle against my back and trust back into me. So close are you holding me that your strokes are all short and deep. You thrust at a steady pace never slowing and never speeding up. Until, I start to moan and you know that just a little more will make me cum. Your hand at my hips slides to my clit as you hoarsely begin to moan.

” Oh god baby.Uhmmm Ohhh. I’m going to cum baby. Oh yessssss.”.

“Oh yes baby please cum.”I beg.

As you stroke the tight bud of my clit. I can feel your hot, warm sperm fill my pussy as you moan and twitch on my back. As you continue to pour your hot cum in me I can feel it begin to run out of me and down my thighs. This triggered the most mind blowing explosion I have ever had. I couldn’t stop as you kept thrusting into me. Finally we both collapse sweaty and spent onto the rumpled bed. It was the most perfect lovemaking ever. We rest on our sides facing one another cuddling. You rubbing my breasts and I rubbing your cock. Then you kiss me deeply and I know that if I need any more help.

Well I’m not letting you go just yet. Hope you enjoyed.

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