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Law Librarian

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I was hired at a small prestigious law firm in the library. Fresh out of college, I had majored in Library Sciences, but in this economy I was grateful for the opportunity. My responsibilities were heavy. I assisted the paralegals with Westlaw searches and court records. I also input scan and catalogue all the documents to PDF format.

I was proud of my new career and seeing my name on my business card– Lisa Warren, Assistant Legal Librarian, Riesbeck and Bauer, LLP.

Unfortunately, I look like a librarian. I plumped up in College, and that meant many lonely Friday nights. Thankfully, I have known for a long time that I’m not into boys. I am a lesbian.

I worked for a very beautiful woman who was tough as nails. Robyn was only a few years older than me, but she really exuded the corporate mentality. Dog eat dog. Robyn would kiss up to all the partners, but she was brutally critical of everyone behind their back.

She had dark brown hair, a gorgeous face and exciting body. Robyn wore jewelry and make-up flawlessly. I think Robyn wear a different pair of shoes everyday. Her legs looked great in pantyhose. Who said that librarians aren’t sexy? Well, at least Robyn is.

She was hard on me the day I showed up. She found fault with things I did well, and when I really messed them up she blew me out of the water. Everyone else had given her a nickname–Ice Queen.

Robyn was relentlessly bitchy and of course I fell in love with her. Unrequited.

She would occasionally go off to lunch with a perfect corporate looking man, Steve. I wondered how he put up with her. People suffer for love and beauty. I watch her butt sway as she walks down the hallway.

I imagined their sex life together, Robyn and Steve. She dressed so well, so I imagine her undressed, sweating in ecstasy.

After the second month, one of the partners had lost crucial documents. He was sure that he brought them to the library for filing. The documents were originals and our case would be dismissed if we didn’t find them right away. Robyn came down on me hard, because all folders should have been checked, but it turned out that she had filed it herself.

I was able to find the backup PDF copy, and then looked in all other unrelated folders returned that week. Hurray! I found the missing documents. That must have been an important document!

All this came to the attention of the Senior Partner, Mr. Riesbeck, who is in his mid-70’s and founded the firm long ago. He made a special trip to the library to thank me. He made a little ceremony of it.

“You saved our client a half a million dollars by your dedicated work and organization. I wanted to give you a thousand dollars bonus in cash.”

He counted out ten $100 bills and presented them to me in front of everyone who was in the library, including Robyn. Robyn’s face was sullen and she was biting her lip. Everyone congratulated me, and I announced that I would buy lunch for everyone on Friday, and new clothes and a gym membership.

Then Mr. Riesbeck turned to me and said. “Don’t spend your money on that. I will also pay for your Gym membership. The big producers and partners get that free, and so shall you, Lisa.”

I turned to Robyn and asked her if she would help me buy clothes one day at lunch. She whispered in a little nasty voice, “I don’t go to lunch with lesbians.” I was horrified, because I am not “out.” How the hell did she know? Gaydar?

So over the next few weeks, she popped my balloon. She made sure that I was the center of gossip and rumor. I went to Mr. Riesbeck about the gossip, but I never mentioned Robyn by name.

In his gruff, confident voice, “I’ve heard the rumor, and I’m going to watch out for you. I assure you that the firm has hired many gays and lesbians. I wouldn’t care if you came to the Christmas party with a Martian in leather. I will eliminate the gossip. The buck stops here.”

I thanked him, but held my breath as I left his office, worried for Robyn.

The next day Robyn was transferred –promoted, they said. She glared at me as she moved her desk, but now she was the office manager. The firm was going to pay for my Masters Degree in Library poker oyna Science, and I would be the Head Librarian within 2-3 years.

I was going to the gym three times a week and I changed my diet. Every day I ate tuna salad and soup. I lost 75 pounds and I started looking fantastic. Now that I learned to shop, my wardrobe had been steadily upgraded, especially thanks to several pay raises.

I had a waist line, and my big butt was now toned. It looked nice atop my newly shapely legs. My neck and shoulders had thinned. Although my breasts shrunk, so did my stomach. I looked good. I even bought a little make up.

At the office Christmas party, I brought a woman for a date. Truthfully, I didn’t think she’s a keeper, but it was nice to feel accepted at work. I was “out” to everyone, and it wasn’t an issue.

Robyn brought Steve to the party, and announced their engagement. They were the golden, happy couple. She showed everyone the 3 carat diamond ring. Wow!

She was bitchy to my date, and wouldn’t speak to me. Total Ice Queen, but she looked gorgeous.

Formal clothes suited her, and she wore dark elegant sparkles and amazing heels. Everyone watched her as she flowed around the party.

So I kept on working hard at the firm and finishing my Masters. I even went to summer school instead of the beach. Grueling! I didn’t have any time for a social life, but I was establishing my place in the world. You should be suitably impressed.

And then another year passed, Robyn never married Steve. Can you believe that? She had seemed so happy with her trophy fiance.

Everyone was surprised when she was alone at the next firm Christmas party in mid-December. Robyn didn’t put much effort into it this year. To me, though, she always was feminine and pretty.

This time, Robyn was friendly to me. She wished me a Merry Christmas and even hugged me. Oh, that was heaven! I drank up her embrace. I felt worthy.

I had another transient date with a frumpy lesbian. That part was another non-event.

At home, I masturbated every nearly every night thinking about our hug. I still had a crush on her. She still looked great, even if she was a little melancholy.

She invited me to lunch the next week, but it wasn’t a convenient day for me because a major paper for Grad School was due just before Christmas break. Feeling bad to reject her friendly overture, I asked her. “Could we get together for a Friday lunch in a few weeks?”

Lunch never happened because I was still swamped. But I did buy her a cute Christmas ornament as present. She hugged me again! She left a little lipstick on my cheek. Nice.

Maybe she had mellowed. She was doing an excellent job as office manager. Robyn started forwarding me cute or inspiring e-mails. Not too many, just enough to be friendly.

She sent an e-mail saying she had just gotten back from New Year’s at Key West. She e-mailed photos of her in a bikini. That was suggestive, and I liked it. I thought was an odd place for her to go. Gay-friendly. Did she go alone?

There were big events at the law firm, as a huge project was planned with an out of town trial. We needed courtroom exhibits and to set up an out of town office. Everyone was involved. We were all working under a major partner and his paralegals.

I needed to ask to skip lectures and get extensions for papers on my Graduate program.

Robyn and I worked with the movers and IT department to get the satellite office set up. She was extremely pleasant and optimistic during the whole project. Her attitude had improved. Everything didn’t go smoothly, but she never blamed me or the underlings. There would be no room for error, regardless of the obstacles. Everything issue would have to be solved, no excuses.

We just had to win this case. Our reputation was on the line and this was our biggest client. They needed us to be heroes, so we all worked our butts off.

Several weeks later, we went to court. I stayed back at the main office, but half of our staff worked in the satellite office. After two weeks at court, the trial adjourned. The judge would issue his ruling with the next week or two.

Most canlı poker oyna of the staff returned to the main office. There was a hush over the place. It’s like everyone held their breath.

During the lull, I was able to take two days off to catch up on my Graduate work. I would have my masters within another 3 months!

One day the news came. The verdict and opinion had been rendered. No appeal, no partial decision. We won it all!

Hugs and jubiliation! The Mr. Riesbeck came around after lunch and handed everyone $100 bills and cigars.

He boomed, “Congratulations to my winning team. I am announcing a big celebration. Happy hour starts right now. I will see you all downstairs at the pub. Drinks are on the firm, tonight! And oh, by the way…work tomorrow is optional.”


So I went drinking, something I rarely do. I ate chicken wings and calamari, and drank 3 mixed drinks. Everyone offered toasts, congratulations and hugs. It was marathon happy hour and everyone was exhausted by late evening.

Robyn had about 10 drinks, but she was quite friendly. She talked to me all night long, and tried to get me to drink more.

I was worried about her getting home, but she offered me a ride home. Oh God,was she too drunk to drive? I suggested that we get a cab.

“No way. I am not getting a taxi.” Robyn countered “Lisa, you can drive my car to your apartment. I will drive myself home from there.”

“Ok, we will try that plan,” I said, still nervous about how tipsy she was.

She handed me her car keys and I helped her down the street to find her car. I started it up and drove to my house. She was blubbering as she spoke, and I was really concerned about her needing to drive later.

“Please, let me get you a cab, Robyn,” as I pulled her car up in front of my building. “You can park you car right there.”

“Nope, it’s my car. I am driving!” she insisted, slurring her words. She evidently was an arrogant drunk, and I was too tired to argue anymore.

“Ok,” I acquiesced.

As I was leaving the car she pulled me close and started kissing me. French kiss. Nice tongue, and passionate. It was confusing for me, too, though. What was happening?

After a minute of that, she shouted at me, “I am not gay. I don’t know what you think you are doing, but I will not let you force yourself on me.”

“Give me a break, Robyn. What are you accusing me of? I didn’t start kissing you. You initiated that. I’m going home. I don’t need this shit. Good night!”

I went to my elevator very upset. I felt bad to leave her like that, but I had enough of her shit tonight. I love her, but I have to respect myself first.

I was going to take a shower and then go to bed. After my shower I changed to my nightshirt.

I prayed for Robyn. I knelt by the side of my bed and repeated prayers I hadn’t said in a dozen years. I was crying a little reliving her cruel kiss in the car. I suffering in the scorn of this beautiful woman who I had idolized. I was supposed to be the lesbian.

My doorbell rang just past 1 a.m. It was Robyn

“Can I come in?” I opened the door and let her enter. It was surreal. She explained, “I figured out your apartment number from the mail thing downstairs. I parked my car. You’re right. I shouldn’t drive home. Can I stay here tonight?”

“Yes, ok, Robyn. You can stay here, but no more drama tonight. You’re totally wasted and we both need sleep. We can discuss this in the morning. Take a shower and I will make a place to sleep on the sofa.” I went to get a towel, pillow and blankets, plus a nightshirt. I left them stacked on the sofa.

I showed her the bathroom and I closed the door as she quickly disrobed. I saw her strip down to her underwear, but I was too exhausted and angry to enjoy any of this. I climbed in my bed, and I was asleep before Robyn finished her shower.

I was vaguely aware that Robyn climbed in bed with me. Can you believe it? I was dreaming and it didn’t sink in totally.

I awoke in the middle of the night, warm and cozy. I looked at Robyn in the dark, and felt content.

I could feel that she was naked beside me. On internet casino my leg, I felt dried goo. I guess she masturbated on me!

I was ecstatic! I kissed her on the cheek, but she didn’t move. I softly took hold of her nipple, but she was sleeping too deeply. I drifted back into dreamland, smiling and content. I slept soundly by her side for many more hours.

Later, when I awoke the next morning, my bed was empty. I smelled food cooking and heard the radio playing. I got out of bed and tip-toed into the kitchen to see a fantastic sight. Robyn was standing at the kitchen counter wearing only an apron. Her whole back side and legs were completely exposed.

She was humming along with the radio, and stirring pancake batter. I suddenly got inspired when I saw a softening stick of butter on the counter. I quietly snuck up and peeled the wrapper, and approached my beautiful friend.

“Woo-hoo!” she shouted as I inserted the warm, gooey butter into her anus. “Ah-ah, oh my God!! Lisa, Lisa.” I giggled and I looked at her face apprehensively to see if she laughed.

We stood frozen, staring at each other, but she was smiling wickedly. Then she commanded me, “You little devil. Give me that butter, and bend over, soldier!”

I leaned over to the counter and spread my legs wide as if to prepare to be frisked. She pulled my nightshirt up and stuck the butter up my crease of my butt. She smeared the oil substance up and back several times and then I felt her finger enter me. “I hope I don’t break a fingernail,” she joked.

She finger fucked my butt for several minutes as she caressed my legs and abdomen. “Hey, you’ve got a cute body, Lisa. You’ve been working out,” she said.

She started grinding her crotch into my buttery ass cheeks as she grabbed both my breasts from behind. She cupped and pinched my nipples, as she ground her self eagerly on my bottom.

“Uh, uh, oh,” Robyn grunted. She must be close to cumming already.

She was getting off like a pole dancer and I am pole. She blasted gooey cum all over my ass, and I suggested we postpone the pancakes. So we retired to my bed.

Robyn was one hot chick, feverish! She nuzzled my pussy and licked knowledgably on the lips. She made me cum girly drool on her pretty mouth. I arched my back and started breathing hurriedly. As I lifted off the bed, I writhed with several orgasms. “Oh, my, you really know what you are doing!”

We tried several positions. We tried tribbing and grinding our crotches into each other. I sucked on her tiny tits, until her nipples swelled up. I bit and licked. I showed her all my oral techniques.

We fucked all day long. Eventually, we ate pancakes. And we ate each other –several times.

She was the best lover I ever had, the prettiest, the most skillful, and it was worth all the waiting.

She explained that her high-society mother had caught her in bed with another girl when she was 18 years old. She had been living with shame of her parents’ judgment ever since. So Robyn thought she was forced to living in denial all these years. Her mother pressured her to marry properly and forget the wild indiscretions of youth. So her sexual orientation was her secret and she hated hiding it. She was a hypocrite and that made her go empty inside. Hence, she became the Ice Queen. She just couldn’t bring herself to marry Steve.

After so many years, she realized that the only person she could love was me. She pushed me away during the early times, but always felt guilty about it. “You brought all the difficult questions I couldn’t face. I was a coward, and it was unfair to punish you. You are one the nicest people I’ve ever met, and good in bed.”

“How can I make it up to you, Lisa?” She asked me.

“Love me, Robyn. Dedicate yourself to me. Please tell Mr. Riesbeck that you are my lesbian lover. Come to the next Christmas party as my date.” “That is 6 months off, Lisa.”

“Exactly my point,” I retorted. “I want be the only one shoving butter in your ass.”

I went to the kitchen showed her the Indian lady pinching her own nipples on the Land-O-Lakes box.

“Maybe we should try margarine. Parkay.” She smiled and kissed me.

“Ok,” Robyn agreed. “I will do everything that you ask. I am comfortable being a lesbian. That’s who I am. And I love you, Lisa. The only one I am really scared to tell is my Mother. I don’t know how I will work up the courage.”

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