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Learning about jacking off Part Nine Gloria

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Learning about jacking off Part Nine GloriaIt was Beggar’s Night. I was over at Gloria’s house by 4:30. I had a good time with the three women the days before this special gig. Marcia was a delicious woman who was very very nice to me.Tonight though, I was the main attraction for four women who were strangers to me. Everyone would be in costume and mask. There was no way to recognize anyone.The women all knew I was young and that I had been fucking for a couple of weeks. Gloria told me about them. “One of them comes from fairly close to where I dropped you off, it’s not Mrs. Wilson, so don’t worry about that. She said, “Barbara (Mrs. Martin) showed me a picture of her and this woman, while she is very nice looking,she doesn’t look at all like Mrs. Wilson. Besides, isn’t she on vacation now?”I said, “Yeah, she’ll be gone for another week. I asked what her name was and she said, “There will be no names Peter. No one will know your name. For all they know you are Robin, Boy Wonder.” We talked some more about going to the hotel. She thought it best for us to go to the hotel early. She would go up to the room, which was number 430 on the fourth floor. After she went up I was to come in and walk directly to the elevator without talking to anyone at the desk. Gloria would have my costume in her suitcase.I had never been in a hotel room in my life. I had been in a few motel rooms when my parents took me on a trip to Disneyland several years before this. Gloria parked the car at the Wellington Arms and left me there as she went to check in. I waited the twenty minutes she recommended, then went in a side door and to the elevator. I was in the room in minutes. It was very nice with one King-Sized bed and a small television on the counter. I checked out the room and took a little bar of soap which said Wellington Arms on it with me as a keepsake.We talked about how the evening would go. The four women who were coming had already paid $100 each for their evening of naughty fun. I was to remain in the bathroom dressed up as Robin. I loved the costume. It was mine to keep now that Gloria had bought it for me. There was the red shirt that fit my upper body like a glove. The yellow cape was cool as were the green parts. My green gloves reached to the middle of my forearms and the green shorts, kind of like a swimming suit. It was nice and tight and showed off my young bulge quite nicely. The green shoes were the coolest. They were sturdy enough for someone to wear while trick or treating, but had these little wing-like pointed parts that went part way up the back of my ankles. The phone rang. Gloria picked it up and said, “Yes, you may all come on up. Robin is in the bathroom all dressed and ready to undress…well part way. He will leave his mask on. Remember, all of you keep your masks on for the entire evening.” She told me to go into the bathroom and close the door. My cock was very hard thinking about fucking or playing with women while the others watched. When Gloria watched me with her friend Barbara and vice versa, I found that very hot.Soon there was a rap on the door. The women walked in. Several looked a bit nervous. None of them knew the others and they were talking a bit uneasily, but with excited voices about the evening ahead. I watched them move to the chairs. They had apparently drawn lots to see what order they would go in with me. I looked them over. All had nice costumes and while they came into the room with coats over most of their costumes, when they took the coats off it was easy to see that none of them wore bras. The drawing was held and the first to go was a skinny witch with a mask much like the little black eye mask that looked like a cartoon bandit’s and much like the one I had on. She had a fake long crooked nose with a wart. Her skin was green from makeup. She had small tits and obviously no bra. Her nipples were very hard and quite easy to see on the tight fitting green dress she wore. She waited for Gloria to bring me into lotusbet güvenilirmi the room.Gloria opened the door and I walked out. She said, “Ladies, may I present this evening’s entertainment! The Boy Wonder Robin!!” There was a smattering of applause as the women looked me up and down. I saw eyes riveted on the bulge in my green shorts. I had decided to speak a bit lower than was usual for me, because one of the women lived fairly close to where Gloria had dropped me off. I didn’t want to take the chance she would possibly recognize me.I jumped up on the bed and put my hand over my bulge and said, “Robin to the rescue.” I watched the skinny witch as she grinned lasciviously at me. She asked, “How old are you Robin?” I told her and the women, even though they already knew the answer, gasped at what I told her.”What help does my sweet witch need from Robin, Boy Wonder? The witch moved to where I now stood near the foot of the bed. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my on my mouth. All the women could see her using her tongue on me and me reciprocating. I had my hands on her tits, pulling on the nipples that the thin fabric showed as nice and hard. I looked into her eyes and said, “You look good enough to eat Miss Witch. She liked the ‘Miss Witch’ part. I could see where she a recently removed wedding ring left an indentation on her left hand. She purred, “I AM good enough to eat, but I want to see how good you are to eat. Let’s get those cute green shorts down from your body Robin. I let her peel them down. The other women gasped as my cock bounded out from inside. Gloria had told me to shave before they got there. My cock was hard and my flesh hairless. She mumbled, “Oh my God” and fell to her knees in front of me. The other women moved their chairs as they needed so they could watch the show. Two of the three were stroking their slits which were leaving wet marks on the tight thin fabric of their costumes.The witch started sucking my cock, holding my balls with one hand. She had to take off her hat because it got in the way of my belly. She was moaning as she took it down her throat. I looked around the room at the other three women.The one nearest us, and holding the slip of paper with number three on it, was Little Bo Peep. She had on the pink hat and frilly dress which, though frilly, was tight enough for me to see her mound and nipples through the thin fabric. Her huge tits made the material stretch to the maximum.She had a very intense look on her face…at least on her mouth. Her mask covered her face from her eyebrows down to her nose. She licked her lips several times. There was a woman to her left dressed as Wonder Woman. We would be having a duel of super heroes in a short while. The other woman was in a costume that I could tell made her a hooker. Her red dress had a slash down her cleavage in front that showed the valley between her tits nicely. She had her tight skirt raised and I could see her fingering a shaved cunt where the skirt was split up one side.. She had one foot on the chair, which caused her cunt lips to open. I couldn’t quite see her face because the light wasn’t shining there much.The skinny witch said she needed for Robin to help her by fucking her cunt because it was All Hallows Eve and all witches need to have sex on that night so their ability to do magic would continue through another year. I pushed her onto the bed. Her face was on the bed and she was on her knees. I made sure the other guests could see. I stroked her hairy pussy, plunging my middle finger into her slit. There were a few gasps at that move. I pulled my finger out and smelled it to the obvious delight of the others.Looking back at the others I said, “I have plenty of juice for all of you tonight.” There was some embarrassed giggling from them. “Spread your cunt lips my little fuck witch.” She cooed at that, then reached between her legs and spread her lips wide apart. I made sure the women saw that before lotusbet yeni giriş I moved in close enough to start. I didn’t take my time with her. I shoved my cock hard and fast into her cunt which caused her to gasp and yell out, “Oh my God!” I held her ass while slamming into this stranger’s cunt. I grinned as I said, “I hope you’ve had your pill today Witchy p*o. My semen is quite potent. You would be carrying a little witch baby before you knew it.” She laughed and said, “Fuck away Robin. God your cock feels so good inside me.” She kept one hand between her legs so she could feel my cock moving in and out of her. Her orgasm started almost immediately. “Oh fuck Robin!! Do it now!! Shoot it into me!!” So I did. I made hard staccato slams into her cunt, each plunge resulting into a shot of semen into her. When I was done, I pulled out. My cock was still semi-hard. Gloria asked if anyone wanted to suck the juices from my cock. The slut in the dark said languidly, “Oh I do.” While the witch cupped her cunt to keep semen off her tight witch dress as she moved off the bed the whore moved into the light. My head jerked at the sight of her hair. She had her hair done just the way my Mother did her hair. She had on a red mask over her eyes that matched the slut dress. She looked up at me and said, “You have a very nice cock Robin. I know someone whose body is very much like yours. I don’t think he has such a developed cock as you though.” Her voice, which had sounded a bit familiar at her first three words, ‘oh I do’, was now confirming that my own Mother was kneeling down in front of me in a red harlot’s dress. She had her hand on my juice covered cock. Before she started to suck on it she said, “I hope you don’t mind Robin if I think about someone else while I suck your cock.”I couldn’t say a thing. Even though she had red lipstick on and my Mother NEVER wore any kind of lipstick, I knew now that my Mother was going to suck my cock. I trembled a bit as her mouth approached my cock. When she took it inside, she moaned, “mmmmmmmm”. Her mouth moved slowly all the way down my shaft. Though I was horrified, I was also very very excited. I was hoping to see more of her body. I knew I could arrange that. In a low voice I asked, “So, do you have a name whore? I mean a name for tonight?”She pulled away from my cock and in my Mother’s sweet voice said, “Why don’t you just call me Ruby.””You have made my cock very very hard Ruby. You know when a client hires a slut he wants to see her goods. Do you think you can pull the top of your dress a bit more down your shoulders so I can see your tits? She grinned up at me from the floor and pulled the dress down her shoulders so her naked tits were exposed to me. Her tits were just the size of my Mother’s and her nipples were red and sticking out hard in front. “Does Robin want to see anything else?” I nodded my head and said, “I want to fuck you slut. Let me see your cunt. She wiped her mouth off and said, “I like it when a man knows what he wants. She stood up slowly, kissed me on the mouth and whispered, “How do you want me stud?””I want you on your back whore. Raise your dress and spread your whore legs for me.” The other women squealed at that. I watched the woman who had birthed me show me the place where I had come into the world. She had shaved her pussy and she had the kind of pronounced mound that I had come to love. She was fingering her cunt while she looked up at me, imagining the someone else, that I knew was me.She spread her legs wide and without me telling her to she opened the swollen lips between her legs. I knelt in front of her and started licking her slit. She smelled so fucking good. I licked her cunt in long wide movements of my tongue, like I was licking an internal ice cream cone. She loved that, holding my head so my tongue would move inside her cunt. “OOH, you are a very nice boy,” she murmured in that voice I knew so well. “I want your cock. I want it NOW.” lotusbet giriş I moved my face to hers and kissed her lips with the mouth that had just been on her cunt. I looked into her eyes with love. She stared into my eyes and then her eyebrows raised a bit. I knew she was thinking my eyes were just like her son’s eyes. I kissed her just as my cock slipped into her bare cunt. She wrapped her legs around my ass as I fucked her. I lasted quite a while since I had already cum once. When I started coming I murmured, “Oh mmmmmummm. She was now screaming saying “Fill my cunt up with your semen. Be my superhero.” I was fucking my sweet mum’s slut hole hard and my come had never felt as delicious as it did now as it moved down my cum tube into her cunt. When we were done the other women all applauded wildly at the passion of it all.Bo Peep was next. Her tits were massive. I told her I wanted to fuck her tits. That turned out to be exactly what she wanted. She lay on the bed. I crouched over her face so I could look at the other women, especially my mother as I fucked her tits. Gloria gave me some KY jelly to place on my cock so I wouldn’t chafe the woman’s large tits. I felt her breath on my balls and on my asshole. I tried to look at all the women, including Gloria, but found myself staring at the woman who lived with me. Soon enough I shot my load all over her huge tits while she held them together with her hands. I kissed her and she was done.Wonder Woman was the last. She wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I was surprised that some women really liked that. I stripped down her shorts. Gloria put some KY on my cock again and hard once again I fucked this woman’s tight hole while I tried not to stare at the slut in the red dress. When I came inside her, Gloria said, “Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed your evening with Robin our Boy Wonder. Anyone here doubt that he is truly a Boy Wonder? The women all smiled and shook their heads ‘no’. Robin and I will be leaving first this evening. The four of you are welcome to stay and shower off. You might not want to go home with the perfume of love on your bodies. There was general agreement on that. As I walked out behind Gloria, the slut took my hand and pulled me down to her. She kissed my cheek and whispered, “You look so much like him.” I whispered back, “I hope that was all right.” She smiled broadly and said, “Oh Yes.”Gloria, as soon as we got into the car, asked, “What the fuck was going on with you and the slut?” I just said she reminded me of someone. We drove to her house where I took a shower. She watched me dress and then said, “This was very successful.” She counted out four hundred dollars and gave it to me. “I thought you only got $400 altogether. You need to keep some of the money.” She smiled and said “Two of the women gave me tips. Wonder Woman gave me $100 and the Whore in the red dress gave me $200. She also said she was interested in any more events if you were going to be there. I smiled at that, tucked the money into my pocket and followed her out to her car.When I got home Dad was watching television in the living room. I asked where Mother was and he said “Oh she’s doing a Lady’s Night Out tonight. She hasn’t done that in years, but that let me watch the baseball game without her grumbling.” I sat on the couch and watched the last three innings with Dad. “So Peter, what did you do tonight? You don’t have any candy.” He gave me the “you’d better not have been doing anything that could get you into trouble look.” I said I had gone to a friend’s house and a bunch of the guys sat around and read Batman comic books.” He thought that sounded fine.Mother got home about half an hour later. When she came into the room, she was no longer wearing the slut dress. She was dressed as I might expect her to dress. Dad said, “So how was Lady’s Night Out?” Did you and the girls get into any trouble?” He laughed at that ridiculous idea. She said, “No, the ladies and I all watched television. Doreen had a video tape of a Batman movie.” Dad laughed and said, “Well, Peter could have been with you babe. He and his friends read Batman comics all night. Me…I just sat here watching baseball. I had a great time. I hope you had fun.”She looked at him, then at me and said, “Oh I had LOTS of fun!”

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