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Lesbian Seductress Ch. 02: The Newlywed

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*This is the second story featuring Lynn Bowman, the 18-year-old devastatingly beautiful, erotic vixen who seduces straight women into pleasuring her. This time her target is a newlywed traveling on an across Canada train to reunite with her husband of two months. After she seduces her, she asks another woman to join them.

The Newlywed

My name is Annie. I am a 24-year-old and former Hooters waitress working her way through college. At the time of this story, I had been recently married to my husband, Joe. We met at my former employ and kept in touch until I graduated. I am blessed with a pretty face, blond hair, blue eyes and cherry lips. My breasts are quite firm; a perfect size for my five foot five body. I have shapely legs, a slim waist and a tight ass, a typical Hooters chick. I turn heads for both sexes and enjoy the attention.

I have a strong sex drive, unlike my husband, but I didn’t marry solely for sex. I married for love and companionship, but even that is sometimes not enough as you will see. I still desired a healthy sexual relationship. I had had experience prior to marriage, but not with Joe. He wanted to wait until our wedding night. But that caused me to be frustrated sexually. It did not go very well, even after the few times we made love afterward.

I needed sexual release and I found it, but not where I expected. I was introduced to a world of lesbianism and submission by an incredibly seductive, erotic teen. It would change me forever. It’s hard to explain, but I couldn’t resist her. From the first moment I saw her, and our eyes met, I was hers. Here is my story.

Two months after our wedding, I booked a week-long scenic across Canada train trip. My husband was waiting for me in Vancouver, where he had just secured a position with an accounting firm. At the time, I was unemployed, taking graduate courses. We had been separated from each other since one week after consummating our marriage after more than one long year without true intimacy. Needless to say, I was primed and vulnerable for what was about to happen.

Until I worked at Hooters, I had little curiosity when it came to sexual relations with girls. Working there did give me the opportunity be around some of the most beautiful, buxom girls on the planet. I must say that I was intrigued by some stories of lesbian submission between two of my beautiful co-workers. I really didn’t know what submission was until one of the other girls clued me in. I saw the way they looked at each other and imagined what it would like to be submissive. The idea of the two of them together, one pleasuring the other, surprisingly aroused me.

My curiosity led me to the internet search for lesbian submission. I had heard about the Literotica website and started searching. “The Seduction of Susan” and “Pet Teacher” are two of the several stories that not only amplified my curiosity, but surprisingly turned me on. I then searched for videos. One involved a beautiful seductress who seduced her boss into submitting to her. The way they kissed was so sensual. I wondered what it would be like to be kissed that way. The scenes were so erotic, I found myself rubbing my pussy to orgasm imagining that I was that sub. I kept searching and found videos of incredibly beautiful porn stars talking to and teasing the viewer while stripping and masturbating. Those perfect breasts and hot pussies aroused me so. I found myself drawn to these videos so much that I would get off over and over watching them. I fantasized about being with another girl, but I never acted on it. The temptation was so strong, especially with all the Hooters girls, but I was hesitant. It was then that the seed was planted, and it was about to come to the surface. My long distance marriage and non-existent sex life would play a major role in my decision.

I boarded the train in Toronto and made my way to my private quarters. It was more like a small hotel room that a normal train sleeping compartment. Once I got settled in, I made my way to the dining car. At the time I was the only person there. I took a seat and began to peruse the menu. I made my choice and waited for someone to take my order. It was then that I first laid eyes on Lynn Bowman. I had worked with many gorgeous, buxom girls but they couldn’t hold a candle to this beauty. She took my breath away as she entered the car. Her short, flared skirt showed off her long, shapely, tanned legs. She wore a low-cut, button down top that accentuated her ample breasts. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was drawn to her instantly but didn’t want to make it obvious.

She sat at a table across and a little way down from me and looked my way. Our eyes met and she smiled. I didn’t know why, but I felt being drawn to her sexually. Every chance I had, I would sneak a glance. I looked down at her beautiful legs. Her skirt was so short that most of her thighs were visible whenever she crossed them. I think she knew I was watching because it seemed like her skirt kept riding higher istanbul travesti as she moved in her seat. Was that just by chance or was it just innocent teasing? I didn’t care what it was, I found myself wanting to see more. Sexual feelings began to overtake me. I wanted to see if she was wearing panties.

When my eyes moved up to look at her, she was looking at me. I think she knew I was enjoying the view, smiled and gave me a seductive look that confirmed it. I returned her smile, half embarrassed that I had been caught. I had no idea then that she was seducing me. All I knew is that she had gotten to me. There I was, recently married staring at this incredibly beautiful girl and having feelings of arousal I knew were unlike any I had ever experienced.

After finishing my meal, I returned to my quarters and undressed. I noticed that my panties were a little wet. That surprised me. What was happening? I spent some time in bed thinking about her. When would I see her again? What would she be wearing? How could I meet her? I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I had had no sexual relations with my present husband during our long engagement, and infrequent, unsatisfying lovemaking since our wedding day. Then he left for Vancouver and his new position. I was sex starved, looking for a way to satisfy my needs.

I crawled into bed, that beautiful vixen still on my mind. I thought about the submissive Hooters girl, the stories and videos, and wondered if I was headed in that direction. I closed my eyes and imagined being submissive to that young, sexy vixen. My hand went inside my panties, and I masturbated thinking of her until ending in an incredible orgasm. I collapsed and the next thing I knew, it was morning.

I rose from the bed and got dressed for the day. There would be a stop and tour of some kind that I wasn’t very interested in. I planned on going to breakfast and then returning to my room to relax. First, I called my husband to see how his job was going. He told me all was great but that he had to fly to New York the next day for a month’s training and orientation. That’s not what I wanted to hear. I felt like crying. I was a newlywed aching for intimacy and now he was off to NYC?! I’d be spending a month alone in our apartment when all I wanted was him!

I made my way to the back end of the dining car and sat on a chair at an empty, private booth walled off from the rest of the dining car. There were only a few people up that early. I was hoping to see the young beauty again. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Just as I got settled in, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and there she was. She was more radiant close up than I imagined, with her piercing green eyes, pouty, cherry lips and long brown hair, and that perfume! She was the entire package and then some. She wore a short, low cut button down sun dress that showed off the swell of her ample breasts and shapely legs. I could feel my heart beating faster.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?”, she asked as she leaned over giving me a perfect view of her ample breasts. She knew what effect they had on me and lingered for a few moments as I took them in. The way they rose and fell with each breath was so inviting.

“Of course not”. I answered, eyes still riveted to her breasts.

“My name is Lynn.”

“Hi, I’m Annie.”

She sat across from me on the bench seat.

“Come sit next to me, Annie. This bench is much more comfortable.”

I did as she asked. As I took my seat, I noticed her dress riding far up those beautiful legs. This was a hint of what was to come. No one could see us from the rest of the dining car, and she knew that. It was the first time I had closeup view of her breasts. They were so full. Being that near, I could tell that she was braless, but they were still high and firm. I might have stared a little too long, but they were hard to ignore. I wanted her to notice. She seemed to like the attention I was paying them because I could see her now hard nipples through her dress. I felt a tingle in my pussy and knew I was wet. She was getting to me, and I welcomed it.

“Such a great table you picked, so isolated from the rest. I’m so glad I found you. I wanted to meet the beautiful girl who smiled at me yesterday and here you are”, she said with a sly look on her face. In the state I was in, I found it arousing and wanted to see where it would lead. “Are you going on the tour today?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well, since you aren’t, why don’t we spend the day together and see where that takes us.”

“I…” I couldn’t speak, but she knew the answer. She took that as a yes and moved closer to me so that now her thighs were touching mine. She turned into me and I could feel her breast on my arm. She leaned in and whispered.

“I saw the way you looked at me yesterday. Did you like what you saw, Annie?”

“You are a beautiful girl, Lynn. You must be used to that.”

“Yes, but nothing excites me more than a sexy girl istanbul travestileri like you watching me the way you did. If it weren’t for the other people, I would have shown you so much more. Let me ask again, did you like what you saw?”

This time I didn’t hesitate. “Yes, you know I did.”

“You wanted to see if wore panties, didn’t you, Annie?

“Yes”, I confessed. “I wanted to see what those beautiful legs led to.” I had no reservations about telling her what I wanted. I could feel myself getting wetter in anticipation of what might be coming.

“Just to let you know, I wasn’t. Does that turn you on, Annie?”

“God, yes”, I confessed.

“I’m guessing you’d like to see more, Annie.” She then ran her fingers over the swell of her breasts then down to tweak her hard nipples. “I noticed you staring. Do you like them, Annie?”

“Yes, they are stunning.”, I said, eyes fixed on her cleavage.

“You know that I’m not wearing a bra, don’t you Annie?”

“Yes, and you don’t need one. They look so firm.”

“Why just look?”, she teased as moved close to me again.

I knew what she meant. We were hidden away from the rest of the room, so there was no doubt I would take advantage. My heart was pounding as I reached over and cupped her breast through her dress. It was so big and firm. My hand lingered and she gave me a look that said I could continue, so I gently lifted and squeezed it as my fingers tweaked her nipple, then moving to her other breast, I did the same.

“I love how they feel, and your nipples are so hard.”

“Why don’t you set them free, Annie.”

She then turned to face me and began to undo the top buttons of her dress.

“You can do the rest.”

I reached out and undid a few more buttons and pulled her dress away revealing her beautiful, full breasts with no gap, sticking straight out, there for the taking. They were exquisite with small areolas and perfect pink nipples that were already hard from my touch. She raised her arms, lifting them up to me.

“Oh, Lynn, they are so beautiful.”

She didn’t have to speak. I knew by the look she gave me what she wanted. I reached out and lifted them while again rubbing her nipples. God, they were incredible, so full and enticing. It was my first time fondling another girl’s breasts. I knew then it wouldn’t be the last. I was so aroused. They felt so good in my hands as I gently lifted and squeezed them. I loved watching her nipples grow to my touch. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I knew it was what I wanted.

“Make them hard, Annie. Mmmmmmm.” God, she was so sensual, and I was so turned on.

I looked up and saw that her eyes were closed, her head tilted back. I felt her hand on my head as she guided me down to them. I went for the prize, leaned in and lifted them to my lips. I kissed them all over, savoring that first taste, then moved to her succulent nipples. They were so hard and distended. I flicked my tongue on them, then licked around each one before taking each one in. I felt them grow even harder in my mouth as I gently kissed and sucked. I never knew how delicious a woman’s breasts could be. I heard her sighs as she ran her fingers through my hair, and it aroused me even more. I was ready to go all in, when she reluctantly pulled away.

“Mmmm, I love seeing that pretty mouth on my breasts, but we have to stop”, she said and placed them back into her dress as we heard the waiter nearby.

‘No! Not yet!’, I thought.

“The waiter may be coming at any time”, she said as she buttoned up. “You will have them again soon, Annie.”

She was right, but I was frustrated. I wanted to devour them. But she had other plans for me.

“Look what I have for you”, she teased as her eyes looked down.

When I looked, her dress was hiked up so that I could see that she was without panties. I watched her hand go between her legs. She ran her fingers over her clean shaven vagina.

“Is this what you wanted to see yesterday, Annie?”

“Yes, Lynn. It’s beautiful.”

“Feel how wet I am, Annie.” Without hesitating, my hand slipped inside her silky thighs, sliding up to her hot pussy. I had never thought that was something I ever wanted to do, but I did willingly. She was wet and I could feel it pulsing as she moved on my hand.

“Tease it, Annie.”

I did what came naturally, running my fingers up and down, then gently rubbing. Just then the waiter came to our table. My hand continued pleasuring her pussy as we placed our order. It was so arousing and the thought of secretly doing it under the table in front of him made it even more erotic. I knew where this was headed, and her next words confirmed it.

“If you want more, I’ll need you to submit to me, Annie. Do you understand what that means?”

I thought of the submissive stories and videos, and how hot erotic they were. I was now in a position to put myself in the place of a sub. It was up to me to make a decision that would travesti istanbul change my life. I was ready to submit to pleasuring the most incredible sexy, erotic creature I had ever met, and I had met several at Hooters. Soon that body would be mine. All I could think about was how I was going to devour her perfect, full young breasts, worship those beautiful legs and ass, and eat her delicious pussy. She was so seductive and had turned me so quickly. She was irresistible.

My head was spinning, and I was about answer when my phone rang. I removed my hand from Lynn’s hot pussy and answered it. It was my husband. He was calling to tell me his month to New York would be followed by another two weeks visit to corporate headquarters in Dallas! I lied when I told him I’d miss him. I was so disappointed and frustrated, but at that moment I didn’t care about my marriage. All I cared about was this sensual, seductive girl whose beautiful body I wanted so badly. This made my decision to submit to Lynn much easier.

“Yes, Lynn. You want me to pleasure you as you wish.”

“Is that what you want, Annie?”

“You know I do. I can’t explain it, but I’ve wanted you since I first saw you yesterday. You are so beautiful and sensual. I thought about you all night and wondered if we’d ever meet. I rubbed myself and climaxed just thinking about what I would do to you.”

“Mmmmm. How naughty! But I see that you are married. Does your husband know you like girls, Annie?”

“No and it really doesn’t matter. That was he on the phone telling me he would be away from me for even longer. I am a recent bride married to a man whose job seems more important to him than I am. So yes, I still want you.”

“And you will have me. I would love to see that beautiful mouth on my pussy. Do you want that too, Annie?”

“Yes, Lynn, more than you know.” She had me under her control and I was now her willing servant. Although I had never performed cunnilingus, I was anxious to do her.

“That’s a good girl”, she said as she hiked her dress up around her waist. Her pussy was there for the taking. “Do you want it now, Annie?”

“God, yes.”

“Then go for it. Lick my pussy.”

I was so aroused and eager to please her, I didn’t hesitate. The table covering hung down far enough so that I could not be seen. I slid off my seat onto the floor, dropping to my knees, her glistening pussy inches from my face. There I was getting ready to lick pussy for the first time. The circumstance was so exciting and dangerous at the same time. I wanted so much to please her. As I drew closer, I could smell the sweetness of her juices. The anticipation was so intense. I closed in and started slowly licking her hot, pink pussy, spreading her lips and tasting her for the first time. It was intoxicating. Then I heard the waiter approach with our food as I pressed on.

“Is the other young lady going to eat or has she returned to her cabin?”, he asked. “I can have it brought to her if you wish.”

“Oh, that’s okay. She should be done….I mean back, soon. Thank you.”

As soon as he was gone, Lynn reached down to stop me.

“You are so good but that’s all for now, my pet.”

I slid back up from under the table and sat beside her.

“I just wanted you to get a taste.”

“It was my first, but I want more.”

“All in due time, my pet.”

I was disappointed but knew it wouldn’t be long before I would get another bite at the apple. A short time later the waiter brought our order. We ate our breakfast and got acquainted with each other as if what just happened never occurred. I was surprised to find out she was only eighteen. To be as seductive and sensual was normally reserved for women who were much more mature. I learned that she was also on her way to Vancouver where she would be looking at a possible modeling job. The thought of the two of us living in the same city thrilled me.

“Annie, what is your cabin number?”, she asked as we finished our meal.


“Go there, strip down to your bra and panties, and wait for me.”

I returned to my cabin, fresh in the memory of the first taste of her magnificent body. I couldn’t wait to do what she desired. I did as she instructed. I dressed in my sexiest bra which accentuated my firm, young breasts. I also wore my tiniest thong panties that barely covered my shaved pussy. As I sat waiting for Lynn to arrive, I heard the rest of the tourists leaving the train for the tour. Minutes later there was a knock on my door. I told her to come in and watched as this incredibly seductive, erotic beauty entered, wearing only a silk robe which was tied around her slim waist. I could see the swell of her breasts rising above the opening. My heart again starting pounding waiting for her to disrobe.

“You are quite beautiful, Annie. Sit in your chair, my pet.”

I loved that she called me her pet, because that described perfectly what I was. I followed her instructions. She approached and straddled me, her body so close to mine.

“Is this what you wanted?”, she said as her robe dropped to the floor.

She took my breath away. It was the first time I had seen her completely naked. She had the body of a goddess, and soon it would be mine. I wanted to finish what I had started that morning.

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