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Lifeguard – A Summer of Sex Ch. 04

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Kendra and Marsha struggle to take in the whole thing!


I came awake slowly as I enjoyed the feel of Jessie’s firm, warm body against mine. He smelled mildly sweaty from his exertions in our bed and I could clearly detect the smell of the pussy juices we had coated his face with wafting off him as he snoozed beside me. I looked across his massive pecs to Marsha all curled up against Jessie’s other shoulder, her hair cascading across her eyes and one of her big tits flopped on to Jessie’s gorgeous chest. Her nipple seemed to be staring right at me and I was tempted to reach over to fondle it but resisted. I figured we had been lying there for an hour or more and was surprised to see my bedside clock showing only about fifteen minutes had gone by since I noticed it as we were all drifting off. It just all felt, looked and smelled so nice I was reluctant to move and spoil things in any way.

Until I looked down Jessie’s body to see his cock slumbering on his stomach. Even in his sleep, it still was just huge and unbelievably enticing. I was pretty sure it had still not retreated to a fully relaxed state after Marsha and I stroking, licking and sucking it so energetically less than half an hour ago. It lay there looking like a giant chocolate bar with its bulbous mushroom head pointed up toward me. I could see dried flakes of his cum on the side of which surprised me as I thought we had been very diligent in slurping up every last drop of the cum he pumped out into our mouths on two different occasions so far. And as I thought about that, it made me want to take it in my mouth again, to suck those big round balls and to fondle and lick his hard round ass before jamming that massive shaft into my hungry pussy. Enough with the snoozing I thought, I wanted to fuck.

I slowly eased my way out from Jessie’s embrace in a way that caused him to shift slightly but not wake up. I inched my way apart from him and slid down the bed to examine his sleepy cock from close up. I took my time admiring it and yet again found myself shaking my head in wonderment at its girth, its length and at the giant sack suspended below it. I could see his pulse gently stirring its long central vein and was intoxicated by the musky scent of his balls. The tight little curls of hair at his cock’s base were surprisingly clean and dry and I made a point of reminding myself to check them again later on after his cock had been banging into my pussy for a while and making me cum all over it.

As I was lifting my head to reach up and take the bulb of his cock into my mouth, my gaze flitted briefly up to my beautiful friend Marsha. She was literally old enough to be Jessie’s mother yet looked like a million bucks lying naked up against him. As I looked at her fondly, she happened to shift her leg slightly to move it further over Jessie’s and the change brought her pussy fully into view. I realized that I could suck Jessie’s cock and finger Marsha’s pussy at the same time and decided that would be the best wakeup ever.

Marsha’s pussy lips were still swollen from the arousal of having Jessie and I licking them but I could tell they were plenty wet too and that my finger would slide in easily. I gently moved my hand up her legs and chuckled to myself that I could quite literally, give her the finger. I eased my finger into her slowly and realized that my prediction was right and she was still super wet. She shifted slightly in her sleep as she felt my finger at her entrance and it allowed me to slide it in fully. I timed things pretty well I have to say as I simultaneously dipped my head down and got the head of Jessie’s cock into my mouth. I actually softly bit down on it enough to be able to hold it in my mouth while I raised it up so I could suck it properly. When it was hard, there was absolutely no way I could ever fit even half of into my mouth. But in this sleepy state, I was able to get the whole head in and was even able to slide my mouth down his shaft a few inches and I started to slowly bob up and down on it with the same timing I used with my finger to tease Marsha’s G-spot.

They both woke up at the same time and I could tell that Jessie hugely enjoyed looking down his stomach to see his cock disappearing in and out of my mouth.

“Well, hello there” he greeted me with a huge smile. “What a great way to wake up.”

“She has a finger in my pussy too” announced Marsha as she leaned over to kiss Jessie in her own wake up effort.

She added to my cocksucking efforts by quickly sliding her hand down to cup Jessie’s balls and I could see her kneading them gently as I continued to take his cockhead down my throat. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter and decided to up the ante by shoving three fingers into it and increasing the pace of my strokes. At the same time, I could feel Jessie’s cock responding to the combination of my mouth on it and her hand on his balls and it was coming back to its fully enormous size. I could no longer get much more than the head and an inch or so into my mouth because it was just too big around for me. But in unison kaçak iddaa with my hand in Marsha’s pussy, I sped up my bobbing on his cock and I could tell he was going to cum again. I heard Marsha starting to moan and felt her legs spreading apart to deepen my access to her pussy and sensed she was going to go off as well. Sure enough, I felt her starting to buck and shudder on my hand as her orgasm took her.

Despite Marsha’s gyrations, I didn’t let up on Jessie’s cock and right on cue, I felt my mouth flooded with his hot fresh cum. There was just too much for me to swallow and after a couple gulps, I just let it ooze out of my mouth and back down his shaft. By now Marsha had sat up to watch me sucking cock as she came down from her own wakeup orgasm and she leaned in beside me to lick up the cum I had let slide out. Our faces were right beside each other as we licked his shaft and it seemed only natural that we transitioned into a deep and searching kiss, our tongues intertwining as they shared the feel and taste of fresh hot cum. We drew back from each other at the same time and in unspoken unison turned our eyes back to the huge, gleaming cock we were sharing.


I can’t remember a better wake up call in my life and was so grateful to Kendra for her efforts. I could still feel my pussy spasm a bit from time to time as I came down off my orgasm and knew I was still soaking wet. I loved slurping the cum Kendra had sucked out of Jessie’s cock and the cum-filled kiss Kendra and I shared from it. But as I looked over to her and met her eye, I knew that our time for cock-sucking and pussy-licking was done. It was time to get that cock into us.

When were crafting our clever plans for fucking Jessie, we had agreed that I would get to fuck him first. There was no particular logic to it other than maybe just age has its privileges. But as I looked over at my young friend and continued to feel the warm glow of the orgasm she had just given me yet again, I spontaneously decided that I would pass the baton, almost literally, to her for the first fuck of this gorgeous cock. I could see that even though he had just cum, Jessie was almost fully hard again and that watch us kiss and seeing our tits swaying before his eyes had him fully aroused despite having just cum himself. I figured that would work out well for us as he could last a while fucking us before cumming yet again.

“I want to see that cock stretch your young pussy Kendra” I told her over Jessie’s chest.

“But we agreed you would fuck him first” she protested. But I could tell by the look in her eye, it was a weak protest at best and that she was already looking at the pulsating member between us and imagining it sliding into her.

“Yah I know but you just made me cum so hard, I need a few minutes to recover. I want to watch you ride him and want to see you cum all over that cock” I told her.

“Once again ladies, I would remind you that I am still right here and can hear all of this” Jessie said with a laugh. “Do I get any say in this?” he asked with a grin.

“NO” we said to him unison though I have to admit it crossed my mind to wonder which of us he would have picked. I was just running that thought in my head when I felt his fingers slide into my soggy pussy as I kneeled beside him looking over to Kendra.

“No problem boss ladies, but I know where I would start” he said as he smiled up at me while his fingers quickened their pace.

Kendra gave me a sort of up-to-you shrug as she looked back at me and as I felt Jessie’s fingers inside of me, I changed my mind yet again.

“Okay, okay, back to Plan A” I laughed at Kendra.


As badly as I wanted Jessie’s cock I wanted Marsha to fully enjoy it even more. This was all her idea and her planning. And even though she had never said anything about it, I knew that she was a bit uncertain and nervous about her age and how we would react to her body. I wanted her to feel the like the magnificent and truly lust-worthy woman that she is and was totally happy to watch her go first on this glorious cock. I knew from watching Jessie cum several times already and just bounce back for more that I would still have plenty of stiff cock opportunity and wanted to make sure she enjoyed things to the max.

I watched her making up her mind about how she wanted to get fucked. We had talked about his size and wanting to make sure that we could take it in and not have him accidentally hurt us. I could see that going through her head as she looked down at him as I stroked his cock back to fully hard status. I was now just playing with it gently as she made up her mind and I laughed as she actually stood up on the bed and straddled Jessie with her feet. We both looked up at her slightly quizzically as she stood above us. As she looked down into our inquiring faces, she reached down to her pussy and pulled upward on it to make her clit stand out firm and proud for us to see. She reached down further, pulled her pussy lips apart so that we could both stare into her gleaming wetness as she gently fingered her clit.

“This kaçak bahis is fully ready for you Jessie” she said in a voice full of lust. I could feel his cock twitch in my hand and could tell that her little impromptu visual move had generated the desired effect.

“Hold his cock steady Kendra, I am going to sink down on it and see how much I can take” she commanded me.

I moved my ass up toward Jessie’s head so that I was out of her way and so that he also got another eyeful of pussy at the same time. I grasped his rock hard cock at the base and made sure it was pointed firmly upward toward her descending pussy. She bent at the knees and slowly lowered herself onto him. I could tell he desperately wanted to just thrust up into her but to his great credit, he held steady and let her run the show. As she got close enough, she reached down to grab his cockhead and rubbed it back and forth against her clit and her pussy lips with sighs of pleasure as she did so. With his cockhead fully lubricated, she started to ease it into her. I had my face right down on Jessie’s stomach now and could see the giant head entering her and her lips enfolding it. With remarkable control, she took first the head in and then an inch of his shaft.

“Oh my God this is a huge cock Kendra” she screamed out to me with look of pure joy. “But I am going to take it all, just watch me” she said as she looked down at me.

After she pulled up just a bit, she lowered herself a little more and now had four inches of that giant black rod in her. Jessie was obviously loving the feel of that hot wet pussy grasping his cock and was starting to squirm a bit. Kendra pulled up yet again and this time slid down to her knees straddling him in a way that made it easier on her thighs. I kept a firm grip on his cock the whole time but now it seemed unnecessary as she gripped it herself and descended down on to him completely. I watched in amazement as his entire ten inches disappeared into her. I looked up to see a look of triumph mixed with ecstasy on her face as she just sat there for a second obviously enjoying being filled like she never had been filled before.

This time her voice sounded like she was almost in tears. “Holy fuck it is big Kendra” she whispered. “And holy fuck it feels magnificent. This is the best my pussy has ever felt from fucking in my life” she added.

I expected her to start bouncing up and down on Jessie’s cock but instead she kept the whole thing in her and just started to grind her pussy on him. I could tell it was a great feeling for Jessie as he felt his cock fully gloved within her and the pressure of her cervix rubbing right on his cock head. She rocked back and forth on him and threw her head back in a way that thrust her tits forward. I could not resist them and took one in my hand and the other in my mouth and squeezed and sucked her nipples as she rocked. Jessie’s face took on an almost trance-like look as he stared up at her tits in my hand and then down toward his incredible disappearing cock and back again. I could tell from the angle of his hips that he was making a point of keeping his pole firmly up into her while continuing to let her drive the pace.

All of a sudden, with a sharp look at me she pulled her tits from my grasp and abruptly leaned forward so that they sagged on to Jessie’s chest and up over his face for him to lick. The up and down pumping I had originally expected started to kick into gear as ass started to twerk his cock. She was totally gone now and just pumping that cock for all she was worth. I was right by her side, looking into her eyes and occasionally running my hands over her pounding ass.

I was just running my fingers into my own pussy when she looked up at me suddenly and without breaking pace in her pounding of Jessie’s cock barked out at me: “go down there and lick my asshole as I ride this cock Kendra.”

I was a bit shocked by that but happy to comply and moved around quickly. I leaned into her ass and she slowed slightly to allow access to her fully open anus. I dove in with gusto and she just held herself still while I did.

“Now fuck me Jessie” she commanded further and he responded by thrusting up into her massively. I could see his balls bouncing up and down like crazy as I tongued her ass and occasionally slipped down to her heaving cunt.

“I’m cummmmming Kendra” she belted out as her body started to shudder and shake uncontrollably. I just drew back and watched in awe as Jessie’s rock hard pillar kept ploughing into her and she shouted out in screams of wordless ecstasy. It seemed to me that her orgasm lasted forever before she just literally collapsed on him and looked over at me.

“Holy fuck that was incredible” she said to us both. “Sorry for getting so bossy but that was just next level” she said as she rolled off Jessie to look back at us both with a massive grin.

“No problem miss bossy pants” I told her with a laugh. I leaned down to slurp her cum off Jessie’s cock as she lay there watching. I licked all along his shaft and over his sensitive cock head and illegal bahis could tell he was ready for more.

“My turn” I told her with a grin.


I flopped on to my side in near exhaustion after the cock ride of my life. My pussy just felt totally aglow and tingling and throbbing after the pounding I had given it on his cock. It was not only long but incredibly big around it had stretched me out in a way that I had never really felt before. For a few brief instants at first it was almost painful and after I had the first couple inches in me I was not confident in my ability to take it all. But as I sank further down on it, my pussy rose to the challenge and fully embraced it in a way that made me feel simply wonderful as inch after inch penetrated me further. I was felt thoroughly fucked and satisfied as I leaned back to watch what Kendra had in mind next.

As I got myself turned around at the head of the bed near Jessie’s sweet young pussy juice coated face, I looked down at Marsha’ licking my cum off his gleaming prick. Her pink tongue seemed so small and delicate and yet so ravenously hungry as she ran it along the full length of his rigid shaft. She gripped his cock by making a fist around it just below its head so that all I could see was the giant mushroom bulb and about an inch of this deep black shaft popping out of her tiny hand. She ran her tongue round and round its edge’s and up to the tip and I could see her poking it into to the seeping wet hole at the end of him. She licked along his frenulum and I could see his face twitch in pleasure and his cock get even harder in her hand.

She looked up at him and carefully made eye contact as her tongue dipped into his hole once more.

“I think you have had enough time on your back for a while Jessie my man” she said as she pulled back from him slightly. “I think it is time for you to get up and fuck me like a man” she said as she released his throbbing cock and turned sideways across the bed with her head near my ass.

There was no hesitation on Jessie’s part as he sprag up to his knees before her. As impressive as his rod was when pointing skyward for me to ride and us to suck, seeing it dangling before him now fully erect and free made me marvel at it even more. Despite its massive weight, it stood straight up and looked ready to split Kendra’s gaping pussy with nothing but a gentle shove from his powerful round ass. But instead of just clumsily shoving himself into her, Jessie grasped his cock at its based and slowly rubbed it across Kendra’s pussy, rubbing her clit and gently probing her lips before he eased forward and tapped his full length on her stomach and rubbed his balls up against her heaving pussy. In a move that I had never seen any man make before, he reached down and actually grabbed his ball sac and one of his golf ball sized nuts and shoved it into her pussy.

I could see her gasp in pleasure and surprise. “Holy fuck, if that is what one of your balls feels like inside me I cannot wait for that giant cock.” With that, she reached down to put her hands behind her knees to pull them up even more toward her and in doing so, to brazenly spread her pussy even more wide open to receive his giant rod.

“Enough teasing Jessie, shove that thing into me and fuck me hard” she demanded as she stared at him.

My plan was to be sort of an innocent bystander watching her get fucked while I recovered from my own fucking but her words and the view of her wide open and soaking wet pussy right before my eyes was getting me riled up again. My fingers drifted to my pussy like they had a mind of their own and started gently teasing my clit as I watched him take his cock in hand once more and position it at the mouth of her gaping vagina. He gently eased its tip into her pussy’s folds but once he knew he was properly positioned for entry, he abandoned any sense of gentleness and let his lust take over. Staring straight into her eyes as he did so, he drove his entire cock into her welcoming tunnel and I could actually see it bulging her tummy from inside.

She gasped and cried out to me. “O Marsha you were so right. Holy fuck this cock is big. And so fucking hard. It is so deep inside me” she wailed as looked over to me.

For his part, Jessie was obviously pausing to make sure he wasn’t hurting her. Sensing that it was very much the opposite, he slid back out so that all that was left inside Kendra was his cockhead. She cried out at the sudden gaping void she must have felt as his pillar of pleasure left her insides. But it was back right away and he started an in an out pistoning that gathered more and more steam as his arousal continued to grow and he realized that she could not only take his full length but was totally loving doing so.

“Fuck me Jessie. Fuck me hard” she bellowed out to him with a sideways look at me. I just could not resist her any longer and abandoned my laid back position to lean over her to suck her nipples as he pulsed in and out of her. I contemplated swinging my pussy over Kendra’s face but decided to remain focussed on her pleasure and her building orgasm. I moved my lips from her nipples and traced kisses down her stomach until my face was right beside the giant black piston banging away at the delicious young pussy before it.

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