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Like Daughter Like Mother – Part II

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Avril Summers avoided eye contact with the tall, dark-skinned male on her doorstep. She was afraid; afraid that if he looked into her eyes he would see her need for him. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t hide her feelings. Avril was thirty-seven, a divorcee and she enjoyed a healthy sex life with some close male friends, but William was her daughter’s boyfriend.“Fay says it was okay for me to call round and pick up some of my belongings,” he said quietly. “She says she sent you an email to let you know that I was coming.”She looked up at him quickly before turning away again. “I… I haven’t looked at my emails yet this morning.” She answered as she stood back from the doorway to let him in.“They arrived in Brisbane last night,” he told her, “well, Brisbane our time.” He corrected.“They’re okay then?”He nodded. “Seems like it. I’ll Skype her later.”“I’ll get in touch with her later too.” She said apologetically.Fay was twenty-one and had decided to take a gap-year from her medical studies with two other fellow students.“Just go straight upstairs,” she told him. “You know your way around.”He smiled, and their eyes met momentarily before she felt that fear again and turned away. Their first meeting had left an indelible imprint on her mind. She had returned home unexpectedly from a business conference and had encountered him that morning in her kitchen. He was making coffee, and he was stark naked. His body was toned and muscular and between his legs hung the biggest penis that she had ever set her eyes upon. She had encountered a couple of Fay’s boyfriends ankara travesti in similar circumstances in the past, but they had been decently dressed, and it was not plainly obvious that they had stayed the night. That meeting with William three months earlier had left no doubt about where he had slept that night.The worse thing was that he wasn’t even embarrassed; in fact, he even cheekily offered to make her a cup of coffee. When she shook her head, he calmly picked up the two cups and headed back to Fay’s bedroom. She still felt embarrassed to admit that she watched him walk away with eyes fixed on his firm, muscular buttocks. Avril had a thing about men’s bottoms. She liked a firm, solid bottom; ‘you need a good hammer to drive a long nail’ she used to say. Not only that, she had always fantasised about being bedded by a black male, taken against her will, of course, and thoroughly used!She remembered becoming instantly jealous of her daughter, and there was still envy lurking inside her. She had come back unexpectedly late at night from another trip a couple of weeks ago and had to endure a night of listening to them having sex. Avril thought that she was very vocal when it came to having sex but her daughter was much louder. Of course, she knew exactly the reason why.He reappeared with a large carrier bag in his hand. He put it down on a kitchen chair and asked her if it was okay to use her bathroom. She nodded her assent without paying attention to him. Her eyes were drawn to the handle of a riding crop that was too large for the bag and travesti ankara was sticking out. She gulped when she saw it, and her imagination went into overdrive. “What the f… do they get up to.” She said softly.She was very tempted to look into the bag and found herself attempting to take a step, but common sense took over. Fay’s sex life was none of her business. William quickly reappeared and caught her still gazing at the bag.“You can borrow them, Avril, if you want?”She started to stammer and shook her head when the words never came.“It’s okay,” he responded. “Fay wouldn’t mind me lending them to you.”She found herself looking up at him as she failed miserably to gain her composure. It took his hands to clasp her shoulders to bring her back to reality. Now she found herself embarrassed. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, “ he told her. “And there’s certainly no need to hold back from enjoying things like that. These days the younger generation have no qualms about enjoying a full sex-life.”She found herself smiling.“You know that Fay and I have a very fluid relationship, don’t you?” he told her.She smiled but said nothing.“When you were her age you were expected to find a nice boy and settle down; raise a family and everything. It’s a different age now. People marry later, and they have very few inhibitions about indulging in other lifestyles before settling down.”She found herself looking into his eyes. She felt vulnerable; she felt naked, and she felt embarrassed once again. “Let me show you what I have?” He told her as he left her ankara travestiler and picked up the bag.He laid the riding crop on the table and then took out a pair of handcuffs and a large studded collar. The collar immediately caught her attention. She had always wanted to wear one for the right man. He took out the remaining items, but he picked up the collar and turned to her.‘He knows,’ she thought to herself.“Fay loves wearing this for me,” he told her as he stepped behind. “She is a very submissive girl.” He told her as he unfastened it and began placing it around her neck.”“You’ve never worn one of these before have you?”“No,” she responded quietly before clearing her throat.“Was that because you have never come across anyone into BDSM?” He asked as he fastened it into place.She nodded.“There are a lot of us out there,” he told her. “Looking for obedient, submissive women.”“Are there?” She asked very quietly.He placed his hands on her bare shoulders. She could feel his heat, and she could also feel his power. More importantly, she could feel the dampness between her thighs.“The problem is that there are a lot of submissive timewasters out there too,” he told her. “Some women just want to be titillated or indulged. I prefer the serious types; those who want a commitment to the lifestyle. Fay is very serious about it.”“Is she?”“Yes.”“In… in what way?”“Well let me give you an example,” he told her. “You have boyfriends don’t you?”“Y… yes.”His hands suddenly reached round and clasped her breasts. “What are these in my hands?”She laughed nervously. “My breasts.”“You see that’s where the problem lies,” he told her. “They should be his breasts. His to touch; his to look at and his to use whenever and wherever he wants to use them. They are also his to use however he wants to; even to share them if he so chooses.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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