Oca 05

Lingerie Party

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Tori and Angela were getting ready for a lingerie party at the bar. They were in Tori’s bedroom.

“What do you think of my lingerie outfit, Tori?” The blonde-haired Angela smiled and turned around for her. Her outfit was black and lacy, with a semi-transparent material covering most of it, a shiny pink front, and two cups covering her round, perky breasts. Beneath the bottom part was a lacy thong. She grinned at Tori as Tori eyed her up.

“You look super sexy, Angie!” Tori giggled and moved closer. “I know I’d fuck you if I was a man.”

“Is that right?” Angela said with a sexy smirk. “You’re looking really hot too, Tori.”

The brunette Tori was wearing a thin black piece thad had lace running through the middle transparent part, small cups covering her small breasts, and bottoms that barely covered her ass.

Tori and Angela weren’t lesbians, but they had experimented a few times. They had kissed on a dare a few times, and didn’t hate it. They had felt each other’s breasts once before, too, at a party where they were both drunk.

“We are gonna knock out those boys, Angela!” Tori grinned and started to walk away.

“Oh, hold on, Tori!” Angela said. “Your cups are falling off!” She laughed.

“Oops. I guess I didn’t tie it tight enough.”

“Your breasts are so perky, Tori.” Angela walked closer to her.

“Yours are even better though, Angela. I love how cute they are.”

Angela giggled. “No, I really like yours. They’re şişli escort firm!” She grabbed Tori’s left breast and gently squeezed it.

“Hey!” Tori stepped back. “I know we’ve done that before, but come on! We aren’t lesbos!”

“I know, I know.” Angela grinned. “But damn if you don’t look sexy in that lingerie…I could just eat…you…up!” Angela pushed Tori down onto the bed.

“Oh, dear. Are you coming on to me, Angela?” Tori smirked.

“What if I am?” Angela kissed Tori deeply on the mouth.

“Mmm…that was nice.” Tori smiled. “But don’t we have a party to go to?”

“The party can wait, I think.” Angela pulled Tori’s black lingerie down her body as she shuddered. “What are you going to do to me, Angela?”

“I think you already know that, dear.” Angela giggled as she kissed her way down Tori’s body, pausing to suck on Tori’s perfect nipples before moving further down. “Oooh, you shaved, didn’t you?”

“I had to! We’re wearing lingerie after all.”

“Of course. Well, good. I like when they’re shaved.”

“You sound like you’ve done this once before, Angie.” Tori giggled.

“Well…I have, actually. I’ll tell you about it some other time. For now, I think I need to focus…” Angela kissed her way to Tori’s pussy, and started to lick her. As her tongue moved slowly over Tori’s outer lips, Tori shuddered and moaned.

“Ahh..that feels weird, Angie.”

“Don’t worry, Tori. It’ll feel good really soon.” Angela kept licking mecidiyeköy escort Tori’s pussy lips, occasionally moving up to her clit. Tori started to moan more.

“Oooooh….Angie, that feels soooo good…”

Angela started to lick faster as Tori started to moan and her hips started to rise from the bed. “Ahh….ahh….Angela, I’m gonna come…go faster…FASTER!”

Angela started moving her tongue in and out fast, tongue-fucking Tori’s wet pussy until Tori started to scream in climax. Tori pushed Angela’s head away as she tried to control her breathing. “Ohmigod…ahh..that felt so good. I can’t believe how good you are at that!”

Angela smirked. “I’ve had a little practice. Wanna taste?”

Tori smiled. “uhhh..sure.”

Angela moved up and kissed Tori. Tori tasted her own pussy on Angela’s tongue. It didn’t taste bad. “Mmmm…I think I like this.”

“Wanna try tasting more?” Angela winked.

Tori looked worried. “I dunno, Angie…I’ve never done it before. But I want to try. Really badly.”

Angela smiled. “Well, then go for it. But you’ll have to wait. I have to pee.”

Tori frowned. “No! I want to do you now!”

Angela tried to get up, but Tori shoved her back down. “I have to pee, Tori!”

Tori grinned a mischevious grin. “Then you can pee. Right now.” Tori kissed her.

Angela tried her best to hold it in as Tori reached under her thong and started to rub her pussy. “Mmm…Tori, stop, I have to pee!”

“Nope!” Tori grinned. “If you have to pee then pee!”

Angela was about to go. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Tori grinned as she felt her hand start to wetten from Angela’s pee. “Ahh yeah. Keep going, baby. That feels great.” Tori kissed Angela harder as she let out more pee.

As Angela’s golden stream slowed and stopped, Tori smiled and licked her hand. “Mmm, you taste good.”

“Tori!” Angela looked embarrassed. “Now you shouldn’t eat me. I just peed…”

“It’s okay. It’s what I want.” Tori pulled down Angela’s thong and started to attack her pussy.

“Aahh..that feels good, Tori.”

Tori reveled in the taste of Angela’s pussy combined with her pee, and started to lick faster. “I’m getting horny again, Angie.”

“Okay, so move up here then!” Tori swung up so that her pussy was above Angela’s. “Go for it.”

Angela started to lick Tori’s pussy as Tori attacked her clit. “Oooh, Angie..you know what? I have to pee too.”

Angela gasped into Tori’s pussy. “No, don’tmmmmph”

Her protests were interrupted as she tasted a stream of pee go into her mouth from Tori’s pussy. Despite herself, she started to lick harder. “This actually doesn’t taste bad, Tori…”

“I told you! Now make me come already!” They started to tongue-fuck each other until they both reached screaming climaxes. “Aaaah….aaah…aaaah!” They both reveled in the taste of each other’s pussies.

“Wow, Angie. That was awesome!” Tori giggled. She kissed Angela deeply on the mouth.

“As fun as that was, I think we should be going now.” Angela grinned and they got dressed and left for their party.

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