Ağu 04

Lisa Cuts

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I looked in the mirror and realized my beard was out of control. The job of trimming it was too much for my scissors or my trimmer that needed an upgrade. It had been at least three months since I had done any maintenance on my beard or had gone in for a haircut. My work schedule at the warehouse was not the problem, I just felt unmotivated during winter. Now, with spring teasing people of better things to come, I ventured out for some professional grooming.

My usual barber shop was too crowded; the wait time was not worth it for me. Instead of sitting around, I decided to shop for a new trimmer, but that did not go so well. The store I chose was having a clearance sale on all the previous season’s item that had not sold. I was pushed to the edges of the store by aggressive shoppers and curious kids. Finding refuge at a small diner proved a sensible, albeit unproductive, move. Tugging at my beard, I reasoned that neglecting it a little longer was easier than trying to find a place to do it for me.

After I wiped away some crumbs from my beard, I slumped out the door with no real purpose, feeling that a night of letting beer soak into my beard was not a bad idea. I called some friends and arranged to meet them at a bar with loud music, not enough big screens, and a limited menu.

Turning out of the parking lot, I saw a hair salon that I had debated going to in the past. It was called Jessica’s Cuts. I decided to go ahead and see if Jessica would do me the honor of cleaning me up some. Not that a bar night with the guys was a real reason to get cleaned up.

The salon was small and not getting much light from a tinted window. There was one girl having her hair done by a 20 something woman who wore jeans that showed off her thick butt. I assumed that this was Jessica. She had on a beige sweater and did not appear to have a bra on. Her dark skin and dark eyes bespoke of an exotic background. She looked at me when I sat down and took a magazine from a table. I nodded my head and smiled.

Most of the pages of the magazine were scribbled over in crayon. I directed my attention to the work the hairdresser was doing, watching as her pinky finger gently made contact with the pale face of the girl. The girl had her eyes closed tightly and had her lips pursed for an imaginary kiss of some sort.

The girl opened her eyes when the hairdresser patted her on the shoulder. The girl then looked over to me uncomfortably, as if my presence had somehow upset the rhythm of her visit to the salon. She looked away nervously when the cape was removed off her body, revealing why she was bothered. Her floor-length skirt had been rolled up past her upper thighs. I could see a flash of yellow panties before she stood up, confidently lowering the skirt down her thin legs.

I watched her leave and awaited my turn, but the hairdresser lingered at the counter for a minute, scrolling through her phone. She finally made her way back to the chair and swept up the brown locks of the girl. When she motioned for me to take a seat, I stood up and walked to the barber’s chair.

“First time here?” She said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Welcome, I’m Lisa.”

“Not Jessica?”

“No. Jessica is my cousin. She left early. We had a wedding party booked this morning, and she was tired afterwards.”

“I see,” I said, as she draped me.

“What can I do for you today,” Lisa said, gently taking hold of my beard.

Her touch felt good, and I liked how she had a hold of me, expressing asyalı escort some dominance over me. I stared at her conical looking boobs that jiggled when she moved. Her dark eyes piercing through any defense I might have. I wondered why she was affecting me so, but did not have any answers.

“A haircut and a beard trim. Maybe a two on the hair and a four on the beard,” I said.

Lisa nodded her head and swiveled the chair to line me up with the sink for a shampoo. She leaned me back and turned the water on. I closed my eyes, feeling the warm water on my head. She proceeded to lather her hands up with shampoo. I listened for the sounds her hands made before she dug them into my hair. I instantly liked the feel of her fingernails making contact with my scalp. When I opened my eyes, I was met with her boobs hovering over my face. I wondered why she was braless, rationalizing that she probably took her bra off at some point during the day to feel more comfortable.

The hairdresser vigorously dried my hair. I could hear the bracelets on her wrists jingling, and I could feel her breasts hit the back of my head a couple of times. I was grateful that she had gone braless, feeling somewhat acquainted with her boobs at this point. Would there be a formal introduction?

There was a long pause between us, as I looked in the mirror and saw how in need of a cut I was, and she looked at me with a seemingly predatory stare. I smiled awkwardly, feeling her eyes close in on me.

“I think you need all this hair off of you. Spring is almost here. Why not start fresh?” She whispered into my ear.

“I don’t know how I feel about that,” I said, nervously looking at her and then into the mirror.

“Trust me, all this hair is too much. You need cleaner lines to bring out your best look,” she said, tugging on my beard again.

“Really?” I said, imagining myself looking so unlike what I was used to.


“I’ll leave it up to you,” I said, relinquishing both control and perspective to her.

Lisa did not waste a moment longer, running the clippers through my hair. I could feel clumps of hair falling onto the cape. The mirror was equally relentless, displaying the change in progress I had become. I was sure that there was a fetishistic component to Lisa’s plan to leave me with minimal hair on head and face. She was quiet, as the clippers hummed all over my head, leaving just stubble where there had been a dark mane. There was a sense of unwanted exposure and of failed reluctance.

“It’s looking so much better,” Lisa said, running her hand across my head.

“I look so different, ” I said.

“I’m not done yet,” she said, patting me on the head.

My beard — defenseless and fearing the wrath of her clippers — was next. I felt vulnerable and on the chopping block with no ability to stop the shearing. This day had not gone as planned, endangering my night of drinking with my friends. Still, the thought of Lisa emasculating me turned me on. That sense of surrender felt exhilarating, and I liked how she tended to me.

The beard did not resist, succumbing to the blades and to the hum of her tool. Months of growth evaporated, leaving me less secure than I had been just earlier. I sensed that she took more satisfaction in this part of the session. Lisa finally smiled, and her eyes looked gleeful as she tore my facial hair to shambles.

“Let’s not stop! Are you willing to keep going?” She said, wildly.

“What ayaş escort do you have in mind?” I said, fearfully.

“Everything comes off,” she said, laughing.

At this moment, I realized that I was powerless, having given Jessica’s Cuts — Lisa in particular — full reign over me. Where had I gone wrong, I wondered, pathetically. I could only nod my head in agreement, wanting to see things conclude.

“It’ll be like having a fresh start after the long winter we had,” Lisa said, massaging my shoulders.

“You’ve taken so much off already, might as well finish me off,” I said, accepting the fact I was going to lose what hairs remained on my head and face.

Wasting little time in covering me with hot towels, Lisa then moved to prepare a straight razor with a new blade. The mirror showed my exposed eyes and nose, concealing the rest of my face. Part of me wanted to protest, but it was obvious that she had submitted me and was in the midst of practicing her fetish to leave a man hairless.

Rather deftly, after lathering my head up, Lisa started her work and quickly went with the grain; she transitioned and went across the grain, leaving me almost saddened by the results. I had never seen my scalp before, but there was no going back at this point.

“Wow!” I said.

Lisa did not say anything, merely applying more lather for the battle against the grain. She patted my head when that part of my session was over, giving away just a hint of a smile.

My face was next to feel the tenacity of her blade, offering itself up to her. I was stoic, as Lisa sheared my facial hairs from their posts. I wondered if my personality would change because of my new look, forsaking all my development up to that point. Would any hard-earned maturity be lost, or would I find someone waiting to start anew?

“You look so much better without all that hair. A whole different person just waiting to shine,” she said, slowly rubbing some oil onto my head and face.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I could only disagree with her assessment of me, but I was intrigued by her shift in mood. Something that seemed sexually charged was coming from her now. Her eyes had suddenly grown darker and her vibe was predatory. I nodded meekly, as she hovered over me contemplating her next move.

Lisa walked over to the door and locked it, closing the blinds on the door and on the front and only window. She smiled at me, assuring me that she meant me no harm. I was a little nervous in spite of her friendly demeanor, imagining that her fetishes went beyond what she had already done to me.

“There is only one place I like hair on a man,” she said, eyeing my crotch.

“Really,” I said, hopefully.

“Yes!” Lisa whispered into my ear, licking it with her wet tongue.

Sacrificing my hair and beard suddenly seemed worthwhile, realizing that she was going to pay attention to another of my needs. She turned the chair so I was now facing her; I looked at her with a new dose of hopeful energy.

Lisa pulled down my pants, as I kicked off my shoes. Taking my briefs off was next for her, revealing my semi hard cock that awaited her. She had already proven herself with the shears, but another test awaited her: Was she adept at handling my tool?

My pubic hair was untrimmed and looked as wild as my beard had. Lisa pulled on some of my hairs, tugging gently while she calculated what to do next. She got up and retrieved a smaller trimmer, aydınlıkevler escort surprising me with her assertiveness.

“This will help,” she said, shaping my dark patch of maleness.

The trimmer was barely audible, leaving the landscape to her liking. My cock did not shy away from the blades, growing longer and thicker as she finished up, twitching bravely.

“There,” she said, kneeling down to stroke the short hairs that surrounded my throbbing cock.

“It looks so much better,” I said.

“This truly makes me happy, finding a man who doesn’t mind this type of change.”

“I don’t mind it now,” I said, watching her inspect my cock.

“I love this vein; it’s full of so much energy,” Lisa said, gently biting down on a vein that snaked around my penis, taking control of the blood flow.

Lisa licked enthusiastically, moaning a little as she did so. So much had been shed, and so much was different now, but the act of oral sex was a natural act that always felt good. She took me in her mouth, toying with the head before sliding down my cock with her strong tongue navigating the way. She had consumed the potent vein I had impressed her with.

There was so much lube from her saliva, adding so much to the pleasure, to the visual of her treating me so well. I leaned my head back onto the headrest and stared blankly at the ceiling, trying to stay connected to all the good feelings at the center of my body.

Her efforts included skillfull manipulation with her hands, coaxing the most out of my engorged cock. This was the first time I had done anything sexual with a woman who kept her clothes on. I reached down and tugged on her conical tits, only to have her move my hand away.

It was her tongue that was the star of the show, confidently swirling around the full length and width of me. She led me heroically to the point of climax, sensing that I was close to giving her my load. There was no stopping the flow of my cum. I filled her mouth up quickly, giving her a thick sample of my reserves. She looked delighted to tap into my latest vintage of winter white.

“That was amazing,” I said.

“Thank you for playing along,” she said, cleaning herself up.

“I want to see you again,” I said, wanting some intimacy with her.

“I would really like that,”

“When would be a good time?”

“Well,” she said, drawing out her response.

“I need to see you again, soon,” I said, plaintively.

“We can do this again when you grow your hair and beard back; your man hair too,” she said, starting to dismiss me by unlocking the door.

“I can’t see you before that?”

“You wouldn’t like me much if we saw each other regularly, ” Lisa said, holdng open the door for me.

“Why?” I said, clinging to the slightest chance she would want to see me again.

“Just trust me,” she said, patting me on the back as I walked out of Jessica’s Cuts.


My disguise was unintended, but I really did not want anyone noticing me anyway. I walked into the bar and saw my friends gathered at a table near the restrooms. The bartender, who I knew somewhat well, asked me for my order without it registering who I was. Part of me definitely liked the anonymity.

All I could muster was to sit in silence, while I drank a beer and stared suspiciously at my reflection in the mirror in front of me. I looked myself over and nearly disapproved of myself, changing my mind when I thought of Lisa gagging on my cum.

There were a few texts from my friends, asking me what had happened to me. I only read them without answering them, unable to form any responses.

When I finally had to go to the bathroom, I walked right by them, looking directly into their eyes. I was not surprised that I went unrecognized.

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