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Lisa’s Friend Abby Part 2

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Lisa’s Friend Abby Part 2Abby reached across and finished her wine and passing me the glass to refill, I got up and my soft cock was still hanging out of the fly but no mention of it so I didn’t worry about it. I returned with the drinks and Abby smiled, “We always win sir, did back then and did now” she said with a giggle as I took a big swig of beer, “Still fun though sir” and I had to agree, the play fights were fun.She looked down at my cock hanging out my old boxers, “Ooops I think your button came off” she said giggling as she moved my cock aside and saw where the button should be, I tucked it back inside and the end hung down showing, these old boxers didn’t really cover too much. “Can we try another one sir?, please sir?” she asked and I was good for it as I could see her enthusiasm, I nodded my head, “Sure, which one do you want to do Abs?” I asked and she looked deep in thought, “I know” she said excitedly. “The one where I sit on your hips and pin you down” she said smiling, “Please sir, can we try that one?” she asked excitedly.“OK” I said smiling, “But we might want to take our undies off, I have already lost a button ” I said and Abs agreed, “Yes, no more accidents sir” she said and we both took our underwear off, my cock was going semi hard as I looked at her sweet bush and being thin she had a nice gap and I could see her lips protruding, Mmm.I lay down on the floor on my back and Abby straddled me and lowered herself down on my groin, my cock was squeezed and you could just see the head poking out between her legs, she bent down and put her hands on my chest to hold me down, my stiffening nipples pressing against her palms.She started to wiggle on my lap and I could feel my cock getting harder but I didn’t try to thrust at this point thinking I would preserve my energy.As she pressed down on my chest I thought I would counteract that by reaching up under pushing her chest, I could feel her bullet nipples as I tried to force her sway, it wasn’t working but I kept trying.She was wiggling her hips to avoid me moving and I felt my cock was now rigid so I decided to start with gentle thrusts to try and get her off balance but the more I pushed up she cam back down again even stronger, I decided to try a different method and tried to manoeuvre myself but she forced me back and somehow my cock slipped inside her, she tried hard to stop it as I could feel her muscles tightening trying to prevent it going in, such was the pressure of her weight pushing down it was near impossible to prevent it and I tried to push her up by thrusting hard but she was determined to keep me pressed down and the more I thrust up the more she pushed down, she was determined to win again.I tried to push her chest up but couldn’t get a good enough grip and ended up with just my fingers trying to get a grip on her nipples, she was definitely a wiggler as she gyrated on me, I tried my best to push her off but the harder I pushed up the harder she forced down, she was getting quite vocal too moaning and grunting so I could see the effort she was putting in, I tried to match it.I think we were both giving 100% as I let out a loud groan as I felt my cock twitching again and she fought back with a loud groan too, then just as my cock stopped twitching we both collapsed exhausted, that was a good fight kadıköy escort but I think she won again. She was ecstatic as she got off me and looked down at my cock which was quickly softening.“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for us to get naked, what will Lisa think!” she said in a haste, Lisa wouldn’t give a shit but Abby quickly put her shorts on and her tee shirt, for some reason she didn’t put her panties back on but she threw my boxers at me which I put on.“Thank you sir, that was so much fun” she said smiling as she sat and had some wine, I always thought she enjoyed the sleepovers but I didn’t realize how much.“What else do you remember Abs” I said inquisitively knowing there was more, she looked deep in though and then, “Oh I remember when you used to check in on us before you went to bed and one night I couldn’t sleep so you sat with me and told me that if you rubbed my bottom then I would drift off” she smiled at the recollection, “It must have worked because I don’t remember anything until waking up” she said smiling, “I wish my dad was like you” she said taking another swig of wine.It was such a nice compliment but what she didn’t remember is that it was not just her bottom I was rubbing . “Did you like me rubbing your bottom then Abs?” I asked with a smile and she smiled back, “Yes sir, I did, it was relaxing” she said softly and her eyes widened in anticipation of the next question, “Would you like me to do it again, and relax you?” I asked as I moved over to the sofa, Abby didn’t say a word but her eyes said it all, she laid down on the sofa with a pillow under her head and the only difference is she has shorts on this time.I knelt down beside her and gently stroked her hair, “Relax” I said softly as my hand gently ran down her back to the bottom of her tee shirt, I pulled her tee shirt up to her shoulders and gently ran my fingers down her back, “Mmm” I could hear Abby murmur under her breath as my fingers ran around her arse cheeks over the top of her shorts.I looked down and see her eyes closed and a smile on her face and her breathing was quite normal, I looked down at her cute little arse in her little white shorts, I opened her legs a little and gently ran my fingers up the back of her thighs and again circling around her arse cheek, she sighed and another mumbled ‘Mmm’I gently took hold of her tiny elastic waistband and slowly pulled her shorts down over her arse and down her legs, her breathing didn’t change and her eyes stayed closed, I then ran my fingers back over her bare cheeks giving each a gentle squeeze and then running my finger down her arse crack. She let out another sigh as my finger touched her little back button, my cock was rising again in my shorts.I put a cushion under her belly which raised her arse up into the air and proceeded to gently massage her small arse cheeks and as I did so would pull the cheeks apart exposing her little brown starfish, Mmm so elegant and scrumptious. Abs was relaxed and the smile never left her face as her breathing increased slightly, I raised up on my knees so I could now look down on her cute little arse, her legs parted showing a nice thigh gap and her labia lips showing through her dark pubic hair. My cock had somehow popped out the opening again and was pressing against üsküdar escort her hand that was down by her side, she felt it and her fingers twitched in acknowledgement.I pulled her cheeks wide and bent down and flicked my tongue around the tasty hole, Mmm she did taste good and she let out a soft moan as my tongue made contact. I flicked around, licking and sucking around her friendly starfish gently opening it up with my tongue, her moans got louder as her fingers squeezed my cock. Being skinny she wasn’t overloaded with flesh and her arsehole opened up quickly allowing my tongue to slip in deep and she shivered as I wiggled it. Her grip tightened around my cock as I gently tongue fucked her sweet dirt box. Her breathing increased as I stood up and positioned myself on the sofa between her legs and with my throbbing cock in my hand I lowered myself down, Abby sighed and braced herself as I rubbed my cock head around her wet back door.She gasped as I pushed the head in and it surprisingly slid in quite easily, her breathing was fast as I started to pump away at Abby’s arse, her cries in time with each thrust, I had one hand on the back of the sofa and one hand grabbing her hair as I rode her arse, her cries got louder as I quickened the pace and with my balls tightening and banging against the back of her thighs my cock pulsated and I filled her tiny frame with my hot cum. She groaned as she felt it hit which was followed by a very long ‘Mmm’I slowly pulled out and watched as her hole closed up trapping all the goodness inside, I got off the sofa and stroked Abby’s hair, her eyes still closed and her breathing getting back to normal, I pulled her shorts back into place and her tee shirt down and knelt back by her side with my arm around her arse.Suddenly her eyes opened and her smile broadened, “Did I drop off sir?” she asked softly, “It was so relaxing” she continued with a smile, “Yes you did Abs” I said back, “Just like you did before ” I added.Abby sat up and she looked down and could see my cock hanging out of my boxers and with a giggle she lent forward and put it back inside. I filled up her glass and got myself another beer, Lisa was due any minute and as always happens when you think of something it happens as Lisa came bounding in the house, Abby immediately got up and they hugged, Lisa looked at me, “Sorry daddy” she said, “I forgot to tell you Abs was staying over tonight” she continued.“So, what have you guys been up to” Lisa asked with that cheeky grin, Abby was first to respond, “We been drinking wine and reminiscing about old times” she said with a giggle and I saw Lisa’s face light up as she obviously remembered back.“Roll a smoke daddy while me and Abs go up and change” Lisa said as she didn’t want to chill out in her work clothes. The girls disappeared upstairs while I sat and did a few joints. I heard a lot of giggling upstairs but had no idea what the were doing, girl stuff probably.They soon reappeared wearing identical night shirts, one had ‘chaos’ on and the other ‘mayhem’ which I found to be quite apt for these two although at the moment Lisa was ‘chaos’ and Abs was ‘mayhem’ I am sure they could be interchangeable .They sat on the sofa and I got Lisa a glass of wine and I sat on the floor in front of them tuzla escort and fired up the smoke and passed it round, I could see as the girls sat that they both had white panties on and from the glimpses I got looked like thongs, from the quick glances I got at Abby it looked like it was far too big, obviously one of Lisa’s.I got up to get another beer and when I returned my cock was hanging out again, both girls giggled and Lisa quickly said, “daddy, do you remember when that happened before?” and I felt a little embarrassed as I nodded but tried to make a joke out of it saying that the button decided to depart but didn’t want to tell her how it departed. Lisa looked closer at my old boxers, they had certainly seen better days and were quite revealing,“I think they are the same boxers daddy” Lisa said and they both laughed which embarrassed me further.This did bring back memories as we used to be in these exact positions, I don’t remember why I was sitting on the floor back then as it wasn’t for passing the smoke around.I could see the smoke was starting to kick in as Abby’s eyes were glazing over and as we chatted we got giggly and her legs relaxed giving me a better view of her borrowed panties, I seem to remember they were too big for her back in the day.Lisa saw me looking, “What you doing daddy?” she asked, “I thought she dropped some ash” I said thinking quick, “And I didn’t want her to burn herself” and on hearing that Abby then opened her legs wider to get the non-existent ash, OK, I made a mistake but it did give me a nice view of her panties and yes they were big and I could easily see her hairy mound albeit for only a few seconds before she realized it was a false alarm and shut her legs tight, damn.It seemed to be getting very dark very quickly and it looked like a storm was brewing although it was warm and muggy, all of a sudden there was a big flash and almost instantly a loud crack of thunder which made all of us jump,“Holy shit” I shouted as I looked at both girls shaking, I knew Lisa was scared of storms but seems like Abby was too, in fact I seem to remember from before that they both slept with me when there was a storm, Lisa looked at me, “daddy I’m scared” she said and I put my hand on her knee and she quickly grabbed it, Abs didn’t look too good either so I put my hand on her knee which was quickly grabbed too.“Tell you what” I said in a reassuring voice, “If this continues then come sleep with me” I continued and both girls seemed to perk up, “Really” they both said in unison and perked up. I got up and pulled the curtains to keep the storm outside, the house has pretty good soundproofing. “More wine ladies?” I asked picking up their glasses and running to the kitchen, again I hear giggling from the girls.I returned to the lounge with our drinks and again sat in front of them, it seemed to put them at ease if I was close.Lisa brought up the subject of the play fighting and we didn’t want to let on that me and Abs had discussed it in detail earlier so went along with it, we also joked about how we used to cuddle up together watching tv and how one or other of them would fall asleep with there head on my lap and somehow my cock ended up in her mouth.Another time they had been helping out in the garden and we had all got muddy and all tried to shower together and Lisa slipped on the soap but because we were all in a tight space she only half fell and ended up on her knees and somehow my cock ended up in her mouth, sometimes these things happen.We all had a few drinks and the storm was relentless so we decided to get up to bed, Part 3 will reveal all.

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