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Lissa’s Lesbian Adventure

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Anjelica Ebbi

Hi, my name’s Lissa and I would like to tell you about my first lesbian experience.

It had been awhile since I had gotten any. My on again off again boyfriend Miquel decided he didn’t want a serious commitment. That’s fine by me because I was sick of his bullshit. I wasn’t meeting any (decent) men and I was getting really lonely for some one on one companionship if you know what I mean.

The only sex I was getting, was second hand so to speak.

My cute little roommate Teena was getting plenty of action. Teena’s a sexy little blonde white girl with a bubbly personality and size 36 C breasts. She had to beat the men off with a stick!

We had been best friends since grade school. We had planned to live together since we were children. The arrangement worked out for both of us. I didn’t have any complaints. I didn’t even mind the sounds of her loud love making when ever she had her current boyfriend Colby over.

I actually enjoyed listening to her sexy squeals and got really hot. If I was alone and horny (if I wasn’t already, her moans soon made me that way!) I fingered myself trying to hold back from coming until she did.

When the shoe was on the other foot and I was making love with Miquel, I often wondered if she did the same thing. I know I make a lot of noise. I’m a screamer. I especially love it when I get it doggie style. Teena has never complained. The next morning she usually gives me a knowing smile, but never says a word.

My day started prematurely while Teena and Colby indulged in some early morning delight.

I was woken up by Teena’s screams of intense sexual pleasure. It sounded like Colby was really sticking it to her. I was instantly aroused.

I furiously diddled myself and had a really hot climax just as Teena came. I always knew when she actually got their by this cute little ‘oh-oh-OH!’ thing she did. I whimpered my orgasm into my pillow.

Fully awake I rolled out of bed to get ready to go to work. Coming down from the orgasm I was starting to feel a little pathetic and depressed. I really needed to get out and find me another man.

I pulled my silk black nightie over my head and took stock of myself in my full length mirror.

I am a damn sexy woman!

I’m a bit overweight, I’ll admit, but I’m curvy in all the right places.

I’d just gotten my hair done a deep rich burgundy. It complimented my sumptuous brown skin. I have a pretty face with large soulful eyes and long dark lashes. I also have huge double D breasts with nipples like chocolate kisses, a neatly trimmed bush, and a damn fine ass.

I needed to get Miquel out of my system. After work I was going to my favorite club and find me someone new!

I got ready for work and went out into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I could hear Teena and Colby saying their goodbyes at the front door.

I went ahead and poured Teena a cup because I knew it would be the first thing she wanted when she joined me in the kitchen.

The bitch always looked good even in her old tattered pink robe and yesterday’s make up.

Her long blonde locks were tousled and wild making her look even more sexy. My pussy lit up again knowing she was totally nude under there!

“Oh Lissa, Thank you.” Teena gratefully took her mug. “I love you.”

Over the years I had entertained the fantasy of doing a little ‘experimentation’ with my friend, but I never thought she would go for it. She was way to boy crazy for one thing and I couldn’t risk losing her friendship. I kept my lustful thoughts to myself. We have had some hot conversations and confided all our deepest dirty sexy secrets to each other. At least so I thought anyway.

“You look nice.” Teena commented as she surveyed my outfit.

I told her my plans to stop by ‘Vikki’s’ after work.

“You go girl!” Teena cheered me on with a grin. “If you don’t mind Colby and I can meet you there after the shop closes.”

I told her it was fine by me. I was looking forward to a night of dancing and drinking. It was Friday and I could sleep it off the next morning. I hoped that tomorrow there would be someone in my bed to wake up to.

Work dragged by slowly, but finally it was 7:PM and I left the office.

When I got to Vikki’s, the place was in full swing. I merged into the action and up to the bar to order a drink.

The thing I really love about Vikki’s was that anyone was welcome to come in and have a good time. It didn’t matter if you were black or white, gay or straight, business person or biker. The only requirement was that you treated your fellow patrons with respect. The place was always packed.

Teena and I adored coming in here to dance the night away with a variety of different people. Most were regulars and I waved to several that called out to me.

I settled in at the bar with my drink and tapped my foot to the beat of the music.

“That looks good.” A feminine voice spoke behind me. “What are you drinking?”

I turned to see a tall leggy blonde in a tight red dress.

“It’s an Amaretto Sour.” I told her.

“I’ll şişli escort have what she’s having.” The woman told the bartender.

She sat down in the seat next to mine. She opened her little clutch bag and produced a pack of smokes.

“Oh damn!” she muttered. “I can’t find my lighter. Do you have a light?”

I produced one and lit her cigarette as well as my own.

“Thanks.” She smiled at me. “My lighters have a bad habit of walking away.”

She turned in her seat and watched the dancers on the floor.

“Are you waiting for some one?” she asked me.

I told her that my roommate and her boyfriend were planning to meet me here later.

We made small talk, but I was very aware she was eyeing me over in appreciation. I have gotten that look many a time from men, but never from a woman.

It made me really nervous, but not because I didn’t like it. I was afraid I might be imagining she was coming on to me.

I also learned from our brief conversation that her name was Stacia.

“I love this song.” Stacia sat down her empty glass. “Do you want to dance?”

It was no big deal to be asked to dance by another girl. Teena and I danced together all the time. I danced with lots of girls in this club. It was a lot of fun and never meant anything.

I agreed and we went out on the floor. The song was a fast one and we tore it up.

Stacia matched me move for move, her sexy body keeping time with the beat.

After a couple of dances, she grabbed my hand and lead me back to the bar.

“I don’t know about you, but I can use another drink.”

At the bar Stacia insisted on buying the drinks.

“Did you see anyone you liked when we were out dancing?”

She had gotten it out of me that I was there looking for a man.

“There’s some possibilities.” I said vaguely.

“So are you exclusively into men?” she asked as our drinks arrived.

“I..er..have only dated men in the past, but I always try to keep an open mind. I could find a woman that I might like.”

Stacia smiled with approval at my answer. She really was gorgeous. The girl could be a model.

“I started out liking men, but I got so tired of their bullshit I gave women a try. Though I still might date the occasional guy, I now prefer women.” she leaned forward and purred. “The sex is sooo much better.”

I felt the heat build up in my lower regions and spread deliciously through my entire body. I was all ready imagining what it would be like to kiss those ruby red lips and feel her soft body pressing against mine. She must have seen the lust in my eyes.

“If you don’t find your man, how about giving me a chance. I come to this club a lot and I’ve seen you here before. You were always with someone so I never introduced myself. I was hoping that someday I might get to talk to you alone, even if nothing sexual came out of it. You seem like a really cool person to hang out with.”

Knowing that a woman found me attractive made me very hot. The little minx let me know unabashedly that she was very attracted to black women in particular. We went out on the dance floor again. I was so turned on by the thought I might end up in bed with my first woman tonight.

I had forgotten all about Teena and Colby. They were waiting at the bar when Stacia and I went hand in hand to get another drink. They were watching us dance.

Colby bought a round for the four of us and we chatted a bit. I realized that if Stacia and I did take our flirtation to the next level, we’d have to go to her place. I didn’t want Teena to know that I was also attracted to women. I guess I always have been, but just kept pushing it back because it wasn’t ‘normal’.

I should have known better than think I could hide anything from my best friend. She looked from Stacia to me during our conversation.

Teena announced she had to use the little girl’s room. She jerked her head at me to come with her.

I reluctantly followed her into the ladies’ room.

Teena grabbed my arm.

“I thought you came here to find a man!” she tried to keep her voice down as there were a couple women in there with us. “What’s going on with you? Did you turn gay or something?”

“I was just dancing with her.” I didn’t want to admit how I felt. “We dance together all the time and it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Lissa,” Teena reached out and stroked my cheek. “I’m your best friend. I know when you’re attracted to someone. I didn’t mean to sound like I disapproved. I was just shocked that you would be interested in another woman. You are though aren’t you?”

I couldn’t lie to her.

“I guess I have found a woman I’m attracted to.”

“It’s O.K., Lissa.” Teena hugged me. “I’m not going to stop being your best friend no matter what you do. I just want you to be happy. Stacia seems like a really cool person. Besides every girl needs to have at least one lezzy experience in their life time.”

“Have you?” I was stunned by what she said.

Teena’s face turned pink and she couldn’t meet my eyes.


“When and where?” I mecdiyeköy escort wanted to know. I forgot to keep my voice down. The hooch had held out on me. We had a pact to tell each other about every conquest.

“Later.” Teena said quickly. “Let’s freshen up our make up and get back out there.”

I wasn’t going to budge until I at least knew who. I couldn’t freakin’ believe this!

“O.K..” Teena knew how stubborn I could be. “Remember that party Niki had last year?”

I remembered. Miquel and I bailed early.

“It was before I started dating Colby. I got really drunk that night. You know how horny I get when I drink. Everyone was passed out except for Niki and me. We started talking about sex which made it worse, one thing led to another and we ended up in her bed. It was a one time deal. I’m not sorry it happened, I’m just sorry who it happened with.”

“You slept with Niki?” I remembered to keep my voice down this time. Niki was a trashy schank. I never even knew the bitch was bisexual!

“We will talk about this later.” Teena promised. “I’ll tell all I swear. I only kept it from you because I was scared you wouldn’t understand.”

“Niki isn’t my favorite person on the planet, but you still could have told me. It’s like you said we’re best friends.”

The ladies room door opened. Stacia strode in.

“Mind if I join you’all?” she drawled in her sexy throaty voice.

“Not at all.” Teena moved over to include her. “I was just telling Lissa that she had the house to herself tonight. I’m staying the night at Colby’s place.”

Stacia’s smile was amused.

“I better go join Colby or he’ll send a search party after me. Fix your lipstick Lissa and come back out. I get the next dance with you.”

Teena ducked out quickly leaving us alone. Now there was only one person in one of the stalls.

I felt nervous all over again. I was virtually alone with Stacia.

I fumbled for my lipstick.

“Not yet.” Stacia gently pushed my hand down when I found the lipstick. Gently, she leaned forward and brushed my lips with a soft kiss. Jolts of electric current surged through me at her touch. No kiss had ever felt like this one.

I kissed her in return.

While we were in a lip lock, the bathroom door opened to emit three more woman.

A goth looking bitch scowled in disgust, the blonde giggled, and an earthy looking red head just smiled knowingly at us.

Laughing, Stacia and I clasped hands and went back out to party some more.

Stacia, Teena, Colby and I had a great time dancing. We switched partners a lot and we were getting very tipsy. I was also losing all my inhibitions.

Teena and Colby claimed they were heading for his place. Teena again reminded me in front of Stacia that I would have the house to myself. She kissed me goodbye and embraced Stacia as well.

“Nice meeting you, Stacia. Maybe we can all get together again some time soon.”

“I’d like that.”

“Do you really want to stay in that house all alone?” Stacia asked me.

“Not really.” I admitted. “I wouldn’t mind company. After all that exercise on the dance floor, I could use a good soak in the hot tub.”

Stacia followed me home in her car.

I gripped the wheel of my own vehicle. A myriad of conflicting emotions swirling inside me.

My panties were moist with the thought of making love to my first woman. My secret fantasy about to become reality, if I didn’t do anything to mess it up.

Once inside I turned on the lights and gave Stacia a quick tour around. She seemed very impressed with our house. I was quite proud of how Teena and I had made a success in our chosen professions. We lived in a big fancy house in one of the better neighborhoods in our city.

“A dip in the hot tub sounds divine.” Stacia reclaimed my hand. “Can you unzip my dress?”

With shaking hands I slid the zipper down on her dress. She stepped out of it with an impish grin. She picked it up and placed it over the arm of a chair.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Dressed she was perfection. Nearly naked in her skimpy red lace bra and garters, she was a goddess.

“I better slip out of these stockings. Care to give me a hand?”

With the grace of a prima ballerina she lifted a shapely leg and I slowly rolled away the silky material.

Her skin was smooth and tan colored. She’d admitted she was a sun worshiper and loved the outdoors. I could see her black patch through her barely there panties. Her breasts were a modest but lovely 32 C.

Once the stockings were off, I had her in my arms. We kissed again. This time with more passion. She gently slipped me the tongue which I eagerly accepted. I ran my hands along her slim little waist. I drank in the scent of her musky cologne.

I didn’t want those pretty under things to get ruined in the hot tub so I insisted that we go au natural.

We literally caressed the clothes from each others bodies, all the while our tongues clashing.

A little moan escaped her lips when we sunk into the hot water.

“This feels so good.”

It also felt so right.

Stacia moved her lips down the side of my neck. Little prickles of sensation lit up all over me and seemed to relay a signal of arousal to my nipples that hardened. My pussy which was glowing.

I allowed her to massage the kinks from my neck and shoulders.

“You’ve never really been with a woman before?”


“Not even your roommate?”


“You’ve thought about it though.”

I didn’t want to talk about Teena. I was past the point of talking. I wanted to be taken by this woman and made love to.

“You’re the only woman I’ve ever desired.” I lied pulling her back into a deep kiss. “Show me what it’s like.”

Stacia reached up to caress one of my huge tits in her hand. She gently turned me around to face her. She lowered her head down between my huge mounds trailing kisses as she went. My pussy shots flames. I have really sensitive breasts and can almost come with expert handling.

Lovingly she took a nipple in her mouth and flicked the other with one of her hands.

I was moaning and encouraging her to try to get both in her mouth.

She mashed my titties together and gave equal time on both nipples, lapping, sucking, and nibbling making me so ready to go over the edge.

Like I said earlier, I’m a moaner.

“Baby girl!” I panted. “Oh! MMMM!”

I felt the stirrings of an orgasm welling up deep inside. I felt my self begin to tremble.

Abruptly, she stopped and looked up at me.

Such a pretty face framed by long honey gold hair and large amber colored eyes.

I kissed those lovely lips again.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.” her voice was gaspy. “I don’t want you to come until I can give your whole body my attention.”

It took us awhile to towel dry and get in there because we couldn’t keep our lips and hands off the other.

Her sweet beige breasts were topped by delicate pink rosebuds. I had to taste them first.

Stacia moaned into my shoulder when I slipped a hand down to her dark thatch and ‘innocently’ slipped a finger between her hot crack.

We forced ourselves into my bedroom and hit my king-sized water bed.

I matched Stacia kiss for kiss as we writhed together over the waves we made on the bed.

I about jumped out of my skin when Stacia straddled herself over me, rubbing her soaking crotch against my upper thigh. She darted a tongue in my ear.

I was on fire now.

Miquel was the only man that took the time to probe some of my more unconventional openings with his tongue. I suppose it’s a fetish of mine. This girl’s tongue was producing one hundred times the currant flowing through me.

“Lay back against the pillows.” she commanded me breathlessly. “I want to lick you all over.”

I was all for that. I did as she suggested and let her slip a few pillows under my ass.

Every stroke of that talented little tongue brought a tortured groan from my lips.

She once again went over my breasts and trailed down my stomach. I squealed out when her tongue darted in and out of my belly button. I loved when Miquel did that. It was even better with Stacia.

Finally, she kneeled down between my willing wide-open legs.

She tongued and kissed my quivering thighs.

When her tongue first probed my pussy, my hips shot forward and I felt about ready to jump from my skin.

I don’t know if I can fully describe the hot sweet sensations she was stirring up in me.

My release was building at a dramatic pace as she teased me with that tongue.

I was glad Teena and Colby were out because I was screaming the house down. The room was filled with our combined odor of raw sexual desire.

When I finally went over the edge, I must have used every swear word I knew plus invented a couple more. I inadvertently pressed her head hard down against my greedy pussy.

She didn’t seem to mind and brought me around a few more glorious times.

I thought Miquel was good. He is, but I learned that only a woman can truly eat pussy and make it feel like this. These were the intense orgasms only my finger and Teena’s squeals could give me.

I climaxed again.

I suddenly had an idea. I had seen this done on a porno once and wanted to try it with Stacia. I also wanted to give a little in return. I couldn’t wait to taste her.

“I want you to sit on my face.” I told her.

“I thought you’d never ask.” she leered wickedly.

I helped her straddle my face and found myself getting up close and personal with her glistening cunt.

I discovered that she only kept a little triangle-shaped patch in the front. The rest had been shaved smooth. I was so wild with desire for her. I wanted to feel her come in my mouth. I wanted to do all the things she did to me. I wanted to hear her screams of passion and experience each delicious quiver of her sexy body.

The scent of her womanhood reminded me of the intoxicating smells of the sand and surf. Any inhibitions melted away as I poked a tongue into my first pussy. She tasted great and I couldn’t get enough of her sweet warm love juices.

A cry escaped her lips and her hips thrashed violently almost smothering me, but what a way to go!

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