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little thief

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little thief”oh you fucking stupid bitch”shit shit I ran from him , my pocket full of play card i steal only to be caught and smack so hard on my ass i fell on my stomach in pain in the middle of the parking lotno one around he got me up and pull me back insidethe black guy the age of my dad grunting he knew i was a lil thief the second i enter his store”gonna call the police and your parents””noooo please please ””there is no money in that wallet , you not getting away from this”he took the phone and i cry begging him not to call the policei look at him , unbuckle , i was confused, he was still on the phone sit on his chairi coudnt risk it, i kneel down , i pull on his pants his boxer down he was huge i look up wanting to see if he had drop the phonehe move it away the second my mouth touch his cocki kiss it looking at how huge he washe never said a word dropping the phone pendik escort i his desk , sit in his office a lil thief sucking his bbche was getting even bigger as i suck on him , sliding him deeper inside my mouthhe was warm and very hard , i love it and smile sucking him ”i wont call anyone if you make me cum”i look up and started sucking fast deep wanting him to cumi was exhausted my mouth was hurting i had been mouth numb after 20 min”you are tired or what”i nod exhauted mouth and neck hurting he slide out and i was turn and pushed on the deskhead falling over the desk all i saw was him diving in holding my head pumping in making me gag he started to fuck my mouth, deep down humping my face with his hard bbche exploded making me drink his big load and rub his bbc in my face i left the store and swear i would never go back but çekmeköy escort 2 days later, i coudnt stop thinking about it, i was shy but actually wanted to suck him againi went there after breakfasti went inside and there was people there for a yugi oh event of some kind so i got out ….sadhe had his employee replace him as he saw me outside”you want to get in my car? ”we walk both in silence knowing why i was therein the bright day i hide in the car floor infront of the back seat , between his spread legs and hot bbci took him in my hand and suck him moaning”you miss my cock lil thief”i nod him in my mouth working his bbc wet he said i was better than last time , it mde me proud and happy as i did my best to suck his nice cockhe moan loud and dump in my mouth calling me a good cock suckeri swallowed moaning myself happy this maltepe escort time i was good enougt to make him cumhe left asking me to leave after 5min so nobody knowsI was about to leave when the car door openi was facing another black dad smilling”my k** inside i dont have much time”he took it out like a candy hot cock i was waiting to be servei look up him in my mouth back between legs on the floor sucking a hot and nice big cockhe loved it, he moan of pleasure as i suck himit made me horny and sucking him better , naughty sucking a stranger bbci was feeling him close, i sucked looking up at him head tilt relaxing , getting suck he exploded and i drank and drank giggling cum spurting on my face swallowing all of his babbiesI wanted more and waited another 10 but no one else camei was walking home dizzy thinking of hot bbc cum in my stomachi was not thinking straight i still had cum on my face not wipe haven forgottenand my tshirt was a messi got toward the park and saw one on the park bench relaxinghis face had the sweatess smile as i said hello and my hand went to his crotch”you want my cock ?”i nod and he walk me to the bathroomi smile, getting the bbc in my mouthgod i love bbc

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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