Şub 15

Live Performance

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Do you ever watch any of the porn webcasts and wonder about the rest of the girls’ lives?

All of the characters and actresses in this video are at least 19 years old.

Episode 97) Live Performance

The video begins, and we’re watching a computer screen broadcasting a webcast from a large apartment’s bedroom. A cute, long-haired 23-year-old in a short skirt and blouse welcomes everyone to her latest webcast.

“Good morning, internet friends. This is Misty again. Today’s broadcast is a very special one for me. This is the 4-year anniversary of when I started doing webcasts back in my dorm room. But now I have 2200 regular, monthly subscribers, and I’m thrilled to have many of you watching live and the rest of you accessing the archived video.” She picks up a box on her bed. “I get to show an anniversary gift from Steve tonight to celebrate. Steve is very special to me because he was my first subscriber almost four years ago. You know that he’s sent several items for me to model on my shows. Tonight, he’s sent a new outfit for me to model on my show. You know all know that I adore al of my subscribers, but Steve is extra-special because he was my very first subscriber and has been with me from the beginning, and I would do just about anything for him.”

She takes lays out the items on her bed: a matching lime green bikini and bra set, a short, plaid skirt that looks like a school uniform, and a white, sexy, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved white lace crop top. She turns on some soft jazz saxophone music in the background while she quickly undressed and puts on the present from Steve. The green bra shows through her top, and the skirt barely covers her butt. She models the outfit for the camera. She leans over to give the camera a good look down her shirt before taking it off and then takes off the bra. She sits on the edge of the bed and plays with her smallish breasts while her legs are apart and her panties are evident. “I know what you like, Steve.” She stands and slowly pulls up the skirt until it’s bunched up at her waist and drops it and spins around and sticks out her butt to the camera. Then she slides the panties down her legs and shares several upskirt views as she begins to masturbate. She returns to the bed and lies on her stomach while masturbating, and the short skirt refuses to hide anything as she writhes around. As her excitement reaches its peak, she pulls off the skirt and spreads her legs wide to give the audience a clear view as she gives in to her orgasm. She lies there for a minute afterwards, enjoying the remnant of the orgasm and showing off her clean pussy to her audience.

She sits up. “Thank you, Steve, for your fun present.” She blows a kiss at the camera. “Thank bartın escort you to all of my fans for the presents they send. If you want me to model something for you, you can send it here,” and a San Diego PO Box address appears in the corner of the screen. She waves goodbye and blows another kiss to the camera, and the webcast ends.

In her bedroom, Misty puts away the skirt and top and bra and puts the green panties back on. She also puts on a creamy hoodie that comes down to her thighs and goes to her living room to curl up in an easy chair and read a book.

The scene changes. It’s later in the day. She’s watching TV from the same chair, and the doorbell rings. There’s a very pretty, 19-year-old girl there in a t-shirt and jean shorts, carrying a small shopping bag. Misty opens the door. “Hello.”

The girl gushes, “Hi Misty. I can’t believe I’m meeting you in person.”

Misty is taken aback but recovers. “I think you have the wrong house. My name’s Diane.” She starts to close the door. “Good-bye.”

“Wait! It’s me, Steve! Well, Stevie to be more accurate. And I’ve flown here from Miami to meet you.” Diane hesitates. “Can I come in?”

Misty still has a confused look on her face, but she lets Stevie in. “Do you want to tell me what’s up?”

“Well, you know I’ve been watching you forever. I’ve always admired you. I wish I could be as bold and daring as you are, and I’ve had lots of fantasies based on the stories you tell and thinking of you. But I wrote to you and said I was Steve because I was worried that you wouldn’t be interested in a girl’s fantasies.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 19. That’s another thing I didn’t tell you when I started following you so you wouldn’t be too freaked out.”

“I’m still really confused though. How did you find me?”

“Well, I knew you’re in San Diego because of the PO Box. I taped a tracker to the inside of that box that I just sent to you, and it activated when it found an internet signal, and I was able to trace the box to this address. And I knew you were first story and had a view of the pool because you’ve shown us the view out your window on your show.”

“Well, I’m flattered. I always considered you a groupie. I didn’t know you were a stalker, too. Should I be worried by this?”

Stevie looks hurt. “No, no, I came so I could give you another gift. Happy anniversary.” She takes a box out of the bag and gives it to Diane. Diane opens it, and it’s a transparent, glittery, mesh leotard. We can tell that Diane likes this a lot. “I brought this, and I hope you’ll model it for me in person. Yo’ve always said that you would do anything for me, and maybe …”

Diane takes a deep breath bartın escort bayan and agrees that she’s always said that and that she would do this for her. “It’s just that you don’t fit the picture of Steve that I’ve always had in my mind.” She looks at the leotard and then at Stevie. “Do you want me to go in the other room and put it on and come out, or do you want to watch me put it on?”

“Please, I’d like to watch, please, if you let me, just like on the web.”

Diane lifts up the hoodie and shows Stevie the green panties that Stevie had sent and that Diane had put on earlier. “Thank you for these, too.” She turns around and bends over. “I remember that you’ve told me that green’s your favorite color.” She pulls the panties up tight to give herself a wedgie. Then she turns back around and plays with the panties before pulling them down. She puts on the new lingerie and models it for Stevie. “I feel so sexy. I’m going to go look at myself in the mirror in the bedroom.” She goes into the other room. The camera follows her, and we see her checking out her body in the mirror.

The scene shifts back to Stevie, who calls to Diane from the living room. “You are so beautiful! And I brought some more presents for you.” She takes off her own t-shirt and then her shorts, and she’s wearing the same lingerie. Diane returns to the room and stops in the doorway, and she’s confronted with another surprise.

“Wow! You look so sexy in that!”

Stevie turns around and poses for her. “You’ve never told us on your show if you’ve ever had sex with a woman.”

Diane answers slowly. “Well, just once. My freshman roommate and I made out after a party. We were both kind of drunk, and we felt uncomfortable and awkward though and never did it again.”

“But would you do it again with your favorite fan?”

Diane considers it while admiring Stevie’s body. “I like to think I’m open to new experiences, so I guess so. And I can’t think of a sexier fan that I care more about than you. And who suddenly turns me on a lot!”

Stevie walks up to Diane. “I’ve dreamed about kissing you for a long time.” The two women kiss several times, then Stevie takes a step back. “Do you like it.”

Diane smiles. “It felt a lot better this time. Let’s keep going.”

Stevie steps up to her again and takes one of her hands. “Great. And while we kiss, will you finger me?” She moves the hand under her leotard. The two women kiss again, and Diane is rubbing her. Stevie gets more and more turned on. While they’re kissing, she pulls off her leotard. They continue kissing while the rubbing becomes more intense until Stevie has an orgasm. Stevie continues kissing her but not as wildly. She escort bartın pulls down Diane’s top so she can lick her breasts and then her stomach. She leads Diane to the bedroom and maneuvers her onto the bed on ere back. She kisses Diane’s thighs then pulls the leotard the rest of the way off and gives her an orgasm with her tongue and fingers.

The two women kiss again. Then Stevie sits on Diane’s face so she can get her pussy licked. Before she has an orgasm, she rolls off and tells Diane “I have one more present for you.” She scampers out the door to the living room and returns with shopping bag. She takes another box out and gives it to Diane. Diane opens it, and there’s a Hitachi magic wand in it.

“You always just use your fingers on your show, but I thought we could have fun doing this together.”

Diane looks a little concerned. “I have a very sensitive clit, so I’ve never needed to use a vibrator. I’m worried that they’re too intense for me.”

“But will you try it with me. I have one, and I love it. And we can put it between us and cum together.”

Diane nods, parts her legs, and waits for Stevie to put them into position. Stevie turns it on and places it against Diane. We can tell that Diane likes this but is overcome with feeling and can’t speak. As her moans get louder and more frequent, Stevie joins her and puts her own clit up against the vibrating ball as well and joins in the moaning. The two girls both are convulsing but trying to keep in contact with the wand while it generates an intense orgasm for them.

After they cum, Stevie puts aside the wand so they can press their pussies together. They’re too exhausted to do anything but enjoy their pussies slowly grinding against each other. Diane can tell she’s complete, and she turns around so she and Stevie can just slowly finger each other and continue to kiss. Stevie says “I’m so tired, but I don’t want you to stop touching me.”

“Don’t stop touching me.” They continue kissing and fingering. “I just had an idea. Do you want to be on my next webcast?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“You don’t have to undress if you don’t want to. But I’ll wear that leotard again, and you can be in charge and have me model any way you want and tell me how to take it off and what to do. And then you can masturbate me for the camera until I cum.” Misty is rubbing Stevie more vigorously now while she’s thinking of this. Stevie can’t talk. “This could be the start of a whole new segment on the webcast, and you can be my first special guest.” Diane leans over to kiss Stevie’s breasts and stomach. “And you can stay with me until then and we can spend all day and night until then in bed together.” She gets on her knees and is pumping her fingers in and out of Stevie with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Stevie spreads her legs as widely as she can and has an orgasm. Finally, the two women cuddle again and have a long kiss.

“I would love to be your cohost next week.” They kiss again while the scene fades.

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