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Living With Aunty 2

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Big Dicks

Living With Aunty 2″Don’t AUNT HAZEL! You little panty sniffing sissy slut. How did my soiled panties smell? And did you stick your tongue out and taste them too? I didn’t see any cum stains or tissues. I am assuming you eat cum!”I was flabbergasted by her appearance and by the harsh words she spoke as she shook a leather strap in my face. The strap was about two feet long with a hard, round handle. Her eyes were on fire; shiny wet eyeballs, blackened large eye lashes, black/red striped mascara applied heavily, the eye brows as red as her copper red hair, heavy foundation with rosy cheeks, and hooker red lip stick that made her lips seem so large. What she wore was seedy at best; a black leather corset which barley held her big tits, her hips were flared out the sides and a big ass was exposed for the world to see. She had red fishnet stockings attached to the corset and a pair of black 3-inch heels making her taller than me. Her granny white panties must have been the last to be put on as they covered her garters.”Get those shoes off and follow me up stairs. You need to learn to rules of MY house.” barked Aunt Hazel.I was in a state of shock and fumbled trying to get my shoes off.She wacked me on the shoulder with her strap which stung something terrible!I stood up and followed her. She was so intentional in her position of me following her. My eye was riveted to Aunt Hazel’s big, beautify ass covered with her large white panties. My mind was revealing to me my willingness and submissive longing to worship that very ASS.In my pinky room she ordered; “Remove that suit and hang it in the closet. Quick!”“Now follow me!” I followed into the bathroom. “Strip! Put your cloths in that laundry basket. You’ve been in there before!” she taunted.I felt her strap on my leg.“Don’t you cover up that little peepee. Now, MY, little cum eater sissy, it’s time to start your makeover.” From under the vanity she withdrew an enema bulb with attached piece of tubing. She also took out a bottle of her homemade wine. She poured an amount into the bulb along with some hot water. “Elbows on the vanity. This is a wine enema. You’ll love it. I have watered it down some.”She began to dig her fingers into my ass cheeks pulling them apart. With her finger probing she found my anus and slipped the enema tube past her finger into my hole. She began to squeeze, forcing warm wine into my bowls. The warmth inside me was pleasurable and gratifying. Hold that inside while I put some redness on your ass. “No, please!” I felt the first wack. It stung like hell, not unlike what I received as a c***d. I received four strikes.“As I danced on my toes,” Aunt Hazel laughed. “Now hold that all in until I come back.” She went to the kitchen. I heard glasses clinking. She set them down in her bedroom.No sit down there and clean yourself out,” she instructed. I was beginning to feel pretty good.She stood there and watched me doing something that is quite personal. She grinned at me. I then took a wet face cloth and anadolu yakası escort wiped myself very clean.Aunt Hazel pushed me over the vanity again. Pulling my cheeks apart; “This is your boi pussy Terri. You must keep your asshole clean at all times. Do you understand me slut?” “Ok, take those hair scissors and cut as much hair off, from the neck down. Trim those armpits and then all around that little pecker and ball sack.”Aunty Hazel was shouting orders, telling me how to do it, “this way.” She finally smiled at me and passed me a Gillette Fusion razor and shaving cream and said, “Get into the shower and take all the rest of that disgusting hair off. That means right to your toes.” She turned on the shower and tested the water, grabbed my arm and pushed me in.She stood watching through the clear glass giving directions while I washed, shampooed and shaved it all. Once she was satisfied I was hairless, she ordered me to turn. She directed the water spray completely on my as and back off my legs. She began to slowly turn the tap and the water was getting hotter and hotter.“I’m going to redden that ass with hot water first.” I immediately thought; first?The water continued to get hotter to the point I was stepping to avoid it. “Please Aunt Hazel! It’s to hot. You’re going to burn me. OUCH! Please stop!” I was crying.Suddenly, it stopped. I rubbed my bright red bum and legs.She reached in and yanked me out, then pushed me over to the vanity.“Put your elbows on the vanity and stick your ass out toward me, slut!”I hesitantly obeyed, knowing what was to come. Her strap came down onto my red bum causing even more pain than I could endure, and I dropped to the bathroom floor. “Please Aunt Hazel! Don’t hit me again! Please! I’m sorry. I will follow your house rules. I promise. Please.” Tears on my cheeks.She looked at me with those mean eyes again and said, “You don’t know MY rules yet. Up and put your elbow back on the vanity.” “I will! I promise!” I begged. Three more swipes on my red bum.The doorbell rang! The front door opened. I heard voices. Oh no!“We’re Up Here.” She shouted! I gasped. “Who is it!” Panic set in!Aunt Hazel took my arm and walked me naked, with stinging red ass into her bedroom. She stood there holding my arm. I tried to cover my peepee but she yanked my arms away and smacked my ass with her hand.Cindy and Todd walked into the room. They both got huge smiles on their faces and slowly circled me.As Cindy circled me, she said; “I see she has felt your strap a couple times. You know, just one merciless wiping and it will cure any thoughts whatsoever of disobeying.” “I might have too, but I’ll give her a chance first at obeying,” answered Aunt Hazel. “And you are on time to start with her makeup. Go ahead Cindy.”Cindy took my hand and lead me to the makeup table and sat me down looking away from the mirror. She took off her blouse and jeans. This left her in a red bra, black panties, red garter belt and red ataşehir escort fishnet stockings. She then went to work on me.“Please Aunt Hazel. You don’t have to do this to me.” I pleaded.Her cruel reply, “But you are getting exactly what you wanted, sissy!”She was right. There was a stirring of my penis.Aunt Hazel and Todd watched Cindy work for a bit before she spoke to Todd. “What are you smiling at? You get your cloths off and show Terri sissy what you love to wear for under garments.” Curiously, I watched Todd undress. Under his shirt, both nipples had pierced rings. Under his pants was pink panties, a garter belt holding up black nylons. “Go get your yellow shoes in the closet.” his mother instructed. “Do I have to wear the yellow ones this time?” Todd wined.His mother just gave him “The Look.” He quickly returned with yellow, low heel slippons.“This is Mistress.” Said Aunt Hazel pointing to Cindy using her strap handle. “This is her bitch, Trixie.”“Truxie, go get your Mistress and I each a glass of wine.” Trixie moved immediately.Trixie and Aunt Hazel watched Cindy, Mistress, feminize me with rouge, mascara, lip stick, eyebrows, fake eye lashed, fake fingernails painted red and toes red too. The ladies sipped their wine. I was a little giggly myself.“Let me begin to tell you MY house rules for you. From this point forward, you will call me “Aunty.” You will do exactly what I tell you to do, precisely when I give the order. Do you fully understand me?”I whimpered a soft spoken “yes.” “WHAT!” as the strap came across my leg.“Yes Auntie!” I replied.“I like to entertain, and I need a sissy slut maid to help me. You will especially like those days. I often have weekend quests and sometimes even longer. I’m sorry I lied to you when I said, “one old lady living in this big house,’” Aunty told me.Cindy then went to the closet and returned with a pretty pink box. She took out a bra, red fishnet stockings, red crotchless panties, black garter belt and blond wig. Without speaking she just started dressing me. When she finished, she looked to Aunty for approval.Mistress and Aunty each sat down on the bed with their wine glasses. Aunty just looked at Trixie and he quickly refilled their glasses.“I think she is just sweet. The boys and men will be right after her tale.Both looked me ups and down and around. Mistress Cindy spoke first. “I think Trixie should show Terri how Aunty and I like to be entertained.Trixie walked over to me. He took my hands and put them on his shoulder. He then put his arms around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled back.Mistress Cindy grabbed Aunty’s strap and landed two hard wacks on my ass. I jumped trying to get away, but Trixie held me firmly.“Follow Trixie’s lead Terri. Mistress and I like to watch sissy bois playing with each other. You’re going to like it!” was Aunty assuring me.Trixie then took me in his arms and kissed me very passionately and sloppy wet kiss. My first kiss from a man. Then he kissed ümraniye escort my neck as his hand rubbed over my ass, then my bra. He eventually went to his knees. He turned me around and began to pull down my panties. He applied wet kisses and licking of my ass. It did feel very nice. My penis began to grow and harden. Trixie reached between my legs and gently fondled my balls. With my penis now at full length and hardness, Trixie took my penis in his hand and gently stroked me.“Suck her gurly clit Trixie,” was Mistress Cindy’s direction. “Terri has not had her gurly clit sucked in a long time.”Trixie turned me around. I looked toward Mistress and Aunty. They were both grinning at me with that sly evil expression. But only for the split second it took for Trixie to take me into her mouth. I gasped in a lung full of air and was holding it. I heard the ladies laugh. I released the air from my lungs. Trixie continued sucking my clit. All to soon I cried; “I’m going to cum. STOP!” “Don’t you dare stop!” shouted Trixie’s wife.Trixie just picked up momentum and I shouted my orgasm and cum blasted directly into Trixie’s mouth. It seemed like it went on forever. It was so awesome. It subsided and my breathing started to normalize.“Give Terri a special kiss Trixie.” instructed his mother.Trixie kissed me again. This time we swapped cum back and forth. I wrapped my arms around Trixie, squeezing her tight, now fulling enjoying the moment.Upon looking to Aunty and Cindy, they had their hands in each other panties, enjoying the performance Trixie and I provided.Cindy took her hand out of Aunty’s panties and said: “I think the gurls need some wine.” “Yes” shouted Aunty in agreement.However, it was not what I was expecting. Of course, nothing was. Sissy Trixie and I was escorted into the bathroom. Cindy took one enema bulb and poured Aunty’s homemade wine into the bulb.“Trixie, take the position.” Cindy pushed the tube into Trixie’s anus and filled her up with wine. No dilution. She took it out, washed the tube, filled the bulb again, and filled my ass with homemade wine. We were then made to walk around the bedroom, like a lady would walk. The women were laughing at us and soon, we were all laughing.Suddenly, I ran and drained my bowels of the wine but not before I was quite drunk. Trixie was in the same state, but the ladies not as much so. “Terri?” Aunty had my attention. “You seem to really love my ass. Well now is the time for you to prove just how much you love it.” Aunty got on her hands and knees on the bed. “Remove my granny white panties Terri slut. Ok, now start kissing it. That’s good, massage it too. Kiss it all over. Stick your tongue out far and lick it all. Ah! So much ass for you to kiss. Now spread my ass cheeks!”I caught the romantic smell of her asshole and cunt. “Now I want you to use that tongue of yours and dig deep into my asshole. Make love to My asshole with your tongue. You do love me Terri sissy? Show us all how passionate you are to finally eat your 74 years old, big, fat, beautiful, horny, dominate Aunty’s asshole. Ah! Yes! Deeper. More spit. Get it really wet.”Hypnotically, I craved more and more of Aunty. I was on a drunken cloud I could never imagined. French kissing. French kissing Aunty’s asshole. I was loving it. I love my Aunty, my mother’s older sister.

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