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Lockdown fxxk and her wish.

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Lockdown fxxk and her wish.Dawn and I are on lockdown and God its boring, we have watched Netflix, Amazon, Disney, ect ect. We started to drink a few on a night time to pass it away and whilst pissed we would shot the porn on! Dawn was not normally interested in porn but when she’s had a few she would be like put the porn on and lets get down and dirty! lol.she was funny in drink she would like to dance about and act sexy and say let me be like that porn star and i’ll do you like she’s doing that bloke on that film!, I would be like ok love you have fun!. the following day with a hangover she would say never again! until later on, lol. what to do today in lockdown, we have built a shed done the garden, painted the fence, what else, Dawn said we should get our drive done cos it needs doing and if possible hire a firm in if they can do it under the rules of lockdown? I rang a few firms and a few said they were not doing it cos of materials but I fell in lucky one guy called Marcus who said he had his own yard and all the materials we needed he had, plus he worked on his own so a bonus. Dawn said tell him to book us in.Marcus gave us a date for the job but said he needed to measure it properly just in case my measurements were wrong! he said he has his mask and gloves and would keep a safe distance, ok that sounds good, when?. he said he would call about 5 after work. Dawn and I sat around for the day just chilling waiting for Marcus to measure our driveway, the phone goes off and it was him, he was outside and could we pop out, I opened the door and there stood a 6’4 black man, I said to Dawn Jesus he’s big, Dawn’s jaw was dropping, he was huge but really good looking, hi mate I said I’m Kev this bakırköy escort id Dawn we won’t shake hands, lol, he smiled and said he was safe he didn’t have it cos he lives on his own and works on his, but you never know? I said same here mate we are the same as you it’s just us 2.Marcus measured the drive and said he would put the blocks down but he said we needed a bigger block and darker cos of our house brick? I said up to you mate, you are the expert. we got our quote and we were happy when can you start, tomorrow he said, quality, see you then.Marcus turned up with his truck loaded with our stuff, we had ordered a skip for the old drive so he set off to work, it was a sunny day and Dawn was keeping him loaded with soft drinks and food, Dawn was out there all the time keeping an eye on him! and chatting away whilst I was helping in a way! I was putting the old concrete into the skip just to help him but keep me occupied also. Marcus had took his shirt off cos of the heat and Dawn was ogling him up and down, I took mine off and she said put it away you will scare the neighbours, Marcus laughed I said hey you you will look like this one day, he laughed again and said mate, you look sound. we plodded on and it was a good day, Marcus said it would take a week but cos I helped he said he said he might finish early but see how it goes, he finished up for the day and Dawn and I went in and settled down for the night, Dawn said open the wine love lets have a few its been a busy day, ok love. we had our tea and cracked the cork. a lovey white was opened and it was flowing, Dawn was tipsy and said put the porn on the tv? ok. I flicked the firestick on and I put search beşiktaş escort up and Dawn grabbed the remote, she said she will chose, she put in BLACK COCK? I said hello.well a lot of films popped up and she pushed the 1st one, BBC fxxks BBW, Dawn is a big girl size 20 but she is stunning with it, she sits back and watches, I am sat watching her she is rubbing her pussy and its getting harder the rubbing, she looks at me and said come here, she sat at the end of the chair and opened her legs she said lick me whilst I watch this, I was on my knees sucking her clit and licking her wet pussy, she was dripping watching that huge black cock pummel that bbw, Dawn grabbed my hair pulled me up from her dripping pussy and said she wants one? what? one of them.that night we went to bed and she rode me like never before, she was possessed. I came twice and she wouldn’t let me go soft she would jump off and suck me hard again, I was like what has got into you? the following morning we got up showered sat for breakfast and I looked at her over my coffee mug and said you were mental last night, shut up it was the drink, now go and open up the garage ready for Marcus. so I did. Marcus turned up and straight away Dawn was like Hi, do you need anything! I walked past her and said get a room laughing. she said shut up you clown. again I mucked in and Dawn was on food and drink duties, it was another red hot day and he stripped down to his skin again, Dawn decided she would put her low cut top on with no bra and her shorts which were tight showing her curves, I said Dawn really you can see your lips and nips! shut up and dig she said, Dawn was laid out in the garden sunning it and beylikdüzü escort I could see Marcus looking at her, but hey ho that’s life right. we all look at nice women. this went on for days the flirting between them but that’s all it was?the drive was nearly done all was to do was sand and seal.it was the night before the last day and Dawn was on the vino again she wanted the porn on and again she wanted to watch BBC, I was made to do the same again as she watched bbw getting fxxked by bbc I was licking her dripping pussy and made to sit back whilst she imagined getting laid by a black cock? I was rode like a wild horse, Dawn loved it she said to me she would to feel a big cock inside her? I knew it was the drink talking so I agreed with her I said I know love, I could just see you sucking and riding a big cock, Dawn said really? I said anything for you love, she said make it happen then? I was like what? really? yes I want you to get me laid and he has to be big and black, WTF have I created here she has gone wild! what do I do? it was the last day and Marcus had finished up he had done a great job of the drive so all was left was to pay him, I said here is your money, he said take so money off cos you helped me plus you fed me and kept me in drink, no Dawn said you did a great job I want you to take it, plus if we ever need you for anything you can help us out and more than likely Kev will be in touch soon about something else for you to do!!! yes Marcus take it and I will be in touch soon cos I have some inside work for you but until this lockdown is over it will have to wait, Marcus said what is it you need doing, I said well I would have to show you 1st cos it needs servicing and I think you could do it but you would have to see it 1st? it’s old but for its age it needs a certain touch? Dawn said you cheeky git. Marcus looked puzzled but said that’s great what ever it is ring me and I will do without doubt. so lets see if it happens? just something for him to look at?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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