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Lockdown lVMegan thought it must be a dream as she felt her body shaking. As she tried to remember the dream she was having she heard a fimilure voice. Thinking wait, why is aunt Ann in my dream. Opening her eyes she looked straight into Ann’s eyes. Moving her hand over her stomach she realized it’s not. I’m naked, not in my room. Looking around Savannah was no where to be seen. Looking back up she asked, what’s wrong aunt Ann. You okay sweetie, Ann asked. I think so, why Megan slowly answered. Well Savannah said you were having a nightmare last night and stumbled in here, Ann explained. Oh, oh yeah you’re right she told her aunt.Well get up and get dressed Ann told her. Breakfast is getting cold. As Ann walked out the room Megan looked for her panties and night gown. Neither one to be found. Wrapping herself in the bedspread she went to her room. Putting on her robe she went up front to eat. As she stood under the hot water she thought. Was it a dream. How did my clothes get back in my room if Savannah took them off me in her room. Drying herself she picked out her lingerie. With her bra panties and stockings on she brushed her hair and put on her makeup. It felt strange not putting her slip on, but she let Savannah take them. Zipping up her uniform dress she sat down to start her class work. During a break Megan went to the kitchen to get a drink. Savannah came in from the yard kaçak iddaa to start her indoor work. Megan asked what happened. Savannah told her how she couldn’t wake her, so she took her clothes and throw them back on her bed. Thanks for covering for me, Megan whispered and went back to finish her studies. After class she changed her clothes and spent her free time getting back into life on the ranch. It had been a couple of weeks since that first night. After class Megan did her chores then hung out with Savannah like the old days. She stopped worrying about her mother. She knew if she recovered she’d call and let her know. One night she was getting ready for bed. Savannah came in and sat on the bed. As she picked out a night gown Savannah came up behind her. Wrapping her arms around her. Moving her hand down, she ran her fingers over the elastic of Megan’s panties. She asked, why do you still wearing these to bed. Placing her hand on Savannahs she said, it doesn’t feel right without them. Pulling at the waistband Savannah said, try it for a few days. Looking in the dresser mirror she could see that evil smile on Savannahs face. Her heart sped up thinking about it. As a tingly feeling came over her, Megan said ok I’ll try it. As Megan pulled them down Savannah held her by her hips. Stepping out them Savannah placed a hand on Megan’s butt. Laughing Megan said, is this the only reason kaçak bahis you want me to do it. Pressing her pelvis against Megan’s butt Savannah said, not the only. Moving her hand around her she ran her fingers through Megan’s public hair. The tingle between her legs became an itch. Normally she would have stopped her, but it had been weeks since she touched herself. Pressing against Savannah, Megan ground her butt against Savannah. Mmm, Savannah purred. Can I come in tonight and finish what we started weeks ago. As Savannah reached under Megan’s gown and pinched her nipple, Megan let out a soft moan. As her heart raced she took a deep breath. We need to be quite, Megan finally said. Kissing the back of Megan’s neck Savannah said, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.Turning off the lights Megan climbed in bed and pulled the sheets up under her chin. Her mind ran wild. Fighting the urge to touch herself the minutes seemed like hours. She snapped back to reality with a tap at the door. As it opened she seen the outline of Savannahs body as she came in and closed the door quickly. As Savannah took off her tee shirt her body glowed in the moonlight. Her brown skin shined in the darkness. Megan could make out the little tuft of hair about her clitoric. Moving her eyes up she thought how cute the little black dot of her navil looked. Further up her near black areolas stood out against illegal bahis the lighter shade of skin. Straining Megans mouth watered at Savannahs stiff nipples. Megan felt a chill between her legs without her panties as dampness cooled as it trickled from deep within her. Savannah pulled the sheets back and hopped on the bed. Reaching out she beckoned Megan to her. Pressing against her Megan felt Savannahs stiff nipples poking against her breasts as they embraced. Shaking with excellent she welcomed Savannahs tongue as she opened her mouth. Savannahs hands glided over the silky material as she moved down. As she felt it being pulled up, Megan raised her arms as Savannah removed her night gown. Throwing it across the room Savannah sat back on her heels looking at Megan’s body. Since that first night she laid in bed dreaming about sucking her perfect tits into her mouth. Burying her fingers deep into her vagina as she imaged tasting Megan’s nectar from the source.Megan began to whimper as she fought against her urges to cover herself up. Her body is screaming for this. Sensing her struggle Savannah hands to Megan’s face. Holding her softly she kissed Megan gently on the lips. Brushing her long red hair from her face, Savannah pushed it back off her shoulders. Leaning forward Savannah kissed her cheek and her neck. Megan closed her eyes as Savannah kissed her collar bone. Sitting back Savannah put her hand behind Megan’s head and pulled her forward. Her heart pounded as Savannahs breast came closer. Swallowing hard Megan opened her mouth. Her fantasy from her youth is about to come true

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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