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Lonely Dad Part 2

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 Sarah was lying comfortably on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. I caressed her thick hair as I stared at the ceiling. I fucked my daughter. I fucked my daughter and took her virginity. Adrenaline filled me as I replayed it. I wanted more. Her pussy was amazing. My stomach growled. I was initially heading to the kitchen for a late-night snack.”Are you hungry dad?” she grinned.”I was initially going for a snack,” I sighed. “Then I saw you with your dildo and got distracted,””Would you like a sandwich?” she looked up at me now.”That would be amazing,” I smiled. She sighed.”I’ll go make you a sandwich then,” she rolled her eyes. “Now I’m hungry too,””Thank you Sar,” I grinned. She rolled her eyes at me and slowly made her way off the bed. She winced as she rose to her feet.”Sore pussy babe?” I teased. She smiled at me deviously.”You wish daddy. You wish,” she smacked her ass as she exited the room. I sighed. What to do to her next? There were so many things I wanted to do to her. I did promise her round two. I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs. She was busy assembling sandwiches. She didn’t notice me. I silently walked up behind her and grabbed her waist.”Hey beautiful,” I whispered in her ear.”Hi daddy,” she looked up at me. I kissed her neck seductively as pushed my cock against her plump ass.”From now on, I want you naked when you’re home,” I demanded. “I will be taking you anywhere, anytime,””Mhhmmm,” she moaned. “Yes daddy,””Good,” I whispered as I kissed her neck. She pushed her ass back on my now pulsing cock. I wanted her pussy again. I wanted to cum in her again. I knew she was on birth control for PCOS so we were safe. I could dump my cum inside her freely.”Here’s your sandwich daddy,” she smiled as she passed me the plate.”Thanks babe,” I bit her ear before grabbing my plate. I was famished. I leaned against the counter and şişli escort devoured the sandwich.”Chew dad,” she rolled her eyes. “Chew,” I shook my head disapprovingly at her. She slowly ate her sandwich, savouring every bite. I wanted her to savour my cock that way. She looked like her mother did when we were in college. She was a tease just like her. I grabbed some juice from the fridge and poured us each a glass. She took the last bite of her sandwich and dusted her hands”So, what now?” I asked intently. She grinned as she took a sip of juice.”Well,” she said mischievously. “I thought we could take a shower together and then you can fuck me again,” she purred.”I thought you’d never ask,” I grinned. I effortlessly lifted her and carried her upstairs.”Now I understand why you gym so much,” She teased as she caressed my face.”I try,” I sighed. She smirked. I set her down outside her room.”Grab those dildos and meet me in the shower,” I ordered.”Yes sir,” she groaned. I stalked into my room and ran us a warm bath. I lit a few candles in the bathroom and in the room. I had plans for her now.”Wow,” she smiled as she entered my room with a small bag of dildos. “You’re a romantic hunk,” she teased.”You have no idea princess,” I smirked. “How many of those do you have?””A lot,” she said sheepishly as she emptied the bag onto the bed. She had at least ten dildos; the 6-inch one was the biggest.”Are any waterproof?” I asked intently.”The 6-inch and the bullet,” she grabbed them.”Good,” I grinned. “Come,” I escorted her to the bathroom.”Oh daddy,” she whispered. “You’re so fucking amazing,””Take off your t-shirt,” I took the dildos from her and set them beside the tub. She quickly ripped off her t-shirt and tied her hair in a bun. I held her hand as she entered the tub. I followed her and sat behind her. She leaned back onto my chest.”This is nice,” şişli escort bayan she exhaled. I kissed her hair gently.”It’s about to get better,” I whispered as I began kissing her neck. She moaned softly. I ran my hands down her shoulders slowly. Her tanned skin was soft and supple. I sucked and nibbled at her neck as my hands found her full round breasts. Her nipples were hard. I pinched them as I massaged her breast.”Oh daddy,” she purred. My hands slowly ventured down her flat stomach.”Yes, lover,” I whispered in her ear. I slowly spread her legs and touched her clit gently. Her pussy was pink and pulsed at my touch. I fondled her clit gently.”You’re so good,” she bit her lip. My cock was hard. The warm water felt amazing against our skin. I reached for her 6-inch dildo.”Ahhhhh,” she moaned as it filled her. I turned it on and set it on the slowest vibrating speed. One hand massaged her clit, while the other caressed her nipples. I kissed her neck gently.”Oh daddy,” she whispered. It was like music to my ears. Sarah was just like Ava; they loved to be fucked like whores and romanced at the same time. All the fantasies I had about Ava, all these years I pined to love her, I can live it out with Sarah now.”You like that baby, I whispered in her ear as I turned up the speed on her dildo to the max. I heard it vibrating hard in her pussy.”Yes daddy,” she moaned. I reached for the bullet dildo and turned it on. It hummed softly as it vibrated. I held it against her clit.”AHH!” she moaned. Her body instantly tensed. I kissed her shoulders gently. Her body writhed as her orgasm built inside her.”Cum baby,” I ordered. “I promise I’ll fuck you hard after,””FUCK!!!” she screamed as her legs began trembling. I held the dildo and bullet in place as she orgasmed hard.”That’s it baby,” I whispered as the orgasm subsided.”Fuck,” she said breathlessly. mecidiyeköy escort I gently removed the dildo from inside her and set the toys aside. She reached for my hard dick now and held my face close to hers. She looked into my eyes lovingly. She captured my soul and held me as her lips met mine. Our tongues danced an enchanting dance as her hands massaged my cock. I cupped some warm water and let it trickle down her breasts. She moaned into my mouth. My cock pulsed in her hands. The bathroom smelled like citrus. The warm light of the candles kept the fire between us burning. My hands fondled her pussy and her breast as she kissed me deeply.”Fuck me,” she begged breathlessly. My eyes were wild with desire. I effortless lifted her and set her down on my cock.”Oh fuck that pussy is so good,” I hissed as I filled her. She held the edge of the tub and began bouncing on my cock causing gentle waves. Her plump ass looked amazing as she bounced on my cock. Her hot flesh caressed my cock as she fucked me hard.”Oh,” she moaned. I pulled her back into me and rubbed her clit aggressively.”Come on my cock baby,” I urged her. “Cream on me,””Yes daddy,” she said breathlessly. “Make me come,” she begged. I grabbed her waist and began slamming her into my cock. She rubbed her clit vigorously.”Oh fuck!” She moaned as she came on my dick. Her muscles gripped me tightly as he juices covered my cock. Her body instantly got limp.”You’re so amazing baby,” I kissed her back.”You’re amazing,” she smiled.”I’m not done with you yet,” I grinned. I grabbed the body wash and washcloth.”I hope not,” she sighed.”You think you can take it?” I asked.”I’m your slut in training,” she grinned. “I will,””If you say so princess,” I laughed as I began washing her back. “I have ten years of built up sexual frustration to get out,””Well it’s a good thing we have all the time in the world,” she smirked. “I can’t believe it’s been ten years since you fucked someone,” she sighed.”Yup,” I exhaled as I washed her breasts. “Your mother cheated on Dan with me,””Oh,” she looked at me, shocked. “Does he know?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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