Ara 30

Long Distance Longing

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“God I miss you,” Peter typed to his girlfriend, Hope. He was happy to see her logged onto Instant Messenger.

“I miss you too,” she responded.

“How are the Marshall Islands? Was your flight ok yesterday?” Peter asked.

“The flight was ok. Long and kinda boring. I’m just getting settled in. My room is small and the walls are totally bare, but at least I have privacy,” Hope typed back.

“You just got there and already you have your laptop and internet set up. You’re such an addict!”

“It takes one to know one, Pete.”

“You got me there babe.” Peter paused for a moment then added, “I know it’s only been a few days, but I’m already missing the sex.”

“Me too! But it’s not like we haven’t at least a week without it before,” Hope replied.

“I think it’s the fact that it’s going to be a whole two months. I know working at the hospital there is a great opportunity for you, and I’m glad you went. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could see you.”

“Funny you should mention that,” Hope replied. A box popped up on Peter’s computer screen informing him “Hope has invited you to view their web cam,” and asking him to accept or decline. He naturally accepted and was treated to the welcome sight of his girlfriend’s smiling face.

“When did you buy a web cam?” Peter asked, pleasantly surprised.

“I bought it for the trip. I figured it might help ease the separation a little,” Hope responded.

“Well it is awesome to see your face, even if you are so far away. I’m sorry you can’t see me,” Peter wrote.

“That’s ok. You’re not the one who decided to take a two month internship.”

“You really do look great,” Peter continued. “It’s weird knowing I can see you but you can’t see me.”

“I don’t mind. And thanks for the compliment, sweetie. I didn’t do my hair or make-up or anything, but I figured you’ve seen me like this before.”

“I have, and you know I think you’re beautiful,” Peter typed. With only a slight delay for the time it took her to read the message, her face soon beamed at his compliment, and she blushed slightly.

“Since you can’t see me, I should probably tell you that I’ve got my pants around my ankles and I’m jerking off looking at you,” Peter typed. It was a fib but he was curious how Hope would take it.

She smiled inside the box on his monitor and typed back, “Oh yeah, doesn’t that make it hard to type?”

“It’s HARD alright. But what can I say, I’m good.”

“I noticed your responses were a little slow,” Hope wrote. “But how do you know that I don’t have my own hand down between my legs where you can’t see?”

“Hmmm, why don’t you show me?” Peter requested. He was almost disappointed when she panned the camera down and saw she wasn’t playing with herself. Still, in her pajama shorts he got a nice view of her smooth legs.

“Ok, well I confess, my pants are zipped up and my hands are at the keyboard.”

“Awww, that’s a disappointment,” Hope replied.

“Oh yeah? You want me to jack off?”

“Well, since I’m not there to take care of you I don’t want your dick to feel neglected. Plus I’d rather you jerk off looking at me than watching some bleached porn star with inflated tits.”

“I thought you liked watching porn?” Peter asked.

“I like watching it with you. So have you taken your pants off yet?”

“You’re really serious, aren’t you?” Peter asked, only slightly surprised.

“I have a duty to take care of my man’s sexual needs, and this is the best I can do right now,” she replied.

Peter’s dick had hardened within his pants. “I’d love to jerk off for you baby, but I’ll need some inspiration.”

“What did you have in mind?” Hope’s face showed genuine interest. “Perhaps some sexy chat?” She looked directly into the camera and licked her lips teasingly.

“Not a bad idea. But you know, us men are visual creatures.”

“Oh, so you’re hoping for something like this,” Hope typed, then slid her chair back from the desk so her whole upper body was in the frame. She lifted the hem of her tank top slowly, revealing her stomach first. When it reached the bottom of her breasts she paused for a moment. Hope shimmied her shoulders a bit güvenilir bahis and lifted the shirt all the way, flashing her braless tits to the camera and Peter’s waiting eyes. She quickly dropped the shirt, laughing, and scooted back up to the keyboard.

“Yes, that was very nice. I’m taking my pants off now.” This time Peter was telling the truth, as the brief glimpse of his girlfriend’s nipples had inspired a desire to take out his erection.

“Great. I’ll just sit here and let you take care of things then,” Hope replied.

With his pants and boxers around his ankles, Peter typed back “Oh no, you’re not getting off that easily.”

Hope blinked at the camera, feigning innocence. “Why sir, whatever are you suggesting?”

“I was hoping you could give me a nice striptease.” While Peter had seen his girlfriend’s body naked countless times before, he felt a thrill at the idea of watching her strip for him on camera.

“I suppose I could do that for you,” she typed back. “But you have to promise you’ll jerk off for me while I do it.”

“Oh, I think that can be arranged,” Peter replied.

“Great. You ready?” Hope asked, sliding her chair back away from the computer.

“Definitely!” Peter answered, shedding the rest of his clothes. He quickly grabbed a few tissues, knowing he’d need them later.

Hope stood up and began swaying her hips in a seductive manner. Peter guessed that she had turned on some music on her computer. He couldn’t hear it, but from the tempo Hope was moving her body he could guess it was something moderately paced and seductive.

Hope’s body was fairly typical of a woman in her early twenties; fit yet curvy, with an appealing bit of softness arising from hours spent working at a desk rather than exercising. Peter knew Hope wanted to lose a few pounds from her waistline and butt, but as he watched her he saw only a sexy woman, and was oblivious to any minor imperfections.

Hope spun around, giving Peter a great view of her backside. She stuck her ass out towards the camera and gyrated slowly for him. Her pajama shorts clung to her rear end tightly; he could just make out the line of her thong underneath. Peter’s hand pumped slowly up and down his shaft. He didn’t know how long Hope intended the show to last, but he wanted to enjoy every minute and make it last.

Hope turned around again, resuming seductive eye contact with the camera, although to Peter it felt like she was looking right at him. She bit her lower lip and slid her hands up and down her sides, caressing herself. She closed her eyes and slid a hand across her breasts. Peter could just make out her nipples beneath the thin layer of white cotton.

Hope looked straight at the camera and when she winked Peter had to release his cock to slow his excitement. “I’m twenty four years old and I suddenly have a hair trigger?” Peter cursed to himself. He had to admit that such blatant shows of sexuality were uncommon for Hope.

She played with the bottom of her tank top, tantalizing Peter by lifting it up slightly before lowering it back down once more. She was having the desired effect. A drop of precum was slowly seeping from his dick and he couldn’t remember the last time he was this desperate to see a woman naked. Hope suddenly jumped and frowned slightly. She walked up to the computer and was typing standing up, giving Peter a great view of her elbow. Peter felt frustrated, but also appreciated the chance to cool off for a moment.

“What’s up?” he typed to her.

“I didn’t like the song that came up. I’m making a play list now,” she replied. A moment later she added, “Ok, finished. Enjoying the show baby?”

“Oh yes. I can’t wait to see the rest.”

“Great.” Hope leaned her face right in front of the camera and puckered her lips as if to kiss it before scampering back to where he could see the majority of her body.

The song Hope had chosen had a slightly faster tempo. She quickly resumed where she had left off, playing with her top. She didn’t waste much time exposing her stomach, but turned around once again just as she lifted it past the under curve of her breasts.

Hope rocked her shoulders back and forth as she türkçe bahis lifted the top clear off her head, her shoulder length dark hair cascading back down as it came free from the garment. Peter’s hand moved to his cock once more. He admired Hope’s bare back but hoped she’d turn around soon.

She did turn around, but had covered both breasts with one of her arms. She held it tightly against her chest as she continued to dance, but areas from both the top and bottom sides of her bosom were uncovered. At last she stared at him intently and dropped her arm to her side. Hope’s pink nipples looked as erect as Peter’s cock, sitting proudly atop her lovely tits. She cupped them and pushed them upwards for Peter’s benefit, bending over slightly and tweaking her nipples with a giggle.

With her top now fully bare, Hope went to work on her shorts. Facing away from the camera, she slid the backside down first, exposing her blue cotton thong and the tops of her smooth pale buttocks. She turned around once more before the shorts had come off, and rocked her whole body in a serpentine fashion, first thrusting her chest forward and then her hips. As she rocked her hips backwards she pushed the shorts downward; she dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, now in only her thong. Peter had to release his cock once more, cursing himself for getting so close so soon.

Hope flashed her beautiful white teeth in a huge grin as she began rocking her hips back and forth once more, almost naked. She spun around and thrust her ass towards the camera, looking over her shoulder and smiling at him. Her thong framed her butt perfectly. Peter could tell how much she was enjoying showing off for him.

Hope faced him once more, and Peter could see a slight sheen of perspiration on her chest as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began sliding them downward. Lower and lower, her tiny strip of dark pubic hair came into view a split second before her swollen labia. Hope bent over and collected the thong before tossing it at the camera, giggling. It sailed past the lens, and Peter found himself a bit disappointed it didn’t magically end up in his lap, where his hand was continuing its work on his dick.

“One strip tease, just like you asked,” Hope typed once she sat back down at the computer, naked. “How’s your cock?”

“Totally hard and ready to blow. But I’m holding off.”

“I can respect that,” she replied. “Stripping for you got me pretty turned on too. I was picturing you, sitting there, rubbing that nice hard cock of yours. Wishing I was there to put it in my mouth, and then sit on top of you.”

“God that would be great,” Pete typed back with two hands. His erection throbbed. “Are you wet?”

“Very!” Hope giggled.

“Can I see?” He asked.

“I’m not sure you’ll be able to tell,” she replied.

“Won’t know until we try,” Peter replied. Hope’s face showed understanding that her boyfriend really just wanted to see her pussy. With a slightly sarcastic grin she aimed the camera between her legs, spreading them slightly to give him a better view. He couldn’t tell if she was wet inside, but he did notice that her pussy looked a tad puffy from her arousal.

“Touch yourself for me,” he typed.

Peter couldn’t see Hope’s face, but there was a slight pause before the word “Ok” appeared on his screen. He could only view the middle of her body, but was mesmerized as her hand slid down her stomach and between her thighs. Hope had only masturbated for Peter once or twice before; he realized it was largely his fault as he could hardly keep his hands off her once she was naked. This time the thousand mile gap between them prevented him from interrupting.

Hope’s fingers ran up and down along her pussy, stimulating herself as only a woman can. Peter watched transfixed, his own hand continuing to move up and down his shaft. He was on the edge of release, but forced himself to proceed slowly enough to hold off.

Hope’s fingers continued stroking her pussy, teasing herself and presumably driving herself crazy with desire. She alternated between massaging her clit and occasionally rubbing her fingers across her swollen labia. She güvenilir bahis siteleri would intermittently pause to barely brush her fingertips against her pussy before resuming the pressure. She pressed her fingers against her clit and moved her hand in a small, quick circle. Peter could imagine her throwing her head back and moaning from her self stimulation.

Peter watched with rapt attention as his girlfriend slipped a finger inside herself before returning her attention to her clit. She stimulated it expertly with her fingers, starting slowly and gradually increasing her pace. Peter’s own hand continued pumping his hard-on steadily. His cock was somewhat slick from his precum. Hope inched her hand downward and dipped two slender fingers just inside her pussy, pressing her clit between them and moving her hand up and down rapidly. Watching Hope pleasure herself was one of the sexiest things Peter had ever witnessed, certainly better than any porn he could have been watching.

As he watched Hope masturbate, Peter wished he could see her facial expressions. In person he was able to roam his eyes over her body and face as he chose, but over the internet he was limited to the angle she set. He released his cock to quickly type, “Can you aim the cam at your face for a bit baby?”

Hope didn’t send a response, but a moment later she had re-targeted the camera to show her face and her chest as she resumed her self pleasuring. Hope’s fair skin was flushed pink with arousal, and her eyes were tightly closed. Peter admired the curves of her breasts before focusing his attention back upon her face.

Peter’s cock was begging for release as he pumped it slowly, observing his girlfriend’s satisfied facial expressions and knowing exactly what her hand was doing. He noticed her arm begin moving faster. Her eyes clenched even tighter and she bit her lower lip, her whole body showing the tension of an imminent orgasm.

Peter began stroking himself rapidly, staring at Hope, imagining himself thrusting deep within her, rapidly going through a variety of sexual positions in his mind. It had only been a few days since he’d last fucked her and filled her pussy with his cum, and he could remember the sensation clearly. As Hope threw back her head, her mouth opened up and her body began to tremble in orgasm. Peter could almost hear the sound of her climax. She looked amazingly sexy, and seeing her get herself off was exactly what Peter was waiting for. With an audible grunt his own climax overtook him. Warm jets of semen blasted out from his cock onto his stomach and chest. Peter stared intensely at Hope as his orgasm washed across his entire body. As it subsided, Peter found himself panting and trembling slightly. Having a hard time focusing on the image on his screen, he closed his eyes contentedly.

When Peter opened his eyes moments later he saw that Hope had written, “So, did you enjoy the show? Everything come out ok on your end? Because I just had one hell of an orgasm.”

Peter wrote back, “Yeah, you were incredible. I came hard, all over myself, and I’m a bit of a mess right now.”

“Mmmm I wish I was there to clean you up,” Hope typed, licking her lips for emphasis.

Peter’s cock throbbed once more at that idea. “I wish you were here too. Sadly, I’ll have to use a tissue rather than enjoying your tongue.” Peter had in fact already begun wiping the results of his orgasm from his body.

“It must be getting late there, I should let you go,” Hope wrote.

“You’re probably right. I really enjoyed watching you.”

“I loved doing it for you. And I really did come quite nicely. We’ll have to make a habit of this while I’m here.”

“Definitely! I can’t wait for the next performance. Talk to you tomorrow night?”

“Sounds good. I love you Peter, and miss you bunches.” Hope blew Peter one last kiss before shutting down her camera.

“I love you too, Hope. Goodnight!” Peter logged off and shut down his computer.

He sighed with satisfaction, remembering how sexy she had looked dancing for him and getting herself off. He made a plan to go to the electronics store the next day and surprise Hope with his own web cam when they chatted that night.

Author’s note: This was a really fun story to write, and I hope you liked it. It’s not based on any specific incidence, but rather a sort of combination of my erotic web cam experiences. Votes and feedback are always appreciated.

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