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Looking After Anna Part 6 – Meet Sally

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Looking After Anna Part 6 – Meet SallyJulie returned a few minutes later with Anna’s panties, “OMG Frank” she said, “These are so wet” as she handed them to me, I licked the gusset tasting my own cum that had leaked out. “Anna loved it Frank, thank you” she said smiling as she went into the kitchen and removed her own wet panties to get a wash started, tomorrow was Saturday so we could all have a lie in. I finished my beer and collected the glasses and went into the kitchen to see Julie naked and loading up the washing machine, her cute rounded arse in my full view.Saturday morning came too soon and Julie had plans so they had to go but Anna wanted to come back as she was meeting her friend Sally in town, I had no plans and told Anna that I would be around as I had a few things to do around the house plus I needed a rest. They both thanked me with Julie giving me a rather passionate kiss on her exit. After they left I cleared up the kitchen and noticed a couple of pairs of panties had escaped the wash, was this purposely I wondered, different sizes so guess one was Julies and the other Anna’s and I wasted no time in giving both pairs a good sniff getting a good head rush in the process, Mmm more for my collection.I took a shower and put on a clean pair of white sports shorts which I often wear around the house and as it was hot I didn’t bother with a tee shirt as I planned to go out to the garden and tidy up a bit out there, I had just sat down on the kitchen stool making some fresh orange drink when I looked up out of the window and saw a girl walking up the path to the front door, I wasn’t expecting anyone so thought it was probably one of these door canvassers or leaflet drops. She was about 5’2 with long brown hair and was wearing one of these tight dresses which at first glance was way too short, the doorbell rang.“Hello” I said looking down at her fit body, her dress was made of some kind of stretchy material and clang to every part of her torso and had a zipper going the full length at the front, her rounded small boobs showed perfectly and I just stared open mouthed.“Hi, are you Anna’s Uncle?” she asked and my first thought was what the hell is going on, “Yes I am” I answered smiling, she smiled back at me saying that she received a text from Anna to meet her here as they were planning to go to town. I told her that Anna had gone home but then had to think quickly to avoid her leaving, “I am sure she will be back if you want to come in and wait” I said hopefully.“Oh” she said, “I don’t want to interrupt your day sir” she said and I assured her that she wasn’t and invited her in, “I’m Sally” she said as she walked in and I could see her dress hugging her tight rounded arse and her legs weren’t all skin and bones but were quite toned, she obviously played some kind of sport and I could make out her pantie line through the material.As we walked into the kitchen I noticed that she looked at my shorts but made no comment but asked what I was doing, “Just making some fresh orange drink” I replied as I continued with my chore.“Take a seat and you can have some in a second” I said with a giggle and she clambered up onto the stool and as she did so was pulling her dress down, probably not the best item of clothing to be sitting on a stool but I certainly want complaining as she gave me a flash of her red panties.She was quite chatty and told me she played soccer for the school which would explain her toned legs which she saw me looking at, “I can see you have great legs for it” I said smiling as I saw her blush slightly. “Thank you sir” she said still trying to hide her modesty. I finished bakırköy escort making my batch of drink and poured her a glass, “Here, try this and tell me what you think” I said and she took it and took a little sip, she looked up as her taste buds got to work and then took a bigger mouthful, I waited for her response.“Wow!” she said with a smile and I could see her big brown eyes widen as she took another gulp and finished the glass, “That’s um.. different but nice” she said and for some reason stopped trying to pull her dress down and seemed to relax.“So what’s your plans today sir?” she asked handing me the glass for a refill and I filled her glass up telling her I was just tidying up and maybe cut the grass, now that she was relaxed more I complemented her on how nice she looked in her dress which I probably shouldn’t have done as I was conscious of movement down below inside my shorts, “My daddy got it for me as a birthday present” she said smiling and asked if she could help as after her mum left she did most of the housework at home. “Oh there is one thing you can help with” I said as I helped her off the stool, “I need to get a box out the loft and you could hold the ladder for me” I suggested telling her that my ladder was well past it’s sell by date and just needed steadying. “Sure” she said as she finished off her drink, damn she drank more than Anna!>We got out into the hallway, “slip your shoes off and go on up while I get my torch” I said and watched as she climbed the stairs, OMG I could see up her dress and there was nothing left to the imagination, her little red panties were tight up between her legs and I could see them wedged between the cheeks of her arse, her tanned legs were toned and shapely. I grabbed my torch and followed her up and could feel my cock swaying about inside my shorts as I got to the top and saw Sally looking up at the little hatch.I grabbed my old wooden step ladder and set it up underneath, Sally laughed “He-he, I can see why you need help sir” she said as she wiggled the old rickety frame.We laughed about the health and safety hazards and she promised she would hold on to it tightly.I climbed up carefully as Sally held on to either side and pushed the hatch in and stepped up two more rungs as the ladder wobbled a bit, I went up another rung and shone the torch inside the loft and quickly looked down to see if Sally was ok at the bottom, she was giggling under her breath as she held the ladder tight and I realized that she could see right up the legs of my shorts, the knock on effect to that was that my cock started to react and as I went down a step my bulge was touching her face.“Are you ok Sally?” I asked looking down at her attempts to keep the ladder still her face was pressed against my shorts, she didn’t want to speak and risk a fall and just nodded her head, OMG that just made my arousal worse. I tried to stretch across but couldn’t reach the box and I think Sally realized the problem, “Shall I try sir?” she asked which to be honest seemed to be a good idea.I slowly started to come down while Sally held on and I must say we got close and her scent was quite arousing. “Be careful” I said as she started to climb, I held on to the sides tight as she took the torch going up one rung at a time. As her head disappeared into the hatch her dress rode up exposing the sweet cheeks of her arse with her panties wedged firm between her cheeks.I moved in closer as she shone the torch around looking for the box needed, her arse pressed against my nose as I held the ladder tight and I could feel her soft cheeks beşiktaş escort against my face, “Oh Sorry sir” she said as she felt herself against me, “It’s ok” I said back, “Just be safe” as my nose pushed into her crack.I could feel her pushing back against me slightly which was making my cock rock hard inside my shorts making it a bit difficult to breath and I needed to adjust my face and as I did so my tongue inadvertently poked out touching her panties between her legs, I could taste the sweetness of her sex as my touch made her wiggle slightly, “I’m so sorry sir” she said and again I told her not to worry however her slight wiggle did rock the ladder.Her legs were as wide as they could go on the rung of the ladder and her body a little bent which pushed her arse hard against my face and as I glanced up I couldn’t see past her waist as she fumbled about in the loft, my tongue flicked around between the gusset of her tight panties and the crack of her arse as I heard faint moans echo inside the loft. She didn’t seem to be having any luck finding the box, “How about turning around and looking over this side” I suggested which to be fair would not be an easy task on this rickety old ladder, “Ok” she said quietly, “But can you hold me sir, I don’t want to slip” she continued and I carefully reached across and held her hips, her dress was still up around her waist as she slowly started to turn.Her little red bikini panties twisted as she carefully turned and I held on to the waistband keeping my face close for added support until she had fully turned, the ladder rocked a bit but I held her firm and she made the turn and because of her twisted knickers her little tuft of pubic hair poked out the top tickling my nose. My hands were now on her arse cheeks which felt soft and smooth and my nose was pushed into her crotch, Mmm her smell was musky and sweet as my grip on her arse tightened and my fingers probed her crack pulling her closer.“I see it sir, I see it” Sally said enthusiastically, “But I just can’t reach it” she sighed as her body stretched, “Try going up a rung” I said as I gripped her cheeks with a finger slipping into the crack, “I’ve got you just take it slow” and as her leg bent at the knee to go up a step it forced her panties harder against my face but my grip on her arse seemed to steady her. The ladder rocked as her other leg bent and widened as she pushed up onto the next rung, my face was right between her legs now and with my tongue out to aid my breathing I could taste her as I flicked it around the soft red fabric, my finger had got right into her crack and searched for her tight little back door. “I got it, I got it sir” she cried as she stretched to get a grip, “Don’t let go sir, I don’t want to slip” she sighed and I assured her I wouldn’t and to just take it slow, my finger found its target and I heard her moans echo out in the loft as I wiggled it around her arsehole all the time pulling her closer to my face, I flicked my tongue around her panties and must have hit her little nubbin as her legs shook slightly as he felt it, she was very apologetic, “Ooh I’m so sorry sir, can you breath ok?” and she seemed concerned at my welfare. Her knees bent as she edged the box closer to the hatch but she was quite steady as my finger slipped inside her arse and both hands clasped her cheeks. My cock was nearly bursting out of my shorts as my tongue explored her gusset and I could certainly start to taste her warm juice as they started to dampen, again she seemed very apologetic as she inched the box closer to it’s exit point and beylikdüzü escort instead of coming down a rung she just bent her knees further which widened her legs, her panties had slipped a bit allowing my tongue to make contact with her soft wet labia lips, I could hear her breathing getting heavier. I could hear her groaning as she pulled the box towards her which forced her hips to wiggle slightly allowing my tongue to slip in between her dampening lips, her groans got louder as my finger pushed further into her sweet arse, “It’s heavy sir” she groaned but I wasn’t convinced it was the weight making her groan. She got the box to the hatch and now the difficult part was getting down, she looked a bit nervous as I pulled my finger out gripping her cheeks as she took one step down at a time keeping her belly now close to my face, each step seemed to push her dress up higher as my tongue brushed through her exposed pubes.“Leave the box on the edge Sally” I said as it was important to get her down safely as she took another step, I could easily go back up and get it. As her head now appeared from the hatch she seemed embarrassed that her body had become exposed and on reaching the last rung flung her arms around my neck jumping down and quickly pulling her dress back down, “OMG Sir, what must you think of me” she said as she rearranged herself. “It’s ok Sally” I said, “You did a fantastic job” and she smiled feeling pleased for a job well done.I took the torch from her telling her that instead of getting the box down I would go back up and just get the item I needed but would need her to steady the ladder, “Good idea sir, that box is heavy” she said and because of where the box was placed I had to go up the ladder backwards. As I started to go up one rung at a time I could see that she was looking at the throbbing bulge inside my shorts, at first she tried looking away but then the ladder shook, “Sally!” I reminded her to concentrate and hold either the ladder or my waist, she took hold of the side of the ladder as I inched my way up again and my head soon disappeared inside the hatch, the fact that I had an erection meant that the legs of my shorts widened and a quick glance down saw her looking up at my hanging balls.The ladder shook as I got to the box and instinctively she grabbed my arse cheeks and I felt her face press against my throbbing bulge, “Keep hold Sally, this isn’t safe” I said and I felt her hands grip my arse which seemed to pull at my shorts but managed to maintain my balance. “I’ve got you sir, take your time” she said and I could feel her tugging at the back of my shorts which seemed to push my bulge outwards harder against her face and I definitely felt her lips against it.“Ok Sally” I said as I gently pushed forward and her grip on my arse seemed to be slowly pulling my shorts down. I could feel her teeth at the front trying to get a grip on my waistband and within seconds (and a little help from me) she had my shorts over my throbbing erection and halfway down my legs, her hands now gripping my bare cheeks as my cock sprang out against her face.“I’m so sorry sir, my hands slipped” she said apologetically and I told her not to worry and to keep hold, “Yes sir” she said and I felt her warm tongue start to explore running up and down the shaft before the head slipped into her mouth, her grip on my arse tightened as she pulled me closer forcing my cock further into her mouth, I slowly started to thrust which did make the ladder wobble a bit. “Mmm” I heard her mumble and felt her tongue circling the shaft as her fingers searched around my crack. OMG I knew I was close and when her finger poked around my arsehole I felt my balls tighten, I pushed hard feeling the tightness of her throat as my cock started to spasm and shoot a hot load straight down her throat, she seemed to pull me even closer as she swallowed my hot load, WOW! To Be Continued… (Anna’s Friend Sally)

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