Eyl 13

Looking back.

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My Early Year’s.

When I was a young man, I had a friend called Rony he was 2 years older than me, and had a sister 4 years older than him called Lisa, who I thought was very mature and gorgeous. We both rode bikes and like to go into the country side on our bikes.

One day we were out and it started to rain, that eventually that turned into a down pore, and we got drenched . When we got back to Ron’s house , the water was dripping of us! The house was empty “no one home”
We went up the stairs to get our wet clothes off and to get dried. Ron was well developed, both bodily and mentally.

He was first in the shower after a bit of clowning around, I followed him 10 minuets latter, by that time Ron was dried off and dressed, jeans and shirt on. I stepped out of the shower wrapped a towel around my head still dripping wet. It was not a new thing to see each other naked, as we were both into Rugby and played twice a week and showered with the rest of the team, we had been camping on several occasions and had shower together when camping and when at the swimming pool..

However, I stepped out of the shower into Ron’s bedroom………….Ron had a robe hanging behind to door which he was in the process of handling across to me and seen that my Penis was erect, due to the cold and rain and the warm shower.
He also noticed, I had been scratched with the thorns from the brambles that we had encountered in our ride along the lanes that we had gone along on the bikes.
He said to me “lay on the bed head down and I‘ll put some cream on the scratches, and told me to stop scratching them” I lay on the bed face down, he told me to shuffle down the bed until my feet were of the bed, he removed the robe and left me naked, he told me to stretch my arms out above my head.
He started rub the cream into my back and it was very relaxing but, which invoke a strange feeling that aroused my inner sanctum and feelings of arousal, that resulted in my Dick getting harder…………..and grow!

Ron said to me “does that feel better…………. feel good” and smacked my ass! You’ve scratched your arms as well! Put your hands above your head!, clasp them together.
“Un-be-knowing to me he had taken the belt of his dressing gown”
As I lay there hands clasped over my head and shoulders as he rubbed some cream into my arms.

As I was about to get up! Ron swiftly knelt over me, placed his knee into my so as I couldn’t get up. Proceeded to tie my wrist together with the dressing gown belt, tying them tight together, over powering me, restricting me from moving till he had my fastened hands firmly and positioned behind my neck.
What are you Fucking doing Ron!
You’ll see!
My heart started to race as my blood started to concourse through my body………………and my mind started to race!

He held my tied hands by the belt, forced me up on to my feet, holding my tied hands behind my head.
Holding my tied hands by the belt, he marched me across to the bedroom toward the door ( it was the izmit rus escort old type of solid timber door) and pressed me hard against it.
Then he took my arms and stretched them above my head as he throw the belt over the door, went to the other side of the open door and fastened the belt to the door handle hoisting me up, till I was literally on my tip toes! Then shut the door to secure me in position, turned me around to face into the room.

I could feel the apprehension “panic” within me, I didn’t know what was happening but, it excited me to the point;
my Dick was fully extended and rock hard “I had no control over my actions it had been taken from me“………….Ron smacked my cock several times, it and made me squirm and pull away from him, and made me rigid!
I shouted out that hurts! “let me down out of here, what the hell are you doing Ron …………. I want to go home“
Shut up! and let me have some fun with you as I retorted, doing what Ron?
If you don’t shut up I will Gag you………..OK!

I had this funny feeling come over me, apprehension, and yet exciting. My dick started to weep and glisten with the milky substance oozing from it, causing it to occasionally jump, without any encouragement or teasing from Ron.
Ron seen the reaction from my penis, he smacked my dick a few times more, making the head of my Dick appear from it’s protective sheath of foreskin, showing it’s glistening shiny head (I had not been circumcised) !

Ummmm! Ron said!
Now you are ready to entertain me………..let the fun begin EH!
I dreaded to think what he had in store for me.
Then grabbed hold the shaft of my dick and knelt down so as to examine his work, and feel the hot vibrant penis in his hand to command and to do with as he pleased!

He studied my reaction to his touch as he pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go and made me grimace with the pain! Making me groan with pain then letting go.
That made you cringe, didn’t it?
I nodded my head as I fought the tears back.

As long as you follow my commands you want suffer like that again, do you understand?
I nodded yes.
I don’t hear you!
As he slapped my dick once more!
Yes Ron!
Good boy, your learning.

He took my dick into his hand and rubbed the white fluid around the exposed tip…………….it sent a shudder up my spine, but gave me a feeling that I had never had before…………but………I liked it, really liked it! It was a experience I had never felt before “ another person touching my Dick arousing my sensitivity” It made my pulse race and when he stroked my cock up and down he put me on another plane of existence! The first time another person touches your cock and strokes it, is an un-explainable once in a life time experience, having all self control taken from you, then used as there instrument of pleasure and pain, can be exhilarating!

“I suppose it is the same for a woman getting her Clit touched for the first time, when aroused”

Ron seen my reaction and said “you izmit escort like that, don’t you” hesitantly I replied yes!
He proceeded to play with my cock, stroking it up and down, smacking it from beneath making me hold my breath and tort my abbs. Making me writhe with excitement……..then he stopped dead………….waiting for my response!
The forced actions and feelings invoked from Ron’s hand stopped, (why I asked myself)

Did I make you suffer?

I said nothing or responded in any way, as I didn’t want him to stop!
I didn’t have to wait long.

Don’t want to answer me then have it your way!

Well then you’ll just have to make you suffer some more!
I said nothing!

He went out of the room and went down the stairs and left me hanging there for about 5 minutes and then came back into the room with his mothers head scarf,
what’s that for I asked?
He speaks!
You’ll see little man!

He then got hold of my cock gently in his hand and got the silk scarf…………and dragged it over my body to see the reaction, it made on my sagging cock.
Come on stop being lazy boy!
Then started to smack my cock making it grow to its original status,
That’s a good boy!

I couldn’t control my sensitive cock to his touch as it started to dance about, he had aroused me once again, to his apparent pleasure of having gained control of my pleasure and pain for him to administer, as he chooses.
He new I was at his mercy and loved the fact of having such control over my body and mind. It turned him on!
Me! I just wanted to come!

Ron must have sensed that it wouldn’t take a lot for me to shoot my load but, he had no intention of allowing that to happen till he wanted me to!

His touch seemed to feel more sensual after the intermission and exhilarating, as I was about to find out!

He knelt down and got my balls in his hand………..reached into his pocket and pulled out a elastic band and proceeded to place it around my balls “it was painful” and made my balls swell!

You want to come, don’t you?
“Yes” I responded.
When I allow you!

He started to stroke my cock, slowly giving it a little smack now and again to let me know who was in control. He gradually started to wank me faster and faster I could feel the sweat all over my body as I writhed with excitement of shooting my load!
The tension in my cock made me want to turn away, as my excitement grew my pulse started to race and my balls felt ready to explode but, the rubber band restricted me from doing so!
Ron said to me stop squirming about!

But I couldn’t my cock was so sensitive, the slightest touch made me try to get out of the way. Ron stopped once again, and disappeared for about 2 minutes and came back with his mothers new clothes line, and proceeded to tie my feet together and then my knees, so as I could not move from where I stood!

He started once again to smack my iron cock and massage my exploding balls, now lets see you try to get away kocaeli escort now!
He then started to wank me again, I felt as if my balls were exploding my whole body was trembling with excitement, I wanted to come, but the rubber band round my ball’s kept me shooting my load. The feeling was so intense in the shaft of my cock, in various instances I felt as though I had ejaculated, the sensation was so intense I didn’t want it to ever stop!
After 20 minuets of being teased and in pain but, the sensation of erotic stimulation seemed to temper the pain and heighten the erotic play inflicted upon me, I was in complete submission at Ron’s exquisite control of my body how he made me endure the sensation of both pain and pleasure at his hand.

Ron removed the rubber band and the blood painfully rushed into my balls just as if I had a jolt of electricity in my neither regions, as the blood gushed into my balls.

By now my body was now covered in sweat and shivering with the tension that has built within me..
You have been a good boy!
Time for your reward!

Seamen dripped from my sensitive cock, as he started to stroke me slowly.
feels good eh?
I answered in a quivering voice, yes!

Ron……[i]want it?
Yes! [/i]

As I trembled with anticipation of my Orgasm;
with a few harsh quick strokes, I exploded, shooting my load across the room! It was electrifying, causing me to pull up my tied legs, toward my chest and causing me to hang by the wrists from the door. Ron continued to jerk my cock, as I groaned and jumped about in a ever lasting state of ecstasy, till I pleaded for him to stop!
I am sure he enjoyed every minute of me being made to come, under his administration and control. No doubt it was a turn on for him to watch me helpless at his hand, gave him intense pleasure of being in control of another beings feelings.
Ron kept on fondling me, till my cock went limp and shrivelled.

Still hanging from the door, back arched and vulnerable, he sat back and enjoyed his dominance!

I had never had a orgasm such as this before. Ron now had the knowledge and experience he sought to fulfil and carry out!
Now he had to devise a plan on how make me his Slave!

Ron taught me about pain and pleasure, how it can be used to heighten a persons senses and sexual drive!
It was better than any biology class, the experience of being sexually dominated, opened my mind to sex!


Just boys finding out about sex, using each others bodies to educate their self’s about there bodies and the joy’s of sex!
Domination, plays an active part in my pre-adult education.
Ron’s beautiful big sister Lisa and friends, played an active part in my sexual education, in being both submissive and dominant later in life.

Hope you liked sharing my first encounter into sex?
What was your first sexual encounter?
Did it influence you in any way?
Since I have no brothers or sisters , Ron and sister Lisa became my mentors!

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