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Subject: Los Gallos Resort Chatper 15e Chapter 15 � The Mayor’s Party � Part 5: The Priests Father Rodrigo was the next guest to arrive. In fact he was coming in the door just as Chief Fuentes was lining the inside of Yuto’s tight boy pussy with his hot seed. With Father Rodrigo was his good friend and fellow pedo priest Father Andres. He also brought two of favorite young altar boys, Peter and Eduardo. Peter and Eduardo were both twelve years old and from a very poor village in Father Rodrigo’s parish. Both boys were small for their age, likely somewhat due to growing up without the best nutrition and neither had begun puberty yet. They were two in a long line of altar boys that Father Rodrigo had introduced to the joys of male on male sex. These two hadn’t been introduced to a lot yet, only a bit of masturbation and some oral sex. But, they were about to have their eyes opened tonight, as they worked as towel boys in the living room. (Nobody really thought there was a need for towel boys, but everybody was more than happy to help to advance the knowledge of Father Rodrigo’s boys). Tomas greeted Father Rodrigo with a heartfelt hug. It wasn’t too many years ago that Tomas himself was one of Rodrigo’s altar boys, learning to suck and fuck after church services, when he was `helping Father Rodrigo in his garden.’ Father Rodrigo was like a father to him, in more ways than one. Father Rodrigo of course had helped get Tomas his job at Los Gallos. In fact, a few of his former altar boys were now employed at Los Gallos. Tomas volunteered to show Eduardo and Peter into the living room and explain their duties as towel boys to them. On the way, he explained to them how he was once an altar boy as well, and how Father Rodrigo’s cock was the first one he had ever played with and sucked. He reminded them to stay in his good graces, and maybe he could help find them good jobs when they were older too. Once in the living room, he was trying to explain to them that they should listen for people to call for a towel and that they might need to help wipe semen off the floor or furniture, but the two dark skinned boys were completely entranced by the hardcore porn playing on the TV sets around the room. The scene being shown was of a black man with a long cock teasing a white boy on his knees by slapping it on his cheeks and lips. The two boys had never seen a black man before, note even in a movie, and they had certainly never seen a huge black cock. Tomas snapped his fingers to get the boys attention. Looking down he could see their thin, well worn soccer shorts tenting out from their immature boners. Tomas remember too when he was too poor to own underwear. This time they listened as he explained their simple jobs. “I am sure Father has explained to you, as he did once to me” Tomas said in closing, “that God has given boys and men the gift of their bodies to enjoy with each other. Here tonight you will see many ways that the gift can be shared. So pay attention. I will come later and make sure you are doing ok and will answer your questions. OK Amigos?” As Tomas left the room he yelled over to Jake to bring the two boys a Coke. While Tomas had taken the boys on their tour, the priests had removed all of their clothing, except their black stockings (who knows why they left those on) and folded their clothes neatly. Both men were in their mid-40s, slender, with smooth bodies that were almost entirely hairless. Both men were of average endowment and their 6″ cocks were already half erect and beginning to leak precum. (Caused no doubt by the presence of the two gaziantep travesti altar boys in their car along with their visions of their upcoming evening activities.) Juarez led them in the waiting room so they could take their pick of the 5 boys remaining. As soon as the men entered the room, Father Andres elbowed his friend in the side. “Holy god, do you see what I see. I know what I want,” he said. “Right. The red heads. They remind me of the hot Irish boys in those pictures that Father Mulcahey sent us from Boston last winter,” responded Father Rodrigo. Senor Juarez was standing behind them and heard there conversation. “Austin, Adam, come please, I have two friends for you to meet,” he called out. Then to the priests, “they are identical twins by the way, isn’t that grand!” Juarez introduced them and pointed them into the living (sex) room and then went back to the door to wait for the next guests. The priests led their boys by the hand to a pair of chairs that were facing each other. “Here Father Andres, lets both sit in a chair and have them ride our cocks, so we can both watch each other’s cocks slide in and out of these beautiful smooth boys,” suggested Rodrigo. Father Rodrigo sat and pulled Adam onto his lap. Adam was eager to put his recently learned deep throat skills (from the limo ride) to practice again. “Can I suck you father,” asked Adam. “Well aren’t you the eager one,” answered Rodrigo. “Be my guest son.” Adam slid to the floor and took the entire length of the man’s cock into his mouth. He was smaller than Senor Juarez and Adam had little trouble swallowing him, even as his cock grew to its full length. On the opposite chair Father Andres had been kissing Austin and playing this his smooth bum, when he saw his friend was getting sucked. He turned Austin’s head towards his twin brother on the floor and gave him a nod. Austin took the hint, slipped to the floor and began kissing and licking the man’s meat. It wasn’t long before both men were moaning from their blow jobs and they both gave their ginger boy a few pulses of their Joy buttons, driving the boys wild. It was Austin who suggested perhaps it was time to move on. “Can we fuck now please sir, my mouth is getting tired.” His mouth wasn’t really getting tired. He had sucked his dad’s huge cock for much, much longer. But for some reason, Austin had a strong and unusual (for him anyway) desire to feel Father Andres’ cock penetrate his ass. Tonight, he WANTED to be fucked. He didn’t know it, but it was Carl’s punch and his cock cage driving his horniness. “Yes,” answered Andres, “but turn around and face your brother so you can watch him get blessed by Father Rodrigo.” Andres lubed his cock, retracted his foreskin and pointed it straight up, providing an easy target. Austin balanced himself on the chair and slowly lowered himself onto the hard cock. Andres gasped as his cockhead felt the initial warmth of the boy’s insides. He gasped again when he felt Austin’s cheeks hit his abdomen, his cock now buried in the boy’s hole. The boy’s tight ass gripping his hard cock felt amazing and he loved feeling the warmth of the boy as he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. He reached his hand up under Austin’s shirt, found his joy button and give it a long squeeze. The vibration on Austin’s cock made the boy squirm back and forth, amplifying the good feelings on Andres’ dick. Releasing the button, Andres placed his hands on Austin skinny hips and helped him begin to slide up and down on his cock. gaziantep masaj salonları As they developed a rhythm, both looked across at Adam, who was slowly impaling himself on Father Rodrigo wet cock. Soon both boys were bouncing on the hard cocks below them. The men rewarded them with frequent jolts of pleasure to their boy cocks, encouraging the boys to keep up their rhythm, which they did, sometimes even going faster. For Adam, getting fucked had never felt this good. It was normally a chore he felt obligated to do for his brothers, but this was way different. The look of pleasure on his face was unmistakable. He looked across at his twin brother. It was obvious that Austin felt the same way by the look on his face. “Oh my fucking god Austin,” said Adam, practically screaming, “this feels so amazing for some reason.” Austin nodded, gasping out his reply, “I know, I know, I’m loving it for once. Feels…so…good.” Hearing that the ginger lads riding their cocks were truly enjoying it gave the priests a lot of satisfaction. They were never the types to force boys into sex and wanted them to enjoy it as well, and it was obvious that Austin and Adam truly were. Rodrigo felt his orgasm begin to build and wanted to slow it. An idea came to his head. “Father Andres, how about we trade boys?” “Ooh great idea,” responded Andres. The boy’s both slowly pushed themselves off the hard cocks, a slight `plop’ sound coming when the men’s cockheads escaped their tight holes. They walked across to their new fuck partners, playfully wiggling their asses and giggling along the way and climbed into the laps of their new partner. Both men helped them up and pulled them into an embrace, kissing them on the forehead. With both boys now facing their respective fathers, the priests guided their hard cocks back to the open buttholes and pressed their rods back inside. The holy men’s tongues sought out the boy’s mouths as they began to thrust their cocks up and down in the tight holes. The boys focused on the kissing and let the men do the work from below. The men were both giving the boys charges to their cocks via the Joy buttons regularly, and could feel the boys cocks vibrate against their abdomens. Hearing the boys respond with moans of pleasure really turned on the fathers and sent the semen rising up from their balls. Almost simultaneously, the two vicars unloaded into the boys. Andres’ orgasm came with several grunts and twitches, Rodrigo’s was accompanied by more of a high pitched whine. As the boys climbed off them, Rodrigo noticed Eduardo and Peter standing a few feet away obviously in amazement. Eduardo mouthed to them, “Toalleros, por favor”. The young altar boys each brought a towel to their priests, who used them to wipe their cocks clean. Eduardo looked at Austin and Adam, “�Realmente les gust� eso? Father Andres translated. “He wants to know if you enjoyed that experience?” Austin and Adam both nodded, Austin adding “Si, mucho”. “Did we make either of your orgasm,” asked father Rodrigo. “Not me,” said Adam. “Me either but I was very close there at the end I think, your dick was hitting me just right. It felt soooo good,” said Austin. Chief Fuentes had been watching the twins ride the fathers to orgasm and the hot show had reignited his lust, along with his erection. He grabbed Austin by the arm. “How about I see if I can get you over the edge with my big dick boy?” Normally Austin wouldn’t enjoy getting fucked again so fast. But the thought gaziantep escort bayan of a cock in his ass reminded him of the vibrations in his cock. And he wanted that feeling. Now. Again. He nodded his approval. Fuentes pushed Austin backwards onto a large ottoman, lifted his legs, and guided his stiff rod to the boy’s still slightly gaping hole. He could see the remnants of Rodrigo’s load around the edges. With a gentle push he was inside and could feel the squishy load pushing around his cock. “Hmmm, a sloppy hole is so hot,” said the Chief as he began thrusting. Adam grabbed a couple of punch drinks from Mark as he watched his brother get plowed by the police chief. The chief tried his best to hit the boy’s prostate and send him over the edge. Each deep push caused the boy to moan, especially when he would push the boys button with his free hand (the other was holding Austin’s feet in the air). Unfortunately for Austin, the chief drove himself over the edge before his own orgasm could trigger. The chief’s second load of the night dribbled into Austin’s ass and all over the ottoman as his cock slipped free. Young Peter was called in to wipe the ottoman, the chief’s cock and Austin’s ass. “Still didn’t cum?” Adam asked his brother as he handed him one of the drinks. “Nope,” said Austin shaking his head. Father Andres approached the boys and told them to hold still as he made two tally marks on Adam’s butt cheek and three on Austin’s. ^^^^^^^^ Mark made his way back out to the pool area with his empty tray and a request from the two priests for a glass of red wine each. Mark told the bartender what he needed and then turned to Jake, who was grabbing a couple of punches to take inside. “Wow, you missed that. Talk about fucking hot,” Mark said. “What was hot Mark?” Jake asked. “The twins dude! They were just riding these two guys like mad and then as soon as they were done the police guy dropped HIS load into Austin too, well I am pretty sure it was Austin anyway.” “Well that doesn’t sound like Austin and Adam to me, they usually like to do the fucking,” said Jake. “But, did it make you a bit horny Mark?” Jake asked with a wink. “You mean hornier! I’ve been horny ever since I saw you slip on those white speedos. I can’t stop staring at your sexy bulges Jake,” said Mark as he gently rubbed at his own bulge. “And I don’t know but the twins sure seem to like getting fucked tonight.” Jake gave Mark a hug. “Glad I turn you on Mark,” he said before he kissed him gently on the lips. “Maybe we can have some fun when we get back to the resort to take care of you being so horny.” Benjamin and Yuti came up behind them in time to hear the end of the conversation. “Can I come to that party too guys,” asked Benjamin. “This party’s giving me a case of the hots too.” “Wow, even Benjamin’s horny tonight. Must be a full moon,” joked Mark. “What about me, can I play too?” piped in Yuti. “Geez. This will be a boy orgy almost,” joked Jake. “It would be fun with no adults,” said Yuti, his voice showing a gathering level of excitement. “Sure would,” said Mark, “not having anyone that could cum yet would be kinda fun!” “HEY! I can cum,” exclaimed Benjamin, obviously feeling a little slighted. “Yeah, but just a little bit. It’s not like grown up cum yet. Don’t be angry B, I like yours better anyway, it’s way sweeter,” said Mark with a grin. The bartender cleared his throat to get their attention. “Get those drinks back to the guests boys, you all can plan your little orgy later.” Mark and Jake each grabbed a glass of wine and started for the party room. Benjamin grabbed some punch, and ran to catch up to his friends. “Seriously guys,” said Benjamin, “I want to. The orgy thing. I really am feeling horny for once.” “Sure, let’s do it” said Jake. “I’m in,” added Mark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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