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Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 01

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Note: This series occurs at the same time and place of my previous series entitled ‘Death & Love’ of which the main characters of this story — Heather and Amanda — are characters. You don’t need to have read ‘Death & Love’- although I recommend you do – but you should know that around the time she is 18, the character of Billie Dawltry in this story is having sex with her brother Caleb who has a brain condition that will kill him. With that out the way let’s get started.

All characters are 18 or older.


Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can change?

Everything changed for us when we were 12, too young perhaps but it still happened. There was four of us in our own little gang, me; Heather Richards, my long-time friend Billie Dawltry, the kindest person I knew, my best friend Amanda Townsend, loud and outgoing but she was always fun to be with, and Amanda’s twin sister Carol, complete opposite to her sister Carol was quiet and shy but if you had a question about anything she’d answer it. The four of us were walking back to Billie’s house from school, because Billie’s was so near it was just the four of us, no parents, and we had just reached a crossing, Amanda had pressed the button and we were waiting for the green man. When the green man did come we all skipped across, except Carol who was kneeling down.

‘Come on Carol, hurry up.’ Amanda tried to quicken her sister.

‘In a sec Mands, I’m just tying my laces.’

Carol got her laces tied quickly, she looked up and saw the green man and red light were still there, she didn’t think to look on the road; none of us did. So when the speeding car hit Carol when she was still crossing it took all of us by surprise, and that’s an understatement. Carol went flying near ten feet across the road, not caring about any other cars Amanda ran straight to her sister who was lying in a bloodied, broken heap on the road, her lifeless eyes staring at us. Amanda just started crying, she held Carol and refused to let go, believing if she wished hard enough Carol would breath again.

She never did.

And that’s what changed us, Billie got a fear of death she never recovered from, not helped when just two years later her older brother Caleb told her he had inherited their father’s disease and was going to die. Amanda and her family got the worst change, her parents argued constantly, completely ignoring their surviving daughter. Not long after Carol’s death Amanda’s father ran out on them, divorced her mother and went off with his young secretary, Amanda refused to see her father and stayed with her mum but she was so distraught by the whole thing she became an alcoholic. With nowhere else to go, Amanda spent most nights at my house and had become my unofficial sister, my parents even joked about legally adopting her but they never went through with it. And me? I became a lesbian; ok it wasn’t that quickly but the events leading from Carol’s death to my discovery of being gay are closely linked.

Forgive me if I sound vain but I feel I should tell you a little about myself, I’m average height — about 5′ 9” — but I’m also very skinny, in fact some of the more bitchy of my fellow students spread rumours that I was anorexic. Nobody believed them but compared to Amanda or Billie I could see how I could be perceived that why, the two of them were curvy, womanly and both had about D-Cup breasts with Billie’s being marginally bigger. Mine are B-Cup but for what I lack in size I make up for in sensitivity and while that meant my nipples were permanently hard I could deal with it. I’ve been told by friends that my best feature is my legs which were long and silky — their words not mine — and my round, taut ass a close second. I disagree however, I’m not a girly girl and I don’t spend a lot of time on my looks but I do think I’m pretty cute, I’ve got a chipmunk style face framed by my long dirty blonde hair.

Sexuality wise I wasn’t always gay, I grew up thinking I was straight, or at least bi due to a few drunken girl kisses I secretly wished had lasted longer. My first indication of being a lesbian was when I was just turned 18 and I lost my virginity, it wasn’t anything special or romantic, it was quick and drunk and over with before I realised. The guy was nice and all but he showed no interest in going any further and I didn’t want anything from him; good thing as well as a few days later one of the football players girlfriends had overheard one of the other players bragging about fucking a virgin, she listen to his description and despite his crudeness she knew it was me. I sort of went off men by that stage, to be honest I just wanted to be alone a lot of the time, I had such regret about how my first time was that I was so self-conscious about seeing anyone else. That was until a few months later, my friends Billie and I were at a party and Billie had had a little too much to drink so I took her back to mine, we both ended up on the floor laughing, both of us close together, I looked into her eyes and thought poker oyna she was just beautiful. That’s when I kissed her, it was a quick kiss but I could tell she enjoyed it, mostly due to the fact she kissed me the second time.

This was my second indication.

Billie and I didn’t go any further than a few kisses and some light touching above the belt but it was still nice, the next morning we just laughed about it and never did it again — well that’s not true we did have some kisses every so often but despite her being so beautiful I was not attracted to Billie, I didn’t know who I was attracted to until I was in university. Amanda, Billie and I all managed to get into the same uni and because Billie was living with her brother at his house it allowed me and Amanda to find our own flat so we could live together.

Now a little back story on Amada, one of the things that changed in her after Carol’s death was she became a little, well I wouldn’t say promiscuous, she had a lot of sex but with very few guys, possibly to get her parents attention, maybe she had daddy issues, which would explain why she took a Psych class — something I still find confusing but when I asked her why she told me it looked interesting — whatever the reason Amanda wasn’t far from having a guy in her room, thankfully we had separate rooms but I still heard her and it was quite distracting some nights. But one night was different; I hadn’t heard anything so I went to get a midnight drink, walking back to my room I saw Amanda’s door was slightly open, I didn’t mean to look but when I walked pass the door I caught a glimpse of Amanda.

She was bouncing naked on top of some blonde haired guy.

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to see more, I stood by the door and got a better look of everything. Being roommates I had seen Amanda naked before but this was different, here she was sweating so her golden skin looked like it was shining, her deep red hair clung to her large breasts which were jumping on her chest, again my curiosity got me and I looked down to her pussy, she had kept the hair trimmed but it was still there, a much lighter red colour. I didn’t see who the guy was but I didn’t care, all I cared about was watching my best friend in a way I’d never seen her in before. By the time she had finished my juices were already soaking my leg so I rushed straight back to my room, ripped my panties off and rubbed my pussy red raw until I had the biggest orgasm of my life. After that two things were certain in my life.

1: I was definitely a lesbian.

2: I fancied my best friend.


With no university for weeks several people started throwing parties; this one was at Daniel Entwistle’s house, a boy in our uni whose parents had gone on holiday. Me and Amanda arrived quite late, we were giving a lift by Craig Allen; he was the blonde boy I saw Amanda fucking and he was now her boyfriend of three months. I didn’t hate him but I found it difficult to hide my jealously. When we walked in most people were already drunk and stumbling but it didn’t stop Amanda and Craig finding the nearest bottle and sharing it.

Trying to get my mind off Amanda I found Billie on her own in the kitchen, I sat down next to her and tried my hardest to keep my eyes off her fantastic cleavage.

‘Hezz, you made it.’ She hugged me. ‘What took you so long?’

‘After I got dressed Mands decided to get undressed and jump on Craig.’

Billie giggled. ‘Shame you didn’t get here earlier, I’m just about to leave.’

‘Aw B, why?’

‘I just feel guilty about leaving Caleb at home alone.’

‘Wasn’t he invited?’

‘Yeah but you know Cay. Anyway as soon as I find Vincent I’ll get going.’

‘Vincent Moreno? Didn’t know you two were an item.’

‘We’re not, he asked me so I agreed to come with him. I think he’s in the toilet right now.’

At that point Natalie Adams, a girl at our uni and Daniel’s girlfriend came up to us looking worried. ‘Hey, have you guys seen Danny, I can’t find him anywhere.’

‘I don’t know I just got here.’

‘I think I saw him go upstairs a few minutes ago.’

‘Thank Billie.’

Natalie left quickly to find her boyfriend. Billie and I got back to talking.

‘You ok Hezz, you seem down.’

‘It’s nothing B.’

‘Come on Hezz tell me what’s wrong with you.’

‘No Billie, this is personal alright I can’t get into it.’

I looked across the room and saw Amanda kissing Craig; I couldn’t look and turned away. I caught Billie looking at what I was looking at. ‘Oh. Say no more Hezz I understand.’

Before I could say anything there was a loud crash from upstairs, everyone looked to the stairs and saw a crying Natalie run out the house, a drunken Daniel stumbled after her and a half naked girl called Katie — a well known slut — walked casually behind them both. Everyone stopped what they were doing and followed the three of them outside.

‘…Nats I was drunk I thought she was you.’

‘How could you think canlı poker oyna I that bitch, at what point did you think I became plastic.’

‘Nats I was near unconscious on the bed, she said nothing and I assumed it was you I’m sorry.’

‘Sorry doesn’t change the fact that you fucked her.’ Natalie didn’t say anymore, she just turned and walked away. A broken Daniel turned in the opposite direction back to the house, Katie began walking over to him.

‘Oh baby, you don’t need her. I’ll take good care of you.’

Despite Katie’s terrible attempt at sex talk Daniel was no fool…

And punched her in the face, breaking her nose in the process.

‘You stupid cunt, you’ve ruined the best thing I’ve ever had because you couldn’t go five minutes without someone fucking you.’ Daniel looked up and saw the shocked crowd. ‘Shows fucking over, fuck off home all of you.’

Nobody needed telling twice and pretty soon everyone began to leave. Billie left with Vincent so I begrudgingly had to find Amanda and Craig, I found them round the back, Amanda throwing up.

‘Jesus Mands what happened?’

‘She had a little too much to drink.’ Craig spoke for her.

‘We were only here ten minutes.’

‘We found some tequila and were doing shots, she couldn’t hold her drink. I’m taking her back to mine.’

I found a way to get back at Craig for all the times he flaunted Amanda at me. ‘No. She’s my responsibility I’ll take her back to OUR dorm. I’m not leaving her with you so you can fuck her drunken corpse. And before you say anything I’ll not insinuating anything I’d just feel safer if Mands was somewhere I knew.’

Surprisingly Craig smiled. ‘Ok you do that, I’ll drop you both off then go home.’

With some difficulty me and Craig pulled the drunken Amanda to his car and lay her out on the back seat, I sat with her to stop her falling off. From the angle I could see right up Amanda’s skirt, every-so-often I would catch a peek of her red thong and her ass checks, god my panties were getting soaked. When we got back I carried Amanda inside and put her on the sofa, I was going to leave her there but she stirred awake.

‘Where you going Hezz, it ain’t that late.’

‘It’s near as makes no difference midnight, I’m going to bed and so should you.’

‘Why, we have all night.’

‘To do what, I’m not going back out there to go to some assholes party, that one was bad enough. Christ we were barely there and you got hammered on shots.’

‘Get off you fucking high horse Hezz. At least get me some painkillers I’ve got a bitch of a headache.’

As much as I loved Amanda I hated her when she was drunk, I got her the painkillers and some water, both of which she quickly took.

‘Cheers Hezz, listen sorry about being a bitch just then, but like you said I was hammered.’

‘It’s fine Mands, I’ve gotten use to it, if I can survive your mother I can survive you.’

‘Oh come on that’s taking it a bit too far. I hate being compared to that alkie bitch but she’s the best of a bad bunch.’

‘Calm Mands.’ I sat down next to her. ‘I was only joking.’

Amanda hugged me, I was taking slightly aback but returned it all the same, taking a second to smell her hair, through the booze and smoke from other people’s cigarettes I could smell her beautiful scent.

‘Hey Hezz, do you mind if I put some music on, I wanna try anything to stop me from falling asleep.’

‘Sure, nothing too loud though. What d’you have in mind?’

Amanda got up and put a C.D. in the player. ‘Your favourite’.

‘Love That Burns’ by Fleetwood Mac started playing, she was right it was my favourite. I watched as the still tipsy Amada started slow dancing to the tune.

‘Would you love me tomorrow? Like you say you love me now.’ I couldn’t help but laugh at Amanda’s attempt at singing. But then again I also couldn’t help joining in.

‘Would you love me, would you love me tomorrow? Like you say you love me now.’

Amanda got closer to me. ‘When the flames of our flesh have stopped burning.’ She pulled me up and started dancing with me. ‘And the fire of our love has cooled down.’

We started twirling each other around the room, laughing like maniacs as we did. Amanda pulled me close, softly clutched my hand and continued the song.

‘Too many times I’ve given too much.’

‘Baby give me your love in return.’

I looked longingly into her deep brown eyes, wondering if she could feel what I felt. Suddenly our feet got tangled and we fell to the floor, Amanda landed on top of me and I put my hands up to protect myself. After the initial shock of the fall was over Amanda and I caught each other’s eyes, we could both feel my left hand pressing against her breast as I had tried to save myself from the fall and my right hand resting on her bare ass as her skirt had lifted. Looking into my eyes I could see she was reading my mind, she knew I didn’t want to move them. The song kept playing.

‘Too many times I’ve given too much.’

‘Baby internet casino give me your love in return.’ I sang along, hoping Amanda would read between the lines.

With one of her hands Amanda gently stroked my cheek and moved my hair away from my eyes. I could feel myself filling with tears, whether they were sadness, joy or fear I don’t remember.

‘Give your mind and your heart.’

And it was at this point Amanda leaned forward and kissed me.

‘But please don’t leave me with a love that burns.’

We had had kisses in the past, like I said there were drunken moments I wished lasted longer. But this was different; there was something behind this kiss, passion, love. Lust? Whatever it was I loved it.

I rolled over so that I was on top of Amanda, I didn’t want this to end due to second thoughts or regrets. I started to unbutton her shirt, it became more and more obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. When her beautiful breasts had escaped I moved forward and suckled on them; feeling them harden in my mouth. My fingers found their way under Amanda’s skirt and into her panties, I could feel that she was freshly bald, making it a hell of a lot easier to find her soaking slit. I slipped my index and middle finger into Amanda while my thumb rubbed her clit furiously, determined to make her feel what I was feeling. It wasn’t long before Amanda let out a small moan and gently convulsed, I had made her cum, but I wasn’t finished.

I kissed her lips once more, then I kissed her neck, I kissed her breasts, her stomach. I jumped down and planted kisses up and down her legs, licking them, stroking their smoothness and stopping just before her cunny on each leg. I could practically see her wetness pour out of her. I slowly pulled her panties down, slowly, methodically, patiently until finally, her bald pussy was revealed to my for the first time — ok it wasn’t the first time but you know what I mean. My face never leaving her groin I looked up at Amanda, her eyes were closed, I look of strange, new pleasure across her face, she was shivering and I could only guess why.

I’ll admit I was scared, I had never gone down on a girl before, this was a new experience for us both. Carefully I moved my head down and gently kissed her clit.

‘Oh my God. Oh God Hezz don’t stop please.’

That was all the reassurance I needed, I continued to kiss her clit and dove my tongue into her slit, she tasted surprisingly sweet which only made me want to taste more of her. I alternated between kissing her clit and licking her lips and a few times I even fingered her, my best friend, the one person I truly loved. It didn’t take her long before she came.

‘Oh, oh, oh GGGGOOOOODDDDDDD!’ Amanda’s screaming would have woken the whole dorm had nobody been out at Daniel’s party. I kept licking her making damn sure I drunk every single drop of her cum.

‘Fuck me Hezz that was incredible. Why didn’t we do that before?’

‘Because 5 nights in the week you have some dick in you.’

Amanda mocked disbelief on her face but I rectified it with another kiss. We went to bed soon afterwards, we’d kissed and fondled and Amanda had stroked my pussy but we didn’t go any further. I was a little disappointed; I’d hoped Amanda would return the favour of cunnilingus but she didn’t. I wrestled with the thought of telling her how much I loved her but went against it, not point in potentially ruining this moment. We fell asleep spooning each other, her hair covering my face. And through the booze and smoke from other people’s cigarettes I could smell her beautiful scent.


Much to my dismay Amanda and I never repeated our little experiment, which was fine for her she just thought of it as a drunken fumble that got interesting, I was left with feelings of confusion and desire. I did however spend a lot of my free time with Amanda, a few days ago some teenager had been stabbed and killed so my parents told me and Amanda to look after each other. Of course three’s a crowd and Amanda was spending more and more time with Craig, I still didn’t like how he paraded her in front of me, showing me what I couldn’t have.

But it wasn’t bad for everyone, Billie had finally lost her virginity but she refused to reveal who took it, after a week of interrogating her I dropped it, for a while.

It was a cold October afternoon when I decided to tell Billie about me and Amanda, although Amanda was my best friend Billie was who I turned to when I was having trouble. We were walking back from the shops, Billie had bought herself a new mirror, and nearing Billie’s house when I brought up the topic.

‘Hey B, can I tell you something? Something personal?’

‘No Hezz your ass does not look fat in those trousers.’

‘That’s not what I mean. It’s about me and Mands.’

‘And that you have an almighty crush on her.’

‘How did you know?’

‘Remember Daniel’s party, we both saw Mands kissing Craig, you couldn’t watch it. I thought at first you fancied Craig but you never showed any interest in him before. I put two and two together.’

‘Well done Sherlock. Ok yes I have a crush on Amanda, although I’m starting to think it’s more than that.’

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