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Love Is Blind

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I could visualise the crumpled bed sheets showing signs of the previous client; screwed up tissues and discarded condom wrappers lying on the floor. I ran my fingers over the satin sheets, imagining the raw sexual emotions that had come together, within. Smoke, from the numerous cigarette butts in the ashtray, still hung in the air and hidden behind it, there was yet another scent. I knew it well as I had smelt it so often before. Even though the natural smells of the aroused woman were subtle, I was still able to separate the two. I bent closer to the bed to catch the remaining beads of sexual fragrance. Closing my eyes, the fine hairs in my nostrils captured the fine particles of moisture.

As a masseuse, I came close to many men and women and I would often use my knowledge to stimulate the erogenous zones subtlety, so releasing the natural aroma of sex. I would lose myself in the heady smell, as my hands would continue to work on the softest of skins and tenseness of muscles. Many times, I yearned to use my lips and tongue but had to resist the temptation. My sexual and emotional needs were suffocating me. In short, they were controlling my life and to try to relieve those frustrations I resorted to masturbating several times a day. Very often, I would leave work, hot and horny as hell. At home, my fingers would then be a substitute for the loving touch of a velvet tongue, licking and probing at my pussy. As I rubbed at my engorged clit, I became lost as my mind created visions of a sensuous woman with a perfect figure. Her face pixilated out like people on the T.V, who did not wish to be identified. I would be so highly aroused that it did not take long before I toppled over the edge, moaning as the eventual build up of tension finally dispersed.


A sudden draft of cold air brought me back to the present. The sound of a toilet flushing sounded faintly from down the hall and, then, high-pitched squeals of laughter. I became aware of a slight change in the air and very slowly, I turned my head towards where I instinctively knew there now stood someone or something. Although I could not see, I did notice the charge of electricity that caused bursa escort the fine hairs on my arms to stand on end. I had never felt such a strong reaction to anything or anyone. The feelings intensified when a voice broke the silence.

“What can I do for you?” The tone was far from friendly despite being feminine. I heard a movement and a click and I guessed that she had moved inside the room, shutting out the noise from the corridor, as she did so. All of a sudden I felt afraid, but of what I did not know. Here I stood, alone and vulnerable in a room of unfamiliarity, and the power of my feelings, some of which, I could not understand. It made for a cocktail of lethal emotions. I could not be sure if she knew that I was unable to see her. I strained to catch the slightest of sounds; the softest of breaths, the lightest of footfalls but there was nothing but her scent. Through this alone, I could build up a unique picture of her in my mind of which I would always remember.

Standing there, I experienced a sexual thrill that I had never been able to produce with imagination. I did not feel afraid of the delectable form before me but of the unknown. It was the thought of what may happen in the next few minutes. Although I felt somewhat turned on by this woman, it was obvious that she was not too happy to see me there in her room. I longed to be on my way back to the sanctuary of my flat, to settle on my single bed, under the duvet with my thoughts and middle finger for company. I moved closer to where I knew the door lay, my heart beating fast. I hoped that this woman’s sense of smell did not surpass my own. To me, the air dripped with the scent of passion and fear.

I was startled by a rough hand in my hair, forcing my head back. I could feel a soft warm breath on my cheek as she moved her lips just millimetres from my own. Through the strength of her grip, I knew that her anger had been taken place by passion and desire. Whilst she teased me with her lips, her other hand came to rest just below my breast. My nipples hardened with expectation of her touch and I almost thrust myself further into her grasp. What was I doing? It was only a minute ago bursa escort bayan I had been scared and quite rightly so! I was at the mercy of a strange but strong woman. Would she treat me well, or did she not care for my well being, only seeking gratification for her self?

I knew only that she worked as a prostitute, pleasuring men to earn money. Her job was a risky one, placing her self in danger several times every day. Maybe she felt she needed to vent some of her emotions out and I was a prime target for this purpose. I was by no means weak although I was disabled. I had learned several ways in which I could defend myself if needs be. She was not aware of this and maybe saw me as someone she could dominate. Against my ear, she whispered, “I won’t hurt you. I like to play rough but you have nothing to fear. If you wish me to stop, just say so now.”

I thought about it, for what seemed like a long time, but it could only have been a few seconds. I chose to stay and find out exactly what she had in mind. Already my juices were flowing, and were running down the inside of my thighs. This would be my first experience with a woman and I did not intend to let the opportunity go. Her lips came down on mine and firmly forced my lips apart. I was not expecting the soft, silkiness of her tongue against mine. For me, the kiss did not last long enough. I had my first taste of a woman’s mouth and I desperately needed more. By this time, her hand had found one of my breasts and was caressing it with the same degree of firmness that her tongue had with mine. Her hand in my hair had slackened its grip but she still held me tight enough so I could not move. Strangely, I had no desire to touch her; I wanted to experience it all from her.

Somehow, she managed to manoeuvre me away from the door towards, what I soon discovered, was the bed. The edge of its frame hit me on the back of the knees, forcing my legs to collapse under me. I fell backwards onto the soft mattress and the silky-feeling sheets I had touched minutes ago. Her body fell on top of mine, almost covering me from top to toe. She supported her weight on her elbows as she continued to cover my escort bursa lips and face with kisses. I yearned for her tongue to enter my mouth again, but she teased me, endlessly. My heart rate had increased dramatically and I was sure it would burst from its protective shield. Her lips moved down my body, and she removed my clothing with her fingers as she went. Her lips felt cool on my body. The fire inside of me had reached the surface and was seeping through my open pores. Her touch had stoked feelings that had been lying dormant for so long. I cannot remember exactly how many times I had dreamt of this moment. It made me determined to exchange my dreams for reality. I had missed so much, I could almost cry for those lost hours and days.

Her mouth found the sweet nectar between my thighs and I arched my back to greet her. Every so often, she would moan gently in appreciation of my sexuality and I would echo with my own groans. She gave me a ride I would never forget, as her tongue lashed my pussy mercifully. The bed soon became wet with my juices and her saliva. I was consciously aware that to her, I was only another punter but to me, she was my first, someone I would never forget. Her body and her touch would be stored away in the deepest of my subconscious, and I would then draw on this experience regularly to quell my desires.

As soon as I had come, my muscles contracting violently as my body demanded oxygen, she drew away. Her time with me had ended, but my mind and body were still alive from my experience. My memories of this special time would be with me for a long time after, fresh and exciting as it had been at the time. From now on, I will be grateful for my loss of sight. My whole life is attuned more to a woman’s sexuality because of the fact I cannot see. The smell, touch and taste of her.

“It’s time for you to leave now. I have work to do, but I am still curious as to why you were in my room.”

Following the direction of her voice, I made my way to the open door. She stood, waiting for me to leave. As I left, I smiled at her. How could I explain the real reason why I was there? That, I came looking for her. A client of mine had mentioned her to me in casual conversation and I had become intrigued. She sounded perfect for my first time with a woman and I needed her to treat me in the way that I had always fantasised. After all, she was the woman of my dreams.

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