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LunchThey were new.It was the lunch frame when he heard her knock softly. As the door closed behind her, she stepped into him and kissed him neither perfunctorily nor with promise. Nevertheless, it was a delightful surprise. She had brought no food. He had none. During their brief remarks, he was impressed with his desire for her, and the look on her face suggested that food was not the sustenance she sought. The tension was tantalizing.Smiling she asked what she could do for him sending a small, brief jolt to his brain thence vaguely below his belt. Certain that his face reflected his sexual tension and fearful that he might stammer, he said (was it higher than his usual register?), “Well, you could show me your (slight pause as he realized that they hadn’t yet had the opportunity to develop a sexual language, then an election and hope for an appearance of composure) pussy.” Her smiling face took on a look of mild amusement then her brow became a bit heavier as for interminable seconds she considered her response. “You just want to look.” It was more statement than question. “Well…” he offered but could get no further lacking knowledge, routine, confidence and hoping that he was not offending with his seemingly casual attitude.When the debate lifted from her face, she said, “Alright, you can look but not touch.” With her hands at her sides she then raised her skirt so that it formed semi-circles front and rear as she faced him and pulled down her panties. From his vantage in front of her, he could see nothing until her panties fell to her ankles and she stepped delicately out of them.Taking his hand as her skirt dropped and he silently cursed gravity, she led him to the bedroom. There she kissed him lightly on the lips and gave him the slightest of licks but did not invite him into her space. At the bed she stepped out of her shoes and sat down with her knees together. Putting her hands behind her, she pushed herself toward the middle and invited him to sit on the floor at the edge of the bed. Knees still together, she drew up her legs and put her heels on the edge of the bed. Then she reminded him that he could only look.Slowly she drew tipobet365 yeni giriş her skirt to her knees then down her thighs as he sat at her feet marveling at the triangular view of the sides of her thighs and ached to see her core which was covered by her feet and ankles. With glacial celerity the skirt traveled the miles to her trunk as she watched him. The journey completed, she paused then matter of factly spread her legs as far as comfort permitted leaving him less than two feet from her center. Her hair was thick, dark and curly; her lips were slightly parted; and though somewhat obscured by her luxuriant hair, her inner sexual flesh protruded slightly. As he sat transfixed before her, he was acutely aware of a dry mouth.Casually she traced each lip of her pussy with the edge of her middle finger smoothing the matted hair and giving him a clearer view of her darker sexual flesh. After another pause, she placed her hands to either side and opened herself wide as he took in air audibly (he did not gasp, thank you, but apparently had been holding his breath for a bit).As he sat aching, his eyes took in every inch–the glistening inner surface of her outer lips, the fringe-like inner lips, the clitoral shaft ending in a bulbous head, and, finally, the brighter pink of her opening. Gazing farther down where the light barely allowed his view, he appreciated her anus. Then he smiled as her watched a powerful contraction of the area. Removing her hands, she traced the shaft of her clitoris with one finger stopping just short of the head; then she stroked alongside it and down to the waiting mouth of her. Without entering she circled the shiny, moist opening then retraced her route moistening the ripe flesh of her as she went. After savoring the textures of her wet pussy, she returned to her slightly open mouth and dipping her finger inside anointed it. Satisfied, she withdrew her finger and made a small circle on his nose.At her wet touch of his nose he relaxed and smiled happily while she lay back. “Remember our understanding,” she said.Dipping her finger slightly into her vestibule, she traveled the wet back tipobet365 giriş up to the shaft of her clitoris which she preceded to stroke lightly. “You probably want to touch me here; and you’d probably like to do this” circling the head of her clit. “And maybe you’d want to touch me here” stroking the space from the head to the opening. “And especially here” teasing her urethra as another powerful contraction seemed to add breath to the last word. As her middle finger slowly disappeared inside, she observed correctly that he’d love to put his finger “into my cunt” (AH!). A second finger disappeared inside her and she explored her depths at length accompanied by more contractions which though somewhat obscure clearly were visible and voluntary. After enjoying her explorations she withdrew her fingers pressing against the bottom of her mouth and contracting against the pressure with a soft sigh. Then she distributed the moisture the length of her sulcus. With both hands she repeatedly gripped and pulled her inner lips sliding the hood wetly down her clitoral shaft. Then she stroked the shaft directly forward and back. Her breathing was decidedly heavier and her voice slightly strained as she observed correctly that he’d like to kiss her there. Redundantly he murmured assent as she began making slow circles around the head. “And here.” Again correct. As the circling increased in tempo, she whimpered, “But you must not.” Then leaving the area she pressed her first two fingers deep inside her cunt against a strong contraction. She moved her fingers in and out to an uncertain rhythm contracting along the path at irregular intervals and making tiny exciting noises some little more than breath others clearly moans.”You wish mine were your fingers. And you wish you could lick and suck my cuuunt,” she said breathlessly and with amazing perspicuity. As he was about to voice his acquiescence, she withdrew her fingers and put them to his lips. Gratefully he sucked them into his mouth and licked their entirety as she played with and attempted to grasp his tongue. Then she returned to the depths of her cunt and back to his mouth. Apparently tipobet365 güvenilirmi satisfied that his mouth tasted sufficiently of her, she returned to her more urgent needs. Briefly dipping her fingers into herself, she resumed her clitoral ministrations. Approaching from the side with her first finger on the shaft and the second on the head, her hand stroked concertedly as her contractions came more quickly and rhythmically. Her breathing became erratic and her abdominal muscles began wave-like undulations. Her hand moved more quickly, and he saw her begin to come as her cunt and anus began the involuntary contractions to their inevitable conclusion and she gave voice to that exquisite sensation embodying pain, wonder, ecstasy….and closed her legs tightly around her hand.When the contractions had diminished to occasional twitches, she removed her hand offering it limply to his mouth. Then shortly she commanded hoarsely, “FUCK ME!”With astonishing alacrity his pants were down, and he was inside her deliriously reveling in her lubricious wonder. Driving wildly while leaning on his hands on either side of her, he stared into her face recognizing the strains of a new coming. She pulled him down to her, buried her face in his shoulder and squealed as her cunt began to grip and release his cock in her coming. At some point he had paused to savor her come; but as he renewed his own surge for release, she rolled him over, withdrew her pelvis from his and reversed her position with breathtaking agility. She took him into her mouth–wet, velvety, hot, tight, soft, wonderful–and began to move up and down sucking and doing with her tongue marvelous things that he could not begin to differentiate with an intensity almost fierce and a pace so brisk that too soon he began to shudder and groan and released to her with love his burden of come too long withheld. Drinking lovingly, she watched his face as hers was suffused with a warmth far exceeding his gift.When he was recovered, she said sweetly so that he felt a spasm and desire to dive into her again simultaneously anguishing at the impossibility, “I hope you don’t mind, but I have to go back to work; and a girl can’t just drip dry at the office.” With that she was up, shod and on the way to the door. There she paused to pick up her panties, raised her skirt so that he could watch as she passed them over her cunt, handed them to him and disappeared out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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