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Madelyn – The Introduction

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Down the hall, I heard the door shut tight, and then the music came up. Madelyn was home from work, and not in the mood to join the two of us in the living room, watching the television. The two of us glanced at each other, shrugged, and continued watching TV. I knew what she was going to be up to in a few minutes, and I think Jim knew too. I don’t think he really cared beyond that moment. I wanted to be in on it… again.

It was an interesting living arrangement, us three house-mates. Jim and I had been friends for a long time, living together in a couple of different apartments, before landing this sweet deal of a house. The rent was a bit out of our league, so we needed a third to take on a room. Our first choice, Ted, had lived with us for only a few months, then moved in with his girl-friend, who was expecting their first child. Over drinks at the local pub a few nights before Ted was to move out, Jim and I met Madelyn. Singing karaoke, playing pool, and bumming cigarettes from each other, we quickly made friends with each other that night. A few nights later, Madelyn sidled up to our table at the pub, and told us a sad story of needing to find a new place to live, as her current lease was up, and she would be unable to renew. We immediately offered up the room that Ted was vacating. After a few debates about mutual expectations, she agreed to tour the house, and afterward, agreed to move in with us.

We had some lively times in the beginning, as we all worked varying hours, but had our evenings free together. A few house parties were thrown, and all our friends mixed and mingled together, creating new social circles. I started dating one of Madelyn’s friends regularly, and we became a couple in short order. Jim didn’t seem to settle on one girl, but played the field, whilst Madelyn did the same among the men in our circle that she deemed attractive. On several occasions, we would be busy in our respective bedrooms, inadvertently overhearing one another, and we would bursa escort all burst out laughing. Mornings got to be quite rambunctious, as we asked each other about what was occurring that made our partners shriek and groan, sharing a bit too openly at times. My girl-friend was good natured about it, as was typically the lucky fellow that bedded Madelyn the night before. Poor Jim unfortunately, had a sting of ladies that were just too embarrassed or put out, to laugh about the sex we all seemed to enjoy.

Over time, we out grew the public nature of our household, and sought more privacy from each other. I suppose this was merely the natural progression of things, as we began to mature further into adulthood. I was in the habit of staying over at my girl’s apartment most nights, while Jim had taken some night classes, to further his career. This left Madelyn to her own devices most of the week. She had her heart set on a particular guy, but he seemed quite indifferent toward her, unless he had been drinking. A bit of tequila, some dancing, and a bit of her feminine guile would have him spending the night, tending to Madelyn’s desires, more times than I think he dared admit.

Out of the blue one day, my girl-friend ended our relationship, and I ended up coming home around dinner time. As I entered the house, I could hear a very aroused Madelyn. I found this very strange, as her car was the only one in the drive. She was oblivious to my being present in the house, and while part of me wanted to warn her, another part of me wanted to see what she was up to, that had her so feverish. I tiptoed down the hall toward her bedroom, and to my excitement, discovered her door was slightly open. I carefully peered around the door frame, and was immediately in awe of what I saw before me.

Madelyn was wearing a bra, barely, as her large breasts were swimming out of the cups as she writhed on her back in the middle of her bed. Her legs were wide spread, as she worked a small vibrator bursa escort bayan in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was caressing her large breasts as she worked that vibe in and out with languid motion. I took a step back, to avoid being noticed, and tried to justify continuing my voyeurism. It didn’t take me long to do so, and I leaned forward again, to peer around the door frame. She was now sucking the vibe into her mouth, and fingering herself with her other hand. With a groan, she rolled onto her stomach, and drew her knees up, exposing her pussy and ass hole perfectly to me. She reached back and unclasped her bra, tossing it aside, then with her breasts pressed into the bed, reached both her hands back, and began to fondle and finger her pussy and anus. Again, I backed out of the door way, and this time seriously contemplated leaving the house for a while. Hearing her moan of pleasure, I decided I wanted to see more, so carefully, I peered around the door frame again. She had a couple of fingers working in and out of her pussy, but then, she drew them out, and began to rub her ass hole with them. After a few seconds, she inserted a finger, drawing another deep moan. Her other hand reappeared with the vibe, and she worked this back into her pussy, while fingering her ass hole with the other hand. Witnessing this had me starting to get worked up, but I didn’t dare reach into my pants to enjoy myself, as I didn’t want to risk making a sound and getting caught.

Madelyn suddenly pulled her finger from her ass and sat up. She pulled the vibe out of her sopping wet pussy, angled it against the mattress, then positioned her anus over the top of it. With her tits gathered up in her free arm, she sat down slowly on the vibe, inching it into her ass. As soon as her butt bottomed out on the mattress, she moved her hand into her lap, and began to finger her pussy. At this point, I had my hand in my pocket, tugging away at my hardening prick. Madelyn was beginning to moan escort bursa loader and buck her ass. She stopped fingering her pussy, and dropped her tits from the cradle of her free arm. Finding her nipples with each forefinger and thumb, she began to tweak and twist them, while grinding down on her vibrator, knees splayed. The bed began to creak and groan. She was starting to really work up a sweat, and my wrist was beginning to go numb from the pocket pool I was playing. Knowing a climax was imminent, and then awareness would begin to flood in, I stepped away from her doorway, and tiptoed back down the hall toward the kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen, I could hear that Madelyn was really getting close, as her breathing was quickly moving toward a shrieking sound. This mad perfect cover for me to unzip, and grasp my dick in my hand. As she built higher, my dick got harder, my hand became a blur, and I could feel my tension building quickly. Then she hit her peak, screaming out and panting. I heard a crash from her bedroom, and she continued to moan and shout. The head of my dick was so hard and turning purple, and she was just coming and coming. Finally, I shot a squirt of jizz straight out over the sink; a blur of a white rope of semen streaking into the porcelain bowl. Several more followed, while she began to quiet down. I could hear her moaning softly, content in her orgasm. I carefully wiped the head of my dick with a paper towel, and rinsed out the sink. After determining that she was dozing off, I carefully stepped back to the front door, opened it, paused, then closed it a bit loudly, to alert her that someone was home. I was rewarded with the sound of her bedroom door closing softly at the end of the hall.

I went into my bedroom, made sure the door was closed tightly, and undressed fully. A few minutes later, I was stroking my dick in bed, replaying the memory of Madelyn posting up and down on the vibe in her ass and her beautiful big tits swinging and swaying while she played with her big chewy nipples. That vibe in her ass and that lacy bra she had on… so hot. After a few minutes, I shot my jizz all over my chest and stomach. Wiping myself off, I turned off the light, and quickly fell asleep.

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