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Madison is Out of Control! Pt. 06-07

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Part 6

“Tim…Tim? I lost my key card. Can you let me in?” Samantha shouted through the door.

Tim and Dan pulled themselves out of Madison quickly. She giggled as she watched the two grown men panic.

“Oh Fuck!” Tim hoarsely whispered.

“What’s going on with her?” Dan asked. Her lack of seriousness was putting him on edge.

“I swear she gets off on this shit.”

For a moment both men watched as Madison continued to smile and play with herself. Only another set of knocks on the door snapped them out of it.

“I’ve got an idea.” Dan said

Tim let his wife into the room. He put an arm around her and began to explain.

“I’m sorry honey. It was going to be a surprise.” He said

“Tim and Madison wanted a picture together while they were dressed their best.” Dan continued.

“It was going to be for your Christmas present. Dan said I could work it off with more babysitting. A few late nights at his house would be enough I’m sure.” Madison added

Both men shared a secret glance as they prayed Samantha hadn’t heard the innuendo in Madison’s words.

“Oh…well…I guess I’m just glad you two are getting along. I was worried you were avoiding each other when I was around.” Samantha said.

To further prove to his wife that he and Madison were in fact getting along. Tim had decided to take his step-daughter on small weekend trip. It was going to be just the two of them. His family had long owned a beach house a few hours away. When his grandfather had passed it had landed in Tim’s brother Greg’s possession. Tim didn’t like his brother all that much. He had always been a pain in his ass. When they did see each other once a year at Christmas, Greg would spend half his time hitting on Samantha. He had also made some remarks about Madison that didn’t sit well with Tim but he wasn’t sure he was in a position to judge these days.

Tim had asked Greg for use of the beach house and with only a little begging he was able to get it. He had been forced to explain it was a bonding trip with his step-daughter and Greg made an inappropriate joke about a weekend away with a teenage girl but Tim ignored it. He didn’t want to blow the weekend. He had needed this badly after all. Since the wedding he had been staying far from Madison except when her mother around to see it.

The drive up the coast had been a pleasant one. They had been barely off the street before Tim felt Madison’s hand on his crotch, nearly out of town before her hand was in his pants and only half way their before she had her full face in his lap.

*Hoooon hoooon*

“Hey that bitch give good head?” A passing trucker yelled

His truck left him sitting high enough that he had perfect view into the wide windows of the minivan. Tim nearly swerved off the road with surprise. Once his heart beat found its proper pace he decided to make a show of it. Grabbing the back of her head he raised his hips to roughly fuck Madison in the mouth. He made a good show of it and the driver gave him a thumbs up before pulling ahead.

“Gonna use that later my man. Thanks!” The driver shouted.

*Hoooon Hoooon*.

Tim arrived at the beach house with plenty of daylight to spare. Greg had told him to make himself at home and after dropping their bags he did. He started by raiding a beer from the fridge. It was the expensive pretentious kind but he hadn’t paid for it so it was perfect. As he lay out on the wicker couch facing the water Madison walked into view.

Tim thought his eyes might fall hiltonbet yeni giriş out of his head. He had seen her dressed and he had seen her naked, hell he had seen her painted with jizz but he hadn’t seen her like this before. Madison was wearing possibly the least amount of fabric she could get away with. Even then he wasn’t sure she wouldn’t be getting some dirty looks in public. Her tiny gold swimsuit covered nothing plus a little more. Her areolas peaked out around the cloth in a way that was somehow even more erotic than if he could see them. String that was little more than fishing line criss-crossed her body leading to a small patch about the size of a wrist watch. It lay between her legs and covered her just perfectly in a way an older woman wouldn’t have been able to get away with.

“You like?” Madison asked with a twirl.

“Fuck yah I do.”

Madison made an act of turning and stretching for the ceiling and then down to her toes. The string did nothing to cover her rear entrance. If she wanted to she would be able to display it on a moment’s notice.

“Ok, I’m taking you to the beach.” He said. “…the private beach.”

Madison pouted but he held strong. He was not ready for the world to see him with a girl dressed like this. Daughter or not.

Madison alternated between swimming and showing off for passing boats. At one point a slow moving pair of kayakers passed their beach and she made a show of adjusting her swimsuit suggestively before giving them a peak at the goods. It was all made to look like an accident and Tim laughed as he sat in the shade with drink in his hand. He had laid out a large blanket for the two of them and was laying on it. Watching her play he realized he had never been so happy.

After the kayakers Tim could see the devilish look on Madison’s face. He had seen it a few times before and now knew it by heart. She was in the mood to play and it suited him just fine. She pulled him into a standing position and got down on her knees which dug into the sandy blanket.

“What’s this about?” Tim asked.

“I want to show how much I love you.”

The four letter word set Tim on edge and he wondered if he had let this go this far.

“That’s why I want the next person who passes to see you getting your cock sucked.” She continued.

Tim laughed with relief and let her lower his pants. Normally his playtime with Madison had been frantic and rushed. He might even say passionate but now she was taking her time. He watched her as she worked her way up and down the shaft. She smothered his dick with kisses and teased him. He saw how her normally pale skin and started to pink up from the sun as she licked him under is testicles. Tim came very close several times. He wanted so bad to fill her mouth with his fluids but she knew him to well. Always denying him right before he got there. Tim rolled his head back and closed his eyes as he decided to just enjoy it.

Suddenly everything changed and she was pulling him in deeper. Her movements sped up drastically and Tim felt like his whole body was being pulled into her. Tim looked down to see her focused on the task. At this point Madison was basically face-fucking herself. He could feel himself hitting the back of her throat as she fought away the urge to gag. A battle he wasn’t sure she could win. With each thrust he felt her body convulse.

Down at the beach a small motorboat with a bunch of younger guys watched Madison’s performance. Each knew there was no way the man on the receiving end of the blow job was going to hiltonbet giriş last. They waited, barely breathing for the big moment.

“NOW!” Tim shouted as began to cum.

Madison was red in the face. The blood pumping in her ears almost made her miss the warning but she pulled him out just in time. She finished him with her hands, directing his payload all over chest and face.

Part 7

Madison looked over at Tim asleep in the bed. She had worn him out the night before and she knew he wouldn’t be up for a while. She took some pride in that. Tim was the best lay she had ever had. He was skilled, controlled and the shape of his dick was perfect. It must have taken a team of engineers to figure out the perfect curve on it but she was happy they had.

She lifted the covers and pawed at Tim hoping to get his attention.


“The downside to an older man.” She said to no one in particular.

There was crackling noise coming from outside. Madison wrapped her body in a sheet and stood up to look out the window. There’s was an older pickup coming down the gravel driveway and she guessed at who it was. It was his beach house after all. Looking at the sleeping limp Tim she made her choice.

“A spare.” She said.

Madison met Greg as he got out of the truck. She expected to see some panic on his face. She was his teenage relative and was near naked in his driveway after all. But Greg just gave her a lopsided toothie smile.

“About time.” He said.

“Tim’s asleep.” She said.

“You mean your Father.”

“I mean your Brother. Brothers share right?”

“That’s what Mom told us.”

Madison was glad Greg wasn’t looking to waste any time. He picked up and carried her around the back of the house like a bride. When they reached the beach facing sofa he sat her down on his lap.

“So you two have been fucking I guess.” He said.

“I fuck lots of people but yah he’s my favorite.”

“For now, you know they call me Big brother right?” He stressed the word big.

“I wondered why they did that. I just figured it was ego.”

Madison decided to put him to the test and grind into his lap a little. Her wiggling paid of quickly and she felt his jeans stiffen. She swung her legs away from him so she could face water. Her back was to his chest and she continued to roll her hips. She expected him to unbuckle his belt but instead he moved his hands around her sides. They pulled the sheet down exposing her chest and she felt his rough hands on her breasts.

Madison reached around to help free him from his pants but Greg pushed her hands away firmly guiding them to rest on her hips. As he pulled her into his chest he began to work her nipples. The fresh cool air had made them hard and a little sensitive. Without knowing she wanted it herself, Greg and given her exactly what she needed. Her body responded to the way her tits were being rolled between his fingers. She was going to need to get fucked soon or…she didn’t know.

Madison had always been confident in her looks and never seen a man do anything but rush to get his cock inside her. She wondered why he was taking his time. Didn’t he want her?

With one hand still across her chest Greg’s other hand moved under the sheet now barely covering her bottom half. Madison knew what was coming next but he was gentle and careful with her it was like nothing she had experienced before. He held her clit between two fingers as he slowly moved them in a circle motion. It was so different from the fast and furious hiltonbet güvenilirmi style Madison was used to. She tried to push into his crotch. Just needing to speed up the process but he held her firm and continued to play. Madison had been a fuck toy before. She loved being the object in someone’s game but she had never felt this far out of control. The experience of being so thoroughly manipulated excited her.

Madison felt his fingers speed up. He was pushing on her now. Her breath was nearly being squeezed out of her as held her firm. She knew she wasn’t going to be able last long now. A hoarse squeak escaped her mouth between gasps of air and her body began to convulse. The full body orgasm took over. Greg let go of her causing her to fall from his lap and onto the sandy ground. Madison felt her body go limp like she had just finished a marathon and started to laugh. She didn’t know where it came from but she happy and she couldn’t stop laughing.

“Not bad eh Greg?” Tim said.

Tim had been standing in the doorway watching for some time. Something Greg had obviously been aware of. Madison looked up at the two brothers grinning stupidly at each other.

“Well I always said her mother looked like the type to…” Greg started to say


“I’m way better than her aren’t I Tim. Tighter even?” Madison said.

“She’s not lying about that. You should give her a go while we are here. We’ll be gone tomorrow afternoon.”

Madison took the cue to climb back onto Greg’s lap. This time helping him to remove his pants first. He really was the big brother. She gave it a nod and smiled. Greg would know what she meant she figured and there was no point bringing it up in front of Tim.

Madison thought the size would take a minute to adjust to but was surprised to see that he slipped right in. The magic of a pre-fuck orgasm. She was going to need to remember that for the future. This time she faced him with her knees on either side of his hips.

“You two really do look alike Uncle Greg.” She said.

“I’ve heard that before. Hey Tim you want in here too?”

“Nah enjoy yourself, call it payment for letting us stay.”

Madison was so used to a high energy fuck that she was almost disappointed when Uncle Greg set a slow pace. His hands on either cheek held her firmly in place as he slid her back and forth. Madison put her hands around his neck and leaned back. It wasn’t what she normally did but right now she didn’t care and she decided to enjoy the motions. She gave up control and felt him stir at her insides. Like a deep message it almost hurt but the release was worth it.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been riding like that for. It could have been all day and she wouldn’t have cared. When she finally came it was on Greg’s terms and she realized she had soaked his entire lap. The full body quake was even more intense than before. She nearly slipped right off of him. Though he caught her and helped her to her knees. The laughter didn’t take over this time. When her body was done cumming she looked down to see her pussy dripping a pool into the sand. It was all so surreal for Madison in that moment. Nothing seemed important and she completely at peace.

The two brothers stood over her with cocks in hand.

“What do you say little brother? Should we finish her off.”

“Oh I think that’s exactly what she need.”

Dopey and little cum drunk Madison watched as the men stroked themselves inches from her face. When Greg began to explode she didn’t have the good sense to close her eyes. It didn’t even occur to her. She smiled as she licked her lips trying to remember the taste. Next Tim finished and his aim was closer to her chin but a lot landed on her chest as well. She got a taste of him as well.

“Remarkably similar” she though. What did she expect though?

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