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Making A Queen Ch. 03

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Jack loved running his company. He loved the money, the strategic planning, the advertising, the bidding wars, that rush to come out with the next best thing. There wasn’t much about this wildly successful business that he didn’t enjoy. At the top of the list were Public Relations and Budget meetings. Today, Jack had a PR meeting followed by not one, but two budget meetings. It was the start of the fiscal year, and he had to okay the budgets for not only his tech company but his real estate one as well.

Which meant sitting in a room at a giant table surrounded by the stuffy, suited members of each board, listening to accountants ramble on, heads of different departments clambering for a bigger piece of the budget, and suck-ups trying to pitch their latest brilliant idea. Today had started off with an unexpected, intense way. He had been in a great fucking mood, but the last three hours of non-stop meetings had chipped away at it.

He couldn’t keep his gaze off the clock. Rude, sure. But he didn’t really care if they thought he was rude and uninterested. Because he was. He’d already gone over the budgets and given them the okay. This was for everyone else. It was kind of bullshit he had to be here for them. As he listened to them yammer on and on about expected expenses and projected growth, he found himself thinking about Isabella and what had happened that morning.

It was hot. Fuck, that was an understatement. And he found himself looking forward to their night together. Up until this morning, he hadn’t really had a favorite. Maybe Layla, but he wasn’t sure she had the capacity to do the job beyond getting him off. There was a lot more to it, and he needed someone capable of every aspect. Isabella had stepped up in a big fucking way. It took a lot to get a woman stuck in Jack Stone’s head, and what the beautiful Latina had done to him this morning had definitely embedded her into his mind throughout the whole day.

Or, maybe it was just the only thing he had to look forward to following this torturous day full of meetings. He would have pulled out his phone and started texting one… or three of the women if it wouldn’t have been rude as fuck. His fingers itched to grab his phone out of his pocket. Hell, he would have killed to be able to play a dumb game on the damn thing. Anything to end this monotonous torture.

Mark Carson was giving his usual speech, the one about how the company would benefit by allocating more of the budget into team building activities. He always tried to put a different spin on the speech, but in the end, it was just the same shit that Jack saw as a waste of time and money. Of course, the HR guy thought it was integral to building a solid foundation of trust and company loyalty. Blah, blah, blah. Jack knew the best way of building loyalty was to have everyone who knew anything sign a fat Non Disclosure Agreement.

Jack was fighting the urge to bang his head against the desk in time to the seconds that ticked away at the clock over Mark’s head when the door to the meeting room slid open. Several women stepped inside, and Jack couldn’t help but to grin at the sight of Melissa standing like a silent sentinel at the door, overseeing as several of his girls stepped inside. The women were all wearing variations of professional, yet slightly inappropriate attire as they moved around the massive table and went about serving their various beverages.

Jack’s gaze couldn’t help find Quinn as she moved around the room, setting down bottles of water in front of the various executives. The woman wasn’t Jack’s usual type. Oh, she had the amazing curves he demanded, but her personality, her style… They were so out of his norm that when Melissa suggested her as a possible replacement he’d been more than a little skeptical. Sure, when Quinn was merely a caretaker, they’d always had a whole lot of fun, but as the head caretaker she’d be a face that would be seen by not just Jack’s business partners, but his competitors as well.

She wasn’t exactly professional. Even now, in her pencil skirt and white button-up blouse, there was an edge to her that wouldn’t be hidden. The skirt was made out of leather, the heels she wore had spikes coming off the heels. She had a leather choker wrapped around her pale neck and a silver ring glinted from the right side of her nose. The inky black of her hair was pulled up into a bun, but a single streak of scarlet framed her face. Add in the heavy black eye makeup that made her gray eyes seem otherworldly, and the way her button-up gaped far enough to see the several straps of her bondage-inspired bra crossing her chest and she looked like a rock star playing pretend secretary.

Yeah, she so didn’t look the part… But at the same time, that made her all the more appealing. He loved the way the other men in the room stared at Quinn as she moved, some of them trying to play it cool, but most so desperate to get a better look down her shirt that they çankaya escort didn’t even try to hide their glances. They’d all been around Jack and his girls long enough to know the rules. New people seemed to think that Jack’s caretakers were nothing more than expensive toys that didn’t deserve respect, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The rumors surrounding what happened to the men who dared to disrespect one of his caretakers were outrageous but effective at making them stay in line. He was kind of proud of the fact that they seemed to believe that he’d actually had a man’s hand cut off for grabbing Melissa’s ass once.

Quinn wasn’t shy, and maybe that’s why Melissa had suggested her for the position. She was a ball buster, loud, and kind of bitchy to everyone except Jack. He wasn’t proud of it, but he really liked that about her. She didn’t take any shit, and she had the balls to stand up to him. Melissa was the only other woman who has ever had the gumption to tell him when he was wrong.

She wasn’t just outspoken. No, Quinn had a thing for teasing, for showing off. She took some kind of sick pleasure from taunting all these horny men who could only look and never touch without the risk of losing a hand. Jack enjoyed that, too. It was so fucking good for his ego, to watch knowing that everyone wanted what was his. Quinn ‘accidentally’ dropped a napkin on the floor and bent over in a way that reminded Jack of a stripper on stage. All eyes were on her leather-clad ass as she reached for the napkin, and Jack swore he heard someone groan at the sight. He didn’t blame them. Not one fucking bit.

Melissa cleared her throat, and like a bunch of guilty schoolboys, their eyes darted back to poor Mark who was doing his best to give his speech with all these attractive women roaming around. He stumbled over a few words and then went back to giving his spiel while the women started filing out of the room at Melissa’s behest. All except Quinn, that is. She handed her little tray of water bottles to a blonde before she moved around the room, not stopping until she was standing next to Jack at the head of the table. He glanced up at her, raising an eyebrow in question, only to receive a little grin in response.

The chair next to him was usually reserved for an assistant to take notes throughout the meeting, but he didn’t exactly need notes from this, so it was empty. He watched from the corner of his eyes as Quinn pulled the chair out and slid her perfectly round ass right into the seat. He wanted to ask her what was up, but couldn’t exactly do that without ruining the air of professionalism he’d been doing his best to exude throughout the sludge fest that was the last four and a half hours.

Quinn didn’t say anything, though she had a little smirk on her lips that she couldn’t quite shake as she rested one elbow on the table so she could prop her head up as she watched Mark segway his speech into a God damned power point presentation. Her chin in her palm, Quinn tapped her black painted nails against her lower lip, her gray eyes focused on the projected image full of pie charts and info graphics about how a higher moral increases the rate of success for a company.

She looked as bored as Jack felt, and after a few minutes, he took his attention off of Quinn and tried to aim it at whatever Mark was saying. It was honestly a real shame he had to have a whole human resources department. It didn’t really seem that fucking necessary, considering he had a team of lawyers who could handle any and every kind of dispute with a whole lot more efficiency.

Jack’s mind started to wander, it didn’t take a genius to see just how fucking bored the man was. With one glance, Quinn could tell he was slowly going crazy via power point presentation. His eyes were glazed over and he was fiddling with a fountain pen. Quinn couldn’t just sit there and let him die of boredom, now could she?

Getting closer to Jack took a few minutes of subtly rolling her chair closer to his. She didn’t have to get too close, just close enough that she could reach out and slide her hand up his thigh. At the first brush of her hand, she felt his muscles tense, but they slowly relaxed as she started a slow up and down movement against his thigh, moving subtly towards his inner thigh. She kept her chin resting in her other hand as she kept trailing her fingers up and down over his skin, letting him get used to the touch. She wanted him to think it was just a casual thing, maybe a little teasing, maybe a little affectionate, but nothing more.

Despite her intention to keep it seemingly casual, it wasn’t long before his trousers were getting uncomfortably tight. His cock strained against the material as Quinn rubbed her palm up and down his inner thigh, sometimes her fingers would curl and she’d rake her nails down his skin. It was getting a bit hard not to squirm in his seat. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to turn escort çankaya him on or not, but he was surprisingly fucking hard considering how much he’d came earlier. Not even the events of this morning could put a damper on Jack’s near-constant lust.

Jack found it increasingly difficult to stay still as Quinn slid her devilish little fingers up and down his cock. Every once in awhile, she’d pinch her thumb and index finger around the head of his dick, the spike of pleasure it sent through him was so intense his whole body would tense up and he’d grit his teeth until she let go. He wasn’t quite sure if he loved it when she did that, or if he hated it and wanted her to knock it off. He never said shit about it, though, because finally, his day seemed to be turning around and heading back to the direction in which it had started.

Her nails scraped across the front of his trousers, dragging their way upwards towards the button that kept them firmly secured around his waist. Jack couldn’t help but to glance over at Quinn, the little smirk on her full lips was the only fucking clue that anything lascivious was happening under the table. The rest of her face was pleasantly blank, her chin resting in her palm as she stared at the screen as Mark continued to word vomit his dull and lifeless rhetoric. Her poker face was almost as good as his was, and that was saying something.

Nimble fingers quickly undid the button of Jack’s pants, the tension in the material sagging just enough so she could grasp the zipper of his fly. She tugged it down with an unceremonious yank, the little “ziiippp” sound it made making Jack tense for a split second, worried that someone would have heard the noise. No one around him reacted even a little bit, the sound probably drowned out by the sound of Mark rattling on about team-building exercises.

Quinn slid her fingers into the front of Jack’s pants, his Calvin Klein’s standing no chance against her determined fingers as she pushed forward in search of his erection. He couldn’t help but to look over at her as her fingers wrapped around his hot, hard cock. The way she was rubbing her lips together made his dick twitch hard enough that Jack almost told everyone to get the fuck out of his building so he could face fuck this little tease into oblivion.

Slender fingers wrap around the thick base of his cock and with a skillful maneuver, she slips him free from all the material that kept him contained. Once he was free, Jack sat up a little straighter in his chair, clearing his throat and folding both of his hands together in front of him on the desk, his gaze going to the power point presentation and staying there. He didn’t exactly want to look at Mark, Warren, or Fat Fred while Quinn was stroking his cock.

Jack kind of… Zoned out. All of his focus was on the feeling of her hand and the way she’d squeeze around him as she pulled her fist higher up his cock so that her when she reached the very tip of him, her grip was relentlessly tight. He wasn’t one for handjobs. Sure, it felt good and could do the job in a pinch, but it lacked the warmth.. that wetness. The intimacy and intensity that came along with that. But this one, while he was in a room full of people and Quinn sat there like she wasn’t doing anything more than watching a dumb presentation, it was exhilarating. Maybe it was the thrill that at any second, someone could look over and notice what was happening. Or maybe Quinn just really knew how to handle a cock.

She kept working him, up and down with her fist and rubbing, pinching, squeezing fingers. Her pace wasn’t too fast, wasn’t too slow. It was just enough to keep Jack on the edge of his seat, his jaw clenched as he tried to keep a solid control of his expression. All he could think about was the second everyone left this god damned office. With every second, every nimble stroke of his cock, Jack’s control slipped just a bit more. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold onto his self-control. He was seconds away from grabbing Quinn by her hair and shoving her to her knees and face fucking her until all that eyeliner was streaming down her face.

The slide show that had been slowly torturing every soul who’d had to pay attention to it was over, though Jack didn’t notice for a few seconds, not until everyone started clapping. Everyone, that was, except Quinn. She looked rather… Bored. The quick glance in her direction made Jack scowl a little. For some reason, her looking bored when he could barely sit still agitated him. He didn’t have the luxury of being able to analyze her expression, because everyone’s attention shifted from Mark to Jack.

Despite the shift in focus, Quinn didn’t stop. Her hand slid up and down the length of his hard cock, stroking and squeezing around the head of him. He sat up a little straighter, shifting himself closer to the table to make sure that her hand and his lap and what was happening was well çankaya escort bayan hidden by the large conference table.

“Well done, Mark, as always,” Jack said, trying not to roll his eyes at his own lie. It was hard to feign interest in these idiotic projects and presentations, especially with Jack’s predilection for brutal honesty. He wanted to tell Mark that this was useless and he would never agree to his fanciful ideas about company morale, and maybe he would have, given how utterly bored he’d been since the second he stepped foot in this office… But something about the pretty alternative girl and her fingers wrapped around his cock placated him.

“Myself, as well as the rest of upper management, will take all of your ideas and suggestions into consideration before we finalize this year’s budget. Th-” Jack made a soft choking sound as Quinn’s fingers squeezed around the head of his cock, forcing a little bit of precum to seep from the slit. Her thumb was quick to wipe up that drop of moisture, her hand finally leaving his cock.

Jack cleared his throat and continued, ignoring the questioning looks people shot him. “Thank you for all of your time and effort. Your passion and commitment is admirable..” He had to fight from staring at Quinn as she slid her thumb past her lips and sucked that drop of precum off her thumb. It was a fight he’d won, but just fucking barely. “Enjoy the rest of your night,” He said, giving them a dismissive wave of his hand.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy to get them to fuck off. Some wanted to stay behind and schmooze Jack, try to butter him up and kiss his ass. Normally, he’d humor them for half an hour and stick around to shoot the shit, but right now, he just wanted them fucking gone. He had to awkwardly stand halfway up to shake hands, making sure to reach over the desk when people insisted on the handshake. Luckily, Quinn caught on and kind of draped her arm around his shoulders and glared at anyone who dared to even insinuate a handshake.

It took a solid five minutes for everyone to get the idea and fuck off. The door to the conference room was closed by someone sporting unmistakably red hair. Fucking Melissa, she was so good to him. He was willing to bet she was going to stand guard, too. Times like this, he wondered if he would ever find someone to replace her, someone who got even the littlest shit down, like knowing when to close a door so another woman could suck his cock.

The second that door clicked closed, Quinn was moving. She was out of that chair and pushing his away from the conference table before Jack had the chance to reach for her himself.

“Fucking shit, I didn’t think those stuffy old fucks would ever fucking leave,” Quinn breathed out the words, as foul-mouthed as ever. She gave up trying to roll the chair away from the table and instead just spun it around to face her while she kicked the chair she’d been sitting in a few feet away. Her gaze met Jack’s and a slow grin curled across her lips.

“I never thought that fucking power point would end,” She muttered the words before leaning down and crushing her lips to Jacks. He was quick to lean up towards her, his hands reaching out to grab hold of her hips, his fingers squeezing into those soft curves.

Quinn made an appreciative sound against his lips as his fingers dug into her skin, her tongue darting out to steal a brief kiss of his delicious mouth, that little metal barbell that pierced her tongue sliding wetly across his skin… But, that wasn’t what she wanted. She’d spent the whole time thinking about what she was going to do the second everyone else left, and she was so not willing to compromise her plan.

Jack’s hand started to slide around towards her ass, and she just let him get a squeeze in before she reached back and wraps her fingers around his wrist. She pulls his hand off of her slowly as she starts to lower herself to the ground in front of him. Her hands letting him go as their lips part so she could slide her fingers up his thighs and find his cock, still hard and bared and all for her. She wraps her fingers around him and squeezes before she even gets situated on her knees, too eager not to be touching his cock somehow.

Jack mutters a curse under his breath as the vixen wraps her fingers around his dick, adjusting in his chair as he watches her drop to her knees before him, her fingers squeezing as she leans forward towards his cock. He was hard as fuck, his entire shaft throbbing, twitching within her gasp and practically begging for her attention. He gripped the arms of his chair, his nails biting into the leather as she parted her full lips and slid that pierced tongue free.

He watched with reverence as she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock, the hot, wet sensation of that muscle flicking across the most sensitive part of his body made a low growl leave his throat. It wasn’t just one teasing lick, no, Quinn started lapping at him like he was a fucking ice cream cone. She rolled that piercing around the ridge of his thick tip, the metal a hard contrast to her soft tongue. It almost looked better than it felt, the sight of her skillfully rolling that muscle around his cock like he was the tastiest treat she’d ever had.

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