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Making the Grade Ch. 03-04

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Author’s note: My apologies to the readers for the delay in writing the follow up to this story which I created in 2011. I am grateful to those of you who emailed and encouraged I continue the story of Kristin and submit other stories. I hope this is a good follow up and I appreciate everyone’s patience…



Chapter 3

It was dark in her dorm room when Kristin returned home. She didn’t flip on the light, hoping to avoid waking her roommate Kelly as she used the light from outside to guide her. The soft light from the dorm parking lot was just enough to move around the room.

She disrobed, dropping items of clothing by the bed in a little pile. She winced slightly as she slid her tight jeans down her thighs, still store from the whipping that her lesbian professor had administered just a few hours ago.

As she slid into bed, she reflected on what had transpired. A few days before Kristin Campbell was just another young junior in college, struggling in a course: Statistics. She was a very bright girl but the partying scene had finally caught up with her. That and her attraction to sex which had her spending more time in bars and guy’s dorm rooms than in the library studying.

She had heard from other students that her professor, Tracey Wilson, had a thing for lesbian coeds and perhaps she could strike a bargain offering herself for some “extra credit.”

Initially, she thought she may have overplayed her hand when Professor Wilson in her office seemed to take offense at the suggestion of exchanging credit for sexual favors. But there was no doubt the beautiful professor had always been interested in the young coed who dressed so sexy and openly flirted with her in class.

Her gamble had paid off with an invitation to the professor’s home, secluded several miles away from campus. It was there the professor shared the video she had filmed earlier in the day of Kristin in her office. Taking no chances, the professor filmed Kristin playing with herself, naked sprawled out on the floor. Were Kristin to spread gossip and innuendo about the professor, the video would certainly find itself into the public domain for all the other students and public to see.

That touchy business out of the way, Professor Wilson indoctrinated Kristin in her first lesson in discipline. Tracey Wilson was upfront with Kristin she was no ordinary lesbian. She loved the wild side and preferred a little bondage and discipline in her sex. She made it crystal clear Kristin would devote herself totally to the study of Sapphic desires.

For the duration of her servitude, she would abstain from all sex with any male surrendering herself totally to women. Essentially for the remainder of the semester, or however long she was a student of the professor, she would swear off cock entirely. Her world would consist of lesbian sex and she would do whatever was requested of her by Professor Wilson or her designee.

At first, she wondered if she could honor such a request. While fairly conservative in high school, Kristin had made up ground in college. She didn’t have a consistent boyfriend very long, choosing instead to work her way through many of the senior and junior fraternity guys on campus.

She had a reputation as someone who didn’t need a lot of primer to get going. Still, she was fairly discriminate with whom she had sex with, and her gorgeous 5’4″ 35C 23 34 frame turned a lot of heads. In addition, Kristin had long blonde tresses, with highlights that accentuated her pretty face. There was never a shortage of young men vying for her attention!

Tracey Wilson spent the evening with Kristin giving her a lesson in bondage and discipline. Hoisting the young coed up naked, her arms tied tightly over her head, Tracey let Kristin feel her harsh lash. The whip teased her thighs and ass and she could still feel the heat hours later laying in her bed.

The professor had placed clamps on her little brown nipples, which ached from the pressure yet caused her pussy to tingle. Tracey had introduced an anal plug but it wasn’t the first time Kristin’s anus had been stretched. She was no stranger to anal sex and actually found she liked the feeling of a hard cock in her backside. Another reason boys found her so exciting.

But it was Tracey’s soft kiss and the taste of her pussy on her lips which Kristin thought about now. She never thought the taste and scent of another woman could get in her head as Tracey’s did.

The professor asked her to consider carefully what she was committing when she took a vow of service. This would be no quick experiment, no little diversion in her recreational activities at school. No – for the duration of this agreement, Kristin would be the professor’s lesbian slave. She would do anything requested and failure to comply would be met with swift and harsh discipline.

Repeated violations and the agreement would be terminated and the grade Kristin sought would likely leave her failing the course and with it, her father’s gaziemir escort displeasure. If only he knew the length Kristin was prepared to go to get the B and keep her coveted scholarship.

Kristin lay in bed on her stomach as her back and thighs still stung from the earlier lashes from Professor Wilson’s whip. The Professor had used a flogger concentrated at the fleshy thighs just below Kristin’s spectacular ass. Tracey was impressed by its shape and her toned legs she kept in shape by runs most mornings when she wasn’t hung over from the night before.

Just above her ass was a colorful tribal tattoo that she had inked into her tanned skin in high school with a close friend. Both had acted on a dare and held each other’s hands as the tattoo artist adorned their small backs. Kristin loved the tat and later had little stars tattooed on her right foot. Body art was in vogue and Kristin loved showing it off though her parents had scolded her for what they considered an impulsive act she would later come to regret. She even had a little dangle piercing her belly button and loved showing it off in many of the midriff tops she wore – her back tattoo and cute navel on full display.

Kristin Campbell lay in her bed, her head buried in her pillow, thinking of what had just transpired that day. The first moments peeling off her clothes in front of her professor and then later watching Professor Wilson expose her gorgeous pussy to her – to savor, to worship. While Kristen shaved her pussy bare, Tracey had a black trimmed bush that even now Kristen could still taste. The scent, the taste was etched in her brain. It was the first pussy she had ever gone down on but she knew after today there would be many, many more. The professor had said as much.

Eventually Kristin’s world faded to dark and the day came to a close, a chapter in her life she would not ever forget.

Kristin woke to her roommate Kelly dashing about the room. She raised up to see the young attractive blonde coed moving from the bedroom drawers to the bathroom as she readied for the day. Kelly was a year younger and pretty much kept to herself. She was nothing like Kristin’s former roommate Robin who liked to party and loved hooking up with boys as much as her best friend. It was the social scene that eventually caught up with Robin, whose grades had been plummeting for some time.

Kelly saw Kristin stir and remarked how she must have had fun last night, judging by the clothes in a little pile by the bed. Kelly had already been to the cafeteria, arrived back, taken a shower and now was off again.

Kelly said something about seeing her later and was gone in a flash. Kristin sat up and got out of bed. She normally wore an oversized sleep shirt but last night, she simply slipped out of her jeans and top and crawled right into her sheets. As Kristin walked in the bathroom, she could feel how sore her nipples were and when she turned she saw the slight bruising already forming on her thighs. It wasn’t real noticeable but was made more evident by the soreness to her sensitive backside.

Kristin brushed her teeth and showered before heading down to the cafeteria for a bite. It was Sunday and nothing was planned that day so she headed over to the library and figured she’d concentrate on some of the schoolwork she had neglected most of the semester.

As she headed across campus, she took notice of the other female coeds, their looks and their dress. In her twenty years, she had never gave much notice to other women, but now she studied them with interest. It also wasn’t lost on her this new sense of appreciation of females. No doubt Professor Wilson’s lessons last evening were resonating.

Hours seemed to go by slow as her first class approached with Tracey Wilson on Monday. Kristin began the day making sure she was dressed to catch Tracey’s attention. She wore the same jeans she had on Saturday night but this time an orange top, that was cut low to accentuate her lovely pert breasts. She had on a bra but removed it and smiled slyly when she looked in the mirror and could see her already hard nipples poking through.

Her roommate did a second look as well as Kristin emerged from the bathroom. Kelly was very conservative in her dress and manner and was really taken back with Kristin. She sometimes wondered, even though she liked her a lot, if maybe this roommate assignment was not quite a match.

Kristin’s late hours and the way she always partied and chased after boys didn’t sit well with Kelly. But she was determined to mind her own business as long as Kristin wasn’t bringing these guys back to the dorm room with her. Little did she know, Kristin’s dalliance with guys was behind her. Something not even Kristin was fully aware.

Kristin took her seat in Ms. Wilson’s class. She always sat on the front row and today her heart seemed to take an extra beat each time Tracey’s eyes met hers. The teacher was intent not to stare at the pretty coed but she couldn’t help hold karabağlar escort her gaze just a little longer than necessary. Tracey had reminded Kristin at her house she would refer to Tracey as Mistress in her home but here in the class it was strictly Professor.

Kristin listened intently to Tracey but she couldn’t get the images of the older woman out of her head. That evening at her house, Tracey dressed in a black leather corset, her ample breasts on full display along with her gorgeous pink nipples. Tracey had been wearing thigh high leather booths with an especially long stiletto heel. The word sexy didn’t do the image justice. Kristin knew she would do anything required of her. She would submit to Tracey totally and without reservation. Not as much from the agreement they had made, she simply longed to.

Kristin snapped back out of the daydreaming to see Professor Wilson drawing formulas on a smart board. She took them down in her notebook. It was important she do well in class, not just in the bedroom.

When class ended, Tracey let her hand settle on the top of Kristin’s desk as the other students were dashing out the door. In a low voice she said to drop by her office at 3 and don’t be late. Then Tracey herself walked out of the class, leaving Kristin to wonder what the rendezvous was all about.

Chapter 4

Kristin was perhaps a few minutes early when she arrived at Professor Wilson’s office. A young woman, perhaps a student herself, manned the receptionist’s desk and took Kristin’s information asking her to take a seat. A few minutes later Kristin was informed the professor would see her.

When Kristin opened the door to the professor’s office, she saw that Tracey was not alone. Sitting in one of the side chairs was a very pretty woman.

“Kristin, allow me to introduce you to Leah, one of my graduate students,” Tracey remarked as she moved behind Kristin shutting the door behind them. Leah stood and offered her hand to Kristin.

This was the woman Tracey had spoken of back at her house. The student would also be her mentor and her mistress. She recalled Professor Wilson’s words when she said Leah would help her in her studies but also guide her, instruct her in the ways of Sapphic love.

Kristin took in the woman’s features. Taller than Kristin, Leah was perhaps 5’10” or 5’11”, short brown hair, cropped close but bangs which swept over her forehead. But it was the smile, the broad white smile that captivated her.

Leah was smartly dressed, slacks and a white top but it did reveal a very nice figure and she was just as pretty as Kristin had hoped she would be. Now Kristin wondered if Leah too had been trained by the professor, or had she already been a lesbian when they met. So many questions.

“I’ve shared with Leah what her role is and I’ve also made it clear you will follow her direction to the tee,” Tracey informed the young coed. “You will do whatever she requires, whatever she says,” Wilson broke off. “Do you understand?”

“Yes mam,” replied Kristin looking back at Leah.

Kristin could feel something in the air between them though. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. When you meet a guy for the first time wondering if there might be a moment between you. In this case, she knew sometime soon, perhaps that very afternoon, she would be having sex with this stranger. She would do whatever she requested.

Kristin surveyed Leah’s body without being obvious. There was no doubt the woman kept in great shape. Perhaps an athlete herself? Basketball? She was certainly tall enough. Certainly lean and fit.

“Dr. Wilson said you were struggling in Stats, bring your book and any workbooks you have,” Leah shot at her. “I have an apartment in the Baker complex,” Leah went on. “Here’s the address.”

Kristin took the slip of paper and looked back at Professor Wilson. It was the first time she heard her referred to as a doctor.

“Be there at 7, oh and tell your roommate you’re staying with a friend tonight and not likely to be home,” Leah added as Professor Wilson showed her the door to her office.

Kristin thought about looking back once but decided to keep moving. She left the two women talking as she gathered the books she had left in the receptionists area.

The hours moved slowly by that afternoon. Kristin took a shower and shaved her legs and around her pussy, taking a moment to inspect herself, ensuring she was perfectly smooth were Leah to be close enough to notice. Would tonight just be tutoring for statistics or lesson two in lesbian love? She certainly hoped for the later.

As she let the water stream over her face, wetting her long locks that clung to her back, she soaped her breasts, and swiped her slippery hands over her nipples, then down to her freshly shaved pussy. The water beating down on her, warm and wet, she let her fingers slide between her lips, She parted her legs and plunged a finger in between the folds, deep and then deeper. Leaning against kemalpaşa escort the tile wall, her finger toyed with her clit, which enlarged and pulsed.

She imagined Leah between her legs, sucking her little button, her face buried between her legs, licking, sucking.

The moment was interrupted by the sound of a door closing in the adjoining room. Kelly was home from class and cut on the TV as she collapsed on the bed.

Kristin cut off the shower and stepped out. Her heart was still racing from the impending orgasm that had built up but not quite fully released. She toweled off, dabbing at the long strands of hair. Taking her brush, she brushed it back. She spent the next fifteen minutes or so blowing her hair dry and applying just a tad of makeup. She had a lovely complexion and didn’t need much but always put liner around her eyes. She wanted to accentuate them. Kristin had hard dark brown eyes and as yet had no need of contacts or glasses.

She walked into the dorm room from the bath with a white fluffy towel ensconced around her body, tucked in at the breasts. Kelly was laying on her bed watching a show on television. One of the mindless daytime soaps that many of her friends wrapped themselves in.

Kristin had no use for daytime drama. She had enough of it in high school with all her friends. She would much rather spend her waking hours involved in an activity instead of piled up in front of a TV.

Kristin recalled the conversation that the professor and she had about Kelly back at her house. She had shared that this was their first semester together after she lost her long time roommate Robin. In the three months together she had never seen Kelly naked and rarely had Kelly seen Kristin. While Kristen and Robin were very comfortable around each other in whatever states of dress. Kelly rarely undressed completely in the room. Perhaps bra and panties but even that was quick.

Kristin was still horny from the shower which had interrupted her play. So, why not! Kristin walked over to her dresser and dropped the towel which slid down her body to her ankles. Using her foot she kicked it up slightly grabbing it as she tossed it over on her bed.

She didn’t look behind her to see if Kelly was watching her but she could sense her eyes. She knew she was watching every movement. She looked through a drawer, and then the next, pausing, examining. Then she shot around.

Yes, Kelly was looking right at her.

“I’m missing some clothes. I cannot find my lacey black bra and panties from Victoria’s,” she said almost in a pout.

Kelly immediately looked away back at the TV hoping Kristin didn’t think she’d been staring.

“I guess when I did the laundry, maybe I left them downstairs…” she trailed off still facing Kelly. The young coed continued to stare at the TV, not daring to look at Kristin, who she could still see in her peripheral vision.

“I sure hope I didn’t leave any other clothes there,” Kristin went on. “You don’t think some of my stuff is mixed in with yours,” she started to say walking in the direction of Kelly’s bureau.

“No,” Kelly shot back, now looking at her. “None of your stuff is in my drawers,” her roommate replied sounding quite agitated.

“Damn, chill girl. I’m not making a federal case of it. I just wondered,” Kristin retorted back, smiling inside as she stood just feet away from her roommate. In the little time they had spent together, Kristin had never been in the nude for as long as she had in this little encounter.

Kelly’s eyes seemed to take in all of Kristen, darting from her eyes to her breasts, her freshly shaved pussy, back to her eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long day. No, I haven’t seen them but I certainly would have noticed your clothes in with mine,” she responded.

Kristin stood there for a minute, still taking in the moment, then turned and walked back over to her side of the room.

“Anyway, it appeared earlier you had stopped wearing a bra,” Kelly looked over. Kristin had her back to her but smiled at the response.

“Oh, this morning, I don’t know what got into me. I just felt like going without,” Kristin said turning to look back.

“Well, with that top, you could see everything,” Kelly went on sounding a bit prudish. “No doubt giving some guy a free show again.”

Kristin just looked at her and smiled. She wondered what her roommate would think if she knew the free show was for another woman.

“Well, you should look at dressing a little different yourself. You’re a very attractive girl but you dress…”

Kristin didn’t finish before Kelly cut her short. “I don’t need advice from you on what to wear. Maybe I’m not interested in showing off all my charms to every guy on campus!”

The air was tense and Kristin realized this little exchange was getting out of hand.

Perhaps running around in the buff had flustered Kelly but no doubt it was having a reaction. It was time to put an end to it as Kristin turned around and slipped a pink thong around her legs and up her waist. She chose a matching pink lacy bra to go with it.

She slipped on some shorts and a grey t-shirt before telling Kelly that she wouldn’t be back this evening. As Kristin shut the door behind them, walking out of her dorm room, she heard Kelly mutter, “No shit.”

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