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“Manners” (D/s B/d, WS, Humiliation)

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Public Sex

“Manners” (D/s B/d, WS, Humiliation)Adults only. Please do not repost without permission. Comments to usedtobethisdiamondring@yahoo.com I approached the empty house, driving up the forever-long driveway, gently pressing the button above my head, and watched as the massive garage door lifted. I took a deep breath as I pulled in, again, touched the button above my head and stepped out of my car. The whir of the closing garage door gave way to complete silence as I began to undress. Carefully I removed the business suit I was wearing, hanging it neatly in the garment bag left by the door. I removed each piece of jewelery, placing it in the front pocket of the garment bag. Then I removed my bra, and stepped out of my panties, folding them and placing them in the bottom of the bag. As I stepped out of my pumps, I reached up and released my hair from the sophisticated roll reserved for the office, and then unfastened my stockings from their garters before rolling them gently down my legs. When I was completely naked, and my clothes were carefully stowed, I reached to the hook beside the door and removed the heavy leather collar. Lifting my hair, I circled my neck with the sign of my position, the little attached tag jingling to call attention to itself. It read, simply, “HIS.”, Another deep breath and I am ready to enter the house. Kneeling, I push my head through the large pet door and crawl through. I have done this many times. I know my place well. I crawled through the kitchen, down the back hall and arrive at a large, well appointed room. It is something between a library and a gentleman’s den. It is where I am to wait. A large desk is placed at the center of the back wall, which is lined with shelves full of books. There are several chairs comfortably placed to encourage reading or conversing. A cool fireplace dominates one wall, and there is an empty corner which is quite visible from the door. Stained-glass window panes set high in the wall, filter the light of the setting sun, giving everything a golden glow. It is almost peaceful. Without hesitation, I moved to the empty corner. Kneeling, I arranged myself there, shuffling only a moment to make sure my knees were the proper distance apart, and entwining my fingers atop my head. And i wait. Soon I heard stirring in other parts of the house, which indicate that I am not alone. There is always that thrill of wonder, as I hope it is my Master, and not another who will enter the room. Footsteps came closer. The measured tap as they approach assure me it is my Master, but all doubts are removed as I smell his cologne. It is Master, I am safe. Without acknowledging me, I heard Master go to his desk. He sits heavily in his large chair, and began opening drawers. I did not know if he was working, or preparing his pleasures. I knew he could see me, but I sensed he was ignoring me. He continued what he was doing for what seemed like forever, and I felt apprehension begin to grow. Finally, I heard Master rise from his desk and move towards me. My heart pounded harder, and I realized I had been all but frozen in place until now, and suddenly, it is all I can do to keep from shifting my weight, moving. Without a word, Master pulled my hands behind me, and I felt the coolness of the cuffs as they closed about my wrists. Next a blindfold was placed around my eyes, cutting out even the lamplight spilling from across the room. Finally, a leash was clipped to my collar. I felt the cool metal as it slid across my skin, and then felt Master give a quick pull and I follow him where he leads. It is not a far distance I had to follow, before Master pulled me upright, and bent me over the arm of one of the chairs. He pushed my head down, which pulled my bottom up, and he spread my legs even wider with his knee and feet. My sex immediately began to dampen, and I felt the cool air as it found my private places. I resisted the urge to shiver, as I felt Master probe my tight anal opening, applying lubricant as he did so. Even after untold hours of wearing a plug, it takes effort for him to insert his fingers. Without warning of any kind, he removed his fingers and inserted a large plug in one motion. A breath caught in my throat as I struggled to remain silent, trying to ignore the burning, stinging, sickening sensations that spread through my ass and into my stomach. My nipples hardened, my cunt now drenched. Finally Master spoke through an evil laugh. “I bet your employees would love to see you now!” The mere thought of having someone see me now was humiliating, but with his words, it was if I was suddenly surrounded by everyone in my office that answered to me. I remembered how I had been short with my secretary this pendik escort morning, and how I spoke harshly to another employee regarding his work, knowing that others may be able to over-hear the conversation. Yes, they would probably love to see me now. No longer the one in charge, no longer the one with the answers, the demands. Master, in his great wisdom, knew that these would be my feelings, just as he knew they would cause me great humiliation, which in turn would cause me great sexual longing. My face flamed, as my anal muscles quivered around the intruder stretching me wide. Again Master pulled the leash on my collar, and I dropped to my knees, following him where he would go. In the kitchen, Master hooked the handle of the leash around a heavy kitchen table leg. I could hear as he prepared food, smell the aromas as garlic sauteed, and steak broiled. I heard the cork being removed from a bottle of wine, and my stomach gurgled to remind me that I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I looked forward to dinner. Master is a delicious cook. Finally, I heard the food being placed on the table, and Master came to me. Removing the blindfold, he unclipped the leash, and then set down a bowl of water on the floor, and a bowl of food. It looked and smelled like dog food, but I knew it was actually a cheap canned stew. My heart sank with disappointment when I realized that I was not going to get ‘real’ food. I really didn’t care for the ‘dog’ food I was being served. I knew better than to protest or complain, though, so I got on my knees and bent over to begin eating my dinner. Master’s rules required that I finish the entire amount set before me, and that I lick the bowl clean. Thankfully, there was not much in the bowl, but by the time I had finished, i had the thick sauce on my nose and on my face, and I had pushed the bowl halfway around the kitchen trying to lick it clean without the assistance of hands. Master took much longer than I did, as he enjoyed his dinner in relaxed comfort. I ended up sitting on the floor waiting for him, my food smeared on my face, again humiliating me. When Master finished his dinner, he asked me if I need to relieve myself, and I nodded yes. Removing the handcuffs, he clipped the leash back on my collar, and then lead me to the back door. When he opened it, he exchanged my leash for a chain that was anchored to a stake in the ground, and told me to go do what I needed to do, not to touch the plug, and to let him know when I was ready to come back in. I hate to have to have to relieve myself outside, but at least tonight I was only being made to urinate outside. I found a dark corner behind a bush, and “did what I had to do”, wiped my face and bottom as clean as I could on the grass, and then came back to the door and scratched to be let back in. I waited a few minutes, and then scratched again. I had expected Master to make me wait a few minutes, but after 20 minutes or so I was beginning to panic. I scratched harder, trying to get his attention, when suddenly the door swung open and I scampered through it in relief. Immediately I realized I had made a mistake. I had come in before being told to, and I hadn’t had the chain unhooked from my collar. I knew better than to look up at Master, but I quickly backed out of the kitchen back onto the patio. Too late. Master grabbed my collar, and pulled me up, my hair tangled in his fingers, pulling it painfully as he removed the chain and replaced it with the leash. He roughly pushed me to the floor, and with one smooth motion, pulled his foot back and kicked my ass very hard, pushing me off my knees, and knocking the breath from my lungs, pain reverberated through the plug in my ass.I felt tears sting my eyes as I got back on my knees. Yes, it hurt when he kicked me, but it was even more humiliating, and I felt very small. Just as I was back on my knees, I realized that I had heard Master removing his belt, and then I felt it land on my bare back. I started forward, u*********sly trying to avoid further contact, but at the same time, feeling my cunt again gush. Master started speaking as he raised the belt again, telling me what a worthless cunt I was, what a stupid bitch, how it was impossible to teach such a cow anything. The blows to my back, ass and thighs increased in tempo and intensity, and the wetness between my legs became all but an ocean, as Master pushed and whipped me down the hall, through the library, and into a room behind the shelves. As we entered the small dark room I was so familiar with, Master again kicked my ass, and I again fell over, this time I remained where I had landed, and Master again kicked me, this time kağıthane escort between my legs, the tip of his shoe pushing into my cunt. My cunt and ass throbbed, the stinging on my back and thighs spreading throughout my entire body as I lay there. Master looked down and saw how very wet the tip of his shoe was after being in my cunt, and laughed sadistically. “You are a cunt, aren’t you? You love it when I hurt you, you love it when I show you what a small worthless worm you are. Tell me you are a worm, beg me to hurt you, thank me for degrading you!” I choked through the pain, through the humiliation, I dragged myself back on my knees, my head low, tears slowly coursing down my face as I whispered, “I am a worthless worm.” Master’s hand darted out, smacking me, full across the face, the blow ringing in my ears as he bellowed “I can’t hear you, whore!” I tried to clear my throat and said much louder, “I am a worthless worm. I want you to hurt me, I want you to abuse my body. I know I am not worthy of your time, but I need to feel the pain you give me. I need to be used and abused by you. Thank you for treating me worse than a dog, thank you for showing me what a low-life scum bucket I am. Please use me in whatever way brings you pleasure. Please let me hurt, I am such a dirty cunt, i deserve to be punished. Thank you for showing me my place.” Master chuckled, and muttered, “you are learning, finally, you cunt.” Then he stood and unfastened his slacks. As he unzipped he said “I needed to use your mouth when you came in, which is why I came to get you, but you are such a selfish bitch, you had to have your way and get beaten first. You are so selfish! I have been waiting, and I don’t think it is very thoughtful of a slut slave to make her Master do that. So, when I am finished, I am going to punish you. But for now, toilet-breath, let me use your mouth.” I automatically opened my mouth, my lips stretched wide as Master put the limp head of his cock across my lower lip, and began to slowly piss a hot stream over my teeth and tongue. I swallowed repeatedly, making sure not one drop was missed. When Master finished, he wiped the tip of cock through the tangled mass of my long blonde hair. I could still taste Master’s nectar when he pointed to his shoes and told me to remove them and worship his feet in appreciation for his gift. This I did without hesitation, and Master sank back into a high back chair, his feet up on an ottoman. I removed both shoes and socks, and then began smelling his feet, the strong odor engulfing me. I licked between each toe and kissed the soles of his feet, gently chewing his toe nails to a smooth, comfortable length, constantly murmuring my thanks and appreciation for him using me as his toilet bowl. When Master was sufficiently pleased with my worship, he reached down and grabbed a nipple, twisting and pulling it as he stood to drag me across the room, to a barrel-like object in the middle of the floor. Pushing me backward over the barrel, he told me to stay. I waited as he removed his slacks completely, now only in his shorts. He then bent over and attached my feet to bolts in the floor, set about three feet apart, and then he moved to attach my hands over my head. i was wide open and ready for whatever Master felt I deserved. I heard him rummage through the cabinet across the room, and when he next appeared in my sight line, he was carrying a flogger. My nipples immediately stiffened as I realized they were the highest point of my body at this point, and therefore the most vulnerable part of my body. Master didn’t say anything as he lifted the flogger over his head and then brought it down across my chest, catching both tits in one stroke. A cry caught in my throat as the pain shuddered through my chest, and was stopped, and then heightened by another stroke in the same place. The pain fully developed in my tits made a straight line of sexual excitement to my already wet cunt. I could feel the moisture turn to fluid between my legs. Master now began to speak. “You are so ungrateful to me for what I do for you. You take advantage of my kindnesses, and you don’t show me enough respect. I don’t know why I bother with a cunt like you. I have to punish you, and it makes you wet. You are such a cunt. You are best suited as a toilet, and yet you made me wait. Bitch! Maybe you should beg me for this punishment. Maybe you would learn more from it if you begged me for my kindness in trying to teach you manners.” Through tears, and with much heavy breathing and moans as Master continued to punish my tits I begged for his continued punishments. “Please maltepe escort Master, whip my tits, please teach me manners, Master. Please don’t stop punishing my tits and nipples. Please abuse my body, Master, please hurt me!” I continued my pleading and begging as Master continued to assault my tits. Even when he stopped, his look told me that I should continue, and so I did. When he returned, he had a crop in his hand, and as i begged for his repeated punishment, he began to focus the crop on my nipples and the underside of my tits. I cried out, tears streaming down my face. Master stopped whipping, but I continued my pleadings. Finally he snapped the crop down on my bare pussy, not even the hair left there to protect me or cushion the blow. I screamed unexpectedly, and Master picked up a ball gag. Without ceremony, he shoved it between my teeth and started talking loudly. “Even when I try to punish you, you enjoy it so much you continue to beg for it. Again, your demands and pleas to your Master are inappropriate. Such a painwhore. It makes me hard to hurt you, which is why I allow you to remain in my service. But I am tired of hearing your pitiful begging, so you are being gagged.” He again lifted the crop and began to crop my cunt repeatedly. Muffled cries were trapped in my throat, but my tears ran in rivers, while my whore cunt flowed like an ocean. With hardly a moments pause, Master dropped his shorts and plowed his raging hard-on into my sopping cunt, while he continued cropping my now very red, bruised tits. It was all I could do to keep from coming at the very first stroke, as his cock impaled me, I could feel it push against the plug still deep in my ass. I knew better than to cum, though, I didn’t have permission. And there was no way to get permission, I was gagged, and couldn’t even beg. Right before Master came, he dropped the crop, grabbed a nipple in each hand, and began twisting and pulling them. I was ready to crawl out of my skin. I needed sexual release so badly. As Master came, I waited for him to tell me I could now do the same. And I waited. And I waited. Master withdrew, and after a brief period of rest, began putting things away. I watched from where I was bound, still wanting desperately to cum, but beginning to fear I wouldn’t be able to. When everything was back in its place, Master walked back over to me, and released my feet and hands. Pulled me to my feet, and then pushed me down to my knees, a foot on my neck to get me in the position he wanted. When I was exactly as he wished, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and then pulled the plug out of my ass with one motion. Pulling me into a kneeling position by my hair, Master pulled the gag from between my jaws, giving me only seconds to work out the muscles in my jaws before pushing the used plug into my mouth. I could taste my filth on the plug, and again felt the need to cum, but Master merely picked up my leash and led me to his bedroom. There, he asked if i needed to relieve myself in anyway, and he allowed me to use the toilet, although he watched me so that he could be assured I didn’t cum without permission. I hate it when Master watches me evacuate myself, but I knew I had no choice. When I was finished, Master lead me back to the bedroom, attached my collar to an eyebolt in the wall and prepared for sleep. I watched silently, still hoping that Master would tell me that I could now cum. But, he didn’t. He walked over to me, asking me if I thought I had learned my lesson about being selfish. I nodded my head yes, not trusting myself to speak. “Good,” Master said. “I wish to use my toilet.” I opened my mouth wide again, and Master began pissing a stream into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, worrying that I might not be able to take it all. When Master was finally empty, i licked my lips, and he pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked it greedily, thinking maybe finally Master would let me cum after he did the second time. He was surprisingly quick for the second time around, and when he had deposited his load down my throat, he pushed me down to the mat that was my bed. Tossing me a light blanket Master dashed my hopes when he said “I think the best way for a slut like you to learn a lesson is to be forbidden to cum. So, no cumming until I give you permission, and it could be a while!” Master laughed as tears filled my eyes, and frustration filled my soul. To add to my humiliation, Master ordered me to thank him for using me, and teaching me respect. Through my tears I thanked him. “Thank you Master for using my body solely for your pleasure. Thank you for letting me learn that your needs and desires far outweigh my own. Thank you for allowing me to act as your toilet, and thank you for teaching me manners.” Without so much as acknowledging that he heard me, Master turned off the lights, and drifted off to sleep, leaving me longing and frustrated on one hand, but on the other, very satisfied that Master used me for his pleasure. Comments to usedtobethisdiamondring@yahoo.com

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