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Subject: M.A.R.C. Ch. 10 M.A.R.C. Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the author’s imagination. This story may contain sex between teenage boys, a man and a teenage boy or multiple male teens. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and little children. If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you’re supposed to do. Delete this file and find something else. If this kind of story turns you off, delete this file and find something else. If you’re looking for a story that has someone having sex in every other sentence, this one is not it. The author retains the copyright for this story. Placing this story on a commercial web site or in print without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright. Disclaimer: M.A.R.C. is in no way related to a certain movie character or characters of a similar age and construction and/or soon to be released sci-fi movie. Any and all similarities are purely coincidental. Comments to aol, pro and con and of a constructive nature, will be gratefully received and acknowledged, if possible. Flamers will be ignored. Near the end of Chapter Nine: It was a feast, as it always was at Ginny and Ralph’s. Marc was the topic of most of the conversation but they were very careful to avoid going too much in the direction of his parents. Mostly they wanted to know about him. I was nervous that he would be vague but the programing with background information had been up to the occasion. I must admit that I had also been a bit worried that the depth of our relationship might show. If it did, they never let on. As Marc helped clear and Ginny and I served up the blueberry pie ala mode, I noticed that the boy was wilting a bit. By the time we had finished desert he was nodding. Ralph chuckled. “Looks like you got one tired pup there John.” “Yup. He’s had a busy day. We both have.” “Well, you two run along then.” Ginny was being motherly. “A growing boy needs his sleep.” Little did she know, I thought, this is one boy that isn’t growing. It was the first time that I really realized why we’d have to move every two to three years. I was very comfortable and could have sat and chatted longer but she was right, so I got up. “Har there me bucko! What say we haul anchor and head for home port?” I got a sleepy; “Huh?” For my efforts. Ginny and Ralph chuckled. “Guys, thanks for a wonderful meal and a nice evening. Can we help clean up?” “No, no. Ralph and I can do it in a snap. You go on.” They both stood. Ginny gave me a hug and Marc, who staggered to his feet, got a smooch on the forehead. The boy yawned and smiled. “Thank you for dinner and it was nice meeting you.” We started off across the lawn and Marc slipped his arm around my waste and I put mine over his shoulders. I could hear Ginny back on their patio. “Look Ralph. Isn’t that sweet? They’re just right for each other.” I don’t think it was more than 10 minutes before both of us were in bed and out cold. It had been a long day. Chapter Ten – Sailing Lessons, new friends and a serious talk It was a beautiful early summer morning and as I lay on my side in bed looking out across the azure blue water, I tried to get a grip on the reality of things. Marc and I have had a few days to get to know one another. We are falling deeply in love and have had some exciting adventures. But now, I had to get back to managing my affairs which now included Marc’s affairs. Android or not, he still had to appear to the community as a real boy. A boy who has lost his parents and come to live with his Godfather. The consortium had provided funds to appear as insurance death benefits as well as an inheritance. They had provided all the background paperwork to substantiate his story and we had to keep up the front. “Oh my, back to work.” I sighed out loud. Then I heard the squeaky noises that Marc sometimes makes as he stretches himself awake. “Oohhh aaahhh eeeeeyyyyeeee.” He yawned. “What work?” I felt his warm hand glide along my back, over my side and around my chest as he snuggled up behind me. His morning erection found the crevice of my butt and fit neatly along it. He kissed me between the shoulder blades. “Oh, I’m sorry Marc. Did I wake you?” “That’s okay. I gotta pee anyhow.” He pushed against my bottom suggestively. “Yeah, I can tell.” I giggled. “What kind of work?” “I have been neglecting the responsibilities of both our financial affairs. I need a few hours on the computer and the phone. Oh, and I need to get you registered for school too.” “School?” His turn to giggle. “Now I gotta throw up, not pee.” He rolled away, climbed out of bed and padded into the bathroom. I heard him pee with a deep sigh of relief. It sounded too good, reminding me that I had the same need. I rolled out my side and passed him as he came back. I yawned and scratched my stomach. “Hey kid.” I called back to him as I started to pee. “That was nice with The Marshes last night.” “Yeah, I guess. They’re nice and all and the Bass was awesome but I felt sort of funny.” “How do ya’ mean?” “I don’t know. Sort of like when you know someone is watching you. Know what I mean?” I flushed and then rinsed my hands and thought to myself; Yeah, I know just what you mean. And that comment Ginny made to Ralph as we crossed the lawn on the way home. I turned off the water. “Yeah, I guess I know. Whacha want fer breakfast?” “We got Pop Tarts?” He asked but the look I got as I came back out said something else. “A cold day in hell,” I retorted. He was standing at the window looking out at the boat tied up in the slip. I stood behind him giving him a gentle neck massage. “Whatcha lookin’ at?” “Uncle John. I would like to have sailing lessons. Do they give them at the yacht club?” I cold knot formed in my stomach. It was his first effort to do something other than with me. Last night with the Marshes was one thing. I was there. For me this would be a big move but for him, as far as he knew, it was called getting on with life. “Sailing lessons? As with other kids?” I must have sounded nervous because he turned and looked at me. “Yeah, why not? It’ll be fun and maybe I’ll make a friend or two. You’re not going to be over protective are you? That’s what my Dad always used to say to my Mom.” The image of that launch boy checking out Marc’s butt was flashing like a neon sign in my head. “Huh? Me? No, no. I guess not. I mean, well, sure. Sounds like a good idea.” He reached up and patted me on the shoulder with a laugh. “Yeah, right. I can hear the excitement başakşehir escort in your voice.” “Okay, okay. Tell you what.” I lifted his chin and gave him a quick kiss. “Let’s get washed up and dressed and I’ll run out to get the paper and some fresh raspberry Danish while you make coffee.” “And?” “And, after breakfast we can walk over to the club and sign you up.” My courage was rewarded with a big hug, a longer and wetter kiss and a thank you. “This will be so cool. Thanks Uncle John.” He stopped and gave me a look of concern. “You wont be lonely or worried, will you?” I tickled him under the arm. “Yes, of course I will be but I’ll survive. Now, let’s get a move on!” He spoke up over his shoulder as he headed for his room to wash-up and get dressed. “Okay. Don’t forget the golf lessons too. They’re coming up in a few days aren’t they?” “Oh yeah. That’s right.” I shouted over the water running in his bathroom. “With all the excitement of the boat and storm and then going to the Marshes, I had forgotten.” We both were early risers and so, it was only 8:30 a.m. when we finished the delicious Danish and lousy coffee. I was kind but made a mental note to add coffee making lessons to the schedule. The club was just a short distance. We walked it and got there about ten of nine. The bulletin board had a schedule of activities for the week and there was a juniors sailing class at 9:30 a.m. I suspected that these classes had been booked for a while so I’d have to do some persuading. “Marc, I have to go in to the office. Why don’t you see if you can find where the class meets and then meet me back here in say 5 or 10 minutes?” “Okay.” He made a beeline for the docks and I, for the office. The secretary was an elderly lady who started out by saying, in a very snippy tone, that the classes had closed 3 weeks ago. “I’m sorry but your son will have to wait until after the July 4th regatta and the new classes start.” I wanted to snip right back at her but restrained myself. “Ma’am, I wonder if we could maybe make an exception. Please give me a moment to explain.” By the time I had filled her in on the circumstances of the fire and Marc’s losing his parents and all, she had come around. “I thank you for understanding. I am trying to make his life as normal as possible.” It wasn’t really a lie, just a subterfuge. “This is a big step for the boy and I very much appreciate it.” I signed Marc up and filled out the releases. Just as I came out of the office Marc came running up. He was almost in tears. “The kid teaching says the class is full!” I held out the enrollment form for him to see and his look of disappointment melted away. “Okay boy. Take me to the teacher.” I was terrified that it was the launch boy but of course it wasn’t. It was a pretty blond girl of about 17 and she was surrounded by a dozen excited kids of whom Marc would clearly br the oldest. Her name was Linda and when she started to say that the class was full, I took her aside and explained. “But,” I told her when she looked like she was going to soften too much. “He is not to get any special treatment. The boy is strong and knows that he must get on with his life.” She looked a little surprised at my firmness but agreed. “I play no favorites. And being the oldest, I will expect more of him.” “Thanks Linda. Now, does he need anything?” “Does he have a bathing suit on under his shorts?” “Oh, I don’t know. Shall I ask him?” “That’s okay. We wont be getting in the water today but some days we do capsizing and man overboard drills and he will need a bathing suit for that. Also, most of the kids go to the pool or swimming float after class and then eat at the snack bar before going home.” “Okay. Sounds like he’ll be in good hands. When is the class over?” “About 11:30 a.m.” “Perfect. Thanks Linda.” “Marc?” He was already talking with one of the boys closest to his age. “Yes, Uncle John?” “I’ll meet you at the snack bar at 11:30 a.m. or so.” “Okay. Don’t work too hard.” He waved and went back to talking with his new friend. My heart sank. I had known him for only a few days and now I was leaving him alone, and with strangers. I was very nervous and he didn’t seem the least bit concerned. I wanted to run back, scoop him up in my arms and run home. But of course I knew I couldn’t. I bit my lip and walked back home. The two hours dragged. I did get a lot of work done; I opened up the boat so it would air and dry out, checking various investments, transferring some funds and I paid the bills. There was personal e-mail from Eddie which I answered. He told me how good it was to see me again. That gave me a warm feeling. He asked how Marc was, purely from a parent’s point of view. He also asked how we were getting along and I knew the point of view of that question. I simply said that we felt very strongly for each other and that I was letting the boy set the pace. Then I admitted that perhaps I was making an effort to keep the pace slow. I asked how his family was doing. We weren’t going to see much of each other but it was nice to be able to communicate after all these years. I still loved him very much. After I had finished the computer things that I had to do, I did a little house keeping. This is what I call mindless work and I do a lot of thinking when I do it. This time I was thinking about my boy alone out there. I worried about that launch boy. If he saw Marc was there without me would he try to make friends? Would Marc be taken in? Would he hit on Marc? Oh my, would I be jealous if he did? How would I handle it? What about Marc? Would he want to do stuff with other boys? My mind raced on. I began to get worked up and decided that I should try to think about something else. It didn’t work and by 11:00 I was just too jumpy. I grabbed the paper and walked down to the club. It was a beautiful day. So I got a cup of decaf and sat on the snack bar deck overlooking the floats. The sailing class was down on one of the floats where all the sailing dinghies were kept. I read the paper, glancing every so often to see what the class was doing. Linda looked like she was explaining the various parts of the boats. Just then the launch motored up and pulled into the launch dock which was just beyond the dingy float. It was the same launch boy. He waved at Linda and she just turned her back. I guess she had him pegged too. Then he just sat there in the launch and I could see him watching the kids. Was this guy a predator? If he was, I would have to be very careful how I handled things. Every once in a while he would run halkalı escort his hand over the front of his shorts. It was too far to be sure but he seemed to do it only when Marc or the boy that Marc had been talking with earlier, looked in his direction. He never did it when Linda was looking. The time dragged. My coffee got cold and the paper went pretty much unread. I watched Marc and he seemed to be getting along just fine. A couple of times Linda asked him to help her with something. He never reacted to the launch boy’s actions but the other boy seemed to sneak peaks at the launch boy as if he were curious. At last it was 11:30 and the class looked like it was breaking up. Linda seemed to have made Marc class assistant or something because he was helping her bring the younger kids up the pier. His young friend and a couple of the other boys, who looked to be 10 or 11, went over to the launch float and started talking with the launch boy. If I didn’t know what I knew about him, they’d just look like a bunch of younger boys looking up to an older boy. I’m sure that’s just what they were doing too but I suspected that he had other things on his mind. As much as I wanted to, going over to meet Marc would probably have looked over protective so I just sat and finished my now quite cold decaf. He finished escorting the little kids up and spoke to Linda briefly. Then he walked up the steps to where I was eagerly waiting to hear how it went. “Well, my boy. Ready to challenge for the America’s Cup?” He smiled good naturedly. “It was great and Linda says I picked everything up very fast. She thinks I was a sailor in another life or something.” “Hey. That’s great. I had a feeling you’d take to it. Looks like you sort of became a class assistant too.” “Oh. Yeah. She says I’m good with the little ones. That’s what she calls the younger kids; the little ones. I don’t think they like that though.” “Did you make a friend too?” “Yup. His name is Jeffrey. He says his father is making him take sailing to make a man out of him. He does seem a bit out of place, very quiet too.” “I see him over on the launch float talking with the launch boy.” He turned around and looked down to the end of the pier. “Oh, that guy. Linda doesn’t like him. She says to steer clear of him, that he’s trouble. I think I agree.” Of course I was curious what made him say that but I decided to wait and see where he went with it. He didn’t go anywhere with it. His mind was already on to more important things. “What’s for lunch?” I laughed to myself. “Oh. Inside that door to the right you’ll see the counter. Just ask the girl there for a menu.” “Okay.” He happily did as asked and returned with a menu and a coke. “Can I get you a drink John?” “Yes, an iced tea thanks.” He went back in and returned again with a tall iced tea. “Strange.” He said kind of absently. “What’s that Marc?” “I asked about paying and she said they don’t take money.” “Oh.” I laughed. “We’re members and you can only charge. She’ll have a chit to sign when we’re done. I’m havin’ a BLT, they’re great here. How ’bout you?” “I know they’re full of junk but I love hot dogs with mustard. Shall I just tell her?” “Yup.” He made a third trip inside. When he came back he plopped down in a chair. “All this back and forth has me pooped. She said she’d bring our order out.” I laughed and he smiled back. “See that. I’m learning more about you every day. You’re happy, bright, self-assured, respectful and polite, make friends easily, a quick learner, good with little kids, interested in other people and a waiter to boot!” He laughed and leaning close to me whispered. “And, I have good taste in briefs and an Uncle that tastes good.” I looked around quickly and must have been blushing near purple because he cracked up laughing. I glared at him and he laughed even harder. So, I blew him a raspberry and that only made it worse. Finally, I gave in and started to giggle. That satisfied him. Just then he spotted his new friend walking up the pier with the launch boy. He stood and leaning over the railing, waved and yelled. “Jeffrey! Hey Jeffrey.” The boy waved back happily. The two of them came to the bottom of the steps and I heard the launch boy say, “I’ll meet you there at 12:15.” Then he left and Jeffrey came up the steps and over to us. “Hi Marc.” “Hi Jeffrey. This is my Godfather. John, this is Jeffrey.” We both said, “Pleased to meet you,” at the same time and then laughed as we shook hands. He was a very slight boy with very delicate features and neatly dressed. About 12 and small like Marc, about 4′ 9″, with soft brown hair and brown eyes that had very long lashes. In short, he was precious. “Jeffrey, Marc and I are just about to have lunch. Would you like to have some too?” “Yeah Jeffrey.” Marc added. “How about a hot dog or a burger?” The boy was hesitant. I could tell that he wanted to join us very much but he fidgeted and then explained. “My Mom made my lunch. It’s in the locker room. But, I have something I have to do around 12:15. Thanks anyway. Maybe next time.” He made a hasty retreat after telling Marc that he’d see him next class. Our lunch came and we enjoyed it along with Marc filling me in more on the class. His learning ability was a teacher’s dream. He loved learning. What was it that funny looking robot with the silly voice kept saying in that sci-fi movie? ‘In-put, in-put, more in-put.’ Well, it was something like that. Anyhow, like almost everything we did, our lunch was spiced with giggles and happiness. When we were done, I showed Marc how I always gathered together the dishes, paper plates, napkins and whatever and took them inside, just to be helpful. I always felt that since I had to go in to sign the chit, why not help. I also had him memorize our member number so he could get something when he wanted. It must have been 12:30 or so when we went down the steps and started for the corner of the building. As we came around it, I spotted Jeffrey coming out of the locker room at the far end. His shirt was pulled out and open and he was wiping his mouth with the back of his arm like a kid with a runny nose. He didn’t see us and ran off across the street away from the club. Just as he crossed the street the launch boy came out. He stood there, hitched up his pants and zipper and then swaggered around the far corner that led back to the docks. Swagger was the actual word that came to mind as I saw him walk away. Anyhow, this all happened so fast that neither Marc nor I had a chance to call out to Jeffrey. As I said, Marc is a smart boy şirinevler escort and sizes things up quickly but he is also programmed to be 13 and not at all worldly … if you catch my drift. “Uncle John? I don’t like that launch boy. I hope he didn’t beat up Jeffrey for something. He looked like maybe he was crying or wiping a bloody lip. Linda says he picks on the little kids and to stay away from him.” We walked along the side of the road toward home and I put my hand on Marc’s shoulder giving it an affectionate squeeze. “You know, you told me that before and I think I like this girl Linda. You maybe made two friends today.” “Yeah, maybe I did.” He sounded please with himself “So, my fine feathered friend. What would you like to do this afternoon?” He grinned up at me. “You are just full of those silly sayings aren’t you. I like ’em, they’re fun. Okay, this afternoon … hmmm. How about we drive around town and you show me where other things are besides the mall. You know, the school, the library, the movie theater, is there an arcade? I’m real good at those things.” “Yeah, I just bet you’re actually tuned into them.” He gave me a puzzled look but didn’t say anything. “Then what?” Now he looked at me a little more shyly. “Weeeellll … then we could … you know … if ya’ wanted …” He let his thought trail off. “Come on boy, we ain’t got all day.” I teased knowing full well where he was headed. “Would you like to guess what color briefs I have on?” With the thought out he easily allowed his desire to show on his face. “My, my. You certainly are a horny little fella aren’t you?” I chuckled. He chuckled back. “Well, it’s all your fault.” I was surprised. “My fault?” “Yup.” He declared. “I’m a nearly 14 year old boy overflowing with hormones and I come to live with this very handsome man who I love very much and every time I get near him or even just look at him I pop a major boner.” “Oh.” I purposely under stated. He was indignant. “Oh? … Just oh!” As I laughed at his reaction, he gave me a jab in the ribs. “You’re cruel Uncle John. Anybody ever tell you that?” I put my arm around his shoulder. “I only tease people I like my boy and I love you so, you’re in big trouble.” I could tell he was kidding but he groaned and moaned. Then he popped right back. “Good thing I love attention. Okay … so, what color?” “What color is what?” I teased again. “Grrrr! MY BRIEFS!” The shout echoed off the Marshes house as we passed it and he looked nervously at it and cringed, grinning sheepishly. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and got a semi-serious glare. “What if I guess wrong?” Now he got saucy. “Ooohhhh, I duuno. I’ll think of sooommmmeethiiigg.” We crossed the lawn and went into the house. Ever since the launch ride where I watched as the launch boy ogled Marc’s cute butt, I had been thinking of possible problems with that boy. Now with this episode with Jeffrey, I suspected that the launch boy was hitting on the younger kids. If Marc was going to be over at the club on a regular basis I had to have a talk with him and now was as good a time as any. “Marc, before we go out I need to talk with you about something important and a little bit complicated.” He had started up the stairs and came back down now looking kind of concerned. “I didn’t do anything wrong did I Uncle John?” “No sweetie, you didn’t. Come on in the living room okay?” He blushed a little, I guess at being called sweetie. “It sounds serious.” “Well, yes, it could be.” I sat on the end of sofa and turned towards the middle patting the cushion for him to sit facing me. “Uh oh.” He grimaced. “It’s okay Marc.” I tried to reassure him. “No, it’s just that my Dad used to do the same thing.” This choked me up because I knew it was put in Marc’s programming by Eddie. It was what I did with him years ago, when he had been picking on his little sister. Perhaps it was his way of telling me he remembers. I composed myself. “I guess parents like to be able to see their kids faces when they get serious with them. I hope it doesn’t make you feel sad.” “No. It’s okay.” He was quiet. Like he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Okay. I’m going to try to explain some things before I get to the possible problems. I’ll try not to take too long or get too involved. If you have a question just let me know.” “Should I raise my hand?” He teased. “I don’t mind listening Uncle John. I think it’s going to be interesting.” I laughed. “You’re a character Marc. I like as well as love you. Do you understand that they can be and often are, different?” “Yeah. Actually, I think I do.” He looked pleased with himself. Good. Let me see … okay. First, I am your legal guardian. Second, I am an adult and you are a minor. Third, we are both gay. Fourth, we are in love with each other. That is, we not only love each other as Godfather and Godson but we are also, in love. As in romantically in love. Fifth, we are having consensual sex. And finally, sixth, I am breaking the law by committing statutory rape on at least two counts and you are a victim.” He looked at me in disbelief. “Uncle John, I know those things. Well, I know that our having sex could get you in trouble. But I also know that I love you and I want to be with you in that way. You are not forcing me to do it. If anything, I am rushing you. The law is stupid and it sucks Uncle John.” I let a small smile cross my face. I was proud of him. “I’m afraid that I agree with you Marc but the line of the law has to be drawn somewhere and those that do the drawing are not quite as enlightened and not at all as affected as those who find their love restricted by it. However, the law is there to protect. There are indeed many minors who are exploited or who are not mature enough … not as mature as you are Marc … not mature enough to make a decision that is best for them.” “What is the legal age Uncle John?” “The legal age for consensual sex in this state is 14.” “Oh. Well, we’ll have to be real careful until I’m 14.” I sighed. “I’m afraid it’s not that simple. If you were 14 years old and living with your parents and we were in love and having sex then the law is clear. But, you aren’t. I am your legal guardian and that precludes the 14 year old bit because I am responsible for your welfare until you are 18. As your legal guardian, if I, in the eyes of the law, endanger your welfare … the welfare of a minor put into my charge or guardianship … than I am guilty of breaking the law.” He mumbled, “the law really really sucks” and a huge tear brimmed over and out of his eye and down his cheek, quickly followed by more. “Are you telling me that we can’t have sex anymore? If you are it’s okay. It’s bullshit but I understand. I love you and I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to go to jail.” Next: Chapter Eleven – The word human stuck in my throat

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