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Marie’s Mom

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Marie’s MomMarie’s Mom For the past two weeks Marie noticed when she got home that her mother was already there, locked in her bedroom. She could hear sounds on the other side of the door but was unable to clearly hear what was going on, and it bothered her that Mona was keeping something from her. The next week, when she got home from work, again she heard Mona in her room, and this time the door was not locked. Quickly moving to the end of the hallway, she turned off the hall light and returned to the door, quietly opening it and slipping into the darkened room. Since the door was in a recessed nook she was able to get into the room without being seen. When she finally got up the nerve to peek around the corner, all she could see was Mona’s butt up in the air, and there was nothing covering it! If the room hadn’t been so dark Marie just knew she’d be able to see her mother’s butt crack staring her in her face. Then she noticed the sounds coming from Mona. Instantly she recognized them as the same sounds she tried to stifle when she was masturbating in her own room. Mona was definitely aroused. Then Mona actually said something. “Ok, lover, give me that big red cock you’ve got stuck between your legs.” Marie was shocked and quickly used her hand to cover her mouth so she wouldn’t make any undue noise. The she watched as Mona lowered the upper portion of her body and Marie was sure her mother was giving whomever it was a blowjob. “Damn! I wish there was a light on in here, so I could see who’s in here with her.” Then she really got the shock of her life, as she heard Mona say, “Shadow, you’ve got the biggest and best cock I’ve ever sucked on. I love the way your cock feels as it slides to the back of my throat.” \Marie was now beside herself. Not only was her mother entertaining a male in her room, but that male was their St. Bernard, Shadow!!! “You mean to tell me Mona is sucking a dog’s cock?” she said to herself. “I never would’ve thought of that one.” Without thinking about it, Marie lowered her right hand to her pants and quietly inserted it into her panties and began to rub her clit, trying to make herself cum while watching the shadows moving around in the darkened room. She peeked around the corner again, this time realizing that her eyes were now accustomed to the darkness and she could see that not only Mona sucking on Shadow’s cock, but Shadow had his head between Mona’s legs and was slathering away at Mona’s open cunt. Marie’s fingers began to move faster within her vagina, the wetness beginning to soak her fingers and her panties. “Don’t be shy, dear. Come from that corner and join us.” Marie didn’t realize Mona knew she was in the room. She stepped into the bedroom and moved towards the bed, never removing her fingers from her own cunt. “Don’t be alarmed, dear. I’ve been planning this little get-together for some time now, and we were wondering when you’d finally get the nerve to join us.” “What do you mean, mother?” “Come on, Marie. I know how frustrated you’ve been lately. I’ve been up when you’ve come home from your dates and I’ve listened at your door while you fingered your pussy and made yourself cum all over your finger, like you’re doing now.” Without thinking about it, Marie removed her hand from her panties and hid it behind her back, afraid of being caught, even though it was way too late to worry about it. “You’ve been spying on me?” “Well, not really spying. Just concerned. When I say how bad you needed something I thought it was time to do something about it, and this is it. Now, why don’t you get undressed and join me here on the bed?” Without a word, Marie got out of her clothes and sat on the side of the bed. “Yes, I know you have some questions, but let me begin first. “Shadow and I’ve had a ‘thing’ going on now for almost 2 years. He’s got the biggest and best cock I’ve ever had and he doesn’t go around town bragging on what he just got and how good it was. All I have to do is keep him satisfied, and I do manage to do that for him.” Mona got up from the side of Shadow and sat on the bed, next to her daughter, rubbing her hand up and down Marie’s thigh. “Go ahead, ask me anything you want to.” “Why?” “Well, because I was lonely and didn’t want a commitment with someone who would turn out to be a class ‘A’ jerk and then leave me once he got what he wanted from me. You know me. I like to be as independent as I can and with a man around, that’s not possible.” “But why Shadow? Isn’t that nasty?” “I’ll admit, I hadn’t planned it that way, but things happened and it got out of control. By the time it was over I realized how good it had been and decided to try it and see what happened. I was sitting on the couch one evening and was playing with myself, with my head back on the couch, with my legs spread wide and my fingers working to make myself cum, and suddenly I felt something cold against my thighs and when I opened my eyes, Shadow had his nose up my crotch and was starting to lick my pussy. From the moment he stuck his tongue against my clit, I knew it would be impossible to make him stop, so I let him lick me until I came all over his tongue. It was the best decision I’d made in a long time. I have no regrets about it and I don’t think you will, either. Once you get him to lick your gash, you’ll never want him to stop.” “Have you, you know, let him fuck you?” “Many times. He never seems to get enough of it, and I love it, too.” “Show me what to do and let me try it for myself.” “OK. Lay back, spread your legs, and let me get you ready first.” “What do you mean by ‘Get me ready first’?” “Just lay back and you’ll find out.” At first reluctant to do so, she finally let Mona push her back onto the mattress and then was told to close her eyes and not to open them until told to. So once she was flat on her back, her legs spread open as far as she could get them, she closed her eyes and let Mona begin. “You’re going to like this part, too.” “I hope so,” she thought to herself. Marie felt Mona’s hands on her small breasts and felt the fingers pinch and tweak her nipples until they were rock hard and she was beginning to moan from the pleasure. Then the fingers were replaced with Mona’s mouth, as she began to lick each globe and then to suck on the nipples, nibbling them with her teeth, not enough for pain, but plenty for the pleasure. Marie let out a long, slow moan of pleasure. After she finished with her daughter’s nipples she slowly moved her tongue down to Marie’s belly button and licked there for a little while, before moving further down and licking the vee of her legs, carefully avoiding the slit before her face. Slowly she teased her daughter with her tongue and would only approach the target before her eyes, eagerly waiting for the moment when she would stab her tongue into the vagina and lick those sweet juices she knew would be waiting for her. As seh licked on Marie her thoughts went back to the first time she’d made love to another woman and how much she’d loved it and had missed since then. It was while she was in college and her roommate, Gerry, gave her her first lesson in lesbian love. She was hooked on it from that point on and, though she didn’t really consider herself a lesbian, she enjoyed eating a wet pussy as much as sucking a hard, uncut cock. Her late husband had been blessed with one of the largest cocks she’d ever seen and he was also uncut and had such an abundance of loose skin on the end of his cock that she just knew she’d accidently choke on it when she went down on him. He’d died almost 2 years ago and she still missed his cock as much as she missed him. She shook the thoughts from her mind and dove into the wet, hot slit before her and thoroughly enjoyed the heady taste and aroma of her daughter’s cunt. It was like nectar to her and she intended to have much more of it in the future. Marie couldn’t believe that Mona was actually sucking her cunt and just the joy of it was enough to make her cum several times before Mona stopped and got up and laid beside her on the bed. “Now, it’s your turn to pleasure your mother, dear.” “ME?” “Yes. You. Don’t you think it’s only fair for you to do to me what I did to you?” “Well, I guess so. I’ve never done this before. How do I know I’ll do the right thing and make you feel good?” “Just do like you felt me doing to you, and then go from there. Don’t’ worry, if you do something wrong, I’ll let you know about it when you’re done. But for now, just make me cum with that tongue of yours.” Marie pushed Mona back onto the bed and spread her legs and placed her hand on her mother’s mound, pushing two of her fingers into the crack and rubbing the clit. Mona moaned with pleasure, the fact that it was her own daughter doing this to her only heightened that pleasure all the more. Once Marie could feel the wetness of her mother’s cunt on her fingers, she pulled them out and licked them. Then she leaned over and placed her mouth over the slit and stabbed her tongue into that wetness and began to lick with abandon. She found that the taste was better then she thought it would be and really got into sucking the juices from the depths of her mother. While sucking her mother’s pussy, she was unaware of Shadow moving around behind her. She startled a little bit when she felt his cold nose against her ass, and then moaned as Shadow pushed his tongue into her hole and began to lick her pussy. Without missing a beat on Mona, Marie opened her legs as wide as she could and let him get deeper into her, enjoying the feel of the long canine tongue up inside her. She then concentrated on Mona for a while and, after making her cum several times, pulled back and let Shadow lick her to a climax as well. “Now, I think it’s time you got introduced to his cock, dear.” Shadow laid on the floor and rolled onto his back, his cock-sheath exposed, with a portion of his pink cock poking out, glistening with the juices of his own making. Marie watched as Mona reached out and grabbed the cock and stroked it until it had gained more length and was swollen to a size she didn’t think possible for any male. Then she watched as Mona leaned down and took Shadow’s cock into her mouth and preceded to suck on him, making the a****l shake with pure joy. Lifting her head, Mona told her, “Ok, now it’s your turn. Suck on that prick like you would on any man’s cock.” Not even stopping to think about what she was going to do, Marie did as she was told and grabbed the prick, lowered her head and took the organ into her mouth as much as she could. The taste was unlike anything she’d ever had in her mouth before and she sucked for all it was worth. It wasn’t long before she realized that she liked sucking on Shadow as much as she’d like sucking on Mona’s pussy. She didn’t pay too much attention to her pet though, as he began to shake slightly, which told Mona that the dog was about to unload his cum into Marie’s mouth. The next thing Marie knew, Shadow was shooting a hot load into her mouth, and as much as she tried to keep up, it was practically impossible, and the liquid was seeping from the corners of her mouth as she tried to swallow it all at once. When she was done she looked up at her mother and smiled. “How did I do?” she asked. “Looks like I have a natural cock sucker on my hands, dear.” They both laughed and knew that this was going to be a great time to spend with each other, and with Shadow as well.Part 2: Marie enjoyed the feel of Shadow’s cock in her mouth, as she sucked on him for all she was worth. What had begun as a soft, 5-inch prick, now measured almost 9 inches in length, of hard, pink dog cock. The taste thrilled her, as she fingered her pussy while she sucked on him. In no time she climaxed all over her fingers, as she plunged them into herself as far as she could get them — never allowing Shadow to pull out of her mouth. A few minutes later she was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot cum, shooting it down her throat. “You seemed to have a good time there, dear,” her mother told her. “Yes, I did.” “So, tell me this, does it still seem nasty to you?” Mona asked, throwing Marie’s own words back at her. “Not really. I never thought it could be so good, and I never dreamed I’d be sucking off a dick like that, let alone one attached to a dog!” “Just wait til he sinks that hard meat into you sweet pussy, then you’ll really know what pleasure is.” Shadow moved to the corner of the room, where he proceeded to clean himself up, then he got up and went to his favorite room — the kitchen — where he got a drink of water then went to his bed. “Looks like you wore him out, dear.” “Come on, mother. I imagine you done the same thing.” “Many, many times, dear.” The two ladies sat on the bed, Marie only half dressed, Mona completely naked, and were quiet for a while, each with their own thoughts. “Mama? Were you and daddy happy?” “Yes. Very happy.” “In bed?” “Of course. “Your father was a great lover, dear. The first time I saw him naked I almost screamed! Even soft his dick was huge! He was uncut — uncircumcised — and his foreskin seemed to almost be as long as his limp dick! That’s what really turned me on. I’d suck that dick til it was as hard as it could get and then play with his skin, pulling it back to expose the purplish head and watch as it slowly retracted to cover it up again. When I’d suck him, it was as if the skin reached halfway down my throat and I had to practice taking it in without my gag reflexes kicking in. Took a while, but I finally got the hang of it. He would offer to hold the skin back for me, but I wouldn’t let him. Heck, that was what really turned me on the most — all that skin! It was so sexy I could almost cum just playing with it.” “Did you have a dog then?” “Oh, no. We didn’t get a dog till you were about 10. A German Shepherd, I think.” “Ever do anything with him?” “No. And it was a ‘her’,” Mona laughed. “Never entered my mind that something like that could be done with a dog.” “Then how did it get started?” “Just full of questions tonight, aren’t you, dear?” “Of course.” “Ok, to answer your question, I thought about it when I accidently walked in on Mrs. Franklin.” “Mama Franklin??? Next door???” “The same.” “But, she must be pushing 75 by now!” “Actually, she’ll be 86 sometime later this year!” “WOW! Tell me what happened.” “It was about a month after your father passed away. “I went to her house to borrow something — can’t remember what it was — and when Bessie didn’t come to the door I got a little worried. You know she has heart problems. Anyway, I came back to the house to get the spare key she gave us, went back and let myself into the house. I called her name, but she didn’t answer. It was then that the noises from the back of the house got my attention, so I went back there, thinking Bessie might need some help. “Can you imagine how I felt when I saw her, on hands and knees, with Jack fucking the hell outta her?” “Well, yes. I actually can,” Marie laughed, remembering how she’d earlier found Mona. “Yes, I’m sure you can, dear. “Anyway, Bessie had a blank look on her face, like she couldn’t see me, and seemed to be enjoying the assault by Jack.” “What did you do?” “I stood there, doing nothing but looking at the scene. I wasn’t able to move at all. I wanted to pull Jack off her, but I couldn’t do it. It was like my feet were frozen to the floor. I stood there til Jack dismounted and left the room.” “What happened then?” “Bessie got up, sat on the bed, patted the mattress, and asked me to sit next to her. I did. She placed her hand on my knee and asked me if I’d been shocked by what I’d just witnessed. I told her I was. She told me not to be ashamed of it and she slowly moved her hand up my leg to my thigh. After that I only remember bits and pieces of what happened next.” “Well?” “The next thing I remember is she’s got her hand in my panties, playing with my clit until I cum all over her hand. Next, she’s pulling off my clothes and pushing me back on the bed, spreading my legs at the same time and pushing them back till my knees are rubbing my nipples. It was then that I felt her mouth on my pussy, as she pushed her tongue inside me and sucked my juices till I couldn’t stand it anymore. Her mouth felt so good that I didn’t want her to stop. I think I must have climaxed at least 4 or 5 times while she continued to use that talented tongue on me. I’ll tell you this, even though I loved your father dearly, I’d never cum that hard with him. “I couldn’t stay still, not with that tongue doing those things to me. I remember bucking up, pressing my pussy against her mouth, like I couldn’t get enough of her down there. I didn’t want her to stop, but soon she did just that. I was about to ask her not to stop when she circled around and straddled her legs over my head, with her puffy pussy now hanging over my face as she lowered herself until I had no choice but to do the same thing to her, use my tongue on her pussy. She was still dripping Jack’s cum and it went right into my mouth and I made my tongue as hard as I could and started to fuck it into her sopping hole. “I’ll tell you this, Marie that was the best pussy I’d ever eaten!” “I take that to mean that it wasn’t the last time you ate another woman?” “You’d be right, too. But, that’s another story. Yes, I did like it, and until she had that stroke about 6 months ago, Bessie and I, along with Jack, and later Shadow, had an affair we both enjoyed very much.” Marie was quiet at that point — she seemed lost in deep thought. “What’s wrong, dear?” Mona asked. “Well, I’ve been having my own affair lately.” “Really? Who is he? Do I know him?” “That’s just it, it’s not a ‘him’, and it’s a ‘her’. Her name is Justine.” “Justine Rogers?” “Yes.” “Your roommate?” “One and the same.” “When did this start?” “My junior year at college.” “Tell me about it.” “Ok. “Well, I knew something was different with Justine when I met her. Other girls were nervous around her, but the two of us seemed to hit it off from the beginning. I had heard the rumors but never paid any attention to them.” “When did you know for sure she was a lesbian?” “About halfway through that first year. “One night I heard something coming from her side of the room and when I went to see what it was I found her with a vibrator stuck up her twat, and she was licking her own juices from her fingers. When she saw me, she sat up and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards her. I fell on top of her and, without even thinking about what we were doing, we began to kiss each other and then we were feeling each other up, grabbing boobs and sliding hands to each other’s twats as well.” “What did you do?” “At first I went along with what she was doing, only later realizing how good it felt to have her doing to me what I was doing to her as well. Pretty soon she’s gotten me off her and had me on my back and her head was between my legs, with her tongue up my wet — and getting wetter — pussy. I loved the feel of her tongue on my clit, sucking canlı bahis it into her mouth, stroking it and making me cum into her mouth. “Pretty soon we had reversed positions and, as she sucked on ‘em, I started to suck on her as well, mimicking the things she was doing to me. You have to realize, this was the first time I’d ever done anything like that. I was a novice, but I was learning quickly, loving every moment of it as well. What really appealed to me were her nipples. The stood out almost a full inch when they were hard, and for some reason I was drawn to them, sucking on them like a baby would, and she loved the attention I paid to them as well. While I sucked on one nipple she would pinch one of mine with one hand and rub my clit with her other hand. Soon we were sitting facing each other, playing with nipples and clits at the same time. I think we sat there for hours, enjoying the feelings between us.” As Marie told her story, Mona began to play with her daughter’s pussy, slowly pumping 3 fingers into her wet hole, while stroking her own clit at the same time with her other hand. “Before long it was time to eat each other out again and this time we just took turns, she did me first and then I returned the favor. I’ll tell you this, those 4 years at college were some of the most exciting years for me and Justine.” “No regrets.” “None. Why should there have been? From then till graduation we were lovers, even luring others into the room and enjoying them as well.” “Ever fuck a man?” “No. The thought never crossed my mind. Justine and I were an ‘item’ and didn’t think of anything other than pleasing each other.” “Why?” “Justine was giving me all I needed and I never thought of men.” “So, you’re still a virgin then?” “Yes.” “Are you ready to lose that cherry?” “You mean? Shadow?” “Who else? You’ll love it.” “Why not?” “You want to get him ready, or should I?” “Let me!” “Ok.” Marie called her pet into the room, “Shadow! Come here, boy!” The huge St. Bernard bounded back into the room, jumped onto the bed, rolled onto his back and spread his legs. He knew what was about to happen, and was ready for it. Marie grabbed his cock sheath and began to massage it, slowly coaxing the red cock from its hiding place. Once it began to emerge she lowered her head, laying it on the a****l’s belly, and began to lick the tip of the organ. Slowly she jerked the cock until it fully emerged and was completely erect, then she began to draw the cock into her mouth and used her tongue to slather it up and get it ready for what was to come next. Meanwhile, Mona was getting Marie ready for her ministrations as well. She was busy rubbing her daughter’s clit with her fingers. Then she moved Marie’s body until it was laid out beside her, in such a position that she now had full access to the slit in front of her. She pulled apart the lips of her daughter’s pussy, staring at the redness within, and stated to lick that slick, wet meat. Closing her lips around the erect clit she sucked and stroked it with her tongue, causing Marie to jump slightly as she enjoyed her mother’s oral attention. It wasn’t long before Shadow’s cock got too big for her mouth and she pulled back, continuing to lick it all, settling for that feeling of the cock against her tongue and lips, bring her close to a climax without even sticking that cock inside her drenched pussy. While the pre-cum began to leak from the end of the cock, she quickly licked it up, savoring the taste of what was to come. While all this went on, Mona continued to use her mouth on Marie, sucking her lips into her mouth and sliding her tongue around them, feasting on the taste and texture, drawing in the juices that exuded from the pussy she was munching on. She would harden her tongue and stick it as far into the wet hole as she could, curling it and using it like a straw to draw out the juices from as far as she could. Then she moved around and focused her attention on the cock that Marie had already gotten hard and started to use her tongue on the cock she knew so well, licking up one side while Marie licked down the other. Between the two of them they sucked and licked Shadow’s cock and balls, stopping short of causing him to shoot his load into their mouths. “Get on your hands and knees now, dear,” Mona told her. Once Marie was in position Shadow knew what to do. Mona had trained him well, and once he realized that Marie’s ass was in the right position, he climbed onto her back, wrapping his front paws around her waist and began to buck, trying to drive his tremendous organ into the wet hole waiting just inches away. With some coaxing from Mona, Shadow jabbed until his cock located the slit and sank it into Marie’s pussy. Once he was inside her, he began to pound into her, almost shoving her off the side of the bed. Mona watched as her baby finally got her first cock-fuck and smiled as she remembered her first time as well. She watched for a few more minute and then moved around to the head of the bed and positioned herself in front of Marie, with her pussy just in front of her daughter’s face. “Suck my pussy while Shadow fucks your pussy, dear,” Mona told her. Marie didn’t need to think twice about it. “Pull yourself open, mama, so I can really get into your hole.” Mona did as she’d been asked, and soon her wet pussy was staring Marie right in the face, and without delay she dove right in. She jabbed her tongue into Mona’s pussy and enjoyed it very much. With Shadow fucking her, and her sucking the pussy in front of her, Marie was in heaven. She felt Shadow’s knot as he pushed it into her for the first time. This only made her feel like she was fuller then she’d ever thought possible. It actually felt good inside of her. She had never realized that fucking could feel so intense. At the same time she continued to suck on Mona, bringing her to an orgasm several times before Mona managed to pull away, completely worn out by now. After she’d rested a few minutes, Mona moved to where her head was positioned beneath Marie’s pussy, watching as Shadow drove into her. She reached up and slid her tongue along the cock-stuffed pussy, licking both Marie’s clit and Shadow’s cock, enjoying the feeling it brought to her. And more was yet to come!!! ** ** ** ** ** Two nights later, Marie was visiting with Jennifer Mills, the young lady who lived around the corner from her and Mona. Jennifer was about the same build as Marie, with darker hair and a slightly leaner body, with smaller breasts and wider hips. Just the type of body Marie liked to seduce, and she was determined to do just that. Not only to Jennifer, but to Baxter, Jennifer’s huge Great Dane. She could only imagine how good Jennifer’s pussy would feel wrapped around her mouth while Baxter fucked her from behind. Yes, she had great plans for Jennifer and Baxter. ** ** ** ** ** Jennifer had watched Marie and Mona from a distance. She could tell that the two were close, but she didn’t know how close. Jennifer’s a lesbian, with designs on both Marie and Mona. She’d fantasized about both of them for a long time and she was determined to eat both of them. One way or another. ** ** ** ** ** Mona had talked to Marie about trying other breeds of dogs and when Marie told her she was going to try and get Baxter, Mona was thrilled. She’d fucked a Great Dane almost 5 years earlier and that one had been much largest then Shadow is now and he had completely filled her pussy so much that she’d ached for days afterward. She almost came just thinking about it. One day, while walking around the neighborhood, Mona had seen Baxter out on the street. It was unusual for Baxter to be out of his yard and she quickly caught up with him and got him by the collar, taking him back to her house so she could call Jennifer and let her know where her pet was. When she called and got no answer she decided to keep Baxter in the house and to try again later. She got herself something to drink and went into the living room, sitting in her favorite chair. Her thoughts were drawn to Baxter and what he might be like and while she thought of him, she began to finger her clit. It wasn’t long before Baxter caught the scent in the air and joined Mona in the living room, too. Once there, he moved closer to Mona and stuck his nose in the area of Mona’s crotch, sticking out his tongue and lapping at the exposed, engorged pussy lips. Mona had had her eyes closed while fantasizing about the neighbor’s dog, so when the wet tongue sliced through her pussy lips she was startled and jumped just a little bit. When she realized what was happening though, she got still and spread her legs a little wider, pulling the crotch of her panties aside so Baxter could get better access to her hole. She then leaned back in the chair and let the situation gain ground, hoping she’d be able to climax on his tongue, knowing that she eventually would. After a couple of minutes Baxter stopped and Mona opened her eyes to see what was wrong. Baxter stood there, now sideways, showing his exposed prick to her gaze. It seemed to hand to the floor! But there was something else that drew her attention to the dog’s prick. She’d never heard of it before and she really had to get closer to get a better look, but it appeared as if Baxter’s prick had a foreskin to it!! “No way,” she thought. Yet, as she got closer she discovered that that was the case. This huge dog not only had an even larger cock then Shadow, but he also had excess skin on the head of his cock that opened at the end of the tip, just like her husband’s skin used to. She was amazed and instantly drawn to the cock. She reached out, afraid that if she touched it the skin would disappear and the normal dog-cock would be there. However, once her hand made contact she found that she wasn’t dreaming and the excess skin was actually there. She was going to love going down on this dick. It’d been years since she’d sucked on an uncut dick and she was about to make the most of this one hanging in front of her face. She pulled the skin back, exposing the pointed head, and began to jerk on it like she’d done to her husband so many times before. The she lowered herself and crawled under the dog and took that skin into her mouth and sucked on it, enjoying the skin in her mouth again. “Man, I’ve really missed this,” she thought as she pulled the skin down into her throat, savoring the taste so long missing in her life. Baxter’s cock hung so low she was able to lay the back of her head on the floor and still get most of it into her mouth and she worked that cock like it was the last one she’d ever get to taste. While Mona worked on Baxter, Marie worked on Jennifer. ** ** ** ** ** Marie made a social call to Jennifer earlier in the day and they both agreed to meet at Jennifer’s house for a lite lunch.When Marie arrived for the meal, the way she was greeted at the door shocked her. Jennifer was in a short teddy, clearly the see-through type, with her nipples jutting out from her chest. Before Marie had a chance to react, Jennifer had embraced her and was planting a huge kiss on her, sticking her tongue into Marie’s mouth. Marie gladly returned that kiss. Needless to say, lunch was all but forgotten. Part 3: Mona sat up in her bed with a start. Slowly she looked around the room, looking for Baxter and not finding him anywhere in the room. “Damn!” she shouted, as she got out of the bed and began to search the house for the dog. Once she looked everywhere, came to the only logical conclusion, she’d been dreaming of Baxter and none of it had really happened. “Man,” she said to herself, “that was one hell of a dream. I just knew I was really sucking an uncut dog cock!” She resigned herself to the fact it had indeed been a drean and returned to her room and began to get dressed for the day. ** ** ** ** ** Marie has spent the night with Jennifer and the two of them had thoroughly enjoyed each other’s bodies, exploring the regions they’d longed to touch and tongue. Marie had been quite surprised the day before when Jennifer had made the move on her, and her mind drifted back to the initial encounter…………………………………………the kiss lasted or what seemed forever and the two ladies explored the mouth of the other one, with their tongue, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. Jennifer slowly backed Marie into the lounge chair and pushed her into it, bending so that the contact between them was not broken. Once Marie was settled Jennifer began to explore her friend’s body, slowly licking down Marie’s throat till she was between the small, round breasts and began to explore them with her mouth and tongue. She took the right nipple into her mouth and used her teeth until the nipple was quite rigid and expanding with the heat of the moment. While sucking on one nipple, she pinched the other until it was just as hard then moved across the chest and took that one into her mouth, saturating it with her spit and rotating her tongue around it. When she was done with the nipples she began to slowly move down the body, stopping at the belly button and driving her extended and rigid tongue into the small crevasse, tasting the slightly tangy sweat taste that lingered there. Marie was enjoying the tongue-bathing, getting hotter by the minute and wanting to do the same to Jennifer at the same time. She decided to just wait though, and see what her friend would do to her first. After all, this was the first time the two of them were together and she wanted this moment to last, savoring it for all the memories she knew she’d have later. She also couldn’t wait to tell Mona about what had happened here. Jennifer left the belly button and used her hands to push back Marie’s legs, opening the slit between her legs slightly, exposing the pink, moist meat inside, with just a hint of wetness clinging to the pubic hair. With her thumb she began to strum Marie’s clit, bringing it to a quick erection and taking in the look of pleasure on her friends face. With her other hand she inserted 3 fingers into the hot box, plunging them as far into the hole as they’d go. She was surprised to find that Marie was quite large inside, for a girl her age. In no time she was able to insert her last finger and wiggled them inside her friend, finding her g-spot and massaging it, bringing Marie more pleasure, quite intense, too. Next Jennifer moved her hand from the clit and lowered her mouth to the slit and began to lick on the outer lips, gently stroking them with her tongue and never quite entering into her. She wanted this to last a while, and it if meant teasing just a little, then so be it. She licked all around the outside of the slit, teasing Marie by gently swiping over her clit several times, but never managing to actually touch it completely, just enough to entice the girl into wanting more of the ministrations. While she worked with her mouth she moved her other hand to Marie’s ass and rubbed the wetness from her cunt around the brown, puckered, butthole until it was wet enough that she could insert two fingers up the butt quite easily, and began to fuck them into the backdoor, again generating more elicit moans from Marie was having fits, too. The fingers in her pussy had been great, but now, with the two fingers up her butt, too, the pleasure was pure heaven. She’d always wanted to try something in her butt, but had been too afraid to actually let Shadow do something there, other than lick her. That might change in the future, but for now she just enjoyed the feelings sweeping over her. Then Jennifer changed tactics on her. She grabbed Marie’s legs and pushed them as far back as they’d go, until her knees were pushing into her breasts, and then placed her mouth over the butthole and began to suck, driving her stiffened tongue into the hole as far as it would go. Marie exploded with the first contact!! Nothing had ever felt this good. She came twice while Jennifer orally assaulted her down there. Once Jennifer finished eating out the two holes in front of her, she stood up, facing Marie, still in her see-through teddy and panties. She turned her back to Marie and slowly removed the panties, revealing the full-shaped butt to her friend, perfectly rounded and without any blemished to ruin the view. Then she pulled the teddy over her head, finally standing there completely nude and slowly turned to face Marie. The first thing Marie noticed was the complete lack of hair on Jennifer’s pussy!! It was completely bald, and with her labia exposed, and slightly open, with an erect clit exposed between them, red and hard. It looked like a miniature penis. “I keep it shaved, Marie. Feels so much better without all that hair down there to get in the way, especially when I’m playing with myself, and I tend to do a lot of that lately.” “I’d thought of doing it myself,” Marie answered, “but I’ve been afraid of cutting myself and that it would hurt like hell.” “If you’d like me to try, I can do it for you. In fact, let me shave you anyway, right now, before we go any further! I promise you, the love-making we’ll be doing will feel so much better once all that hair is gone.” Marie could only nod her agreement, afraid that if she said it out loud she might change her mind and not do it. Jennifer reached out to her friend, who took her hand, and pulled her towards the back of the house, and the bathroom. “Sit on the countertop, it’ll be easier to reach you there then having to squat on the floor, and this way you can watch me, too.” Marie positioned herself on the counter and pulled her legs up, as her friend instructed her on what to do. “We’ll start with the scissors first, to get the heaviest part out of the way,” and before Marie could say anything, Jennifer began to snip away the excess hair with a small pair of scissors, cutting as close to the skin as she could. Marie was surprised to feel an immediate difference once the hair began to fall away. In about 5 minutes she was cropped short, with only stubble remaining. Jennifer pulled the labia apart and even snipped the short hairs that were on them, being careful not to clip any of the delicate skin below. Next came the shave cream, something that didn’t irritate the skin. Once she was sure the lather was on right, Jennifer took out a safety razor and began to remove the stubble and the cream, leaving behind a smooth finish on the skin, with hardly a trace of hair at all. She had been gentle as she’d worked and Marie hadn’t been the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, once the shaving was completed she was surprised with the outcome, as she looked at herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. “Ok, now I’ll use an extremely gentle depilatory. That will remove any remaining hair that I might have missed. It won’t sting,” she said, after seeing the distressed look on her friend’s face. “I use it all the time. Once you start using it you’ll find that there’s no longer a need to shave, and you don’t have to worry about razor-burn, either.” bahis siteleri The cream was applies, left on for 5 minutes, then washed off with a soft, wet washcloth. Once the task was completed Marie stroked herself and was amazed to find not a trace of hair anywhere on her pubic area. It felt amazingly smooth, too. “Now,” Jennifer told her, “we can retire to the bedroom again and finish what we started.” ** ** ** ** ** Meanwhile, Mona was alone in her house, with nothing to do. Shadow was sleeping in his favorite corner, having exhausted himself with her earlier in the day. Now she was looking for something else to do. She went to the front door and noticed that Baxter was in her front yard, having broken his chain yet again. She started to call Jennifer when a thought passed through her mind. “Now’s the time to see how “Great” that Great Dane actually is!” Without even thinking about it she opened the door, went out into the yard, grabbed Baxter’s chain and let him into the house. Once they were inside, the door was closed, locked and secured, and then her full attention went to the huge dog in front of her. First she removed the chain and then hugged the dog. Baxter knew her well, as he did all the ladies in the neighborhood, and felt at ease with her, even when she reached under him and grabbed his sheath, waiting to feel what was hidden there. After a little coaxing, Baxter was on his back and his huge cock was halfway exposed to the gaze of Mona, who was licking her lips in anticipation of the cumming event. While she jerked on the root in front of her she lowered her head until it was resting on the dog’s belly, her mouth only inches away from the object of her desire. She was only slightly disappointed to find that there was no foreskin, as there had been in her dream, but the size more than made up for it. Not even fully exposed yet, it was already bigger then Shadow’s, in every way she could’ve wanted it to be. She was beginning to wonder if she’d taken on more than she could handle, when it touched her lips, still growing as it left the sheath. The taste was different from Shadow, but still excited her just the same. She opened her mouth and took the tapered end into her mouth, sucking on the end as it drove deeper into her mouth and into her throat as well. The feel was smooth for the first couple of inches and then it got a little rougher as she got further down. She couldn’t get it all into her mouth, and wasn’t even going to try this first time. Slowly she began to enjoy the feeling of the large instrument in her mouth and worked her tongue around the end of it, feeling the tapering end and trying to stab into the hole at the end of it. There was still a lot of exposed cock in her hand and on the knot, so she knew that there was no way she’d be able to deep throat this organ. She’d have to be satisfied to enjoy it a little at a time, except when it came time to actually fuck this thing, then she’d fight to get it all inside her.Working around the cock, she licked and slobbered all over it, getting to know the taste of it and remembering what it felt like in her mouth. She alternately sucked on each of the huge balls attached to the end of the sac and worked her way from the back to the front of them over and over, feeling every bump and ripple in the skin, enjoying the taste of the pre-cum as it trickled from the hole. Baxter’s pre-cum was slightly thicker then Shadow’s, and had a creamier taste as well. When she pulled the cock from her mouth and smeared a little of the cum in the palm of her hand, she noticed that, like Shadow’s, the pre-cum was clear as water, only thicker. She returned to her oral assault, and began to bob up and down on the cock, swallowing as much as she could, coaxing the cum from deep within those huge balls until Baxter flooded her mouth with a rush of cum she’d not expected. It seemed like he would never stop shooting his load. Finally, when she could take no more into her mouth, she reached for an empty glass on the coffee table and held it to the end of the still-exploding cock, capturing the remaining juices in it. The color and texture were also unlike Shadow’s. Whereas Shadow’s cum had only a slightly milky color to it, Baxter’s was thick and almost as cream from fresh milk. When it hit her face it tended to cling to her skin, where Shadow’s would run off and pool on whatever was beneath her, which was usually the floor or the bed. The glass almost overflowed before Baxter stopped shooting his load and she was truly amazed at just how much this huge a****l had in his balls. “Mighty potent, aren’t you?” she asked Baxter, who ignored her and began to lick himself clean. ** ** ** ** ** Over at Jennifer’s house, Marie was finally getting to enjoy her first hairless pussy. She loved the feel against her tongue as she licked the mons of Jennifer, anticipating the moment when she’d dive right into that hole and suck it for all it was worth; to enjoy the flavor of a new conquest and feel the orgasm as she came with another tongue deep inside of her, too. They were in the classic 69 position and each was having a blast eating the meat in front of their faces. When Jennifer licked Marie’s clit, Marie did the same thing to Jennifer. They were both determined to do the same thing to each other and to let the moments together, sucking each other to multiple orgasms, last for a long time. After treating each other to some of the best pussy eating they’d ever had, it was time to return to the living room for a little chat and a get-to-know-you-better conversation. They sat next to each other on the small loveseat, holding hands, and told each other their wants and desires, as well as their fantasies. “What I’d love to watch,” said Jennifer, “is someone fucking Baxter and having them eat my pussy at the same time. I’ve always wanted to see that happen, but somehow have never found the right person.” “Well, I may have the right person for you then, Jenn,” answered Marie. “Who?” “Would you believe, me and Mona?” “You!! And Mona?” “Yes, both of us.” “Why would you want to do that?” “Well, we already both fuck Shadow, so why not try Baxter as well? Besides, we’ve got a ‘relationship’ between us as well.” “You mean……..” “Yes, we’re also lovers.” “WOW!!!” “Surprised?” “Yes, I am. I’d never have thought you were into i****t, or fucking a****ls.” “Have you fucked Baxter yet, yourself?” “No, but I’ve wanted to. He’s so big, and I’m afraid it’ll hurt like hell and tear me up as well.” “Do you ever suck him off?” “All the time,” Jennifer laughed. “It’s something I’ve done for years now, since he was a puppy. He’s quite well endowed and is trained to be as gentle as he can be. You’d almost be intimidated by his size, but at heart, he’s still a puppy.””Mona got me started with Shadow. I walked in on them one afternoon and I’ve been hooked since. It’s amazing how it feels with his cock all inside me, and when he shoots, it’s almost like he could push you off from the power behind that shot!! I’d say Shadow is about 9 or 10 inches when he’s hard and it fills me up completely.” “Well, Baxter is almost 13 inches when hard, and is really BIG!!! He starts out rather small at the tip, but as you get closer to his know the size gets dramatically larger until the knot almost looks like a continuation of his cock. I have yet to get all his cock in my mouth and believe me, I’ve tried many times. It’s just too big for one woman to handle at one time. I’m lucky to get half of him in my mouth and then I’m stuffed and have to really work at it, and still jerk him off at the same time. I haven’t taken more than one mouthful of his cum at one time, either. He shoots gallons of the stuff and it sure does taste good, too. I can’t wait to see you suck him off, not to mention seeing you actually fuck him. I’m going to look forward to seeing that. “Now, tell me what you’ve done or have had done to you.” Marie thought for a few minutes about that and then gave her answer. “What I’d really like to do is fuck a man. A black man, too. Mother told me that she and daddy had a fulfilling sex life and I’d really like to try it. I’d like to do like mama, too. Have a man with a foreskin so I can experience what that’s like. Mama told me that daddy had one that was so long it almost choked her when she went down on him, and I’ve always wondered what that would be like. I’d also like to fuck Shadow while sucking off Baxter, or the other way around. That would be quite an experience, too.” “Well, I think we can handle that second part, but I’m not sure about the first one though. Just where are you going to find a black man, with a dick large enough and with the skin still there, who’d want to fuck a white woman?” “Believe me, Jenn, I have just the man in mind. I already know him and it’s just a matter of timing. I’m working on that right now. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be ready, and he’ll never know what hit him.” The two of them laughed at that one. ** ** ** ** ** Mona was about to find out how good Baxter was when it came to making love to her. She’d already gotten him up on the bed and was playing with his sheath again. This time though, she thought of something else. Nestling her head on his exposed belly she placed her mouth over the end of the sheath and began to explore it with her tongue, sticking it into the orifice and feeling the tip of his cock within, gently coaxing it to come out again, so she could play with it once more. In a way it was like sucking on a cock with its foreskin, even though it was a dog and not a man this time. After a few minutes she was rewarded as she felt the organ growing and starting to expand again. As it slowly emerged, she took as much into her mouth as she could get in there. Before long it was impossible, both because of the thickness and the length. She settled for licking the length of the reddish cock, feeling the ridges again on the surface against her tongue as she continued to explore it. She couldn’t get enough of this magnificent organ and the taste already had her so wet she was sure there would be no problem in taking it into her hole. Once Baxter was completely exposed, and erect, Mona got up and straddled him, holding his cock in one hand, while playing with her clit with the other one. She was about to cum herself, but stopped well short of that event so that she could experience the thrill of having such a huge cock in her pussy. The first contact of the huge dog-cock almost brought her to a raging climax, it’s heat was almost unbearable, but it felt so damn good entering into her that she wasn’t about to stop. She didn’t remember it feeling so hot when it was in her mouth. Slowly she eased herself down, until the cock was about halfway into her, then she started to buck up and down, slowly taking more of the cock into her until it was all inside!! She’d amazed herself when she realized how full she felt. Even her husband and Shadow had never filled her so much. Immediately she began to raise and lower herself, feeling the friction of the movement inside her. She could feel the tapered end as it banged against her cervix and was sure the tip was actually entering her uterus! “If only a human cock could do that,” she thought to herself. Mona was so busy enjoying the feeling of Baxter fucking her that she’d not heard the door to her bedroom open. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t see Marie and Jennifer standing there, witnessing the event as Baxter let her fuck herself on his cock. The sheer enjoyment of the act had her in heaven! The fullness of the cock inside her made her want to keep it there, so she could enjoy this feeling forever. “WOW!!!” was all Jennifer could finally say. “She’s actually taking the whole thing!!! Even I’ve never been able to get all of him in me like that.” “I told you Mona could do it. I knew if anyone could, it would be her,” Marie replied. Mona never heard a word of the exchange. Her concentration was so great that the house could’ve fallen down and she’d never know it. When Baxter did let out a growl, she finally opened her eyes and found that the room was empty. She settled down on the cock again and fucked herself to multiple orgasms. ** ** ** ** ** Jennifer and Marie went back to the living room and started to undress. In no time they were once again at each other’s pussy, licking and sucking, thinking about what they’d just witnessed. Once they’d each released their pent-up cravings, they both decided it was time to return to the bedroom and take part in the action with Mona. ** ** ** ** ** When Baxter again growled, Mona looked up, this time seeing two naked girls in front of her. She smiled at both of them and invited them both onto the bed, which was readily accepted. In a matter of moments Jennifer was behind Mona, licking her pussy while Baxter fucked her. Jennifer was soon licking Mona’s clit, as well as Baxter’s pumping cock. The mixture of pussy juice and cock were exciting to Jenn and she was soon also fingering her clit as she sucked. Marie stood in front of Mona, and showed her the cleanly shaved pussy. Then she grabbed her mother by the back of her head and pulled her mouth to that bare snatch, begging her mother to eat that slick pussy, which Mona gladly did.Meantime, Jennifer was now licking Baxter’s balls and she was sure he was about to blow his load. She wasn’t wrong, either. In only a few minutes he shot his load up into Mona’s pussy, it’s volume quickly overcoming the smallness of the hole, and began to leak onto his belly, where Jennifer began to lap it up, thrilling to the taste of her pets hot juices, again mingled with the juice from Mona’s pussy. It wasn’t long before all 3 of them collapsed on the bed, exhausted from their first “three-some”. ** ** ** ** ** Once Jennifer had left, and Marie and retired for the night, Mona decided it was time to once again pay some attention to Shadow. She went to the living room, found him lying in the corner, and grabbed his collar, pulling him behind her as she returned to her room. She got him to get up on the bed and then she laid there beside him, rubbing his sheath with her bare leg. Mona could feel his cock responding to her rubbing and soon his prick was extending from its sheath, feeling slippery on her leg. The touch of his cock always amazed her, it was softer than it really had a right to be. Almost like a fine fleece. Talking to Shadow she got him on his back and could only stare at the wonder that had satisfied her so many times in the past. In all, Shadow’s prick was longer then she thought it should be, but she wasn’t complaining one bit. She grabbed his sheath and began to slide it back and forth over the red meat, watching as the cock disappeared and then reappeared again and again. In one movement she pressed the sheath till it was against his balls, exposing all this prick to her gaze. “My gosh, you’re something else, Shadow. I’m always amazed I can handle this thing. But, hey, you got me to the point where I was able to take Baxter’s prick, and he is bigger than you are. You’re my favorite lover though, since I’ve had you the longest and know you so much better,” she said, as she caressed the underbelly of her pet.She looked at the prick and wondered why it looked like it did. It came to a point and thickened as the rod moved to the back of his body. At one point, it seemed to be just one long pole of flesh, but then she remembered how she’d thought that same thing the first time she saw it. Then she remembered how the knot had expanded when he shot his load into her hand the first time. Once she was through with the memories she turned over on her stomach and gave the command Shadow knew so well.”Fuck!” she told him. Shadow didn’t any further instructions after that. He was up on the bed and standing over his mistress in no time. Instantly he was standing over her and then mounted her, his prick finding its way into her pussy like a guided missile after its target. He began to hump with all his might, his prick sliding easily in and out of the grown woman’s cunt. His prick was on fire, or at least it felt like it was to her, and her pussy seemed to be the only thing that would cool it down. They stayed locked to each other while Shadow pounded his prick into her slit, pushing Mona down into the mattress. Once she felt him begin to shake she knew she was about to get a pussy full of his cum, and she couldn’t wait. When the cum started to enter her body, she flattened herself on the bed, effetely causing Shadow to jab his prick further into her. She wanted to make sure his entire load was inside her this time. She’d just changed the sheets that morning and didn’t want to do it again. When Shadow was finished he pulled out and went to his corner to clean himself. Mona had other ideas though. She refused to let Shadow get off the bed, instead pushing him down on his back again, so she could see that wonderful tool that had satisfied her so well. There was a large drop of cum on the end of his prick, which now looked small and wrinkled. Not even resembling the prick that had just fucked her so well. Gently she caressed it with her hand and leaned over and took the head into her mouth, her tongue flicking the cum off the end of it, and savoring the taste before she swallowed. Then she proceeded to suck the rest of his cum from his now almost-drained cock. When she was finished, it was completely drained. Only when Mona knew that Shadow was finished did she let him out of the room and then went to bed herself. ** ** ** ** ** When Jennifer got home she started with Baxter once more time. She had always ended her day, and his, with a blowjob, and tonight was to be no different. “Yes, I know, dear,” she told her pet as he entered the room. “I’ve ignored you lately, but you gotta admit, we’ve had some fun this past couple of days, haven’t we?” Baxter only looked at her, as if to rush her up so he could get his load off again. “Poor baby,” she called smoothly to him, getting him to lay at her feet. “My poor, hung-like-a-horse, baby. I never knew a dog’s prick could be so big and could make me feel so good, either.” She slid her hand up and down his sheath, feeling the meat inside swell to its full length and width. She cupped his balls and began to tickle them with the end of her fingernails, causing him to whine just a little bit. His skin slid easily on his lubricated prick. She then got on the floor beside him, rolling him onto his back, with his feet pointed in the air and his prick laying against his belly, already exposed and waiting for its treat. “How can I make it up to you, baby? For ignoring you so much lately? I’m really sorry, but Marie and her mama really got me going lately. I must admit, it’s been good with them. I never knew a woman’s pussy could taste so good, either. Marie’s a real cute lady and since I’ve started with her I don’t think I could ever go back to a man again.” She leaned forward and took the tip of his prick into güvenilir bahis her mouth, rotating her tongue around the tip, teasing her pet. Sliding her tongue back and forth on the tip, eliciting a moan from her pet. She loved to tease him, and sometimes got carried away and he’d have to bark to get her attention back to the job at hand, or at mouth. In no time she had the better part of his prick in her mouth, working to bring him to a climax and shoot his load into her mouth. She found that she loved the taste of his cum, and almost thought she could easily get addicted to it. After a few minutes she rotated her body and let her pussy descend to his mouth, where he inserted his tongue and licked her clit while she sucked him. Jennifer let Baxter bring her to a climax before she finished her oral ministrations on him and soon her mouth was full of the cum she’s desired. When she was finally finished she, too, retired to bed. Part 4: Marie was about to put her plan into action. For weeks now she’d scouted out the field and had finally found the one man she wanted to fuck. Yes, he was black, too. His name is Hendricks and he seemed to be just what she was looking for. She’d talked to him several times, just to get to know him and to also get up the courage to do what she wanted to do to, and with, him. Finally the moment arrived and she made her move. “Julian,” she called to him. “Would you come over here and do me a favor, please?” “Sure. What you need done?” “I want you to go out on a date with me.” “A date?” “Sure. Got a problem with that?” Silence. More silence. Finally Julian answered her. “Sure, I’ll go out with you.” “Great. Tomorrow, around 7?” “Fine with me. Should I pick you up or you want to meet me somewhere?” “I was thinking of going to Swenson’s for some ice cream, is that ok with you?” “Yeah. I love that place. We can find a nice booth and have a good time.” “That’s just what I had in mind. See you there then.” “OK, see you there, Marie. Thanks for asking.” Marie could see that the man was a little embarrassed, so she asked him what was wrong. “Nothing, really. I’d thought about asking you out a couple of times, but it just seemed like you wouldn’t be interested. This just surprised me, is all.” “Well, I hope you won’t be disappointed then.” “So do I.” Later that evening Marie and Mona got the final preparations done and finally the scene was all set for Marie’s date the next night. ** ** ** ** ** The evening went well, with both of them enjoying the company of the other. Pretty soon the clumsiness was all gone and they chatted like they’d been life-long friends. Towards 8 that evening Marie made her boldest move. She pretended to drop her napkin next to Julian’s thigh and when she reached over to get it, she leaned towards his ear and asked him a very startling question. “Would you like me to suck your prick, Julian?” From his reaction, Marie wondered if she’d said it loud enough. So she repeated it, “Would you like me to suck your prick, Julian?” “I heard you the first time,” he stuttered. “Are you serious?” “Very!” “When?” “How about now, right here?” “Huh?” “Yes, right here. This is a dark booth and no one will even pay any attention to what’s happening over here.” “No way, Marie. Not in public. What if someone were to catch us?” “Ok. We can go to my house then. My mama’s visiting a friend tonight and the whole house is mine. No interruptions, I promise.” “Let’s go then.” Once they were in the car Marie made another bold move. She reached into Julian’s lap and began to stroke his now-swelling prick. She could tell by the size of the lump in his lap that she’d made a good decision. Now, if only her other desires were met, then she’d really be happy. She worked on the zipper and had her hand inside his pants in only moments. With joy she realized that Julian did indeed have a huge boner, one of the things she was wanting so badly. She wasn’t able to get her hand into his shorts though, so she was uncertain if he was uncut or not. “Hey, there girl,” Julian protested. “Can you hold on till we get to your place? We don’t want to have a wreck getting there, do we?” “No, we don’t,” she answered. Withdrawing her hand from his pants she leaned on his shoulder, but continued to rub his crotch with her free hand. Once they arrived at the house, Marie let her date into the living room, closing and locking the door behind her. When she finished that small chore she followed him into the living room, approaching him and wrapping her arms around his chest while leaning in to kiss him. The embrace lasted for only a few minutes though, as she pushed him down into the lounge chair behind him. When he was settled in the soft cushion she got down on her knees and approached him, pulling off her blouse while doing so. By the time she got between his knees her small breasts were exposed to his view, her nipples already hard from excitement. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her right boob, pressing the nipple into the palm of his hand. “Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked him. “You got that right. Never been with a white girl before though.” “Well, I’ve never been with a black man, either, so I guess we’re both in for a treat tonight.” Now she grabbed his belt and started to unbuckle it. When that was done she again lowered his zipper and got him to hike up his butt so she could pull both his pants and is shorts from around his waist, slowly exposing her prize as she went. The bulge in his pants had not gone away, and what she saw brought a smile to her face. As the length of his rod was exposed she was able to tell that he was HUGE!!! Maybe even bigger then Baxter, but until she actually saw it hard it was hard to tell. Soon the head of his tool was exposed and it really brought a smile to her face when she noticed that he did indeed have his foreskin still attached to his dick. She pulled it from between his legs and stroked it for a few minutes. She marveled at how his purplish head would appear and disappear whenever she pulled on his stalk. With each movement towards his groin the head would appear, and on the backstroke it would again be covered. Her mouth was watering, wanting to get this cock into her mouth and then into her pussy. “Still want me to suck your cock for you?” Julian didn’t even answer. He grabbed her head and forced her face towards his crotch, and his still-growing cock. Once she was close to her target she opened her mouth and took just the head into it. She sucked on the loose skin, marveling at the feel and texture of it. It had a completely different feel in her mouth then the cocks of either Shadow or Baxter. It felt even smoother then when she’d had her hand around it. She worked her tongue around the head, slurping the moisture from beneath the sheath covering the head. Then she worked around the loose skin and stuck it between the head and the skin, again, tasting the tangy difference. “Much more different then sucking off the dogs,” she thought. “Why haven’t I tried this before?” she wondered. However, rather than thinking of the two dogs, she decided to concentrate on the cock in her mouth and what she was going to do to it. Unknown to Julian, Marie and her mother had set up some small, undetectable, video cameras around the room. From where he was sitting now, there were three cameras with different views of the action now taking place. 3 more had been placed around the room, in case they took the action to a different part of the room. They wanted to make sure all the angles were going to be covered. After all, with Marie actually enjoying the events taking place, Mona and Jennifer were also getting a “part of the action” by watching them on the television in Jennifer’s living room. From their place on the sofa, the two women had an excellent view of Marie as she sucked on the black cock in her mouth. Two of the cameras even had zoom capacity on them, so they could actually control how close to the action they got. While sitting there each of them had a hand in the other’s cunt, flicking the clit of each other. Back at home, Marie was thoroughly enjoying sucking on this huge cock. As she sucked the head the length of it got longer and it got harder, too. Now she was slowly taking as much of that cock down her throat. With the experience she had with Shadow and the little bit of cock-sucking she’d done on Baxter, she felt that she could take most of Julian and not gag on it. She held the cock with one hand and lowered her mouth until her lips touched that hand, then she’d move it down a little further and continue to do that, until eventually she’d taken over 2/3rds of it into her mouth, without choking on it. Once that was complete she began to bob up and down, wrapping her tongue around the head, slipping it beneath the foreskin, and poking it into his piss hole. She was really getting into this. Julian was also having a good time. There were some black women he’d dated that couldn’t take as much of his cock into their mouths as Marie was doing now. If he’d known how she’d learned to deep throat a cock he might have gotten up and left her there. Marie decided to try something else. Reluctantly she took the cock out of her mouth and began to concentrate on his huge, hairless balls. She sucked them one at a time into her mouth, lathering them with her spit, then she’s lick under his balls, at that special spot her mother had told her about. While doing that she got Julian to scoot his butt out further on the chair and then pushed his legs up, until they were situated on the cushioned arms. Then she put all her attention on his asshole. She licked around the area for a while, sometimes barely touching the skin, and eliciting moans of pleasure from the man, then she’d lightly trace the tip of her tongue over his brown hole and the moans would get louder. “Man, no girl has ever done that to me, Marie. Where’d you learn to lick an ass like that? I love it.” As he spoke to her he pulled her head into his body, forcing more contact of her tongue to his butt. The whole time she was doing all this, she was steadily pumping his cock with her other hand. It felt good to have something that big in her hand, knowing she could control the action and do things when she wanted to do them, and make him beg for her to do more. She was more than willing to comply with is requests. Unknown to her, as she squatted there on her hands and knees licking Julian’s asshole, Shadow had entered the room. He growled lowly at the intruder into his home, but then sensed that it was ok. He could tell that his mistress wasn’t in any danger and appeared to be enjoying herself. He sat and watched the events unfold in front of him. Julian had seen Shadow and immediately tensed up. He had a fear of dogs and didn’t want to appear to be doing anything that would get himself hurt by Marie’s pet. After watching the dog for a while though, he realized that the a****l wasn’t going to do anything, except sit and watch what they were doing. In no time he’d forgotten all about the dog and concentrated on the action going on between his butt cheeks. Man, that girl could really use that talented tongue of hers. He’d never felt this good before and if she didn’t stop soon he’d be shooting his load all over her face instead of up her gash. What he really wanted to do was jam that cock up her pussy until she begged him for more, which he’d gladly do.”Come on, lover,” she pulled at his arm. “Let’s get on the floor so we can both have some action.” “Sounds good to me.” Once he was on his back she got up and lowered her pussy over his face. For the first time he was able to see that her pussy was completely nude, with no hair at all. Once the soft skin settled on his face he stuck out his tongue and glided it along that smooth surface, feeling the different sensation of the hairless pussy against his mouth. Once Marie was settled into place he drove his tongue as far up into her as he could, then he began to play with her clit, tickling his tongue over the tiny button, and getting moans from Marie at the same time. Then he felt the hot mouth close over his cock again, as she took more of it onto her mouth. What happened next really surprised him. ** ** ** ** ** Mona and Jennifer had long ago abandoned watching Marie and Julian. They were both on the matt on the floor, in a classic 69, sucking each other off. Mona had her tongue glued to Jennifer’s asshole while Jennifer was sucking all the juices from Mona’s cunt. While they were doing that, Baxter decided it was time not to be neglected anymore. He bounded into the room, hopped on Jennifer’s back and instantly drove his long, hard cock into her pussy. Mona could only watch, since she was being held in place by the weight of Jennifer’s body on top of her. It amazed her to watch as Baxter drove his canine cock into that tight hole. From her vantage point she realized what an opportunity she now had. She could still suck on Jenn’s pussy and also lick Baxter’s cock at the same time. The thought only excited her more. Without any further thought Mona began to lick on the dog’s prick with every outstroke, enjoying the mingling of cock and pussy juices. The taste made her wonder why she’d never attempted this before, but she already knew that answer. She’d never been in a position where she was eating out a pussy and the dog was fucking it at the same time. Still, she took advantage of the situation and licked both cock and pussy earnestly, enjoying every lap. When Baxter shot his load, and it overflowed the already saturated pussy, Mona was in position to lick up the spillage and decided that she’d have to try this with Marie and Shadow. Once the two women had completed their oral licking they got up, turned around and gave each other a huge kiss. They looked at each other and knew they’d be doing this again in the future, but the next time Jennifer was determined to be in the position to lick cock and pussy at the same time. ** ** ** ** ** While Marie was busy savoring the sensation of the black cock in her mouth, she was surprised to feel a cold nose on her asshole, knowing that it could only be Shadow. After all, Julian was sucking on her clit, and not only that, she was quite sure that he didn’t have a cold nose, either. When Julian usually ate out a woman, he did it with his eyes closed, imagining the look on the face of the lady either above or below him. That fantasy helped him to maintain his calm demeanor, and concentrate on what he was doing. At first he didn’t pay any attention to the shadow that fell over his face, figuring a lightbulb had blown out or something. Only later, when that shadow began to move, did he open his eyes and see what was above him. At first all he saw was a black figure moving in front of his face, and then he realized that it was covered with fur. When he saw the tongue leave the mouth above him, he realized it was Marie’s dog, and it was licking on her asshole!!! “Be still,” she heard Marie tell him. “Shadow likes to lick me once in a while. He won’t hurt you at all.” All he could do was mumble his agreement. After all, he sure didn’t want to upset that dog. He’d seen the size of Shadow, and if he’d ever been intimidated by an a****l, he was by Shadow. Then he noticed that Marie was really getting into the fact that her dog was licking on her butt, so he decided to watch the show and enjoy it. For a little while that’s just what he did, too. He watched as the a****l’s tongue plowed the naked butt above him, occasionally drilling into her nether hole, which elicited moans of pleasure from Marie. Soon, he returned his attention to the bare cunt above him and once more began to lick on those lips and dive into the hole, sucking on her erect clit. That got even more moans of pleasure from Marie and both Julian and Shadow did their best to bring her to a roaring climax, which happened sooner then he thought it would. As soon as Marie had filled Julian’s mouth with her juices, Shadow decided it was time to get his load off, and immediately bounded onto his mistress’ back, striving to drill his hard canine prink into her cunt. While Julian watched, Shadow poked and prodded until his boner found its mark and soon sank into the cunt and began fuck the hell out of her. Julian had a great seat to witness the event, watching as the dog dove into her again and again. The speed with which the a****l worked amazed Julian, and he could only wonder what kept the dog from tiring himself out. Then a strange sensation came over him. Reaching up, he used both hands to pry open the cunt above him, so he could really see where that cock was going, and was surprised to see that the cock was even larger then he was, filling the hole to capacity and continue to sink into Marie. He wondered how she was able to take it all without hollering in pain. Then it struck him! Marie has done this before! Once he realized that his date was a dog-fucker it repulsed him. Then it made him even more excited, as he continued to watch the action above him. Without realizing what he was doing, Julian reached up and touched the pink prick, as it pounded into Marie. The texture wasn’t too much different than his own prick, just bigger and longer, but still basically a prick needing to get fucked so it could shoot its load somewhere. He then brought his hand to his mouth and licked the juices from it, and amazed himself when he realized that he liked the taste. Now Julian was strictly straight, the thought of sucking a prick had never entered his mind, but for some reason he wanted to feel this huge prick in his mouth, so he grabbed it, pulling it from Marie’s cunt, and brought it to his mouth, where he licked the pointed tip and got his first taste of dog-cum. “Not too bad,” he thought. Then he pulled the prick into his mouth and began to use his tongue on it, sucking it deeper into his throat at the same time. The taste again surprised him, and he found that he did indeed like it. He soon found that he could take most of it into his mouth and down his throat with no difficulty. He continued to suck the dog prick and was surprised when Shadow began to lose his load into his mouth. At first he panicked, thinking he was going to choke on the fluid, but he relaxed his muscles and soon found that he could take most of the liquid with no difficulty, with only a small amount trickling out the corner of his mouth. He hadn’t realized that Marie had gotten off him and was now watching him suck off her pet, but then again, he didn’t really care. He was in a world of his own making and in it, he was sucking off his first prick and enjoying the hell out of it. He also wondered why he’d never thought of sucking off one of his gay buddies in the past. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had the opportunity, but he’d just never felt right about it. That was going to change in the future though. ** ** ** ** ** Mona and Jennifer had returned their attention to the television screen in front of them, just in time to witness Julian sucking off Shadow. They could only stare at the screen, and then each other, as they realized what they’d just seen. Looks like they’d found someone else to share their passion for their pets.

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