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Subject: Marines Lust (adult/youth) (Military) Chapter 3 This a totally fictional story. It was told to me by a dear friend of mine, it’s about who soldiers have sex with while stationed in Muslim countries where women are by law forbidden contact with non family males. In this story there will be descriptions of sex between men and boys. If intergenerational sex, gay sex or sex in general offends you please leave. Also if you are under the legal age (18) please leave now and come back when you’re legal Nifty is a wonderful resource for you, me the LGBT community and they need our support. Please donate what you can to help keep this site alive. Camp Leatherneck. Col. William Beck Sr. sat daydreaming about his son Billy Jr. The last time he was home the first week spent in bed with the wife. Stealing moment’s of kisses with his boy. Finally it was Friday and Dad and Billy were driving up to the cabin and next Friday they would spend Friday, Sat, and Sunday with Mary. They pulled up to the cabin sitting just above the slope. It resembled a Swiss Chalet. There was a very large balcony over the front. On that balcony was a 8 person jacuzzi. William has also invited Captain Ethan Andrews Sr. and his son Ethan Jr to spend the week especially since Ethan was hit with a Divorce. Katie wanted nothing she didn’t even want her only son. All she took with her, her clothes shoes, and her pregnant self.Truth be told the baby wasn’t his. When his fifth month just began he got a Skype from Katie, she started right in, you son of a bitch. I’m pregnant. Mr No I’m not wearing a fucking condom. Two months at the max. Wait a fucking minute, did you say two months? Yeah why? Ok Katie spill it, who his He!! What the fuck are you babbling about now. Please listen carefully Katie. You said two months preggers? Yes God what is the DAMN point? If I was there I would need to be restrained. I have been in Afghanistan for 5 months. Who’s the Daddy? God you’re disgusting. Where is my boy? Ethan are you there son? I’m here Dad, Dad Ethan look just like Jr. Hey boy are you ok? Yes sir Mom’s crying she says she hates you. Jr pay no attention to her, I’ll be home soon I want you to call your Aunt Becky I’m sending you to stay with her. I’ll be home in a month for two weeks, then my last tour will be 3 months and I’ll be home for good. I can’t wait to see you Dad I miss you so much. I love you Dad. I love you Ethan with my whole heart. Now Ethan and Jr were on their way to William’s cabin the first week home was amazing, Jr was very loving and he definitely had been practicing with the dildos Ethan had left him. They made love all the time, Katie had done them both a favor by getting knocked up, having a affair. They arrived at the cabin a hour after William and Billy. William and Billy came out butt naked and greeted their friends. Billy hugged Jr, and William grabbed Ethan saying c’mere sexy man. As they kissed William said I’m sorry about Katie buddy. Looking him in the eyes Ethan said to tell you the truth a huge weight has been lifted. Before I forget to ask would you mind if Jr stays with Mary and Billy til the end of our tour? Of course he can Mary won’t mind. By the way Mary and I are getting a divorce. Are you serious William? I thought you two were happy? She’s not having a? Oh no nothing like that we’re just not in love anymore she’s happy being a teacher. The two Dad’s and their son’s went swimming, hiking, and of coarse making love with the two most beautiful of boy’s. William, Earth to William? Wha what did you say? He just realized Ethan had asked him a siirt escort question. I asked you if we were going to Abdul’s at 16:00(4:pm)? Of course just because I miss my beautiful son doesn’t mean I don’t want to fuck. That’s what I want to hear. It’s 15:00(3:pm) now you know how the boy’s are about cleanliness. Let’s go shower and get the hell over there alright? Ok let’s go. While taking their shower, William told Ethan that Mary was taking good care of the boys. Mary also said Katie showed up with her boyfriend and tried to force Jr to leave with them. Mary called Security and they escorted the pair off base. They also confiscated her Base ID so she could no longer come on Base. They walked into Abdul’s darkened interior seeing the hookah’s on knee high tables and men sitting on pillows drinking coffee, smoking, laughing and touching boy’s dressed in silk briefs. Moving towards Abdul who was standing watching the dancers, he turned his head seeing the two Officers approach. Calling out Abu to his side he instructed the boy to take two bottles of unopened Jack Daniels and two glasses with fruit to the big bedroom. Abu dashed off to do his Master’s orders. Suddenly two identical twins were standing either side of Abdul, grinning both boy’s said hello Daddy. Each man reached for his favorite boy’s hand hey son. Ready to retire to our room? Sitting in the equally dark room the twins unlaced the soldiers boots then they took off their socks. Each twin softly massaged tired and sore feet. Sucking gently each toe. Rising on their knee’s they unbuttoned the fatigue jackets pushing them off very muscular shoulders and pulled up olive green tee shirts. Each boy loved the sexy chests of their special Daddy. Standing they unbuckled pants and stepped out of them. Picking up a boy each they laid them on the big ass bed and took their silk briefs off then the silk robe. Sliding their boxers off they presented hard thick uncut cocks to each twin saying make Daddy feel good son. Aazar used his lips to push Daddy William’s foreskin back as the sweet tasting cock slid into the welcoming wet heat. Moving so Daddy Ethan could sit back against the pillows, Aarash settled between his legs. The boy loved this Daddy cock tasting of honey and vanilla. Deepthroat came easily to a well trained boy. Soon soft encouragement could be heard, yeah son suck Daddy good. Daddy loves his Billy. Aazar was used to being called Billy. Just as Aarash was used to being called Jr. They both knew these Daddy’s were really in love with their own son’s. This fact didn’t hamper or hinder their commitment to Abdul to give these men the very best time. Both boy’s were deepthroating the heavy and hard cocks. Turning each boy till they were lying in the classic 69 position so the Daddy’s could give back some pleasure. These boy cocks were a delight to suck. Going faster Daddy William felt his approaching orgasm. On the other side Daddy Ethan also felt his nut draw up, Daddy William touched Aazar’s head his cum shot down the boy’s throat. Suck it down Billy swallow every drop. Man cum will help you grow strong. Aazar swallowing Daddy’s load, felt his own cum being gulped down.Feeling his nuts tighten Daddy Ethan fucked the boy’s throat cum flying out like ropes. Aarash’s turn came and Daddy Ethan was ready for a volley of sweet boy cum shooting out and down as he swallowed every drop. Daddy William stay rock hard after shooting his load down Aazar’s throat. Maneuvering the boy into the missionary position he put some lube on Aazar’s little hole. Slicking up his club like sincan escort cock, he placed the skinny legs on his shoulders and with one push was balls deep inside the sweetest place known to men. A boy’s hole was the true gate to heaven. Feeling tiny fingers massaging his cock made him stay there forever. Ethan pulled Aarash’s sand colored cheeks apart his pinkish hole reminding Ethan of Jr. Jr’s hole was so delicious it tasted like orange flavored honey. His tongue drove into Aarash’s sweet hole savoring the boy’s taste. Jr may taste orange flavored honey, Aarash tasted like almond candy with hints of saffron. Ethan reached for the lube and spread the stuff over his equally hard cock, then using his fingers rubbed the slick stuff around and inside the still small hole. Pressing his cock head against the opening Aarash relaxed and Ethan’s cock slid in all the way up to his balls. Reveling in the exquisite tight heat he once again thought of his son. With Katie out of their lives they could finally be together like the lovers they were. Looking down when he heard Aarash moan he smiled yeah son you like that cock? Yes Daddy oh yes that’s the spot fuck me Daddy, Aarash’s long slender hands gliding over Daddy’s clenching butt cheeks. Aazar on the other side of the bed was moaning as well feeling Daddy William thrusting his hard cock in and almost out before slamming it all the way up inside him. Arching his back up to meet Daddy’s thrusts the man’s cock felt like a balled up fist punching his prostate making his toes curl. Running his nails down William’s back Aazar’s prostate releasing a flood of cum to coat his belly. Throwing his head back he felt Aazar’s pussy muscles grip his cock God why the hell did he waste any fucking on a woman. His brain momentarily flashed his true Love’s image. Billy!! And his nuts drenching Aazar’s pussy with a cup of baby batter. Aarash was beginning his climax, bearing down on the Daddy dong pummeling his hole like a pile driver. Waves of exctasy rolling over Daddy and Aarash, Ethan’s cock buried as far the second sphincter belching out thick cum. Both men knew this was just the beginning of a long pleasure filled night. Breathing like they had run the Boston Marathon they relaxed. Aazar and Aarash pulled on their robes sans silk under briefs and padded out of the room. William asked Ethan you want a drink buddy? Sure where did our boys run off to? I smell grilled chicken and lamb, they’re probably getting all of us some food. Thank God fucking gives me appetite. I’m pretty hungry to William said. Hey Ethan congrats on Jr making honor roll. Thank you it seems that living with Mary and Billy is a positive influence. I know for a fact Katie never gave a shit about Jr’s grades. Well when we go home Mary and I are moving back to our home town. She inherited her parents house and you know I own my Mom and Dad’s house. Would you and Jr consider living with Billy and I? Where is this house? Gulfport Mississippi, just minutes from the Gulf. It’s a old Plantation house that’s been completely modernized but all the original woodwork. You a Southern gentleman? I will need to talk it over with Jr, but I don’t think it’s a problem. Thank you William it’s a kind offer. Well you are my best friend, besides Billy. I know the time in cabin was awesome. In fact did Jr talk to you about his and Billy’s idea? If you’re referring to the little horndogs swapping Daddies yeah we talked about it. What are you thinking? Well they’re curious about us, Billy wants to know what it’s like to be fucked by sinop escort you! And of course it follows Jr wants to experience what Billy’s Dad fucks like. At that moment two teenage boys entered the room bearing silver trays with seasoned lamb, chicken, with saffron flavored grilled vegetables. A silver pitcher of pomegranate juice, a loaf of bread a local cheese. Ahh there they are we were begining think y’all done forgot us. Freezing in place Aazar looked fearful begging pardon Habibi with his face cast down. Come here son, and Aazar approached William trembling, grasping the boy William kissed him with passion. I’ve told you before you silly boy neither I nor Ethan nor any American will hurt you. We don’t hurt children. There are some men that receive pleasure from inflecting pain and that’s ok if both people enjoy that. The only time I have ever spanked my son is when disobeying me might cause him harm. Aarash said we thought we displeased you both by not being fast enough. Ethan asked has anyone ever hurt you here? Abdul or the Patrons ? No Habibi our father rather than sell us to a Warlord for his cruel sons to rape and beat moved our family to Helmand Province. Abdul pays our father for our service. Our sister is going to marry Abdul’s eldest son, he also comes here to enjoy our attentions. When we turn 18 father is sending us to England to University, I want to study medicine, Aarash spoke up saying he wanted to study pharmacology. The fields of Afghanistan are full of different plants besides Poppies that makes opium. They ate the lamb and chicken with their fingers like the natives. Placing bites in the boy’s mouths Aazar’s tongue darted out licking William’s long fingers. A couple places over Ethan placed a grilled strip of lamb in Aarash’s sweet lips, starring at those very pink lips Ethan wishing they were wrapped around his leaking cock. The boy’s eyes knew exactly what the man had on his mind so he leaned over his long tongue wrapping around the cock head making Daddy moan as his fingers slowly run through the boy’s soft curls. William on the other side of the bed decided that Aazar’s cock was irresistible as he sucked in the boy’s slender tube. Not satisfied being a passive partner Aazar moved his head around to take William in his mouth. Savoring the taste of older Daddy cock the man and boy thrilled each other with oral skills. Both began a rythem of sliding in and out of each others throat and mouth. Aarash meanwhile was busy deep throating Ethan’s thick cock drool running down his nuts. Ethan was busy licking his fingers probing for the boy’s love nut Ahh there it is. Feeling the almond shape and with every pass heard a moan out of Aarash. Lifting up the boy by his legs his mouth closed over Aarash’s cock. The boys tongue bathing his pulsing hardness with expert precision to give maximum pleasure. Both man and boy felt the tremors of a eye rolling approach of a whopper of a orgasm. Rope upon rope of cum flooding the 15 year old mouth throat and stomach. Aarash while he was 15 his nuts could not produce the quantity that a adult man in his late 30’s could so his cum dribbled onto Ethan’s awaiting tongue. William lost in the feelings of his cock being massaged within the tight confines of Aazar’s throat. Aazar’s slender cock was receiving equal loving attention both man and boy with full month a throat could only moan. William’s nuts gave a sharp lurch as he felt his juice boiling rising. He was able to tap the boy on his leg a signal of approaching cum flooding straight down into Aazar’s belly. The boy’s orgasm was rolling waves of pleasure as the man and boy swallowed the last of the seed. Pulling silk covers over the two couples relaxing and settling down to recharge batteries. To be continued in chapter 4. Please remember to donate to Nifty to keep this site going. Thank You.

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