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Marriage helpI had been married to my gorgeous, curvy 24 year old wife Jane for just over a year, and was very happy. I knew I was very lucky to have her, being a rather weedy guy, and not well endowed. However, I thought she was happy too, until one day she sat me down and told me we had to talk.“The truth is John,” she told me. “That I am not happy, You don’t make me happy, particularly in the bedroom. I don’t enjoy sex with you, because of your tiny cock, and the fact you always seem to come within 30 seconds.”“I am sorry honey,” I replied, shaken by her brutally honest comments. “But I find you so sexy, I can’t help myself.”“Well, that is no good to me,” she snapped. “I think we may have to split up.” I panicked immediately, as I could not bear to be without her.“No, please honey,” I begged. “I will do anything you want to make you happy.”“Well,” she replied. “Your stepsister Emma told me about some people who help couples in our situation. A friend of hers was helped a little while ago, and now is very happy with her life.”This did not fill me with confidence. A few years ago, after Mom and Dad divorced, he married a large, full figured, rather scary woman called Stephanie, who brought with her two daughters. Emma was the elder one, the same age as me, and Julie was a year younger. The three of them had never liked me, or me them. Stephanie always called me a wimp who would never be able to take care of a woman, and her daughters joined in her nasty treatment of me. Added to that, my father died a couple of years ago, and she remarried. He is a construction worker named Bill, a large rough guy who also thought me to be a wimp. I was glad to get away from home after marrying Jane and moving out of their home. I did not want to keep in touch, but Jane got friendly with all of them, and visited them regularly without me. I am sure you can understand that any recommendation from my stepsister would not be likely to favour me, but as I was desperate not to lose Jane, I agreed to her suggestion to make an appointment with the marriage ther****t.On the day of the appointment, we were greeted by a woman in her forties named Mary. She was immediately friendly to Jane, but I noticed she was quite cold towards me.“Now Jane,” she began. “I understand you are unhappy with your life with John here, particularly when it comes to sex. Why is this, does he have a small cock?” I felt my face getting red.“Yes he does,” Jane replied immediately.“Let me see it,” Mary said to me.“Is that really necessary?” I enquired, being very reluctant to show my cock to a stranger, and a female at that.“Look John,” Jane said bluntly. “We are here to try and sort things out, and they need to know everything. Now drop your pants and let Mary see.”Embarrassed, I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear. As my cock was revealed, Mary laughed out loud.“Oh Jane,” she giggled, as my wife joined in. “There is small, and there is small, and that thing is tiny. No wonder you need a real man!”“You are not k**ding,” Jane laughed.“Put that pathetic thing away,” Mary said to me with contempt in her voice.After that, Mary produced a document for me to sign. Basically, it said that I would accept any measures taken to ensure that my wife would be happy in our marriage. I did not like the sound of that, as it appeared to take away my rights. I said as much, but Jane assured me that if I did not sign, I could kiss our marriage goodbye. Needless to say, I signed the document. I was then told to wait outside, while Jane was sent to speak to another member of their staff.Jane was gone for quite a while, but when she came out, she looked happier than I had seen her for a while. As we left, she told me that Darren, the guy she had been sent to meet, would be visiting us at home that evening. I could not understand why he would need to, but let it go.Jane was up in the bedroom when the bell rang at seven that evening, and she shouted to me to let him in. I was met by a very tall, muscular black man, very good looking. He introduced himself, and I took him into the lounge.Shortly afterwards, Jane came in, and I was totally shocked. She was wearing only a very short, very sheer nightgown. She walked over to Darren, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him with a passion I bahis siteleri had not noticed from her for a long time.“What is going on?” I asked angrily, upset that he was so familiar with my wife.“Relax,” he grinned. “It is all part of the therapy.”“Yes,” Jane told me. “So just sit on the sofa, and keep your fucking mouth shut!” I was shocked at her tone, but sat down as instructed. Darren sat next to me, and Jane got down on her knees between his legs. She the took hold of the zip in his pants.“What are you doing Jane?” I asked, not liking how this was going.“I am going to suck Darren’s cock,” she said simply. “And you are going to watch, and keep quiet.”“But you said you hated sucking cock,” I protested, and Darren jumped to his feet.“You were told to keep your fucking mouth shut, you piece of shit,” he snapped, as he pulled me to my feet.He punched me hard in the gut, causing me to drop to my knees gasping for breath. I could hear Jane laughing above me.“Sorry about that Jane,” Darren told her.“Don’t be sorry Darren,” Jane replied. “I enjoyed that, and the little prick deserved it. Now sit back on the sofa John, and not another word!”I sat back down, now frightened of this big guy. I was forced to watch, as Jane pulled out his very impressive, long, thick black dick.“Now this is what a real cock looks like,” Jane told me. “And Darren is what a real man looks like. I am going to enjoy this!”I just could not bear it, seeing my beloved wife bobbing her head up and down with the huge cock in her mouth. Despite my efforts, the tears began to flow.“Hey Jane,” Darren laughed. “The little wimp is crying, I don’t think he likes you sucking on my dick!”“Good,” Jane replied cruelly. “He deserves to be upset, for being an inadequate excuse for a man!”She then went back to sucking on that cock. She was clearly enjoying herself, as was the man accepting the head. She enthusiastically sucked him, until with a groan of pleasure, he shot his load into her willing mouth. Jane then came over to me, pulled my head back roughly. Pinching my nose so I had to open my mouth, she spat Darren’s cum into my mouth.“Better get used to the taste of cum,” she remarked. “I have a feeling you will be swallowing quite a bit of it in future!”“I don’t think he likes the taste of cum,” Darren laughed, as he watched me gag on his mess.“Good, “ Jane grinned. “I don’t want him getting pleasure out of it. Now wimp, go and dry your eyes, and bring Darren and I a beer.”After they had drunk their beer, Jane began stroking Darren’s cock, bringing it back to stiffness, as he played with her pussy. Soon, she got up and turned her back to him, leaning forward, ready to take his big cock.“I am about to be fucked properly for the first time since I met you,” Jane told me. “Watch closely, see if you can learn something!”The next twenty minutes or so were hell for me, as the black guy gradually brought my wife to a shattering orgasm, as she urged him to fuck her harder and harder. He pulled out just before he came, and shot his load on her back.“I think he should be licking that up,” my wife remarked.“I agree,” Darren replied. “Get up her and clean my cum off your wife’s ass wimp,” he ordered, and I started licking it up as my wife laughed at me, and called me a cum sucking faggot.A little later, we were all going to the door to let Darren out. My wife kissed him warmly, as I stood there feeling a fool. She then whispered something in his ear. He grinned, and then turned to me, giving me another vicious punch in the gut. As I dropped to the floor, Jane laughed, and then thanked him for dealing with her wimp of a husband. He left, saying he enjoyed it too.“I really enjoyed tonight,” Jane said, as she knelt beside me. “I think it is going to get worse for you though!” With that she spat in my face, and went up to bed laughing.Later that week, Jane told me Mary had called her to make an appointment for Friday afternoon. She told me that she had been asked to dress for a night out. I asked about me, and she said it did not matter what I wore. If I was apprehensive before about this appointment, that made it worse.Friday afternoon we were in front of Mary once again.“So Jane,” she began. “How did you enjoy the other evening?”“I loved it,” Jane answered enthusiastically.“What did canlı bahis siteleri you love?” Mary continued.“Well,” my wife replied. “Having a wonderful lover of course, and to see my miserable husband being put in his place!”“Good,” Mary smiled. “And what about you John?”“I hated every minute of course,” I answered, in a surly manner.“Well, what you like doesn’t matter at all, does it? It is what Jane wants, and you are just an inadequate wimp with a tiny dick, aren’t you?”“I suppose,” I mumbled.“Let me hear you say it,” Mary insisted, and Jane looked at me expectantly.“I am an inadequate wimp, with a tiny dick,” I repeated, causing the two women to laugh out loud.“Right,” Mary went on. “When I spoke to Jane earlier, it was decided that you should wear the chastity device I have here, as clearly she will not be using your pathetic dick any more.” I was horrified, as I had not expected this.“What if I refuse?” I said, in a rare moment of rebellion.“You signed a document agreeing to whatever would make Jane happy,” she replied. “So you will wear the device voluntarily, or be made to, by force if necessary.”I realized I was beaten, so Mary handed the cock cage to my wife, who gleefully locked it on to my cock.“That is the end of your sex life forever wimp,” she said happily. “I am going to make your life a misery from now on!” More laughter from both women.Mary then explained that, as much as Jane had enjoyed him, as an employee he could not continue to see her. However, he was to take her to a club that evening, to meet some men he was sure you enjoy seeing. Jane was very happy about this, and went off to see Darren.After she was gone, Mary came round the desk to see me out. Automatically, my hand went out to shake hers, but instead she came forward and spat in my face.“Get out, you pathetic wimp,” she snapped, and I left with her saliva running down my cheek.That evening I waited at home, not knowing where my wife was, or who with. Finally, at about ten thirty, the telephone rang.“I have found myself a new friend wimp,” Jane told me gleefully. “Another nice big black man. I am bringing him home now, so make up a bed in the spare room for yourself, I don’t want to see your sissy face when we get back!”I did as I was told, and went to bed. It was not long after that I heard the front door open. The two of them came upstairs, and there was lots of laughter. It was not long after that I heard Jane begin to moan with pleasure, as she was obviously being fucked by her new man. He was obviously as expert as Darren, because my wife became louder and louder, urging him on, until finally she screamed out her orgasm. It went quiet for a while, and then it all started up again. The cage on my cock was causing me great discomfort, as in spite of my jealousy, my cock tried to get erect. Three times that night he fucked her, and she seemed to be enjoying it more and more.I was awoken next morning by the sound of yet another orgasm being cried out by Jane. I made sure I waited until I was sure the man had gone, and then went to the kitchen, where I saw Jane in her nightgown, singing happily to herself.“There you are,” she said when she saw me. “Did you hear Dwayne fucking the shit out of your adulterous wife last night? He really gave it to me, and I enjoyed every second, taking his huge dick. Amazingly, he was even better than Darren!”“Are you going to see him again?” I asked miserably.“What do you think, you stupid prick?” she taunted. “He will be coming round tonight, to make sure you know your place, make sure you treat him with the utmost respect, he will be the man of the house whenever he is here.”Jane’s intentions that evening were very clear, as she awaited her new boyfriend in just her sexiest nightgown. She ran to the door excitedly when Dwayne arrived. She brought him into the lounge where I was waiting, and I could see he was bigger and better looking than Darren. He looked at me with amused contempt.Wow Jane,” he laughed. “He is an even bigger wimp than you described, what a fucking pussy!”“Yes he is,” my wife laughingly confirmed. “And he will do everything you tell him to. Go on wimp, tell the new master of the house he can do as he wishes, and be respectful!”“Sir,” I began, my face red. “I will do as you and my wife canlı bahis wish.”“Damned right you will,” he growled. “For a start you can get me a drink fag boy!”Jane laughed as I rushed to get our guest a drink. He sat on the sofa, and she snuggled up next to him as he spoke to me.“Now listen boy,” he began. “I am the alpha male here, and I am the one who will be fucking your wife, because you are not up to it. Let me hear you say it.”“You will be fucking my wife sir,” I responded. “Because I am not up to it.” Laughter from Jane.“You are just a pathetic piece of shit,” Dwayne continued. “What are you?”“A pathetic piece of shit sir,” I repeated.“I am loving the way you treat him honey,” Jane laughed. “What the hell did I ever see in him?”“Well now we have established who is who,” Dwayne went on. “You can show me the proper respect. Get on your knees.”I did as he ordered, and he stood in front of me and dropped his pants and underwear to reveal a massive, thick black dick.“This is what is going to make your wife happy in future,” he told me. “And now you are going to suck it in front of her, to show her she married a faggot, right?”“Yes sir,” I responded, to my wife’s amusement.I took hold of his cock, feeling quite sick, The idea of sucking a man’s dick was completely repulsive to me, but I knew I had no choice. As soon as it was completely hard in my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock to the back of my throat.“That’s it honey, make the bastard choke on your huge dick,” Jane urged him.As it hit the back of my throat I gagged. He pulled his cock out, and I coughed and spluttered, as the two of them laughed at my humiliation. Then he forced his cock back in.“Now suck it fag boy, and make it good!” he ordered.“Yes,” Jane added. “And don’t stop until he fills your sissy mouth with his thick cum!”“I have a lot of black friends who like nothing better than having a wimpy white boy sucking on their dicks,” Dwayne informed me. “You are going to be getting a lot of practice!”“Oh, I will love to see that,” Jane said. “Making him swallow cum until he is sick, ha! ha!”I sucked him for what seemed like hours before he announced he was about to cum. A powerful load hit my throat, causing me to gag, cough and splutter, with some of his cum dripping from my mouth, as Jane laughed at me. Dwayne was not happy though.“You don’t spill my cum boy,” he growled, as he slapped my face, causing me to lose balance. “My friends get really rough if you don’t swallow everything, so you had better learn soon!”After that, Jane and Dwayne sat together on the sofa, ignoring me unless they needed more drinks. Eventually they decided it was time for bed. As they made their way up to our bedroom, they indicated for me to follow.In the bedroom, they quickly got undressed, telling me to do the same. I looked at my wife’s beautiful naked body, my heart breaking to know that it looked like I would never be allowed to enjoy it again. This time Jane sucked his cock to get him hard, while I was made to get between her legs and get her pussy wet for him. When she was satisfied she was ready, she kicked me away roughly, and told me to stand by the bed.Very soon, Dwayne was positioning his stiff cock ready to enter Jane’s pussy. I found it too hard to watch, and turned my head away.“Don’t look away bitch,” Jane yelled at me. “I want you to see me being fucked properly, I want you to see every stroke of his cock in your wife’s pussy, to see what you will never have again!”As he began to pound Jane’s pussy, and she began to moan with pleasure, my emotions got the better of me and the tears started.“Oh look,” Jane laughed. “The wimp is crying because he is being cuckolded in front of his eyes. Make me cum hard baby, let’s make him really miserable!”So he did, he fucked her expertly, and I swear her orgasm seemed even stronger than the ones I heard the previous night. When they had got their breath back, Dwayne turned to me.“Don’t stand there boy,” he snarled. “Your wife’s pussy needs cleaning.” I moved forward and got my head between Jane’s legs.“This is what will pass for sex for you in future faggot,” my wife sneered. “So lick it all up and enjoy!”After finishing with my wife’s pussy, I was instructed to clean her pussy juices from her new lover’s cock, which I did without complaint.“Now fuck off to the spare room,” Jane laughed. “And carry on crying in there while Dwayne carries on fucking me for you!”I went to the spare room wondering how much worse things could get for me.

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