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Married freaky couple

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Married freaky coupleHi xhamster here is a story for you me and the wife is some super freaks we like to have fun we like to go out to different clubs or get on the web trying to hook up some dates with who every want to have some fun one time we hookup with this guy his name was rick a good looking guy to we set up to go to house we got there it was a nice big house got to the door knock rick must been right by the door he opening the door on the first knock rick invited us n we greeted each other we told him r name he than as us do y’all want something to drink we said yes please so rick walk us to the den were the bar was rick fix us some drinks so we got to talking getting to kno what we like and don’t like oh let me tell u about me and my wife we is big not to big but big black couple we like pussy and Dick. It crazy because I love sucking dick and wifey love eating pussy. Rick said when he first got on the web and seen r profile he had to hookup with us we spend about a month talking feeling each other out making sure we and rick wasn’t on no bullshit rick was a mix brother he was about 6’2 lightskin medium built he had so he said let me go get out of this pants help y’all self to some more drinks we said OK than he went up güvenilir bahis stairs we sat at the bar and got r drink on than rick came back down with a show box n his hand and a joint lit n his mouth puffing on it he pass it to me It smell funny I ask. Him what its lace with he said some cocaine u don’t like it I was like it just smell so damn good I hit it a couple time than pass it to my wife so hit it couple time and pass it back to rick than I ask rick what n the box he said my freaky kix he ask do u want to c we was like yup we all bust out laughing he opening the box he pull out a a bag of blow and a mirror and a straw and more weed so rick ask who rolling and he get the blow ready I said I roll the weed and he got the blow ready so we was doing line and smoking and rick had a complications of porn he put on so we was real horny as hell my dick was so hard I had to let it out my wife was out of her dress rick had some basketball ball short on my wife took some blow and spears it on her titt and told rick come suck on my titt rick went to my wife and started to lick and suck her breasts with blow on them she was moan rubbing the back of rick head than she move her hand over his body down to his shorts than her eyes got türkçe bahis big I was watching playing with my dick and chest when she told rick to stop and turn a round look at me so he did and she pull his shorts down rick had on some women pantie on but he had a fucking monster cock it had to be a good 12″ I was like damn that a big ass dick than wife said to me cum suck on so I got on my keens and took in the wonderful scene I was n all I grap rick big big fat monster cock and started to lick n suck on it like somebody going to take it a way from me I was sucking while my wife was kiss him he had one hand on my head fucking my mouth and he other hand playing with my wife pussy so we freaking each other rick said let go to my play room we got every thing together and ran to his play room all was n his room was a big screen TV and a king size bed we got on the rick hit the remote and what was playing n the den started to play were we was I got back to sucking his big dick and my wife sat on his face he eating her out I’m sucking his dick his ball was so big they look like softball than rick told me reach under the bed and get the lube I got the he said put some on my ass so I put some on his ass First I lick his ass he got to güvenilir bahis siteleri moan n my wife pussy than I put some lube on his and playing with his ass I stick my finger n his ass and sucking his dick he said I’m about to cum so I tried to deepthoat his monster cock the best I can but it was hard to do I begin to move my finger fast n fast his said I’m cum and blow a big ass load In my mouth it was so much cum I couldn’t get it all it shot like 7big rope of cum my wife seen how much cum it was she hollar out I’m about to cum she cumm on rick face they came down off they sexual high I feel left out but rick was still hard he said I got u I got on my back he started to suck my dick and he put some lube on my ass and on his dick than got to working his monster cock n my tight ass my wife was play with my chest and jacking my dick when rick got his cock in my ass and got to fucking me real good I was moan dont stop wifey started going fast jacking my dick than rick pick up the past I scream I’m Cumming I shot a big rope of cum right on my chest than two small rope I was shaking rick was still pounding my ass he hollar he about to cum he cum right n my ass I felt it shoot in me in look n his eyes and breathing hard and said damn u cumm a lot again damn cum was running out my ass like water we all chill laugh and relax and did some more blow smoke some more weed and chill my wife said she can’t wait to try that monster out.Part 2 come next I hope y’all like it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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