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Massaged into Submission

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Henry paced his massage studio impatiently, waiting for Fiona to show up. She wasn’t even running late – he was just really eager for his little sister’s best friend to come through the door. Sophie had called him earlier in the day asking for a favor; could he please work his magic and help her friend Fiona with her back? She had tense muscles in her back and Sophie wanted to give her a massage for her birthday.

Henry, of course, made a show of reluctance. It was only natural; his sister was notoriously bad with money and wouldn’t be able to pay his normal rates. Not to mention, he really didn’t want her to figure out just how desperate he was to get his hands on Fiona’s tight little body.

The girls were four years younger than Henry, but that hadn’t stopped him from noticing just how hot Fiona was. Her long, wavy chocolate brown hair and bright blue eyes alone would have been enough to stop a man in his tracks. Couple that with soft, olive skin, slender limbs toned from dancing, perky tits, and an ass other women would kill for and you could forgive Henry his permanent case of blue balls around her.

Two weeks ago, after eating dinner at his parents’ place, he had been rooted to the floor outside Sophie’s room listening to her talk to Fiona on the phone – plotting how they would get her cherry popped. It was a mystery to him how Fiona could make it almost to 22 without getting laid. He had gritted his teeth in frustration and disappointment when he considered the possibility that she wasn’t just shy around him, but probably all guys. He had always thought it was adorable how she would go all quiet around him, but apparently his one clue that she might have a crush on him too had nothing to do with him.

So, when Sophie called begging him for a favor, he made a show of grumbling before relenting. There was no way he was going to pass on his one chance to put his hands on his little sister’s hot friend.

She knocked on the door, right on schedule and slipped into his studio looking a little out of breath and slightly bewildered.

“Hey birthday girl! You ready for your massage?” he asked her, trying to sound like it was any other appointment.

“H-hi Henry – I don’t know. I’ve never had a massage before,” she stuttered adorably.

“Well, there’s not much to worry about,” Henry replied as he showed her to the massage table. “You can put your clothes on the chair over there and I’ll be back in a few minutes. Get yourself comfortable on the table and I’ll be right back.”

“S-sure.” Fiona blushed, unable to meet his eyes and missed the wicked smile on his face as he walked out and closed the door to give her privacy.

He waited right outside the door, counting the seconds till he could walk back in without scaring her off. His cock was already pulsing in his pants with anticipation, and his heart felt ready to leap out of his chest. Finally, he knocked lightly on the door to give her a heads-up and walked back in to find her lying naked, face down on the table.

He stifled a groan at the sight of her gorgeous skin on display in the soft lighting. Her head was resting on her forearms, giving him a spectacular view of side-boob. Her body looked absolutely flawless, covered in nothing but a white towel across her hips.

“So… Sophie mentioned your back is feeling a bit sore lately?” he asked as he moved to stand by her head.

“Yeah, we started working on a new dance routine last week and some of the twists involved didn’t agree with me.”

“I’m sure we can sort that out,” he replied. Looking over those long lean legs, he suggested a full work-up and hoped like hell she’d say yes.

“Sounds good to me.” She seemed to have settled down a bit now that she didn’t have to do anything but lie there, but there was still a hint of breathless anticipation to her as she agreed.

Making sure to warm the oil between his hands first, he gently started to massage her shoulders in slow, firm circles. When he kneaded the tendons and moved down to her shoulder blades, she couldn’t hold back a pleasurable groan. Once her shoulders felt looser, he moved to her spine and ran his thumbs up and down along her spinal column before spreading out to do her sides and ribs. He desperately wanted to brush his fingertips against the sides of her tits, but he was sure she’d freak and run out if he tried anything.

Just getting to touch the girl he had been lusting after for years was a dream come true. After about 10 minutes of loosening up her tight shoulders, he could feel her practically cebeci escort melting into the massage table. If it hadn’t been for the occasional moan, he’d almost be convinced she’d fallen asleep.

As he moved on to massage her calves and thighs, he felt like he could finally start to enjoy the sensation of his hands running over her smooth skin; as long as he’d been standing by her head, there had been a risk of her opening her eyes and seeing his very obvious hard on. Standing by her feet there was no way she could see his cock’s desperate fight for freedom, and he could enjoy the view of her long, slim legs that ended in the hottest ass he had ever laid eyes on.

Knowing full well that her little dancer’s body had never been touched by a man before he was desperate to “accidentally” work the towel covering her hips and ass up far enough to catch a glimpse of that virgin little pussy.

Based on the sounds she was making as he worked her thighs, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was getting wet under that annoying towel and if she would stop him before he got to the point where he had her dripping on the table.

He gave her some long, firm strokes up her legs, starting at her ankles and gradually working his way higher and higher up her thighs. By the time his fingertips were almost at the swell of her delicious ass, he was practically holding his breath, hoping she wouldn’t object or ask him what the hell he was doing.

Taking a chance, he slid his hands sideways to work her inner thighs and the moan that slipped from her lips was almost enough to have him rip through his pants. His cock was begging him for relief, and he could hardly believe his luck that he finally had his hands touching Fiona’s luscious skin.

She seemed fine with having his hands so close to her pussy, and he gradually worked his way onto her ass. As his hands moved higher up, so did the towel and he could finally see that pink little pussy in all its glory. Her legs were a little too close together for him to see it properly, even standing at her feet bending over the table, so he got back to kneading her thighs for a while so he could gradually push her legs further apart.

Five minutes of painful patience later he had her splayed on the table exactly how he wanted, and she had made no objection to any of his actions. She seemed completely blissed out and was completely malleable by now.

Slowly, so she wouldn’t be able to notice him moving, he bent lower to get a closer look at that hairless little pussy. It looked delicious; all smooth, pink skin, glistening with pussy juice. It looked incredibly tight and he could just imagine what she would look like with her pussy lips stretched around his thick cock. His cock was leaking a steady flow of precum by now and he almost felt ready to blow without touching himself at all.

As he continued kneading her inner thighs, he was able to spread her pussy lips far enough to see that pussy juice was starting to trickle out of her tiny opening. He wanted a taste of that sweet honey so badly, but knew it was too soon and settled for a discreet little sniff of her instead.

Goddamn it! She smelled fantastic.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Under the guise of pouring more oil in his hands, he whipped his t-shirt off quickly and pulled his pants down far enough to let his cock out to breathe.

With a fresh supply of oil to make her skin glisten he went back to work on her amazing ass. He had her moaning in pleasure from his magic hands in no time and he figured it was make or break time.

“Do you mind if I take the towel off? It’s getting in the way a little.”

She was too blissed out to articulate a proper reply and just hummed her approval of the idea. Gently so as not to give away his excitement, he pulled the towel off and threw it to the floor.

Finally, he could see all of her! Her smooth, tanned ass cheeks glistened with massage oil and he savored the feeling of running his hands over them.

As a reward for her cooperation he gave her some slow, deep strokes over her ass and up the small of her back before starting to work his thumbs closer and closer to her crack. When she didn’t object, he started to work her muscles diagonally to let his thumbs spread her cheeks, giving him the perfect view of her pussy and her naughty little asshole.

A few “accidental” brushes of his fingers against her pussy lips later, he risked running his flat hand across the span of her ass crack all the way down çinçin escort her pussy and across her clit, before slowly reversing the motion and letting his fingers trail back up.

His heart pounded in his chest as her breath caught and he could see her shoulders tense from the unexpected move that even the most naïve massage client had to know had no place in a professional massage. Slick with oil, his fingers quickly got to work on her clit and pussy lips, and as she moaned loudly and let her eyes roll into the back of her head, she seemed to decide to just go with it. She lowered her head fully back on the table and quietly allowed him to go on.

Slowly he worked his hand back up to her asshole and decided to test her boundaries a bit. A little breathless himself, he slid his thick middle finger into her virgin asshole. Fiona went perfectly still as she waited to see where he was going with this. He sank his finger as far into her warm, tight ass as he could and fingerfucked her for a little while.

“Henry? What are you doing?” she asked a little timidly.

“Shhh… Let me take care of you,” he said before slowly sliding his finger back out. He could see that she was soaking wet by now and he desperately wanted to eat that slick pussy, but the angle was too awkward to let him really enjoy it. Instead he spread her ass cheeks as far apart as they would go and started teasing her twitching asshole with the tip of his tongue.

Fiona gasped and lifted her hips and inch or two off the table in response and he knew he had her right where he wanted her. He licked, sucked and teased her asshole mercilessly until her hips were rising completely off the table of their own volition and her breath was coming in short pants.

Going back to running his hand up and down her perfect pussy, he tickled her clit furiously and slid his fingertips slowly back up to her virgin hole where he let his index finger sink into her tight, wet heat.

“Oh my god!” she gasped and had no choice but to follow when he used the same hand to guide her up on her elbows and knees on the table.

“Fuck! Your pussy is so tight,” Henry whispered with a groan, before desperately sliding his finger back out to make room for his hungry mouth.

He latched his lips around her pussy and drank as much of her leaking pussy juice as he could get. Swirling his tongue around he made sure to get every drop of her sweetness in his mouth before moving back up to her asshole and sliding his tongue inside as far as he could reach. She was moaning uncontrollably now, and her thighs were starting to tremble.

“Has anyone made you cum before?” he asked as he decided to give her loosened asshole a rest and moved to the side of the table where he could get a good look at her naked tits for the first time.

“N-no,” she replied shyly.

“Just you then?” he insisted, sliding two fingers into her hungry pussy.

“Yes,” she gasped as he slid his fingertips over her G-spot.

“Time to fix that,” he grinned and fingerfucked her furiously until she was trembling all over and screamed out her orgasm as she gushed all over his hand and the massage table.

While she was still coming down from her high, he slid his pants all the way off and left them in a puddle on the floor before getting on his knees behind her.

Her long dancer’s legs had her pussy at the perfect height for his cock to slip right in and pop that little cherry. He had most of the head of his thick cock in her pussy before she was even aware of what was happening. He knew the instant she noticed; her breath caught, and she stilled in breathless anticipation. With a firm grip on her hips, he started gently but persistently sliding his cock into her.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “You’re so big! It’s not going to fit.”

“Oh, it’ll fit alright. Don’t you worry baby; I’m not stopping till I’ve fucked your brains out!”

Admittedly, it was an incredibly tight fit, and sweat was beading on Henry’s forehead as he gritted his teeth to avoid either coming in her too soon or shoving his eight inches in too hard. After what seemed like ages, he was finally balls deep in the sweet pussy he had been fantasizing about for years, and he allowed them both a moment to savor the feel of him bottoming out in her wet heat.

“You doing okay there, babe?”

“Y-yes! It feels incredible!” she gasped. “Please move. I need you to move!”

Chuckling, Henry allowed himself a few seconds to grind his pelvis against her before starting çubuk escort to thrust. He enjoyed the visual stimulation of her ass bouncing as his pelvis smacked against her hips. He left one hand with a firm grip of her hip, and let the other run up her back, around to cup her breast and teased her nipple for a while before sliding it down to play with her clit.

Fiona responded to his expert touch immediately and her pussy started pulsing around his thrusting cock, trying to milk the cum straight out of his balls.

“You’re so tight, I’m not going to last,” he warned her before speeding up both his thrusts and his teasing fingers on her clit. It seemed to work, and she soon trembled with another orgasm.

Henry wasn’t satisfied however and pulled her down with him as he kneeled behind her so he could really tease her pussy with his hand. Her legs splayed on the outside of his, her pussy lips were stretched tight around his cock and he strummed her clit mercilessly until he forced her straight into another orgasm. She screamed and squirted even harder than the first time.

Her rippling, orgasming pussy came close to making him come, but he managed to hold off as he clutched her tight little body close with one hand on her pussy and one hand cupping her full, perky breast.

After taking a minute to cool down, hoping to stave off his own orgasm for a little while longer, he lowered her trembling body back down on her stomach on the table and lay down on top of her, sinking his cock back in her hungry pussy. With her firmly anchored beneath him and his hands on her shoulders holding her in place, he was able to really pound his cock into her. She clutched his hands tightly and moaned continually as he drove her into the table.

Her pussy was so sensitive from her three orgasms and his thrusting cock that he didn’t need more than a few thrusts angled just right over her G-spot before her next orgasm milked the cum straight from his cock and deep in her pussy. They moaned in unison as he emptied himself into her. He savored the feeling emptying his balls into her hot pussy for a minute while dropping kisses on the sensitive skin below her ear.

Fiona lay just lay there with her eyes closed, a small smile on her lips and her legs wound around him tightly, humming in pure satisfaction. Slowly, he sat back and enjoyed the sight of his cum spilling out of her freshly fucked pussy before helping her sit up on the table and standing between her spread knees.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she looked almost drunk as she tried to regain her balance on the edge of the massage table. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at Henry naked for the first time – from the satisfied grin on his face, past his wide shoulders and strong arms, over his ripped stomach, down to his still half-hard cock and back up to their clutched hands.

“Were – Uh were you planning on doing that the whole time?” Fiona asked.

“I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a fantasy of mine for a long time, but mostly I was just looking forward to getting to touch you,” Henry answered earnestly while continuing to do just that; he slid his hand up her arm to cup her cheek, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“I always thought you just considered me as Sophie’s annoying friend,” she admitted, biting her lip while letting her eyes drop slightly again in embarrassment.

“Hey!” He ducked his head slightly, making sure to look her in the eye again before continuing; “I never thought that. And I’ll admit I might have acted like a bit of a dick just now and helped myself to your virgin pussy without asking first, but this was never just about a fuck for me.”

“Really?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes! Really. Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? I’ll make us something to eat and show you everything else I have planned for that gorgeous body of yours.”

“Like what?” she asked breathlessly.

“Well, for one thing I haven’t fucked you in the ass yet. And I’m guessing you need someone to teach you how to suck cock.” He grinned at her shocked expression.

“Not to mention that I’m nowhere near having had enough of your pussy juice in my mouth. So, can I expect you around six thirty?” he asked while running his fingers lazily over her puffy pussy lips, rubbing his cum into her skin.

“Heck yes, to all of that!” she moaned.

“I hate to kick you out, but I have another client coming in twenty minutes and I need to clean up before he gets here. I don’t want anyone smelling that sweet pussy of yours but me,” Henry said regretfully, before helping her get dressed.

After a lingering kiss by the door, she left on shaky legs with a huge grin on her face, a note with his address clutched in her hand. It might have been Fiona’s birthday, but it was Henry who got what he wanted most that day.

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