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Masturbation Diaries: College Dance

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To most people I appear shy in public, although friendly and caring. What most people don’t know is that hidden behind the quiet exterior is a sex addict. I can’t get enough of it! Some days I cannot stop thinking about my cock. Maybe I’m not totally obsessed with it but at least twenty times a day I do think about my cock. I think about what it looks like, what it feels like between my legs, in my briefs or in my boxers. I think about even more how it feels when I get to stroke it. I have been masturbating for most of my life and for as long as I can remember I have been jacking off at least once every day if not more.

Now, as a happily married guy for over 28 years I still have to admit to enjoying some of my most intense orgasms solo. I still usually do it a minimum of four or five times a week; on good weeks almost daily. I don’t think my wife has any problems with my masturbating, but it’s something we’ve never talked about. Although for several years while the kids were still at home it was difficult to find enough privacy for a good, intense masturbation session, it has always continued to be a wonderful part of my sex life. Nowadays I am able to look forward to those times and plan more on how to have a great time with my cock!

Though I’ve actually never kept a true diary on my masturbatory exploits, I thought I’d reminisce a bit and share just how important masturbation has always been to me…

I think the homecoming dance began at eight o’clock but we didn’t get there until a little before nine.

My college freshman girlfriend had taken a little longer to ready than planned so we got a late start and the restaurant we went to was slow. But all that was made up by the sight of Samantha that night. I knew she had a great body, with an absolutely fantastically shaped bottom that I still tend to daydream about to this day. On this particular night she wore a soft satin, floral patterned full length dress. It wasn’t skin tight, but it was extremely clingy and you could certainly see all her wonderful features. Now you have to understand right off, her gown was one of most incredibly beautiful and sexy dresses I had ever seen on any girl.

Well, we danced a couple fast dances, talked and had a lot fun that night just being together.

Finally, I led her on to the dance floor for our first slow dance. We held each other very awkwardly at first. Soon, though, I was closer than I’d ever been to this girl and I was thrilled to see the serene smile on her face. For the next hour or so, I did not care about anything other than having her close to me, feeling her warm body through that smooth dress and having her soft dirty blonde hair brush against my face.

Later while we were dancing another particularly slow and quiet number I held her exceptionally tight and could feel the warmth between us. I ran my hand down her back and before I realized it my palm was cupping the upper slope of her right butt cheek. Suddenly it hit me…I had not felt a break of any kind under that clingy dress of hers. She wasn’t wearing any underwear!

‘Little College Donnie’ immediately stirred more than he had already been in my dress pants.

Throughout the evening as we continued to dance and talk I kept coming back to the thought of her being bare down there under her gown. But to my young horny college freshman credit, I kept myself in check.

It was after a visit to the ladies room, when Samantha returned that I noticed her perky hard nipples were clearly obvious in that shimmering dress. I stole several looks at her breasts to see her nipples were very noticeably protruding. Samantha looked bursa escort right at me one of those times. Catching my gaze, she panned down quickly. When she looked back at me she had this sly knowing grin on her lips and gleam in her eyes.

Moments later we were back out on the dance floor

Eventually there was another slow number and we went back out to the dance floor.

I looked at her and kind of grinned but awkwardly pulled her into my arms. By this time a bunch of sexual tension had already built up inside me. Feeling her young body in my arms was electric. It was the most erotic I’d felt in my young life and I was most definitely aroused, but still trying hard to control it. I could tell her breathing was a bit labored and I thought I saw her face was flushed. I stroked her neck gently and ruffled her hair, before I tipped her chin up and gave her a kiss. She kissed me back and pulled me even closer. I knew she had to feel my stiff young sex poking into her tummy. I think I actually took a breath and let out a groan of pain and excitement. She was shaking as my body pressed into that gorgeous floral dress she wore, but I also felt myself oozing a fair bit of pre-cum between us, too.

I was wondering how I was going to continue dancing without it being noticeable. I threw my fate to the winds and started dancing even closer. It was very, very good, and Samantha was very close and very, very warm. She smelled so good, too. And I was thoroughly hard.

I could feel myself my self getting even more excited. I felt myself getting closer to what might be a spontaneous ejaculation just knowing that she was seeing my reaction and the now total soaking that was all over my balls, head, and shaft. As she moved with me her pelvis inched closer to my hard shaft. I thought, unless I changed my thoughts, I was going to shoot a load right there on the dance floor and really feel like an idiot. She knew I must have been reacting to her by now. As her hands moved around my pubic bone, she brushed by my erection, around my balls, then under to inside my thigh. I thought I was going to explode!

But it was then the band finished the song and I took a big breath as she eased away from me.

While she applauded the band, I adjusted my cock in my pants, hoping to make it less obvious. She glanced back at me and grinned. Her green eyes nearly melted me. My cock was so hard it hurt.

There I stood with my hand in my pocket still trying to adjust myself.

“Well now, did I have anything to do with that?” Samantha nodded downward.

My not so subtle attempts to hide my hard-on had obviously been in vain.

“I feel responsible for getting you that way,” she added before I could open my mouth.

“I, um…well,” I finally stuttered, “you are, you know, awful sexy tonight…and…”

Samantha took a step closer and reached out to stroke the bulge in my pants. “No, I didn’t know that, but thank you. And I know I’m not obligated to help out a horny boy,” she said in a slightly lower and more seductive voice, “but I wouldn’t mind help you out with this.” She stroked my cock through my pants.

I thought I was going to rip through the zipper in my pants!

“I can’t let you go anywhere like that. It’s got to hurt. Let’s go sit back down.”

Before I knew what we were really doing, she as much as led me and ‘Little College Donnie’ back to a table on the far edge of the room. We sat and she continued to stroke me through my pants.

“I need to see what poor shape he is in,” and with that she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. In a flash she had pulled my cock out from my bursa escort bayan briefs.

I let out a heavy sigh of relief as my young manhood was freed from its tight confines and stretched up from my crotch nice and tall.

Samantha grinned. “So doesn’t that does feel better now?” Then she proceeded to wrap her hand around my cock and began to slowly rub her palm up and down the underside.

I sucked in another deep breath and thrust my hips up to meet her hand.

“Donnie,” she said, “how often do you do this sort of thing to yourself?” Her voice asked a little too sarcastically. “I bet you like to do it in the dark, in the dorm with the lights off, over one of those hot centerfold models don’t you.”

Finally, other than a few grunts and nods of my head I was able to communicate, although with a rather noticeable breathy strain to my voice. “Yes, I jack off in the dark middle of the night a lot, sometimes even when my roommate is on the upper bunk and he doesn’t know.”

Samantha’s fingers kept up their movement. “I’ve seen you looking at my ass and my boobs. What do you think?”

“What?” Again I knew I wasn’t subtle about my leering lustfully at her tonight, but to have it thrown in my face shocked me.

“What do you think? Are they as hot as those models in your magazines?”

“Yeah,” I managed to say between holding my breath trying to suppress a louder groan. “I already told you that you look sexy. You’re hot, Samantha.”

At that she suddenly released my hard-on and sat back in her chair. I sucked in a deeper breath and held it at being left hanging all of a sudden.

“Maybe I should just let you go to the bathroom and take care of yourself.” She looked me hard in the eyes. “Nah, they might see you on the way to the bathroom and know exactly what you are going there to do,” she said as she crossed her arms up under her breasts both elevating her beautiful assets and tightening the gown across her extremely hard nipples. “Am I hot enough for you to keep sitting there and jacking off for me now?”

“What?” I know my face showed more than shock. My jaw dropped I’m sure. But as I watched her eyes move back down to the throbbing shaft between my legs it was like she was willing my hand to go there.

“Oh hell,” I groaned aloud.

Nobody was paying the slightest bit of attention to us. They all were into themselves or one another.

I had my palm around my cock and stroking before I could comprehend where this was going. I got into a nice smooth rhythm and literally did not have the sense to know we were still at the dance. I was totally focused on Samantha. As far as I was concerned at that moment it was just her and I in the room.

For Samantha’s part, she got very quiet as she watched me. I did notice her breathing at a faster rate as I could see the outline of erect nipples through her dress moving up and down as her chest heaved.

I continued to slowly stroke myself.

Then Samantha abruptly interjected. “Would you rather be jacking off over your girls, instead of doing this to me, Donnie?”

“Uh huh, I mean, no!” I gasped a little too loudly.

“Does that make you feel really good, stroking yourself, Donnie?” Sam continued. “Will you think only about me and cum for me? Will you cum and say my name as you do?”

I was in no position to argue and had no urge to let go of myself. “Yes,” I managed to say. “Please.”

“Please what, Donnie?” Samantha looked me in the eyes, deliberately, lasciviously, as my hand rubbed the length of my cock “Do need a little help with this?” She nodded down to my crotch. “He is just so escort bursa enormous and so very hard, isn’t he?”

All I could do was nod and grunt at this point.

She sat up in her chair and leaned forward. Her gown gaped at the bosom allowing me to see most of her boobs. “There you go,” she said. “Get a good look. You want to, don’t you?”

“Yeah, yes I do,” I muttered, “and they look even better than I imagined.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said as she leaned in a little further and her cleavage presented itself in its full glory. Her right breast was almost about to spill out the top of the gown. I could see the slightest darker color of her nipple.

I worked on my penis earnestly.

I pushed my hips out to the edge of my chair and started stroking my erection up and down. I would speed up and slow down, finally wrapping my full hand around my cock. It was dizzyingly good. The sensations were incredible. I looked at Samantha and to say she was enjoying herself too was an understatement. The way she almost studied my cock and the smile she had on her face was a turn on in itself. I had never had a girl take such interest in my ‘Little Donnie’.

“Does that feel good?” she teased. “You like that?”

“Oh yes,” I said. “Oh yeah. This is so incredible, it’s like a fantasy come true.” I managed to gasp, even though I knew that the combination of my stroking, her hot looks and her voice all were about to finish me off.

“I like to imagine that I’m a porn star sometimes,” she said as she leaned over a little more still. I could feel her breath on the head of my cock and it warmly flowed hitting every nerve in it. “I like to imagine that I’m the one boys jerk off over. I imagine them pulling their cocks out and jerking off to me. Oh and all that cum!”

I groaned and felt myself swell even more in my hand.

“I would love to know how it feels and how it looks when you cum…”

And man did I want to cum for her!

I reached under my balls and aggressively began to massage them as I started pumping myself faster, my other hand sliding up and down my now pre-cum slickened shaft. My hips bucked into my fist as I sped up looking between those gorgeous boobs and that lovely smiling face of Samantha’s.

“Let me have your cum,” she said. “I want it, I want you to shoot all over me, I want to make you cum and make you feel good.” Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide.

I gasped and quickly I reached the point of no return. Samantha leaned in toward me some more and I came instantly. The first spurt flew up and smeared across the side of the tablecloth, the next splattered up her arm. I know I was huffing and puffing as I came and came.

“Yes, shoot it for me, make yourself feel good, yes,” she purred, smiling. “Look at all that cum.”

I kept pulling on my hard cock until I felt the last stream of cum running out of me, running down over my hand as Samantha continued to breathe over.

I don’t know what my face looked like at that moment but Samantha was elated, it was in her smiling face. I looked down at where she was staring to where I still had my cock in hand. My hand and my cock head were shining with my cum.

Samantha reached across the table and took a couple of napkins and wiped herself off. Still smiling from ear to ear she tossed them into my lap.

“Here, you better clean yourself up.” She sat back and adjusted her gown back up around her bosom then looked me in the eye. “And hurry, I need to cum bad myself. But unlike you just did I want a little help if you know what I mean.” With that she let her tongue slip out between her lips and wiggled it around as she winked at me.

I knew exactly what she meant as my own tongue tingled and swelled at the thought.

I cleaned up quick and we stole away from the dance to have our own party.

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