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MattMatt was in the den with Paul showing off some videos of he and his wife. Matt was almost 50 and his wife was 22. She was so sexy with her nice big tits and bubble butt. Paul asked Matt how they met. Matt told him “I was at a pool party at her dad’s and I was wearing a speedo and she kept staring at my big cock. I finally whispered in her ear that she could have my monster if she wanted to just call me. The next day she showed up at my door and in ten minutes I had her naked sucking her nice firm tits and then fucked her three times. The third time it took me 90 minutes to cum again. She was cock hungry and came over almost daily and we fucked for hours. She was just 16 and I had to buy some cock pills to keep her satisfied. Soon as she turned 18 I married her. The honey moon was one week of the most intense sucking and fucking just as our life still is. She loved to suck my big cock and my balls. She loves it kinky too. My brother came for a visit and we had a 3some twice. We kept a cock in her cunt and mouth for hours. Then we ass and cunt fucked her together and she loved it. In fact she loved it so much I bought her a huge ass plug and I shove it in her ass and fuck her cunt and she cums till the bed is covered in cum.Then Matt asked Paul if he wanted to meet his sexy wife. When he said “Yes” Matt had her come in the den. He told her “I was showing canlı bahis Paul some of our sex tapes and he wanted to meet my sexy woman.” She smiled and tongue kissed Matt and he felt her tits. She was wearing a short silk robe and Matt opened it and rubbed her tits then shoved a finger in her cunt and finger fucked her as they tongue kissed. Matt then pulled her robe off and and said to Paul “Look at those tits and pussy. Isn’t she amazing? Turn around baby and show off that ass of yours.” As she turned he spread her ass cheeks and pushed a finger in her asshole. He saw Paul had a raging hard on. Matt said to his wife “I think you have given Paul a hard cock baby. Why don’t you go over there and take care of him. Show off your cock sucking skills that I have been bragging about.” She went over to Paul and got on her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and began to stroke it and also rub his balls and then she took it in her mouth and sucked it deep. As she sucked him she rubbed his balls and then she shoved a finger in his ass and then sucked his cock harder as she really fucked his asshole. It took Paul no time to cum and she swallowed all of it. By now Matt was naked and hard. He told her “Keep sucking him baby and get him hard again and we will have some hot fun. Just how you like it.” As she sucked Paul, Matt played with her tits bahis siteleri and also fingered her cunt and asshole. When she had Paul hard he picked her up and sat her cunt over Paul’s cock and told her “I think Paul wants to feel your cunt fuck his cock like you do best.” She went right to work moving her hips over the big hard cock and Paul grabbed a tit and played with it then sucked it as she arched her back and really began rotating on his hard cock. As she fucked Paul, Matt got behind her and shoved three fingers in her ass and was finger fucking her hard. He grabbed the nipple of the tit Paul was not sucking and began pulling and twisting it as he told her “That’s it. Fuck that cock hard. Wrap that sexy cunt around his meat and hump him deep. Take every inch of cock. I love to see a big cock in that cunt of yours. Now show him what I get many times day and night. Fuck that cock baby. Fuck it hard.”Paul could not believe he was fucking his friend’s wife while his friend watched and it was such a turn on. She was so sexy and she was a great fuck. She grabbed his cock with her cunt muscles and was really humping him hard as he sucked on her big tit. He had never felt anything so good in his life. He decided his next whore was going to be young with big tits and if she fucked like this girl he was going to make her a regular. It took almost an hour güvenilir bahis for Paul to get off again but when he did Matt grabbed her by the hair and told her “Clean his cock baby and stick that ass up so I can ram my cock in it. You have me rock hard watching you cunt fuck my friend.” With her head between Paul’s legs cleaning his cock Matt shoved every inch of his cock in her ass and began fucking her hard. It did not take him long to fill her ass with his cum and he grabbed the butt plug and shoved it in her ass. Then they all sat naked and Matt said “Want to stay for lunch and join us for a hot kinky 3some? My babe can make you cum more than you ever believed you could.”They ate lunch naked and then went into the “play” room. Matt turned on the video camera and the guys started by sucking on her huge tits and finger fucking her with both their fingers first in her cunt then her ass. She had a cock in each hand getting the guys rock hard. She loved being with two big hard cocks. She also was a great cum slut and knew today she would get her fill in all her holes. It was not long before Matt had his cock in her cunt and Paul had his in her ass and they were fucking her hard and rough as they rubbed and squeezed and twisted her now hard nipples. They spent the afternoon either fucking, eating ass and pussy or she was sucking a cock and getting fucked in any one of her holes. Paul knew what Matt meant when he told him she can get cum when you think you are dry. Paul had never cum so much in his life. He knew he was going to be visiting Matt and his sexy wife a lot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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