May 22

Mature interracial: A first for both

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Mature interracial: A first for bothIt started at an upscale night club…I didn’t intend on going out that evening but a buddy promised it would be a fun night. so I found myself standing at this bar having a drink when my buddy pointed at this woman in a short black dress from way across the club who apparently had been throwing glances at me all night. I took my drink and wiggled my way through the crowded dance floor to get closer to this attractive woman. Her eyes followed my every move, it felt like she was pulling towards her direction. She stood in a dark corner near the DJ booth, the strobe light would reflect on her face every couple seconds or so to reveal a pretty face with a sweet smile. We really didn’t waste time with pleasantries as there was an apparent attraction between us. It was hard to keep a conversation over the loud music so it was very brief..she was happily married, on the tail end of a business trip and just wanted a fun night before going back home to her husband. She repeatedly complemented my looks, my skin tone, how fit I was. She would squeeze on my arms and pull me close as she speaks. By this time the music changed, the tempo was slower, the mood was right and she wanted to dance. We were in a dark corner virtually invisible to everybody in the club, she had her back to the wall, moving her hips, pulling me in. Our bodies moved together in rhythm. She turned and faced the wall, thrusting her hips, I pulled in tighter behind her, placed my hands on her hips, grinding with her as she winds her waist. I touch her seductively, rubbing her thighs, her mini dress now pulled up revealing her very bare firm ass. She was in a trance, letting me caress every part of her body, slowly bahis siteleri clutching her breast, rubbing the front of dress. She places her hand over the top of mine and pushes it harder towards the front of her dress, she’s getting turned on and so am I.My bulge was very noticeable by then, I can feel her tiny hands working my crotch, squeezing my cock from the outside of my pants, sizing me up. With every squeeze her little palm inches downward towards my knee. She gasped and whispered softly, “wow”. She turned and faced me, she knew what she wanted and she wasted no time to get it. She said she was leaving and that I should as well, she mouthed the words four fifteen and walked away.10 minutes later I’m standing in this long dimmed hallway knocking on door 415. I heard her voice said use your key, so I reached in my pocket and sure enough there was a plastic card unbeknownst to me that she slipped in my pants. I opened the door to a living room and a petite athletic short haired blonde in high heels and g-strings standing in front of an antic couch with her back turned. This woman was probably in her mid 40’s but her body looked like a 25 year old, with a nice firm bubble butt to boost. I walked up behind her, put my hands on her bared shoulders and started slowly rubbing and kissing her neck. She moans with excitement. I tasted her sweet perfume and kissed her neck some more, she gasped and moaned louder. She’s hot and turned on from my lips and tongue licking her neck and shoulders. She slowly unzips my pants and starts stroking me, with every stroke my cock expands in her hands, she reaches in deeper in my pants to grab it. She turns and sits on the couch and undo my pants completely, my cock fully canlı bahis siteleri extended bounced and flings up, she was shocked and in awe at the same time, her mouth wide opened. She looked up and said “holy fuck” and “please may I have this foot long chocolate bar it would be my first.”She too would be my first, I couldn’t resist this beautiful sexy mature woman. She held my erected shaft in her two little hands, and looked at it with adoration. She licked her sweet lips, then kissed the tip. I stand in front of her looking down in her eyes, my cock pulsing with every kiss. She puts the head in her mouth and pull her head back pulling it out of her mouth making a popping sound. She repeated the motion three to four times. She looks at it again, holding with two hands and sucking the remaining inches. Then she slurps, and spits, and slurp then slipped the entirety of my shaft into her mouth. I was amazed to see my cock disappear in her mouth and down her throat, even as I grind my hip and stroked in and out of her throat she continued to slurps. With no gag reflects her lips wrapped tight around my cock taking in both width and length.I pulled my shaft out of her throat and ordered her to mount me, she was more then willing. I sat on the couch with my cock towards the ceiling, she stared and marveled at the stiff erection. She strokes it firmly, squeezing and feeling the veins. She takes off her g-string, spits in her hands and rubs her cleaned shaven meaty pussy lips. I leaned back on the couch as she climbed and mounted me. She grabbed my cock and rubbed her pussy lips with the tip a few times, then with her feet on the couch facing me she slid my long big black cock into her warm tight wet canlı bahis meaty pussy. She pushed down, then came back up, each time gasping and if to catch her breath. She thrust and wiggle her hips, with every thrust she gets wetter, and moans louder. It’s half way in, she’s working it in deeper. She slides up and down, her pussy lips stretching and wrapped tight around the thickness of my shaft. She bounces up and down taking in more inches with every bounce. I can feel her cream oozing down my shaft and down my balls, she’s bounces a little faster, I’m pushing up under her every time she rest down on my cock, she’s screaming for me to give her all of it. I placed my hands under her ass, and stand up with my cock still inside her creamed pussy. With her legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck I began to penetrate her while standing up. I grabbed hold on to ass cheeks while pulling her back and forth towards me, she holds on tight, moaning and screaming, I pound harder, faster, stroked longer, pounded harder, til I was in balls deep. I can feel her body quivering, her pussy pulsing, getting wetter, I pushed in deeper, her pussy clenches and she holds on to me, hugging me tight. I push in one more time, her body jerked, and her pussy started squirting. She looked relieved and satisfied as she dripped every last dropped.I stood up holding her relaxed shivering body. She got down in front of me and began stroking my shaft, she sucks on the head as she strokes, I’m getting harder in her mouth, I can feel it coming. I tell her stroke faster, she takes me in deep in her throat, while gently caressing my balls. I tell keep stroking, I feel a tingle down my spine, I grabbed her face and started fucking her throat. She strokes harder and faster, I said I’m cuming, she wrapped her lips tighter, pulling in and out, then pushes down with her lips at the base of my shaft. I explode my hot cum down her throat, she swallowed every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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