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Maya Loves Boys -= Part 2 =-

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Maya Loves Boys -= Part 2 =-= Part 2 =-“Are you OK about this?” asked Maya.”Maya for some reason I love you more when a good looking guy is getting his rocks off fucking you. Don’t ask me why as I have no idea.” “I saw another side to you last night,” she said. “Oh what was that? I asked. “You were getting turned on by him too weren’t you?” I told a little white lie when I responded to tell her the guy only turned me on because he was having her. I had some fantasies in my head and wouldn’t have taken much persuading to turn around and give the hunk my cock in his ass hole as well as Maya’s. I didn’t want to freak her out by telling her that. “So do we string him along for another session or do we start looking for this unknown swingers club. He certainly would be an attribute to any group sex wouldn’t he?” I was slightly jealous at having to share Daniel. He was a stunning looking lad and I wanted a bit more out of him first but the danger was that he might work out that we weren’t going to take him to a meeting of swingers.Within two weeks and having uploaded a profile to three adult sites I was starting to get responses. Many were much older than us and that wouldn’t suit Maya. Many also wanted large group sessions at organised meets and I felt it was too early for us. I wanted to be in control and also got more turned on by younger guys fucking her anyway. We were drawing a zero with suitable candidates. Thankfully Daniel was away on a vacation with some friends so the heat was off for a couple more weeks. One night I found a webcam site and had a pleasant few hours watching single guys and some couples performing. Maya watched with me and quite enjoyed it but it was a couple of nights later when she was out with her friends that I linked our camera up and showed myself. I ended up chatting to a young lad. He was obviously over 18 but had that “emo” look with spiky hair and a really young image that appealed to me and I figured to Maya as well. We went “private” and he stripped off. His dick looked huge. “How big?” I asked. “A little under nine inches,” he said. On his skinny frame it looked almost obscene. He had said he was bisexual so I asked if his girlfriend liked it. He said she did and I told him mine would too. “Are you bi?” he asked. “Yeh,” I said, “That’s why the profile shows a couple.” He hadn’t noticed. “Hold on,” he said. He returned a couple of minutes later with a picture in a frame of slim though ordinary young girl.”Fancy fucking her?” he asked. “Wouldn’t say no,” I responded. As we chatted back and forward he told me that had been dating since school and she was a horny little bitch. He said she knew he was bisexual so liked to play a little on his own but mainly just camming. The possibility of a foursome appealed to him especially if the guy was bisexual too. That’s when I mentioned Daniel. “Fuck this is too much,” he said. “Where do you stay?” I told him and though he wasn’t local, his sister stayed just 50 miles away and they visited her regularly. I sent him pics of Marie and Daniel, clothed. He was keener than ever so we swopped e-mail addresses and that was that. I told Maya and showed her the pictures. She was canlı bahis hot to trot. Two young teens at once put her into overdrive and a nine inch cock didn’t pass her by either. It only took two days until I received an e-mail from Brian and Becky, the couple. Attached was an amazing nude picture of them both obviously taken with a timer and showing his cock just about to slide into her. She had brunette, short hair a little upturned nose and beautiful small but proportionate breasts. She didn’t share his emo looks so looked slightly older than him though they were obviously the same age. I showed Marie.”Wow, get them here,” she said.His message continued that they hoped to be able to come up for a long weekend in two weeks’ time and could make it to us on the Saturday afternoon just after lunch. I sent a similar picture back to them along with my phone number and that was it. I contacted Daniel and e-mailed him the picture. He called within five minutes to confirm he was keen. I mentioned the guy was bisexual so he might have to expect being handled by him. His view was that if he was getting two pussies, who cared. That was the answer I wanted. To allow us to have a few drinks, they took the train to our local station from his sister’s and I met them and brought them back by cab. Maya and I had spent the morning cleaning ourselves. I don’t know why but I spent a lot of time at my back end. Daniel was there when I left to collect them, looking like an ad for Levi jeans.Brian and Becky looked so young when I met them and cute too. If I’m being honest, Brian was a sexier looking guy than Becky a girl but it was sex so who cared. When we got back we opened some beers and wine and talked a little about sex. Maya confessed her love of younger males and Becky said she quite liked older guys too after her thirty year old uncle had fucked her on her eighteenth birthday as present. “I bet Brian was annoyed when he found out,” I said. “Oh he was there,” she said nonchalantly. I decided not to press her any further on the details but they sounded interesting. Consensus was that we should all strip to pants, women too and then get started. I mentioned that I had a camera for some shared pics and, though Daniel was a little reticent at first, his bulge suggested that he would do anything to get going. Maya called Brian over and kissed him. His small lips were covered by Maya’s mouth and his tight hipsters were bulging obscenely at the front. Daniel was on to Becky like a hungry a****l, kissing her frantically and his fingers were in her pants almost as quickly as his tongue was in her mouth. I was happy to stand by for the moment. Everyone adjourned to our queen size bed in the bedroom and pants were soon off. Becky has a neatly trimmed bush with a small rose tattoo to the right of it. Daniel had his tongue straight inside her and was panting like a wild a****l. Maya was being similarly serviced by Brian. Her legs were up in the air in a “V” shape while he licked her cunt. I walked over to hold her legs for him and he took full advantage. His tongue was dipping straight inside her. As I stood, Brian’s mouth came away from Maya and turned to my stiff bahis siteleri cock. His mouth engulfed it and his hand held me as he sucked my full length. Maya swung out of bed and knelt on the floor to his other side, sharing the sucking of my cock which slipped in and out of both mouths. Brian’s adept tongue was soon licking my balls too while Maya sucked. Daniel, impatient as ever, was already fucking Becky. The poor woman had hardly had any build-up and he was fucking her like a sex maniac. I hoped he could hold on as I didn’t want him cumming until he had been in my mouth. I slipped away leaving Maya to Brian and crawled over to Daniel. Becky’s legs were in the air, also in “V” format and he was between them fucking frantically. I approached him from behind and rolled him so that he was fucking sideways in a more missionary position. Moving my head between Becky’s legs I was able to tongue her from the rear, Daniel’s cock sliding past me as I did so. He was hardly aware until he slipped out in one of his thrusts and as he tried to put it back in, the rubber covered cock slid into my mouth. I gripped him firmly with my mouth and used my other hand to steady his cock as I sucked. “Oh fuck,” he said as he felt the tighter grip on his cock. Becky slid out and joined me. I would rather have had him to myself but at least I could still convince him this was a bisexual act. Maya was now being fucked my Brian, whose expertise was obvious. His slow steady strokes and his caressing hands on her nipples were having an effect on her as she whimpered with his fucking motions. His long thick cock was also much thicker than mine and it was that she must have been enjoying. All of us were now around Brian and Maya stroking and wanking. Brian was making a great job of fucking Maya but in mid stroke, he stopped and withdrew.”You do her Daniel,” he said.Daniel’s cock was rigid and he didn’t need telling twice as he positioned himself between Maya’s legs. The thought of two teen lads fucking her one after the other really had me going and I was kneeling on the bed for a better look. Becky was stroking Daniel’s balls from behind and I was trying to get a better look when I felt a finger and some cold liquid on my hole. I looked around sharply to see Brian behind me smiling.”Want to try being really bisexual,” he said as he rubbed jelly on his hard cock.His finger then went back into my hole and started to lubricate it. “I don’t know if I could manage it,” I said honestly.”You’ll never know until you try,” he said as he massaged my asshole. Becky was now interested and knelt watching while fingering herself. The whole scene seemed debauched. My wife being fucked by a teen guy while another wanted to fuck me with his wife watching. I turned around fully and offered my hole. The pain as Brian tried to enter with his big cock was excruciating. “Jeesus,” I screamed and jumped. “Just take it easy,” he said as he pushed the head in a little and out again, willing my hole to open. Daniel and Maya were completely oblivious and Becky was now kissing Maya as she was being fucked. I managed to lean over and start to finger Becky as her husband worked away at my hole. güvenilir bahis After fifteen minutes or so I told him to stop. “I don’t think you’re ever going to get more than that in,” I said. “Don’t need to,” he said. “It’s up to the hilt now.” My hand darted between my legs to find his balls up against my hole. I had his whole cock in me. He started to fuck. The pain had changed to a dull ache with some pleasure thrown in and as he fucked ever so slowly it became even more comfortable. It took a little longer and I was actually being seriously fucked.Daniel came off Maya and saw what was going on. “Christ that’s a new one Keith. Letting a guy fuck you!” He turned to Brian, “What’s it like?” “You can find out for yourself in a minute,” he said.I wasn’t sure if I heard right. Brian was inviting Daniel, sweet little Daniel, to fuck me! All attention was on me and I was beginning to feel a little embarrassed, lying there in front of two women, being fucked by a guy. My cock was as stiff as ever though so it must have meant something. Brian pulled out and changed condoms. Thankfully my cleaning had paid off. He rolled Maya over and started to fuck her again. Maya obviously enjoyed Brian and his thick cock. I rolled Becky into a doggy position and entered her from the rear, my favourite position. I started to fuck her hard. That’s when I felt Daniel’s finger at my hole. “Can I try?” he asked. “Oh yes,” I panted. His cock slid in very easily after my hole had been widened by Brian and we ended with a rhythm whereby Maya stayed still, I was inside and was still and Daniel’s fucking was hammering into me and I was hammering into Becky. This was really something. This position continued until we were all hot and sticky. When Daniel gave up and pulled out I continued until Becky reached orgasm. Maya had cum at least three times, twice with Brian and once with Daniel. When Brian pulled out I went over and kissed Maya on the lips, long and deep and then slumped alongside her. She took my cock in her hand. “Want to cum?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. She started to stroke me and the two guys knelt over us watching. As the pressure built I told Maya but before I could get close, Brian sprayed eight jets of cum on the two of us. This was new to me. I had obviously cum on myself and also on Maya but having another guy’s freshly produced semen sprayed over my body was exciting. Some even reached my lower lip and I instinctively licked. As my mouth was open another jet hit me full on the face. Daniel had cum.The first spray hit me partly in the mouth and over my cheek. Daniel apologised as another four jets hit Maya across the tits. My own orgasm lifted my back in an arch off the bed and I sprayed straight over my own head with the first jet, the rest landing on my belly to mingle with Daniel’s cum.”Well that was a long list of firsts for me,” I said as I mopped my body. “And me,” said Daniel. “Glad you enjoyed the training session,” said Brian and he and Becky hugged each other. “We’ll see how far to go next time.””There’s more?” I said. “You bet,” replied Brian. “Can’t wait,” said I.Our exploratory journey into swinging had started and had been a success. I had managed to explore my bisexual side and Maya and I had amazing sex for the next couple of weeks with no talk of anyone else.Mind you it didn’t take long for the randy thoughts to creep back into our heads again.END

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