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Mechanic’s Daughter now an Adult and Fondlabl

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Mechanic’s Daughter now an Adult and FondlablMechanic’s Daughter now an Adult and FondlableAnd FuckableAnd RestrainedAnd Deepthraoted!I was doing some gardening for my mechanic fifteen years ago at his house and shortly after I discovered his wife left to go shopping with friends, this had left their three daughters home alone with me doing my outside work repairing the irrigation. After an hour the summer heat got warm and I went into the back to solder wires and glanced at the patio area, the oldest daughter had come out and slathered herself with sunblock and was sitting on the lounge chair. All I did was discreetly glance at her glistening body keeping far away to avoid temptation, several minutes the other daughters came out to join her and I just acted like I hadn’t noticed.Now fifteen years later I still go to his shop and recently I made an appointment to get some repairs done, he said to let him know several days before I wanted to bring the vehicle and leave it for him to work on. On a monday around noon I drove out and pulled in the garage and he filled out the work order, I remarked he had some help in the office doing some filing and introduced her as Amy.Once the work order was filled out I went to the back to the restroom and upon exiting his file girl employee was waiting for me and said Hi, we were somewhat alone in the back by the lunchroom and she asked me if I remembered her. She remarked that she had hoped our paths would cross and described the patio fifteen years earlier, telling me she was aware that I was watching her sunbathe and that she wanted to meet but didn’t want to get in trouble with her parents.I became speechless just as she moved in for a hug but just as my hands went around her back she squeezed her nearly thirty year old body in close enough for me to feel her hips against mine, She flung her dark hair across my neck and whispered she was putting her number in my pocket and then said she was going to call from the number on my work order. I told her that was totally ok and that we would meet up later. We broke out hug and she went back to filing and left the shop to catch the train.Several days later we swapped emails and discussed our thoughts of meeting for a hike and she loved the idea of getting out in the trees and grass and sent a photo, she was in a t-shirt and shorts by the seashore that showed her toned body. My thoughts went randy as I imagined relieving her of her clothes and spending a night pleasuring her, then I responded to her when she wanted to meet so we could plan where to meet.A week later we met early at a nearby park surprisingly dropped off by a girl friend because that meant she really knew me, walking up to me her short hair tossed in the breeze and my eyes traveled down tracing her shape while I stirred below. I stood up and she leaned in for a deep hug and snuggled against my neck, my hands roved from her lower back down grabbing her ass surprisingly I get a groan of approval. Amy whispered that I can totally squeeze hard because we have years to recover and that she looked forward to how I wanted to achieve this goal, my eye saw that she has three piercings in her ears and one post in her right and my thought is she is a little wild and thats good.Amy smiled as we put on our packs and headed out on the trail in the warm sunshine, pinbahis güvenilirmi I commented on her short hair that takes very little maintenance then reached and patted her back rubbing upward. I like things that are low care so I can do the things that matter like meeting with you for a hike in the park, I moved up close behind her wrapping my hands around her body and remarked that every hike is an adventure. She giggled and and said she hoped we would have a day to remember.We got to the top of a hill and the weather had warmed up so we stopped for some water and gazed at the view of the distant hills, my eyes also strayed at the curvey scenery next to me her shirt unbuttoned for cooling showing her lacy bra. We are alone at the top so she is not worried at who will see but likely knows I am glancing at her software, I stood up and enjoyed the view while she rustled saying she was ready to continue. She had tied the shirt in a knot midriff style but had not buttoned anything for cooling, through a canyon and along the side of a cut out trail we got to a table and had a snack.She tells me her mind has spent years imagining of we met and what we would do only for her to have to pleasure herself, I looked at her and said let cut to the chase and just blurt out whatever you’re thinking and she agreed. Still looking at her I simply said that you just got a dildo out and thrust it inside until you got that good spot right?. She smiled and took a breath and said Yep, so I moved around to sit next to her on the bench and put my hand on her lap and between her thighs and got another but deeper breath and then she said Like That.Lets move over like this with her sideways on the bench in front of me then my hand on her arm leaning her back against me, Ok – tell me more and she said her hips would sway as she sensation continued all the while I gently rubbed holding her shoulder to steady her body, unbuttoning her jeans she plunged my hand closer and said Stick It Inside – Yeh Like that, Oh God as she takes a longer breath leaning her head back.Amy shoves two of my fingers inside her as she pants and quivers then pulls my fingers out guiding my hand to her stomach, telling me she’s gonna finger her pussy and I should fondle her good as she leans her head back her fingers inside her pussy. My hands rub her stomach and pinch making her tense so I pinch harder Amy only gasps and groans Not So Gentle, I whisper that she might regret saying that and she merely leans and kissed my neck.She gets seemingly several dozen orgasms from fingering herself so I whisper that we should find a better spot and she agrees, unaware that the walk was planned with a private place close by we gather our packs and walk down a little used side trail. I stop us and ask Amy to let me blindfold her because this is secret and she blurts Oooo Kinky Ok with me followed with a purring, I have her sit while I quietly go around a corner and unlock the door to a stone hundred year old maintenance shed I have used before for meetings.I walk back quietly and look at her waiting for my return standing and stretching her proportionate body in the sunshine having undone the knot on her shirt, wide open her smooth skin and chest covered by a plunging lacy bra I nearly came in my pants. unaware that I walked behind pinbahis yeni giriş her I kissed her neck and held her stomach gripping and pinching firmly, A long purring from inside her body while I held her then I whisper that there is much more pinching in the near future. Leading her into the shed I sat her in the middle with the cool air feeling crisp and invigorating, she sat there turning her head listening while I walked around her watching as she fidgeted. Her shirt still unbuttoned so the coolness gave her goose bumps all over and slight swelling under her lacy bra as her nipples became pert, I walked over and held her head and kissed her cheek and asked her if this was ok. Amy said this was nice and kinda kinky and please continue so I don’t have to wait, it won’t be very long as I grasped her hair and kissed her again rougher getting a growl in response.Arms at her sides I slipped her shirt down to her elbows and then gave her more shivers as I applied a feather across her shoulders, a big pant as she shivered so I told her Be Still as I slipped the shirt off her wrists she sits with only a bra. Tickling around her front she takes a breath as I brush I relish the view her nipples straining under the padding of her bra, she is being good keeping her arms at her sides so I comment that she is being good. Amy tells me that she has waited a long time for me to get my way with her fulfilling her longtime fantasy, I go Really as I grasp a good amount of hair and pull her head back getting a deep groan of approval.Can you please not be so gentle and you need more toy’s because I am much more fun when I can’t escape, I am kinda naughty so a punishment might be needed in the future and as I hear this I think of my backpack and the randy things I brought and hid in the shed. I tell her that she might have to endure many things in the future and she softly tells me she is looking forward to pleasing me, Keep you head Back I command as I pinch her back and pull slightly she only groans louder and holds against my pinch muttering that she will resist before submitting.Bending her arms I tie them behind her then grasp her head and kiss her while pinching from her waist up her sides, each pinch gets a groan and tongue during the kiss then I hold her shoulders firmly and kiss her ears nibbling both then her neck. Deep moans and she mutters past boyfriends have never taunted her like this so I say Good Thing right? She mutters Oh Yes as I peel her bra straps down her arms and sit in front of her kissing her chin.My feet around her legs I tickle her arms and sides across her stomach she pants like a dog after a run as my fingers brush up the center of her body, I stand up and drop my pants to release my nearly hard pole and take her head and kiss her again. Your gonna suck something because your topless sexy body is making me crazy, Yes I will Do Anything for you and slides off the chair to her knees and I lead her head for her to feed on my pole. I will remember what you just said later when I am doing more things to make you wiggle and plead, she pauses for a moment and says Thats Ok my safe word is #%#%#%# but I really like rough and randy so it might not be needed.Amy returns to the task at hand teasing and sucking my pole then in one motion she takes me to my balls pinbahis giriş and holds for nearly twenty seconds working it good, withdrawing she takes a breath and go in again slurping like a sex slut my hand holding her head as I have my first orgasm with my slut toy. She slurps not losing a drop as I release my load taking a breath each time I pull nearly out but then thrusting in deep and holding, my thrust get a vacuum with a noise through her lips only making me harder.Several minutes of fucking her face I pull her head back to see her chin with drips of cum so I give her a wipe, breathing to catch up she comments on my low fat diet liquid but I grab her head and lift her to a standing position and lead her across the room. I am Not Done as I lead her to get on a table and instruct her to Lay on your Back Slut! Under her breath she mutters Oh Baby as she lays down slightly arched her hand still tied behind her, moving her by her shoulders to the edge her head dangling she goes Oh My as I grab her hair and tell her Hungry Still.Cradling her head I shove my pole inside her mouth and she sucks again obediently only for me to thrust it inside my balls smacking her face as she slurps, thirty seconds later I pull nearly out as she breathes through her nose licking every drop then I thrust again getting a deepthroat blowjob from my young slut. My jizz is building again so I grab her shoulders and hold her while I thrust then as I begin to shoot I move down and grip her tits, she arches and emits a muffled purring as I shoot as she lifts her body higher shoving her tits in my palms.Pulling out she drip in the floor panting so I grab her sitting her on the table releasing her arms then securing them to the table corners, she mutters Your gonna stretch me now? I just stay quiet as I grab her ankles pulling her arms tight spreading them wide my pole hard again and ready. Only minutes have passed she is still panting but now stretched her stomach flattened but the deepthroat had her body going, the pussy view is wet and lubed as I get on the table and thrust deeply and hold as her body realizes it has something hard inside.Amy tries to wrap her legs around me but I grab them and hold bending them to her chest leaning in to get just a little more inside her, the pressure seems to make her still and moan while her body heat increases. Then she takes a big breath and like super strength she arches and exhales, I pull out slightly then thrust several dozen deep strokes while she struggles to get her legs free but my grasp is too strong.Fifteen minutes of thrusting and a load inside her pussy I pull out and she lays there motionless and panting, too relaxed to move her legs I remove the blindfold and kiss her deeply and tickle her stomach until she realizes and responds. Finally looking at me she says that was a nice surprise and definitely a low fat liquid lunch, as her body cooled she gets goose bumps so I help her up and put her panties and bra back to stabilize her body.Amy asks me why I didn’t do much to the rest of her body and I look at her and tell I have plans for our next meeting, she leans back on the chair and goes Really? so I walk up to her and grab her hair and kiss her deeply. She moans softly but them gives a soft squeal when I put my hand down her shirt and squeeze her tit, her eyes grow wide and I tell her These better be Ready for me as well as the the rest of you!Amy looks and tells me “Whatever I have planned is Ok as long as I can’t escape”!I tell her that would be unacceptable…She says “ Oh darn I might get punished for being a bad slut”?I tell her “Yep!”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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