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With one soul-stirring kiss, I knew I was lost to him forever. The passion oozed from his pores like a secreted pheromone that dripped over my shoulders when he dipped his head to the side to lick my wounds. There were so many that I didn’t really know where to begin figuring out each one.

He kept calling me Ellie, the name panting from inside of his throat whenever he had to come back up for air. Three months without sensual human contact and this is the first taste of heaven I get? I have a man ravaging me, calling me mysterious names and I can’t even move a finger or eyelash to let him know I’m here. My comatose body lay in the warmth of a bed; I knew that much. I can feel the pillow behind my head and the scratchy feel of some other fabric on my body, but what I felt first the most was his lips. His soft lips were crawling over my skin and he was still panting, “Ellie… My sweet Ellie…”

Ellie? Who’s Ellie?

I tried to open my mouth to speak, or to give a motion of awareness, but it was captured once more by the phantom of kisses. A sense of panic trickles through my mind but I just keep trying to figure out what to do next. What to do next. That’s the way to correct rational thought. Someone told me that once. In a panic, I throw out rationale and start from scratch. Who told me that??

His hands were now joining the party. Ok! Ok, next step!

Move. Your. Hand.

I raise my left hand in the air about six inches from the fabric of the bed I’m on and I hear cries all around me.

“She moved! Someone, get in here! She moved!!”

A loud crash comes and footsteps as I hear, “Trevor, what do you do to her?”

“No, no… I was just… holding her and her left hand moved! I swear!”

Just to please the masses, I did it again.

Now, I heard more than one kind of cry surround me. I’m not sure how many people were in the room now, but that panic thing that I tried to avoid came back and then a loud beeping sound replaced the cries.

“Everyone out! The doctor needs this room to treat her now everyone leave! God, I hate when they let so many people into the I.C. unit.”

Welcome darkness.


Ok, so I was in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. That was at least one question answered. Now, all I need to figure out is everything else. How did I get here? How do I get out? Who’s Ellie? Who’s Trevor? And when can I move my body? This idleness was getting to me. I’ve been in here three months and the only reason why I knew that was because the nurse said so yesterday when I came to.

I can hear the silence around me and the empty air is filled with a buzzing. I knew where it was coming from already. The buzz became louder and louder until finally it pulled through my brain and it was running around my body in a smooth infestation. It happens in silence, when the silence hurts around you so bad your mind creates a noise just to fill it. But göztepe escort instead of filling it with babies laughing or kittens purring, it’s the cry of a chainsaw. I want to jump up, turn the TV on, sing, and scream… anything to kill the buzzing.

Then the door opens. I hear the doorknob turn through my chainsaw burrowing into my body, and it instantly flushes away. I pull that doorknob sound into my ears to fill that hole. It closes and I hear the shuffle of feet, the scrape of a chair on the floor, the flush of fabric against itself.

Then a sigh. A very heavy sigh. It was a sweet sound, filled with sadness and longing, but it made me tingle all over. In the back of my broken mind, I knew that sigh so well that it brought unaware tears to my eyes, but I didn’t know why. Which made more tears flow.

“Ellie… I miss you so much.”

It was Trevor. I remembered his voice from the other day. Or was it today? I’m not sure how long I fell for, but I remember his voice. Anything to do with his mouth I can remember. I longed to hear him speak again.

“It’s been so long without you I’m not sure what to do with myself. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I’m not sure what else needs to be done, but whatever it is, I’m going to try my hardest to get you to come back to me.”

I hear him move and felt the bed shift next to me. Breaths on my ear that was hot and wanting, giving the goose bumps from his sigh new ones to play with.

“Do you remember what it was like before? How we made love every day? We made love all over the apartment and I made you come so many times you would stutter from the trembles. I miss that, baby. I miss being inside you, I miss tasting you.”

His lips were so close to my cheek when he spoke, he laid subliminal kisses on my skin. These lips were home to me. They were a warm blanket that I wanted to wrap around my body.

His hand held mine softly and he moved it off the bed. After a few moments of our skin touching, I was slightly shocked to feel fabric again. But it was different than the bed linen, it was rougher, and there were seams. Is it… his pants?

“Do you feel that, Ellie? You feel what you do to me even in a coma? I want you all the time, and not having you is putting me through an addict’s withdrawal. The say people are awake during a coma; they just can’t do anything about it. If you’re awake, than you’ll feel this. You’ll feel my cock and how solid it is, how much it wants to be inside you.”

And I did. He was rock solid under his pants, and the warmth escaped through to my lifeless fingers to greet me. When I felt the covers shift around me, I panicked, thinking someone else was in the room. Maybe he was distracting me, but when fingers grazed the side of my thigh, I knew it was him. I could just sense it. His heavy breathing filled the room and his cock pulsed under my fingers.

His hand touched my thigh and moved closer to the juncture of my legs. I wanted him to continue. I almost needed kartal escort it. He touched the top of my thigh and stopped. A little jab of pain caught my thoughts as we both found a new injury. His breath caught at that but he continued as I wished. “Seeing you hurt here baby, it makes me hurt for you. I want to take all your wounds away, kiss the car accident away from you. Fuck the coma out of you.”

Car accident? Is that what happened? I wouldn’t have even cared if it was a car accident or a bomb gone off at a candy factory and I happened to be walking by. I was unable to react, move, speak… but I could hear. And I could feel.

Trevor was climbing the bed now and I felt his warm, solid, living body next to mine. The whole right side of me was warm from his heat and I felt his lips softly caress the edge of my jaw. “My Ellie, I need you back so much. I’m nothing without you.” His hand resumed the caresses on my thigh under the hospital gown and he now lifted it away to see what he was touching. My bare body must have looked beaten and abused because that is how it felt. But he still murmured to me how beautiful I was. Oh Trevor… Who are you to me? And will I ever love you as much as you love me?

He boldly moved his hands to the bare flesh at my core. I feel his fingers slip inside as if my pussy lips parted for him, welcoming him home. A masculine growl escapes Trevor as he whispers to me, “I know you can hear me. I know you know I’m here because I feel how wet you are for me, my love. You’re dripping down my fingers and the flesh inside is so hot. You want me as much as I want you.” It was true. I did. I couldn’t move much, but if I could have, my hips would have urged his hand on, telling him to touch me, fuck me… anything to make me live again.

A dull ache formed in my lower body. I wanted Trevor. He was a stranger to me then, someone I didn’t know. I must have amnesia, because if I was this delusional about myself, my life, than I must have cracked a few cylinders on the way out. His fingers moved inside me and pumped, pushing hard and frantic all at once. Even if I could have spoken, I would have laid there silent. His fingers felt amazing inside of me. It had to have been a long time since I was touched like this, because it was so good, my muscles inside tensed of their own accord and I came. I couldn’t control it or register it in my mind to voice the pleasure, but I knew I came because my pelvis tensed and after all my muscles tensing, they relaxed, on vacation.

Trevor kissed my lips gently and moved his body full on top of mine. This is the part where I would have wrapped my body around his and begged him to fuck me. Please! After a few noises I didn’t recognize or couldn’t place, I finally felt his warm cock head nudging the entrance to my womb. He read my thoughts and was going to give me what I needed. I wished desperately to open my eyes and see him, or to hold him closer but I had to lay there passively in a coma. Great!! Sarcasm maltepe escort intended.

When I felt him nudge himself inside me, I panicked for a brief moment. I don’t remember anything, was I a virgin? And was this… stranger as far as I was concerned going to rape my virginal body? When he slipped in so gracefully that I felt my body give out a sigh of relief. No, I’m not a virgin. More so, my body knows this man intimately and while my mind is gone and regenerating, my body knows the va-va-voom of this man’s cock inside me. And it’s been starving for his attention.

Trevor’s mouth was next to my ear and his moans were a symphony of pleasure in my ear. Missing many senses, you cling to the ones you have. I have touch. I have hearing. I’m embracing touch as much as my tortured self can dish out, but I’m clinging to every sacred sound this man gives me to keep locked in my abandoned memory bank to fill it back up as much as possible.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally started moving and with his glide out of my canal, my muscles clenched inside, trying to keep him in for as long as I could hold him. Don’t worry girls, he’ll be right back. And he was. He pushed harder this time and I knew he was building me up. Trevor likes to go slow at first to build my body up until I can’t take it anymore and I wrap my legs around his waist and thrust myself onto him. If he was anticipating that move, it wasn’t going to happen. Not today with a partial coma hanging over our heads. You’re going to have to do all the work, love.

His pace quickened a bit and I felt my body inside responding to him. My mind was flickering in and out, bringing me back memories. Like how Trevor teases me. How did I know that? I have small clips flashing in my head like a movie montage. I could see Trevor; his dark hair falling in his face over creamy caramel eyes. Trevor kissing me on a platform for the subway. My arms wrapped around his neck as he leans against a red wall in a room. Trevor with roses at my front door. Trevor bending me over a chair and taking me from behind in his apartment. With each thrust I gained a little piece of sanity back and I knew more of myself. I knew Trevor. I loved Trevor.

My body gave the tell tale signs of approaching orgasm and I embraced them. I felt the tingles and the ripples of skin and actually felt myself moving my pelvis to his. Not as much I usually would, but enough that I gained some control over my body. Trevor must have felt this because he put his hands on my hips and let me take over, panting, “Yes, my love. Yes!”

I came. I opened my eyes. I came harder. I shouted. I cried.

Trevor came. Trevor shouted. Trevor cried.

My back was arched off the bed and after the shocks of the orgasm ran through my body, I collapsed, breathing hard but my eyes were still open and I was coherent.

“Ellie? Is it really you?”

I could hear the terror in his voice. As if this is a dream and he’s just imagining my body awakened by his. I croaked out from neglected pipes, “Yes, my love. I’m here,” before meeting blackness once more. But this time, I embraced it because I knew that the next time I awoke, I would know who I was. And I would be able to look into Trevor’s eyes as I fucked him.

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