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Meeting An Xhamster Friend (part 2)

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Meeting An Xhamster Friend (part 2)I reached down between Mary’s legs and started rubbing her saturated pussy. I don’t think I ever felt a pussy as wet as hers. After I rubbed it for a while I couldn’t help but smell my fingers-what a clean and fresh aroma-kinda sweet and kinda sour, a nice balance, she must have douched I thought to myself. She grabbed my hand and put it back between her luscious large warm thighs and she whispered to me, “I am a naughty girl and deserve to be called dirty names”. OMG! I told her she was a slut and a whore and that she would do exactly as she was told. She nodded in agreement and let out a long soft low moan. As I inserted 2 of my fingers into her juicy vagina she started moaning and groaning even louder. She reached down and also started rubbing her clit. I told her to keep rubbing and that I wanted her to masturbate for me while I watched. I sat up on the bed and watched this gorgeous vision of a woman rub her pussy faster and faster.She then turned to me and said, “J**, can I use something else to fuck myself with, something I brought with me”? “Bitch”, I said, “you can use whatever you want”. She reached over the side of the bed and took out a big black dildo from her purse. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. It must have been 8 inches long bakırköy escort and 2 1/2 inches wide! Mary started rubbing her pussy with her dildo and eventually started to slowly insert it into her vagina. I could hear the wet sloppy noise as she moved it deeper into herself faster and faster until she started screaming, LOUD! I could tell she had a lot of experience doing this! I told her good sluts had quieter orgasms (I was afraid some one would call the cops because they thought I was killing her!) so she put one hand over her mouth and she kept pumping that dildo into her pussy until her big beautiful body convulsed with multiple orgasms. She let out a series of moans, groans, and little screams that she could not control. I was speechless as I watched her slowly recover from pleasuring herself. She was dripping with perspiration and pussy juices. She started shaking like she had the chills so I laid down next to her under the covers and held her spent body close. She was breathing heavily but slowly and as her breathing got back to normal she thanked ME for watching her masturbate and I started to laugh for some reason and that sent us off into uncontrollable laughter. How great!I poured us each a glass of wine which we sipped beşiktaş escort as we laid in bed. I hadn’t fucked her yet but it was great being with her and we both were having a lot of fun BUT I was happy when she said, “J**, roll over on your back so I can give you the best fucking blowjob you ever had”. I did as I was told 🙂 Mary went between my legs and started kissing my already erect cock. I liked that she started slowly, alternating between kissing and sucking the head and then my shaft. Her mouth was warm and wet and DEEP. She grabbed my balls as she sucked my dick faster and faster. It felt so good! She then started slowing down and looked up at me from between my legs and said, “cum honey, cum in my mouth and I will eat all your cum”. She started squeezing my balls in rhythm to her suction on my rock hard cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came so hard and moaned and groaned so loud as she kept her mouth on my cock and sucked every last drop of cum out of me.After giving me her wonderful blowjob, Mary laid down next to me and we fell asleep in each others arms. When we woke up it was getting dark. I told her I wasn’t leaving until I fucked her good and long and hard. I had a dilemma, however. I thought it would be beylikdüzü escort safer to use a condom because, well just because, but I had left the damn things in the car!?! I looked at her big, beautiful, heaving body waiting for me to penetrate her and I thought WHAT THE FUCK, and just rolled her over on her back and entered her from the missionary position. Mary had an amazingly tight pussy and it felt like the muscles inside her were massaging my big, hard, thick, cock. I then rolled her over on her stomach, positioned her big ass, and we started fucking doggy style. Man, watching that ass jiggle as she pushed back on my dick was a sight to behold! We were making suction sounds as I pumped her over and over again, good and hard. Finally, we LOUDLY came together and I exploded again giving her another load of my sperm. I kept my cock inside her until it was fully drained and as I exited, I saw the creampie and watched my cum slowly drip out of her onto the sheets.Once again we fell back onto the bed. We were both exhausted after a day of lovemaking. We finished the wine as we sat up in bed holding each other, talking, and just appreciating the remaining time we had together. Eventually, we took a long refreshing shower together. Once we were dried and dressed the time had come to leave. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for dinner, but we agreed that it would be at the top of our list for “next time”! I hope we do get together again, but even if we don’t, I think we both have such wonderful memories of our meeting and our fucking that they will last a lifetime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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