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Meeting Ms. Write

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This is my first story. There will be several chapters. The story was inspired from numerous chats with Literotica author Fenella Ashworth. If you haven’t read any of her work on here yet I highly recommend it.

I welcome all comments and suggestions.

This is a work of fiction. Everyone involved is over 18.



Mike had read stories on Literotica for years some really good and some really bad. He had even written a few himself that seemed to be well accepted. One day he came across an author whose story was in his opinion on another level than everything else he had read before. It was only the first chapter and had no sex in it but he was hooked by her intelligent writing and humor. He clicked on the biography for Sarah Ashley and discovered she was British and she had written other stories and had her full books available on Amazon.

Mike immediately purchased all of her books from Amazon and spent the next few weeks reading them on his Kindle as he laid in bed each night. The stories always got him hard and he couldn’t resist stroking himself as he read and would try and time his orgasm with the character’s orgasms in Sarah’s stories. He read each of her stories numerous times.

Mike was entranced with this writer of erotica. He went to her website and noticed she was on Twitter and become a follower of hers. A few days later he saw she had posted something on Twitter and he sent a response and told her how much he enjoyed her work. Mike got very excited when Sarah responded saying she loved the praise and called him her new favorite fan. Then Mike was even more excited to receive a private message from Sarah. “Hi Mike. Thank you again for your lovely comment. Would you be interested in giving me some insight into what about the stories you enjoy so much? If you are interested I would also love it if you might be willing to take a look at my new work and give me your input before it is published.”

Mike was so astonished by this he had to read it a couple of times before responding. “Sarah. It would be an honor to give you input on your stories. As for what I find so appealing about your stories is that they are intelligently written and the build up to the sex is done so well. Also, in my opinion your sex scenes have just the right amount of kink to really…shall we say make my pants much tighter than when I start reading them ;-)”

Mike and Sarah than began to chat daily and their chats would sometimes get very sexual including one time where Mike masturbated in the bathroom at work while Sarah kept sending him the sex scenes from her stories she knew turned him on intermixed with comments like “I wish I was there stroking your cock right now.” “MMMM are you going to come for me?” It was one of the hottest things Mike had ever experienced.

In Mike’s mind Sarah was simply a goddess. He often told her this and that she was like finding a unicorn. An intelligent and funny woman who loved a bit of kink. Sarah constantly downplayed this kind of talk (while loving the ego boost his constant praise gave her). Sarah would often say she was nothing special. Just an ordinary girl with a secret naughty hobby. Mike would assure her he was dead serious and in truth it bothered him a bit to hear Sarah seem to put herself down like she did.

Their chat relationship continued on a daily basis for months and they got to know each other rather well. They didn’t exchange photographs because they both preferred to let their imaginations fill in the blanks. They held no illusions of ever actually meeting because they lived half a world away from each other. Sarah in England and Mike in California. They managed the time difference the best they could. There chats would cover all manor of subjects and were often filled with sexual innuendo.

Sarah did send Mike stories she was working on because she told him that she wanted to hear what a guy thought in certain situations to make her male characters feel more genuine. There interests meshed very well together. Sarah compiled enough short stories that she self-published a collection on Amazon and thanked Mike for his assistance and input in the forward for the book. Both were pleasantly surprised when Sarah’s latest book started to sell very well on Amazon. Mike was proud of her and very happy for her success.

One day as Mike was getting ready for work he checked Twitter to see if he had a new message from Sarah and was happy to see that he did.

“OMG Mike you will not believe this!! I was just contacted by a publisher out of New York and they are interested in publishing my collection of short stories!! They are offering to fly me out to New York to discuss the details. They tell me there is a book expo in New York in early May and if we come to an agreement they will announce the release at the expo. I am gob smacked! I keep pinching myself to prove I am not dreaming. I can’t wait to chat with you about this!”

Mike immediately responded: “My goddess Sarah. I could not be happier for you to etimesgut escort read this news. It appears that the literary world is discovering something I have known for months now that you are an incredibly gifted writer (and know how to seriously turn your reader on 😉 Have they finalized when you will be traveling?”

Mike then thought about it and then before he could chicken out sent “You know New York would be much closer to me than England. Perhaps I should join you in New York to celebrate your success? I know we have never discussed actually meeting but I can’t pass up the opportunity with you being so much closer. Let me know what you think.” Mike knew it would be a few hours before Sarah would see the message and the hours seemed like days as he anxiously waited to hear from her. His mind tormented him all day with self doubt. Would she not be interested in meeting him? Had he crossed a line she didn’t want crossed? The hours seemed like days.

Then Mike got the notification he was waiting for. His hands trembling he opened the message. “OMG Mike I was actually debating on whether I should ask if you were interested in coming to New York but chickened out. I would absolutely love to finally meet you so you can praise your goddess in person 😉 I will be in New York from May 4th to May 11th. I don’t know where they are having me stay. As the date gets closer I am sure I will have more details.

Now I don’t know if I am more excited to meet the publisher or to meet you now. I don’t think any of this would be happening if we hadn’t started chatting and you giving input into my stories. Love your goddess unicorn Sarah.”

Mike actually gave a fist pump after reading the message. “I am going to finally meet her. If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up.” Mike immediately went online and booked his airfare and a hotel for the entire week she would be in New York. He wasn’t sure when they would meet but he wanted to make sure he would be there whenever they wanted to meet. He spent more than he probably should on an upgrade to the hotel so he had a nice room with a view of Central Park just in case the sparks they felt in their online chats carried over into real life. It was the old Boy Scout in him using the “be prepared” motto.

Sarah and Mike continued with their daily chats and started working on some new story ideas. Both expressing being nervous about actually meeting. Sarah: “How are we going to meet? We don’t even know what each other looks like. All I know is you have blonde hair and are very tall.” Mike: I know even less about you. I only know you have dark blonde hair and look “average”. As crazy as this is I think we should not send photos. Let’s agree to meet at the fountain in Central Park and both wear something distinctive?” Sarah: “I love this idea!! Just like a movie! I already have the perfect outfit in mind.”

Travel Day

Finally the day of the trip arrived. Mike was nervous the entire flight and cab ride to his hotel. Checking into the hotel his heart dropped when the front desk informed him there was a problem with his reservation. “What do you mean? I have the confirmation number and I reserved it with a credit card. This is a disaster I have a very important meeting this week and I needed this room and the view for the meeting.” Mike was so angry he was shaking but was doing everything he could not to lose his temper.

The clerk then said she needed to speak with her manager. The manager then came out and typed in the computer before saying “Mr. Wood, I apologize for this inconvenience but due to a computer error we don’t have the room you reserved available.” Mike took a deep breath about to respond when the manager said “In order to make up to you for this error on our part and in light of the fact you have an important meeting I have authorized a room upgrade for you to an executive suite with not only a view of the park but a private balcony as well.”

Mike sighed in relief and thanked the manager and looked to get to his room to relax from the long day of travel. He was hoping to meet Sarah the following day. The room was beyond anything he had ever seen and was actually larger than his condo. It had a large sitting area with what looked like comfortable couches a large television and a dining area. There was also two bedrooms each with its own bathroom. Mike could only hope his luck continued for the rest of the week. He sent a message to Sarah letting her know he had arrived and checked into his hotel. He didn’t know what time her flight was getting in so he decided to take a nap to try and catch up on the missed sleep.

After sleeping for a couple of hours Mike checked his phone and had a message from Sarah from an hour ago: “I just arrived in New York. I cannot believe we are in the same city!! I am absolutely knackered from the long flight and need to get some rest tonight because I am scheduled to meet with the publishing company at 9:00 a.m. Wish me luck.”

Mike was disappointed to not be immediately etimesgut escort bayan getting to see her but fully understood that her meeting with the publishing company could mean a dream come true for her and he didn’t want to interfere with that. He sent her a message “My goddess. I am so happy to finally be in the same city as well. I fully understand you needing your rest. Good luck with your meeting. I am sure they are going to be blown away by your writing as much as I am.

Let’s plan on meeting up tomorrow afternoon? Are you familiar with the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park? We could meet there possibly but we can just play it by ear depending on how long your meeting goes.” Mike put his phone down and decided to take a shower and then decide what he wanted to do for dinner. His mind was filled with thoughts of finally meeting Sarah and if things went well holding her in his arms. Just the thought of it caused him to harden. He fought the urge to stroke himself to completion and got out of the shower. He checked his phone and had a new message.

“Hello my lovely man. I have just woke from a lovely nap filled with thoughts of you. I so wish we could meet tonight but I fear that if we did that I would be completely tired for the meeting. I believe the meeting with the publishers should be done by noon so meeting in the afternoon would be lovely. Let me know how we can recognize each other.” Mike saw the message come in and immediately responded with “Just got out of the shower. Why don’t we plan on meeting at 2? I will be wearing a blue striped button down shirt.”

No sooner did he hit send then he get a response “Just out of the shower. Does this mean you are naked? ;-)”

“Yes. Naked. Just the way you like me ;-)”

“mmmmm I do. I am so nervous about the meeting tomorrow.”

“They are going to love you Sarah. They must already since they flew you to New York for this meeting. “

“Thank you for that Mike. That really helps with my confidence. As far as tomorrow I will be wearing a blue and white polka dot dress.”

“I can’t wait to see it.”

“I hate to cut this short but I need to think about getting something for dinner and then I am going to turn in early since I am still a bit jet lagged.”

“I understand completely. Wishing you sweet and naughty dreams my goddess.”

“You too my sexy man.”

Mike decided to take a walk to get dinner at a burger bar he had read about online. After a nice dinner and some beers he was walking back to his hotel when he passed a sex shop. He decided to venture in and take a look. Looking at all of the sex toys set off Mike’s over active imagination about the possibilities of being with Sarah that week.

On the chance things went really well Mike decided to buy a few things just to have them if he needed them. He bought some lube, condoms, and a vibrating remote control egg which could be very interesting. As he was walking towards the counter he saw some Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs and a small leather flogger. Based on Sarah’s stories he had a pretty good idea that she might be into some bondage so he threw those in his basket as well.

The girl behind the counter eyed his purchases and smiling said “looks like someone’s having a party!” Mike smiled saying “I sure hope so. Better to need it and have it than need it and not have it.” The girl rang up his purchases and said “Good luck. If it doesn’t work out come back buy.” Mike walked out shaking his head and thinking that as attractive as the girl was he truly hoped he wouldn’t see her again.

DAY ONE – They Meet At Last

The following Morning Mike woke early and decided to go for a run to burn off some of the nervous energy he was feeling. Since he was close to Central Park he went there for his run. While on his run he decided to have a couple of options planned for meeting Sarah later that day. After getting a shower and some breakfast he went out to get some supplies. He bought the makings for a picnic and a blanket to spread out on the grass. He also bought a bottle of white wine and some glasses as well as some bottles of water. He was able to fit the items into his backpack.

He checked his phone and he had a message from Sarah. “Just finished with the publishers for the day. There will be additional meetings. Lots to tell. I will be at the fountain at 2 my gorgeous man.” Mike immediately responded “You, my dear are the gorgeous one. I will see you at 2.” As the time approached to head over to the park he made one more stop to get a small bouquet of fresh flowers.

Mike then made his way over to the Park. He was equal parts happy and nervous and couldn’t help but smile. As he got to the area of the fountain the butterflies in his stomachs felt like they were the size of jets. He got to the top of the stairs that led down to the fountain and saw a woman in a polka dot dress.

She was facing away from him but was clearly looking around for someone. Mike knew it had to be Sarah. From what he could escort etimesgut see she was absolutely stunning to him. She had a great figure and lovely legs. Mike had never been very attracted to overly thin women who lacked any curves. From what Mike could see Sarah definitely has curves in all the right places. Sarah had shoulder length dark blonde hair that shined in the sun.

Mike never thought of himself as an expert on breast size and judging cup sizes. All he knew is from what he could see from Sarah’s profile she had lovely breasts. As Mike approached Sarah turned his way. When they made eye contact Mike felt like he had been struck by lightning. Blue eyes and full lips that started to smile. “Mike is that really you?”

Mike didn’t immediately respond and Sarah’s face started to show some concern. He finally gathered himself and before he thought about it he heard himself say “My God Sarah. You are stunningly beautiful.” Sarah blushed a bit at his words and looked down saying “Thank you but I am not all that.” Mike walked up to her and said quietly “Oh but you are my lovely Sarah. You are all that and so much more because I know that as beautiful as you are physically you are even more attractive because of the person you are inside and for that deliciously naughty imagination you have.”

Sarah looked up through the tops of his eyes to discover Mike was standing right in front of her. She felt small next to his impressive 6’7″ frame. Rather than feel threatened by his size though she felt safe and protected. Sarah felt immediately attracted to him looking into his hazel eyes. Mike said exactly what she was thinking “I can’t believe we are actually face to face after all this time.” Sarah smiled and said “I know exactly what you mean and I have to say it is a very handsome face I am looking at. It is so wonderful to finally meet you Mike.”

Sarah wanted to hug him badly but her nerves were getting the best of her. She may be an author of erotica featuring strong and confident women but in real life she was rather shy. Something she had confided in Mike during their chats. While she was dealing with her internal struggle Mike smiled and looked at her and said “Would it be ok if I gave you a hug?” Sarah smiled up at him and said “that would be lovely.”

Mike pulled Sarah into his arms and hugged her. The smell of her perfume and her shampoo filled his nostrils and he inhaled deeply taking in her scent. As they hugged both of them felt a spark. As they started to separate they made eye contact and as if in unspoken agreement they hugged each other again this time much harder and for longer. After they both exhale they pull apart and Mike smiles down on her and says “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” Sarah smiles and says “oh me too! I don’t think I have ever had a better hug than being wrapped in your big arms.”

They looked into each others eyes still holding each other but neither feeling the need to say a word. They were in the middle of Manhattan surrounded by 8 million people in New York City but to the two of them they were the only ones on the planet. After some time Mike said “How about we go for a walk?” Sarah smiled and said “That would be lovely.”

After a few moments Mike broke the silence by asking “So how did your meeting go?” Sarah excitedly grabbed him arm exclaiming “It was brilliant! They love my stories and want to sign me as an exclusive author! They want to sign me to a three book deal with an advance of $100,000.00. I am completely gob smacked by the entire thing.”

Mike looked down and realized that somewhere during the conversation that they had started holding hands. He smiled at Sarah and said “I knew they were going to love your work Sarah. I am so happy for you! This was your dream that we spoke about months ago now coming true. Congratulations my goddess!”

Sarah stopped walking and looked up at Mike and said “Come now Mike. I am just an average girl from England. I am most certainly not a goddess.” Mike walked up to her and looking her dead in the eyes said “Sarah, in my eyes you are far beyond average. I have been blown away by you during these many months of chatting and now meeting you in person I am even more blown away. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and when I saw you for the first time it was like being struck by lightning.”

Mike then reached up and held her face in both of his hands and leaned down and brought his lips to hers in their first kiss. Sarah’s heart leaped into her throat when their lips met and she was too surprised to kiss back at first. Mike felt her hesitation and thought he had misread the situation and started to pull back a bit. Just as Mike started to pull back Sarah regained her senses and put her arms around Mike’s neck and pulled him back into the kiss and kissed him aggressively. Soon their tongues were involved into what was quickly becoming a very passionate kiss.

Mike began to run his hands up and down Sarah’s back causing Sarah to groan into his mouth. Hearing her groan and feeling it in the kiss caused Mike to start to harden. Sarah could feel his very substantial erection pressing into her and it only fanned her flames more. Mike finally pulled back as they both caught there breath. Sarah exhaled “Bloody hell you are a good kisser.” Mike chuckled and said “That was all you babe.”

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