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Meeting My Probation Officer by Wilderness Cry

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Meeting My Probation Officer by Wilderness CryMy name is Andy, and I have totally fucked up. I’d never been in trouble in my life before. Then a lad I knew asked if he could stick some gear in my garage because his girlfriend had kicked him out and he needed somewhere to stash it until he was sorted. Like a mug, I said ‘yes’. I’m a mug because I know what he’s like, and I’ve always avoided him in the past, so I didn’t get involved. This time, for some stupid reason, I believed him.Next thing I knew, the cops were round with a warrant and I got nicked for handling stolen goods. They didn’t believe me when I told them I didn’t know the stuff was stolen, but they wouldn’t would they?So, I got probation for a first offence. I had to report to my probation officer once a week to talk about stuff and work on ‘resolving my issues so that I don’t re-offend’. I’m not sure how you resolve being a mug, but what choice did I have? For some reason I was expecting my probation officer to be some sarcastic, patronizing, overweight, middle-aged, bloke; a has-been with a social conscience and an attitude problem. I got a shock.She must have been about the same age as me, and a real looker. She was a brunette, average height, with long wavy hair, a good body, beautiful big green eyes, and freckles; very fuckable. Her name was Eve. Maybe probation wasn’t going to be so bad after all.Of course, I never really expected to fuck her; why would she bother with a ‘criminal’ like me? And, for a probation officer, it was probably against the rules anyway; but you can always dream, can’t you?In fact, that’s exactly what I was doing when I realized she was repeating my name. We were sat at a table in a tiny little office for our first meeting, and my mind was wandering all over her very appealing body, while she was filling out some paperwork about me.“Hello? You were miles away. What were you thinking?” she asked me. I smirked and shrugged my shoulders. Some thoughts are best not shared with someone who can have you sent back to court for re-sentencing in an instant.“Come on. You know you have to be honest and open with me, so now’s a good time to start.”I shook my head.“What can be so terrible that you can’t share it with me? There’s nothing you can say that will shock me, I’ve heard it all before.”Are you sure about that? I thought. “It’s nothing, honest.”“It can’t be ‘nothing’ Andrew, or you’d just tell me anyway.”I hadn’t been called Andrew since I was a c***d. It was strange how it seemed to give her more power over me than she really had. “Some things are best left alone,” I replied, trying to convince myself.“No, they’re not. You won’t get into trouble, whatever it is. I’ve got to give you space to learn how our relationship will work.”Relationship? It won’t be the kind of relationship I’d like us to have, that’s for sure.She was looking at me expectantly. “I promise,” she said trying to encourage me.I knew I was losing the battle. “You won’t like it.”“You don’t know that.”“Yes, I do.”“Try me.”“Okay, if you really promise you won’t report me.”She rolled her eyes. “I’ve told you. You can say whatever you want, just this once. I’ll tell you whether it’s acceptable or not, but I promise I won’t report you, no matter what. It will help you to get used to telling me what’s on your mind. So… what were you thinking?”I took a deep breath. I couldn’t maintain eye contact. I coughed to clear my throat, and she shifted impatiently in her chair. Suddenly, I decided I’d had enough. Don’t ask me why. Okay, I thought; don’t say I didn’t warn you. I shouldn’t be here, I’m not a criminal; I don’t owe you anything; I’m going to be as offensive as I can, and I don’t care what you do about it!“I want to fuck your cunt, your mouth and your arse, and I want to jizz all over your face and your tits.” There, I’d said it. Now, here comes the fallout.Stunned silence. The calm before the storm, no doubt. I looked up at her. She was clearly just recovering from the shock and pulling herself together. “I told you,” I said, defiantly.“Well, I must admit I wasn’t expecting that, but thank you for being honest with me.”“So, are you going to report me, now?”“No,” she shook her head. “I told you I wouldn’t, and I won’t. But I would like to know how you could think things like that about me.”“Have you looked in a mirror, recently?”She smiled. She had a cute smile. “I don’t think I’m all that.”“Well, I do.” I felt myself blushing. I thought I had gained control of this conversation, but somehow it seemed to be slipping away from me.“Thank you,” she replied, and she blushed a little, too. Probation officer or not, she was still human. “Do you have thoughts like that about other women?”“Of course, but not all women, obviously. Some of them are right munters.”That made her laugh. She had a pretty laugh. “But you think those things about the good-looking ones?”“Some of those things, yeah.”“What do you mean?”“Well, some are pretty enough to fuck, or cum in their mouths, but when they turn round I wouldn’t want to fuck their arses.”“Because they’re fat?”It was my turn to laugh now. “Yeah, a lot of women have fat arses, these days. There aren’t many women who deserve to be fucked in all three holes, and covered in spunk, but you’re definitely one of them.”“Thank you. I think. But is it fair to think of women just as sex objects?”I looked at her. “Don’t you look at good-looking male celebrities on the TV and in magazines and think ‘yeah, I could give him one’?” I was taking control again.She giggled. “Well yeah, I suppose so.”“Same thing, isn’t it? It’s human nature. We all want to fuck people we find attractive.”“So, you want to fuck me?”“In all three of your holes.”“And cover me with your spunk?”“Yes.”“I’ve never had anal sex before.”“You’ve got to build up to it slowly, so you get used to it,” I explained. “You need lots of lubricant and start with just a finger. You’ve got to learn to relax while you’re being penetrated. Eventually you’ll be ready to do it properly. Most women enjoy it when they finally get there, and it doesn’t take long. Maybe you should try it.”“Maybe I should.” She paused, as if she was considering it. “So, if you were going to do all those things to me that you said, what would you do first?”“Well, a bit of fooling around usually comes before full sex doesn’t it, so I guess you would wank me off all over your tits, first.”“Then what?”“Well, I guess it would be a straight fuck next, so I’d cum up your cunt. Bareback.”“And then what?”“Probably oral sex. I’d probably shoot my load down your throat the first time, and then all over your face the second time.”“And then the anal sex at the end?”“But it would definitely be worth the wait to empty my balls right up inside your sexy little arse.”She smiled again, looking totally unphased. “So, talk me through them then, one at a time. Tell me exactly how each one would happen… in detail.”I stared at her blankly, suddenly realizing that this was the most bizarre situation I’d ever found myself in; I was in my first meeting with my Probation Officer, starting my sentence for a crime I hadn’t committed. She had the power to put me back in court to be re-sentenced – which would mean a worse punishment, like prison – and she was telling me to carry on talking pure filth to her.I had to admit defeat; I was never going to be in control here, because I was in no position to refuse; and I couldn’t complain because she would obviously deny it and make something up to get me sent to prison.Was that where this was going? Or was she just winding me up as revenge for what I had been stupid enough to say to her? I really did want to fuck her, anyway.She was still looking at me, waiting patiently. “Well?” That killer smile, again.I swallowed and took a deep breath. “Well, I guess…” I looked around the tiny room for inspiration. “I guess we’d have to do it at the table here. You would push your chair back and stand up. I would come round and lean against the edge of the table, facing you.”My gaze dropped to her cleavage. Her blouse had enough buttons undone to just reveal the curves of her breasts as they disappeared from view; just enough to make me want to see more. I looked up at her again and she was still looking at me, smiling. She had watched me checking her out. I swallowed again and licked my lips. My throat was dry.“I would take your blouse off, and then your bra, as you unzip my jeans. I would play with your tits as you start to güvenilir bahis wank me off. I would tell you when I was getting close, and you would sit down. You would wank me off faster, pointing my cock towards your tits so I couldn’t miss the target, and you’d just keep going until I spilled my nuts all over you.”“I like the sound of that. What would happen at our next meeting?”I paused and looked around again, the next idea quickly taking shape.“We would start the same way,” I said. “Once you’ve got me hard, I would pull your skirt up round your waist, and you would sit on the edge of the table. I suppose you would already have taken your knickers off before I arrived. I’d start fingering you to make you wet, and you’d keep wanking me. Then you’d guide my cock into you and lie back on the table, so I could stroke your clit and make you cum while I fuck you. Then I’d bang you ‘til I shoot my load up you.”I grinned at her, hoping she liked the sound of that, too. She did. “I’m glad I get the chance to cum, too. Good to know you’re not selfish. So, what’s next?”I had to think quickly, because my next idea actually was pretty selfish. I added a bit in at the beginning.“Err, exactly the same. I’d start by giving you a good fucking on your back, but then I’d pull out, kneel between your legs, and lick your quim until you cum. Then I would sit down, and you would kneel between my legs and gobble me until you’ve swallowed the lot. And the next time,” I quickly added, “we would do the same again, only you would pull away just in time for me to squirt my spunk all over your face. Then you would use the tip of my cock to wipe it all into your mouth and swallow it all down.”“And finally?” she asked me.“We would have to spend more time fucking and sucking while you got used to me fingering you up the arse, with lots of lubricant. I guess it would be easier for you to lay face down on the table for that. Then one day, I’d be fucking you from behind, and fingering your bum, and then I’d pull my finger out and put the tip of my cock just inside your hole instead. It would still be open a bit where I’d had my finger in you.“Very slowly, and gently, I’d ease my cock all the way in. You would put your hand down between your legs, so you could frig yourself off, and I would roger you until I’ve emptied my balls in you. I don’t think it would take very long.”We both smiled this time.“Okay,” she said, writing something on the back of a business card, and sliding it across the table to me. “I just need your signature on the papers I filled out earlier, and you can go.”I signed the papers without reading them, and I didn’t really listen as she explained what they were. I was still trying to get my head around our conversation.“Your next appointment is at seven o’clock sharp tonight, at the address on that card. Don’t be late.”I looked down at it. It was an official probation service business card with her name printed on it. I turned it over to see what she had written. It had to be her home address. I was shocked. “Oh, okay,” I said automatically. “I’ll be there.”“You will if you know what’s good for you” she said, grinning at me. Then she got up and held the door open for me. It was time for me to go.The address was an apartment in a tower block. It was in an okay part of town. I arrived a few minutes early, showered and shaved, and dressed in my best shirt and trousers. I had brushed my teeth several times and had on plenty of deodorant and after-shave. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wanted to be ready for it.I hadn’t made any effort with my appearance for my earlier meeting. I guess I hadn’t been in a very co-operative state of mind. I’d worn scruffy jeans, yesterday’s t-shirt, and hadn’t bothered shaving. It was a pointless protest that I hadn’t really thought through.But things had changed, and I wanted to make a good impression, although I must have done already, I supposed. Otherwise I wouldn’t have got this invite, would I? I don’t think I’m astonishingly good-looking, and my story-telling left a lot to be desired, so she was either a nymphomaniac, or the whole idea of me being obsessed with her body must have turned her on. Whatever; I was hoping for a good result.If she was expecting me to take her out to dinner, I was hoping her tastes weren’t too expensive; I could do better than a Macdonald’s, but not by much without time to save up. Maybe she would go Dutch?I paced up and down outside her door, trying to stay calm, until it was exactly seven. Then I rang the bell.An instant later, she opened the door just wide enough to look through the gap and smiled when she saw it was me. She had to have been waiting just the other side of it. Stepping back, she held the door wide open. She was wearing a black see-through negligee and matching panties, and nothing else but that smile.“Fuck me!” I gasped.“Why else would you be here?” She grinned, and motioned with her head for me to go in.She closed the front door and squeezed my bum as she brushed past me, wiggling along the passage. I followed her and found myself in her bedroom. She wasn’t going to waste any time.I suddenly had an odd thought: was this an ‘appointment’? Did she have another one at eight? Was this the point when she gave me the price-list, with no option for me to refuse, on penalty of jail-time? That would be a clever little scam.She must have seen the nervous confusion in my face. She stood close to me, reaching up to cup my face in her hands. “Relax. I’m not going to eat you. Well, not ‘til later, anyway.” She smiled up at me, and I kissed her.She undressed me, and by the time I was naked I was already semi-erect, with all my concerns long-forgotten. We embraced, and kissed passionately, as I explored her curves through the silky folds of her negligee. Our lips parted, and I pulled her negligee up over her head, leaving her in just her panties, which were so see-through they left nothing to my imagination anyway. She was shaved smooth, and I couldn’t wait to bury my face between her legs.“Sit down,” she ordered me softly. As I did so, she turned away from me, bending forwards at the waist and removing her panties; displaying herself to me in all her glory. My cock was now rock-hard. Leaning towards her with my hands on her thighs, I licked her pussy slowly, from clit to perineum, and then continued upwards, taking my time to rim her. She tasted clean and fresh, and smelled vaguely of green apples. She sighed at the soft liquid touch of my tongue against her anus, and I continued lapping at her for several minutes, leisurely shifting from pussy to anus and back again.Without warning, she stood up, and climbed on to the bed. Lying on her back and spreading her legs wide, she issued a firm command; “Kneel between my legs and fuck me, but don’t you dare cum in me.”I immediately shuffled into position and slid my cock into her already slick quim. As I began fucking her, rolling my hips back and forth, and reaching down to massage her breasts, she began to stroke her own clit. Moaning softly, she instructed me to fuck her faster. Frigging herself off quicker and quicker, her moans grew in volume and intensity until she cried aloud, her hips bucking as she threw her head back and came long and hard, her pussy muscles rippling up and down the length of my rigid, throbbing cock.I stopped fucking her so that I didn’t cum, but continued to play with her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were large and very stiff, and I leaned forward sucking each one in turn deep into my mouth.She pushed me away and told me to lie on my back. I eagerly obliged. She grasped each of my wrists and deftly wrapped scarves around them, securing them to the bedposts above my head. She must have put them under her pillows in readiness.Straddling my waist, she kissed me on the lips, and the chin; she shuffled backwards as she continued down my chest and stomach until her searching lips found the tip of my cock. Her tongue flickered across the swollen head and the sensation was exquisite. Then she nibbled her way down my shaft all the way to my balls. She licked my sack, gently sucked each ball into her mouth, and then nibbled back up my cock again. When she reached the tip, she sucked it into her mouth, adjusted her position, and then deep-throated me, her nose repeatedly nudging my pubic bone as she rhythmically sucked me off.Lying back with my eyes closed, I relaxed and immersed myself in the blissful sensation güvenilir bahis siteleri of this gorgeous, sexy, fuckable girl sucking by brains out.I became aware that she was doing something else, but I couldn’t tell what. Then I felt her finger pushing gently between my cheeks, and the contact with my anus was wet and cold. I tensed instinctively. She stopped sucking and looked up at me, with an ironic smile on her face.“Relax,” she whispered. “You must learn to relax as I penetrate you.”I gulped. Oh, shit! What have I let myself in for?She pushed her finger inside me. After the initial shock, it didn’t feel too unpleasant. Then she began to slide her finger in and out of me and resumed her deep-throating.As suddenly as she had begun, she stopped and got off the bed, rummaging underneath it. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as she stood up, fastening a strap-on cock to herself. It was black, realistically lined, ridged and shaped, and at least six inches long. I swallowed hard, and she laughed. “I want to see if you can take it, before you give it.”Her eyes flashed mischievously as she slathered her hard, black cock in a generous coating of lubricant. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”I couldn’t speak. I almost tried but stopped myself. Begging would be undignified and would probably ruin everything else to come. This girl was filthy, and I wasn’t about to mess it up. I sighed and spread my knees, bringing them up to my sides. My surrender made her giggle. “Good boy,” she said, teasing me.She moved into position, and I felt her cock nudging against my anus, I swallowed hard again, and tried to relax. She pushed, and I tensed. It hurt. “Ouch!”“Shh. You must relax as I penetrate you, remember,” she teased, her voice soft and soothing.I made a conscious effort to relax my muscles, and when she felt me let go, she pushed again, very slowly penetrating me about half way. She pulled out a little, applied more lubricant, and then slid all the way in. “There. That’s not so bad, is it?”The best I could manage was a shake of my head. Then she began to fuck me, slowly and steadily at first, but gradually building her speed and rhythm. This was crazy, but I’m shocked to say it felt okay, in a weird kind of way. I would never get off on it, and I am definitely not gay; if it was a man trying to do this to me, I would fight to the death to stop him; but I could actually tolerate the sensation quite comfortably. It felt nice.She was really getting into her stride now, grinning broadly at me. “So, this is what it’s like to be a man!” she said as she continued thrusting deep inside me.She reached down and began to wank me off at the same time, matching the rhythm of her hand to the rhythm of her hips. “And this must be what it’s like to be a gay man!” she declared, laughing. I couldn’t help laughing, too. I was getting fucked in the arse by a woman with a strap-on, and I was actually enjoying being helpless to stop it. It even felt pretty good.She seemed to be satisfied, and pulled out, getting off the bed and removing the strap-on.Then she straddled me, taking my cock straight inside her. Now this was more like it! She fucked me like she was on speed, her breasts bouncing wildly above me. I desperately wanted to grab hold of them, but she had restrained me too well. She ground her clit hard against my pubic bone and drove herself rapidly and noisily to her second orgasm of the evening.It took her a couple of minutes to get her breath back. Still sitting astride my cock, she began to move slowly again. “So, can you cum five times in one night, do you reckon?”“Yeah,” I said, confident that I probably could, for her. “My record is ten times in one day,” I declared proudly.“Good,” she replied, leaning forward so that I could suck first one nipple and then the other as she untied my hands. She moved and sat on the side of the bed. “Come and stand in front of me,” she told me.I did as she asked, and she began fondling my balls as she wanked me quickly and expertly. As she felt my body stiffen, she pointed my cock at her cleavage and increased her pace. I grunted in pleasure as I felt the gushing release, and we both watched my spunk splashing across her breasts. She mopped up my creamy mess with her fingers and licked them clean.“One down, four to go,” she said. “Let’s get a drink and relax for a bit, before you cum inside me.”She smiled over her shoulder at me, as she headed for the kitchen, stark naked. I followed her. She took a cold beer from the fridge for me, and poured herself a glass of white wine. Then, we relaxed on the sofa in her lounge, both still naked. She was sprawled back in the corner of the sofa, facing me with her legs spread wide. This girl was not shy!For the first time in our brief relationship we actually had a normal conversation, just chatting about ourselves and each other. We took our time, drinking, and laughing. We seemed comfortable in each other’s company.After maybe ten minutes or so, looking at her beautiful face and curvy body as we talked, I began to feel horny again. My cock twitched into life, and she noticed. Giggling, she put her glass down, and I leaned forward over her, kissing and caressing her. She wrapped her arms around me and we embraced, kissing passionately. My cock was soon standing to attention and ready for action, again. As I moved between her thighs and eased myself into her she wrapped her legs around my waist, using her heels to pull me all the way inside her.In contrast with our frantic fucking a little earlier, we took our time, enjoying each other more gently and intimately. This time we made love. She was generous and passionate, focused entirely on me, matching her pace with mine, and using her inner muscles to bring me quickly to a very satisfying climax. She held me close and whispered in my ear. “Two down, three to go!” Giggling, she added “let’s have a bath together.”She filled the bath with deep, hot water, and lots of bubbles. We washed each other enthusiastically, laughing and giggling, before we settled down. I was sat behind her, leaning against the end of the bath, and Eve relaxed back against my chest with my arms wrapped around her.We chatted idly again for a while, and then I began massaging her breasts. She rested her head on my shoulder, enjoying the sensation. My right hand drifted down between her legs, finding and caressing her clit. It was her breathing that changed first. Then she began moaning softly as I continued my gentle stimulation. As she became more animated, I increased my pace, until she eventually began writhing and bucking, crying out my name and splashing water around as she came, sighed deeply, and then relaxed.Once she had recovered, she realized that my cock was pressing insistently against her lower back. She looked sideways up at me. “Do you need sorting out again?”“Mm, yes please,” I replied, grinning down at her. I knew what was going to happen next!We didn’t even make it out of the bathroom. As we stepped out of the bath, Eve told me to sit on the edge of the bath and dropped to her knees in front of me. Wrapping her fingers around my thick, swollen shaft she began to masturbate me, speeding up as my cock grew stiffer and stiffer. I leaned back, putting my hands on the opposite edge of the bathside to support myself. The thrusting of my hips told Eve I was getting close, and she began sucking the tip of my cock in time with her strokes, bobbing her head with perfect timing. She increased her pace, sucking harder. I tensed, and grunted, and she stopped; just before I was ready to shoot my load. What!?Pulling away, she laid on her back.“Straddle me, quick. Fuck my mouth” she ordered.I kneeled astride her chest, scooping my hand around the back of her head and lifting her face towards my groin. She opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around my shaft and sucking enthusiastically. I began thrusting my hips, fucking her beautiful face. The throbbing sensation returned almost immediately, and quickly grew in intensity. I fucked her mouth even faster. The pulsing increased in strength and frequency. My balls tightened. I leaned forward, supporting my weight with my free hand against the wall. I pulled her head forward, burying her face into my groin as I gave one more powerful thrust, ramming my cock down her throat and holding it there. Her muffled cries of protest were choked off, and she gagged as I came, squirting several thick streams iddaa siteleri of spunk directly into her throat. She fought to free her head, but I held her firmly in place as I continued to spurt into her, releasing her only after I was fully spent. She gasped for air.“Sorry about that,” I said, apologetically. “I couldn’t help myself.”“No,” she said, shaking her head and grinning up at me. “It was wicked. I loved it.”The next item on the agenda was food. Still totally naked, we ate sandwiches at the kitchen table, and had another drink. As she moved around the kitchen I watched the sexy sway of her hips, and imagined how it would feel to shove my cock right up between those firm round cheeks, and unload deep inside her tight little rear. Before that, of course, I still had the pleasure of cumming on her face to look forward to.I needed to recharge my batteries if I was going to cum twice more, so I was in no hurry, but when Eve told me she had trained in various therapies and asked me if I would like some ‘Indian Head’… well, I could hardly refuse, could I?It turned out to be a scalp massage, but it was a surprisingly sensuous experience; quite erotic, in fact. Then she asked if I would like a ‘proper’ massage, with oils. I wondered if ‘proper’ meant ‘Thai’ or something similar but guessed it wouldn’t and I was right. It was a traditional back massage, and she was very good at it.As she sat on me, rubbing oil into my shoulders, she said “So, you’re probably thinking that today didn’t turn out quite the way you expected, right?”I laughed. “You could say that. It’s not exactly a typical Friday for me. Not that I’m complaining, of course.”“Of course.” I could hear the warm smile in her voice. “It’s just that I gave up of waiting for men to make the first move ages ago. I mean, what’s the point if half of them chicken out, and the other half are boring, self-centred egotists? If I see a bloke I fancy, why can’t I make the first move and just fuck him? That’s what you men do, isn’t?”“I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever fancied a bloke.”She laughed and slapped my shoulder playfully. “You know what I mean.”“Well your chat-up routine is a little unusual.”She laughed again. “Well, please don’t think I chat up all my clients. In fact, you’re the first, and probably the last. Most of them are horrid little scum bags.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “It’s also unethical. I could get the sack.”“So, why me?”“I could tell you’re different. A first conviction at your age means you’re either an exceptionally clever criminal, in which case you would finally have been caught for something far more sophisticated; or you were incredibly lucky not to have been caught before, which is against the odds; or you just did something totally out of character. I’m guessing it was the last one.”So I told her my story, and she believed me. Not that it changed anything, but at least she accepted that I’m a decent, honest person who just made an error of judgement, and for some reason that mattered to me.She got off the bed and opened the drawer of her bedside cabinet. “Move over,” she said. “It’s my turn, now.”I rolled onto my back and saw that she was holding a Rampant Rabbit, with a big smile of anticipation on her face. She laid on the bed beside me, handed me the vibrator, and made herself comfortable. I was happy to pleasure her again, but I needed a few moments to figure out all the different settings, first.I know how to treat a lady, so I took my time, and caressed her entire body with her toy, before gradually zoning in on where it ultimately mattered. When she finally came, her orgasm drove a series of screamed expletives from her filthy little mouth, along the lines of “Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Christ! Yes!” God knows what her neighbours must think of her, but I guess she enjoyed that one.After she had calmed down and got her breath back, she rolled on top of me. She kissed my lips, my chin, my throat, my chest and my stomach, before moving down between my legs. I propped my head up with pillows and watched her as she began to suck me off. She soon had me fully erect, combining her lips, tongue and fingers with mind-blowing expertise. She watched me the whole time, mentally fucking me with her big green eyes. I cannot begin to tell you how sexy it was.She alternated between stroking, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling with endless variety, combining and changing them constantly, and watching me throughout. All too soon, I felt the familiar tell-tale throb of another impending orgasm. She sensed it, or felt it, almost immediately and seemed to just step-up a gear, somehow. It wasn’t just the pace; it was the subtlety of her caresses, and those unbelievably sexy eyes. As she drove me closer and closer to the edge, she let her fingers do the work of finishing me off, with her lips pressed firmly against the underside of my cock’s throbbing swollen head, in a frozen kiss.With an unexpected swipe of her tongue I erupted, and jizzed a thick glob of spunk across her nose and cheeks, followed by several smaller spurts all over her face and chin. When I was done, she used my cock to wipe my spunk into her mouth, and then sucked and licked it clean.“One good turn deserves another,” she said, winking at me.“Wow,” was all I could manage.As she got up, she said “I know you’ll need a while to recover before we go again, so I thought we could watch a porno for a bit, just to keep you in the mood. It’s one of my favourites, with lots of anal in it.”I just nodded in agreement. Anything she suggested was good, as far as I was concerned.“Oh, and just for the record; I know I told you today that I’ve never had anal before, but I fibbed just to see what you would say. I love it!”The movie was the same as they all are; a feeble story, terribly acted – including most of the sex – and yet, curiously arousing. This particular one featured a gangbang with lots of double-penetration, and ass-to-mouth, and facials for the money-shots. The girl must have nearly drowned making it.We watched it on the television in Eve’s bedroom, snuggled up in bed together, and as the movie neared the big finale, she began stroking my cock again. My response was fairly instantaneous, and by the time the last of the actors had shot his load over the actress’s face, I was stood to attention and ready for action myself. Eve reached for the remote to switch off, and went down on me, fingering herself at the same time. Her soft, sensual moans sounded far more real and convincing than the actress’s.After a couple of minutes, she laid back with her legs spread wide, still massaging her own clit. “Fuck me, but don’t cum yet.”I was happy to oblige, kneeling between her thighs and giving her a good shagging while she brought herself off in a series of high-pitched yelps that finished with a satisfied sigh.She pushed me off and reached for the tube of lubricant on her bedside cabinet. I had a momentary flash-back to the strap-on dildo but needn’t have feared. She squirted a generous helping onto her fingers and proceeded to massage it all over the forefinger and index finger of my right hand.Raising her knees to her chest, to expose her butt to me, she smiled up at me. “Go on then, get your fingers in there. Make sure I’m ready.”Again, I was happy to oblige, with first one and then two fingers, working the jelly-like lube into her tight little hole. All the while, Eve continued to massage my cock with more of the lube, with her eyes closed and a look of gleeful anticipation on her face. I was kneeling between her legs and decided I couldn’t wait any longer. Shuffling forward, I withdrew my fingers and introduced the tip of my cock to her waiting rosebud. Pushing gently, I eased the tip inside her. She gasped, and then sighed with pleasure.She opened her eyes and held my gaze, smiling, as I slowly glided all the way into her, just a tiny amount at a time. My god, she was tight! I began to rock my hips, watching my length sliding gracefully in and out of her arse, and squirted more lubricant, to ease the way.“How do you want it?”“Hard and fast, of course,” she murmured, reaching for her clit once more.Determined not to disappoint her, I banged her arse for all I was worth as she brought herself off yet again with wild squeals of ecstasy. I banged her until I could hold back no longer and groaned loudly as I emptied my aching balls deep inside her, one last time.“Wow,” she breathed. It was her turn to be speechless this time.“That was pretty awesome,” I agreed, collapsing on to my back.Eve giggled.“What?”“Get some sleep. We’re doing this all over again tomorrow. Or some big hairy-arsed bloke will be doing it to you every night in a prison cell.”

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