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Men in Her Life Ch. 03

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This is the third of six chapters. Marva and her buddy learn about each other, and a new man enters her life. This is a long story, broken down into six chapters. If you would like to read the previous chapters, click on my ID above. Enjoy, 2Xwidderwoman


For perhaps the first time in his life, Charles awakens on his back, with a woman between his thighs and his cock in her mouth. He is not a novice to receiving a blow job. However, his experiences are with practiced providers, he cannot think of them any other way. Many women perform fellatio on a man because they think it is expected of them, not because they enjoy it. Most women refrain from swallowing, keeping something handy so they can spit the ejaculate out. Or if they do swallow, they make a face to show their dislike of the creamy substance he has heard described as similar to snot or warm sour cream. He knows some men call their semen, jizz, but he does not care for the word.

However, this experience is far beyond anything he has ever known before. Marva is gentle and steady, her small hands have strength, beyond what he would expect and her mouth is warm and soft. She is not using her teeth, nor is she rushing through her exploration of him.

At first he thinks it is a dream and he does not want to move. When he realizes it is not a dream, he cannot move. It feels too good. Lying still, with his eyes closed, he feels her warm hand around the shaft of his cock as her mouth goes gently up and down pulling the first few inches of his cock in and out of her mouth, going across the corona, her lips held tight as she moves over the ridge. She stops for a moment, with her hand at the base of his cock, the foreskin of his shaft pulled down from the head and swirls her tongue around and around the head, passing the sensitive spot underneath the head of his cock where the foreskin is attached. His hips jerk, each time she touches that spot, he cannot prevent the jerk and he hears her soft full mouth chuckle when he does so. Ah ha, she has done some reading or some research and knows what makes a man feel good. She knows where the sensitive places are and she knows a gentle touch is better than rough treatment.

He feels her lift his balls with her other hand, cupping them and then allowing them to gently fall down, lifting then again, her hand slowly opening and closing as she manipulates the balls inside the sac, her thumb rubbing across the top of first one ball and then the other, moving the flexible sac with each stroke.

Her hands are everywhere, slowly stroking the seam between his leg and his groin on one side, moving up and down his inner thigh, and then switching the hand on his cock to stroke the other leg, thigh and groin seam. And she is still going up and down the shaft of his cock, taking the head of his cock as far into her mouth as is comfortable to her. She takes his cock out of her mouth and turns her head sideways, sliding her very wet tongue along the great vein on the bottom of his cock shaft and then back up to lick around the head of his cock, the tip of her tongue pressed against the tip and her upper lip moving down across the corona and brushing her rough tongue across the slit, collecting another small drop of pre-cum juice.

Each time her hand comes upward, the foreskin slides up around her hot tongue as her tongue goes around and around inside the foreskin never leaving the head of his cock, passing the seam under the bottom of his cock head, causing a spasm to the muscles along the inside of his thighs and his lower belly. He feels his balls growing and tightening and does not want this to end. He feels the pressure in his thighs, the tightness of his muscles, the clenching of his jaws. Then he feels the pressure of her sucking on his cock, pulling him into her mouth and lowering her head sucking a little harder as she raises her head, repeatedly bumping across the ridge below the head of his cock.

He wants to talk to her, but he doesn’t want to distract her. She is working on him, sucking and pulling his cock into her mouth, raising her head and lowering it again to suck as her top lip brushes across the corona and bumps over the ridge as she raises her head again. Slowly he moves his hand to her head, threading his fingers through her hair, brushing it away from her face, feeling it fall again and slide across his skin. Taking his hand away, he uses his other hand on the other side of her head, brushing her hair back.

He has to warn her, he cannot let it be a surprise if it is something she does not want. “I’m going to cum, baby. It’s going to blast in your throat.” He feels her nod her head as she sucks harder while he slightly lifts his hips, grits his teeth, and feels the first small spasm as a small amount of his cum lands in her mouth and he feels her tongue move and throat contract as she swallows. He begins to groan, and then there is another spasm as more cum jets into her mouth and another throat contraction as she swallows it ataşehir escort and several more spasms blow additional cum into her mouth as her movements begin to slow. She sucks cum from him, pulling it into her mouth as it slides down her throat.

No longer moving her head up and down, she rests as his hot slowly softening cock lies on her soft tongue. She does not move, simply holds his heat inside her mouth as she has held his heat inside her pussy. She swallows several more times, her tongue moving and her cheeks tightening around the head of his cock, each one sending a shock through him.

He cannot move. He may never want to move again. The feeling is too wonderful. Slowly she crawls up to rest on top of him as his arms go around her, holding her to him.

“I’m sorry Charles,” she says, her voice full of tears. “I couldn’t take it any deeper in my throat. I don’t know how. Will you teach me?”

“Sh-h-h, sh-h-h,” he soothes her, rubbing his hands up and down her back. “Oh my, baby, it was wonderful. I’ve never had … I don’t think it could ever be any better.” He puts his hands on her face, holding her still for his kiss. “Why would you think I would want any more than you want to give? Lord, have mercy, where have I failed to make you understand it is about the pleasure you receive from me and that you give back ten fold.”

He rolls her over to rest beside him. “God what a fool you must think I am.”

She lies quietly beside him, her hand brushing across his chest, from one side to the other, stopping a moment as a finger goes around his small male nipple and then doing the same to the other. She hears him chuckle when her stomach rumbles and then she is laughing as his does the same.

“I’ll scrub your back, if you’ll do mine,” he says and feels her hand grow still on him. “But I need to stay right here for just a little longer. I feel too good to move.”

“I’ve never taken a shower with a man before,” she admits.

“Good, at least I’m the first for one of your experiences,” he teases.

Eventually, he can stand beside the bed and pulls her over to the side, putting his arms under her and lifting her, as she squeals in surprise. “Be still. I’ll drop you,” he says as he walks across the room, closing the bathroom door with a kick of his foot and stepping into the shower, still holding her in his arms, finally allowing her to slide down his body.

Through the noise of the water drumming inside the shower curtain, he tells her, “There is a good breakfast here, or we can go out for something.”

“Here is fine,” she says, “Then we can come back to our room and take a nap, watch television, or just do nothing.”

“You don’t want to go somewhere or do something?” He asks, surprised. “We can find something for tourists or I’ll even go shopping with you.”

“I don’t shop,” she responds as she steps out of the shower, grabs a towel and starts drying his back.

“What do you mean, you don’t shop? All women go shopping.”

She shakes her head, “I don’t.” She wraps the towel around her head, rubs vigorously, finishes drying off, brushes her teeth, takes her pill, and then opens the door so the mirrors will clear. She combs her hair and walks out of the bathroom, leaving it to him and begins to pull underwear and clothing out of the drawers under the television.

He walks out of the bathroom, still dripping and looks at her. “Marva? What do you mean you don’t go shopping?

Very slowly she says, “I-do-not-go-shopping. I know my sizes. I buy most of what I need online and I make the rest.” She holds up her blouse and turns the collar seam toward him, “See no store or manufacturer label,” and then she pulls the blouse on and begins to button the front.

He does not doubt her, but he walks to the closet and looks at the two other shirts hanging there, finding no labels. He even looks inside the waist of her jeans and finds no label. Finally he turns around and looks at her, his hands hanging down at his sides, shaking his head.

She stands in the door of the bathroom, watching him shave, tilting her head from one side to the other, enjoying something she has had little exposure to. She tells him she cannot remember her father shaving and her brother uses an electric. She does not leave until he has finished shaving, rinsed his face, and she winces as he splashes on some after shave.

She watches him button his shirt and explains why the buttons on a man’s shirt are on a different side from the buttons on a woman’s shirt. He looks at her curiously, watching the animation on her face as she talks.

He watches her check her cell phone for messages then she folds it and puts it in her pocket, pulls her wallet out of the bag, slips it into her hip pocket and stands by the door, waiting for him. Accustomed to women taking time for makeup, hair dryers, checking handbags, applying lipstick, writing things in notebooks, and other superfluous needs, he is surprised kadıköy escort to see she is so quickly dressed and ready to go.

As they walk down the hall she takes his hand and walks beside him, but does not talk. She stands quietly looking around as they wait for the elevator. They find a quiet table for their breakfast and she tells him to get their coffee, she will get their breakfast from the grill. She carries both plates in one hand and stops for utensils and other needs at a nearby table, placing his plate before him as if it is something she has done many times.

When she finishes her meal, she sits quietly after asking if she can get anything for him. He watches her face as she laughs at two families while the children make friends and chase each other around the large tile floor of the open area with a four floor high roof filled with skylights. All the while they sit he sees her foot tapping to a piano player across the room, playing one fast paced piece of music after another. Occasionally she winces and looks at the player when he plays what Charles thinks is a sour note.

– – –

For the remainder of the morning, they lie around, nap, and watch television. He awakens when she is unbuttoning his shirt and spreading it open, exploring his chest, tracing several moles on his chest as if she is playing connect the dots, remarking that she is going to memorize the locations and see what kind of picture they reveal. When she unzips his pants, he holds her hands, but she threatens to sit on his hands if he doesn’t let her do what she wants.

“And, good gracious, be still, you wiggle like a worm and interrupt my concentration. I can’t keep track of you and what I’m doing. How else will I learn if I don’t … well, it’s not practice, but I like this. It’s the only time I have you completely in my power and you can’t do anything but lie there and accept it.”

Twenty minutes later she is nuzzling his neck, whispering, “I’m going to bottle the smell and taste of you and sell it to women as perfume. I’ll get rich and all of them will want to know my secret.” A moment later he hears her in the bathroom and he opens his eyes when a hot wet hand towel is placed on him, covering his cock, his balls and his thighs. She lets the towel rest on him for a moment, and wipes him off, tossing the towel halfway across the room then jumps onto the bed, curls up beside him and pulls the covers over their heads. Lord, she is proud of herself and Charles is so confused he cannot think straight, so he doesn’t think, he simply enjoys her, accepts her hands and mouth on him, tastes her, fucks her, feeds her, holds her, and has no idea that by midnight he is making love to her.

– – –

They do little more the next day than they did the previous day. Sometime in the late afternoon they have finally caught up on their sleep and can hold a conversation, but often lapse into silence as they sit around the front room of their suite, simply enjoying that there is another person in the room, reading the hotel’s complimentary newspaper, plus a book left in the room which describes the city’s tourist attractions.

“Did you find anywhere you want to go?” He asks her, watching her carefully turn another page in the book, glance at both new pages and read one small place at the bottom of one page, before she turns another page.

“No, this is all tourist stuff,” she answers, looking up at him. “I thought I might find a nature walk or something. I need to go walk.”

“Walk? Do you mean you need to get out of these four walls, or something else?” He asks, as if he does not understand.

“Yes, I need to move around” she answers, moving her shoulders as if they are stiff. “I go for a walk most mornings.”

“Not around your neighborhood?” He says, in warning, just to make sure she is not taking those kinds of risks.

“No,” she shakes her head. “I go to the school. There’s a guard and the lights are on at five.”

“Five, like five o’clock in the morning?”

“Yeah, before it gets hot, but it’s cold in the winter. Br-r-r,” she grins at him. “Sometimes I go to the mall in the winter.”

“At five o’clock in the morning? That’s when you go to the mall?” He is beginning to understand and is now teasing her.

“No silly,” she exclaims, jumping up and coming to him, jerking the newspaper out of his hands as the pages fly across the room. She sits on his lap, facing him, her knees spread and resting beside his hips. She puts her hands on his cheeks and kisses him. “The mall is not open at five o’clock in the morning. But they do open at seven.”

He puts his arms around her, pulling her to rest against his chest. “How far do you need to walk? I’ll go with you.”

“Five miles,” she says quietly.

He puts his hands on her shoulders, pushes her back and bends down a little to look at her face, “Five miles? Good lord, no wonder.”

“No wonder what?”

“The amount of strength you have in your lower bostancı escort bayan body. When you climax, you sometimes lift me off of the bed.”

Marva blushes deeply and exclaims, “I do not! You’re what, two hundred pounds? I can’t lift you.”

“Quite a bit more than that, but yes you do. You arch your back, put your feet on the bed, lift your pelvis, and actually raise my knees off of the bed.”

“Charles …,” she scoffs.

“I’m talking about a fulcrum, leverage, you know, like a teeter totter, load, pivot point, and so on,” he demonstrates with his hands.

She looks at his hands in front of her, the palm of one hand resting on the side of the other hand as his hand and forearm tilt up and down. She raises her face to look at him, as he looks over her shoulder, staring across the room. She is almost tempted to turn to see what is behind her, but knows he is thinking, not looking. Slowly she begins to leave his lap.

He grabs her hips, “NO!” he exclaims, and then lowers his voice, and says gently, “No baby, stay there.”

“Charles, why do you call me Baby? It’s not … not because I’m little … I mean, I guess to you, everyone is ….”

“Do I? I actually call you Baby?” He asks, showing surprise. When she nods, he grins, puts his arms around her and pulls her back against his chest. “I did not know I do that. Hum, how about that.” But he gives no further explanation.

Unable to resist her, he begins to kiss her neck, unbuttoning her shirt and slipping it off her shoulders as his mouth trails wet kisses to the point of her shoulder. She is not far behind him, pulling his shirt over his head, spreading her hands across his chest, stopping only long enough for him to pull her shirt and bra off, freeing her arms as they go around his back, rubbing her now free breasts against him.

In minutes he has lifted his hips, pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knees, pulled one of her legs out of her jeans, moved the crotch of her panties out of the way, and is thrusting into her, groaning at the heat he feels inside her.

“Move dammit, fuck me,” he orders her. “Move Marva, ride me, lean back and push,” he growls at her, sliding his hips nearer the edge of the couch, his hands holding her as she leans as far back as she can, pumping her hips up and down, and sliding back and forward, as she whines, her breathing faster and faster, until she suddenly feels him explode inside her, groaning and jerking her back into his arms, his teeth clamped in the soft skin on the side of her neck.

“Oh god, I am so sorry,” he says, as soon as he can catch his breath. “I don’t know where that came from. I didn’t even take care of you, did I,” he apologizes. “What a selfish brute I am.”

Sh-h-h sh-h-h,” she tells him, her hands in his hair, holding his head on her shoulder. “I’m okay.”

For several long minutes they sit with their arms around each other. She may not understand why he needs it, but she comforts him, resting her head against his.

She feels him moving, “What are you doing?”

“Just sit there a minute,” he explains as he kicks off his shoes and finishes removing his jeans and shorts. “When I stand, lock your legs around me and cross your ankles. My cock is still inside you and I’m going to take you to the bed. Hold on.”

Both of her knees bump the door facing going into the bedroom, but he turns sideways to get through to the bedroom where he falls to the bed, taking her with him, pumping into her, rolling her over and moving, his cock looking for the magic places that thrill her. “My god, you are a hot woman. Fuck me baby, squirt around me, I want to feel your juices splashing on my balls and running down my legs.”

He braces his arms beside her, his chest holding her down, moving his hips back and forth, twisting his pelvis, going deep into her and changing to shallow strokes, before beginning to slam into her, finally pulling her knees up almost to her shoulders. “Squeeze me baby, pump it out of me, suck me with your sweet pussy, yes baby, more,” he lets out a low groan as he moves, riding her, moving against each of her counter moves as she slides her hips on the bed to bump into him, the sounds of her flesh hitting his as if two hands are slapped together.

Her climax surprises her. It is almost violent, jerking her shoulders off the flat bed, and slamming back down. She tries to straighten her legs, pushing against the weight of him on top of her, but he holds her down as her hips move, jerking her body against him, burying his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Her head jerks from side to side and her hands push against his shoulders, and then rake her nails down both sides of his chest. But he does not cease pounding into her, taking her with him on another ride up the mountain until both of them reach the top, almost at the same time and fall down, tumbling over each other, rolling over, his head slamming into the headboard as he growls at her, “Dammit, don’t you stop, fuck me, suck it out of me, take all of it, take it.” He strains against her, holding her, feeling her muscles clench around him, pumping the hot cum from his cock, her pussy muscles squeezing him until he wants to yell with the intensity of the feeling.

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