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I want to thank coco1979 for her help, although I didn’t take ALL of her advice. She is a superb editor.

* * * * *

Her breasts are almost perfect, I was thinking as she took me back into her mouth. I could see them disappear and reappear as she worked her head back and forth on my cock. They held my attention more than the magic that she was performing. That fact hit me like a slap, while she was blowing me. I almost stopped her at that moment. I wanted to look at her face. I love a pretty face and Janet was beautiful. No, she wasn’t beautiful, she was fucking beautiful. There are degrees of beauty. Janet was at the pinnacle of my degrees. She was fucking beautiful. I always was a sucker for a pretty face and she drew me to her like the proverbial moth. Her face wasn’t all that sucked me in, though.

She was thin and her frame was almost perfect, too. She had small breasts and thin hips and a skinny ass. I can remember how I looked at her when we met. I remember seeing how the line of her jaw met her gracefully thin neck. I was taken by how just her neck attracted me. I had never noticed a woman’s neck, before. Back then, however, I remembered thinking how feminine her neck was. How it just flowed down and joined her shoulders in a surreal vision. I continued my gaze down to the rest of her body. I saw her thin arms, her thin torso, her almost boyish hips. When I tried to return to her face, I lingered at the petite breasts. I was captivated by this woman. No, I was mesmerized by this woman.

Ok, let me stop right here and tell you the story from the beginning. I’m a single guy. I was divorced a few years ago and was sitting in the bleachers at my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony When I first laid eyes on Janet, I sat in the bleachers and waited for the show to start. There were only a few people around me but it was early. Then Janet sat next to me. It was apparent that she knew the folks in front of us and I was sitting right behind a woman that Janet said hello to. I did the gentlemanly thing and stood up and offered to let her swap seats with me. She did the lady-like thing and thanked me as she slid into the warmed seat.

I wasn’t really eavesdropping, I was minding my own business but it was impossible not to overhear her conversation with her friend. It’s hard not to notice chit-chat when someone is sitting shoulder to shoulder next to you. She was obviously an intelligent woman. Then I began to really notice her. She was smartly dressed and she had short brown hair. There was a smattering of gray in the brunette color. Then I noticed her hands. There were five nicely shaped fingers on each hand. She had such feminine fingers with two rings on each hand. There wasn’t a diamond or a gold ring where it was important.

I was smitten with this woman’s beauty, poise and perfume. Normally I don’t act on my impulses but after sitting next to her for some time, I could hardly contain myself. Towards the end of the ceremony, I leaned over and told her that I thought she was beautiful. I heard her say, “Thank you, that it so sweet.” The rest of her reply was lost in the speaker’s address so I didn’t hear her. I was self-conscious at my own audacity. I rose from my seat, took her hand and asked her to take a walk with ataşehir escort bayan me. Her surprise was very evident. She asked me where I was going, so I told her that I was going outside to have a smoke and that I would be honored if she would accompany me. “But I don’t smoke”, she said. “That’s alright. If you join me I’ll smoke for us both”. Christ, I felt so lame saying that! I smiled at her as she rose and followed me down the bleacher steps. When we went through the doors, I realized that we were still holding hands and I was still smiling. I turned to her and saw that she was smiling, too.

“I’m Jim but my friends call me Rum”, I told her. Her reply was just as lame. “I’m Janet.” I felt that at that moment I didn’t want to say anything else. I just wanted to hold her hand and just…be. I think they call it being in the moment. I think she felt a little out of place right then. With a silly grin she said, “I thought you wanted to smoke?” All I can remember is that my vision took all of her poise in while I was looking into her eyes. “What I really want is to ask you for you phone number because I’d like to call you and talk to you about everything in your life. I’d like to get to know you. I didn’t want to ask you in front of the entire auditorium, though.”

Janet asked me if I had a pen and paper. “Uh, no, I don’t,” I informed her. Talk about feeling like a dummy! “That’s ok,” she said, “I think I have something.” She then commenced to fish around in her purse and shortly came up with a pen. I handed her a deposit receipt from yesterday’s bank visit. After she wrote down her number, I thanked her and told her that I’d call her tomorrow night and announced that I was going to be on my way. The ensuing pause let me appreciate her smile before I said, “But before I leave, I want you to know that I’ve never felt so bold in asking a lady for her number.” I turned to leave and then thought better of it and asked her if she wanted me to walk her back to her seat. I think she knew just how tense I was, because she brightly said, “No, that won’t be necessary. I do hope you call, though.” “Oh, I’ll call,” I assured her.

Walking to my car, I remember thinking that if I had another leg, I would have kicked myself. Today, I’m not sure if that kick would have been for leaving without engaging her in a conversation, or at my forwardness in asking for her number. I did call her, and to my delight, she was as captivating in conversation as she was in the flesh. We talked for an eternity. We talked about nothing and everything and before we rang off, we agreed to go out and have dinner the following weekend. I didn’t want to wait that long and told her that I’d like to at least call again before then. “OK,” she said. “Why don’t we see a movie on Wednesday night?” Christ, this was going well, I thought. “Sure, that would be great. Tell me where you live and what time I should come over for you.” Well, the arrangements were made and I made a note that she didn’t live all that far from where I lived when I was married.

We dated a few times and I was really love-struck. I mean, she was sexy, intelligent and great to be with. So that’s how I came to be here with Janet. We have been dating for about three months now and I still cannot get escort kadıköy over just how our sex lives meshed. The first time we were intimate was just your average incredible missionary position, after that we opened up sexually. I discovered that she was more into sucking cock than making love via vaginal penetration. I made sure that she got as much pleasure as I could deliver, too.

That pretty much brings us to this moment. I’m sitting here on my bed with her kneeling before me taking me as deeply into her mouth as she can. I’m looking at her breasts, though. I simply can’t ever get enough of the sight of her breasts appearing as she moves her head along my cock.

Let me describe those breasts to you. As I said, they are small…size 34, I think. They’re capped by small brown nipples. But what turns me on the most is the shape of them. They’re small but just about a perfect mound in their fullness. It’s like they fit perfectly in my hands. They show their mass by drooping at the base…just enough so that the nipple looks upward slightly. They draw my attention so much that I have to reach down and caress them while she is worshiping my cock. Her sigh makes me realize that she deeply appreciates my caress. It isn’t a caress, though. It’s more like adoration on my part. Although this isn’t the first time I’ve worshipped her breasts, I can’t keep my hands off of her tits while we kiss or make love or while she sucks me off.

She says that she can’t keep from doing the same to my dick. She is almost insatiable when it comes to worshipping my cock. We make love. We fuck. I’ll do anything for her pleasure that I can think of. I go down on her as often as is possible. I want to get her off any way that I can but I love having her get off with my mouth. I love that she loves to get me off with her mouth. And she says that she loves to swallow after I blow my load on her tongue. She says that it is the most erotic thing she can do for her man and that it turns her on immensely. I assure her that it’s the same for me. I love to come in her mouth.

Today, however, something pops into my head. Caressing her perfect breasts while seeing my cock enveloped and reappearing with her coating of saliva, the thought just bursts into my consciousness. So I lean over and place my face near her left ear and whisper, “Jan, I can’t tell you how turned on I am seeing you suck me off. I can’t describe how erotic your breasts feel in my hands while you do it. I want to do something that we haven’t done before, though.” She doesn’t stop but she does slow down. I know that she hears the passion in my voice. I raise my torso so that I can look her in the eye while I tell her what I want to do. I see the question in her eyes. I see my cock-head just inside her mouth. I feel her tongue licking at the slit in my cock-head. Not licking, really.

She’s just moving her tongue along the slit waiting for me to tell her what’s on my mind, like we’ve done every time we’ve had sex. We have that kind of relationship. We can tell each other anything, sexually. I don’t say anything right away. I can’t raise the will to do anything that would cause the eroticism of the moment to pass. While looking at her face stuffed with my cock, I groan my appreciation of this bostancı escort singular moment. I know full well that she also feels totally in this moment, that she feels engulfed by the sheer lust. I know that she revels in making my body hum with desire to explode my load in her wanton mouth. I know that I’m not very composed here. All of these thoughts explode through my consciousness in an instant.

While I see the craving in her eyes, I feel the nipples of her breasts in my palms, I whisper more. “Jan, I want to massage my cum into your breasts. Just before I blow my load, I want you to take me out of your mouth and rub my cock back and forth across your magnificent lips. While I’m cumming, continue to rub me across your lips, don’t let me come in your mouth. I want my cum to drip down your lips and chin to fall on your tits. Ok?” She doesn’t say a word. She doesn’t make any sign that she understands. Her assent is spoken by her return to the brilliant blow job. The other outward acknowledgement is her moan. I know that she will do it and I can’t contain my own growl of anticipation. I continue to see her bob back and forth on my cock. I see the swell of her breasts covered by my hands. I remove my hands because I want to see her perfect nipples in all their coffee colored glory. But I also feel at the crest of my orgasm. I moan out to her that I’m going to cum.

My head whiplashes back and I almost lose the sight in ecstasy. Just as I start to spray her faultless lips I look down to see that my cock throbs in her hand. I see the splash into her lips. I see the first spurt make a dribble down to her chin and hang there for an instant. When the second burst erupts, I see the line of sperm slowly leak from her chin towards her tit. She reacted like I had told her what to do, although I hadn’t. She arched her back and thrust out those splendid breasts so that I could watch how they caught my discharge. I watched. I felt my throbbing eruption and watched my cum seep over her lips and collect on her breasts. My subsequent squirts dribbled down her face and dripped onto her breasts. She continued to lave my cock across her gooey lips while I watched. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so high, so turned on, and so overcome with lust.

Janet removed me from her lips, eventually. I saw the raw lust in her eyes and hoped that she could see that same lust in mine. I saw the tip of her tongue peek out from her mouth and lick what she could from her lips. I know that she loves that taste of sperm and I wouldn’t ever deny her that pleasure. I watched her collect what she could with her tongue. I slowly brought my hands back to her breasts and caressed her globes as I would do whenever we descended into our primal dance. Only this time I could feel the warm, wet, sticky trails of my cum on her tits. I massaged the wetness across her breasts and across her nipples.

While she held her chest out to my massage I gently pushed her backward so that she lay on the floor. In her descent, I saw the lust in her eyes and the cum on her lips and as I covered her body with my own, I kissed her lips. I had never had the desire to kiss another woman after I blew my load into her mouth, before. Indeed, I had never done it but this was different. The feeling of my orgasm as well as the method of achieving it was by far the most erotic thing I had ever experienced and after I broke the kiss, I told her so. I always want to gloriously cum in her perfect mouth or on her perfect lips and breasts…and I always want to tell her so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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