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Michael And Chelsea: Chapter One

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Ever since they first met at Wisconsin Dells, Chelsea and Michael had been dating and enjoying every day of it. However, after six months, dating long distance was wearing at them. It was only a six-hour drive, but they both knew in their hearts where their future would be. After talking about their options, they agreed the best solution was for Chelsea to make the move to Wisconsin.They had spent time with each other over the last few months, and each other’s kids, and Michael’s grandson. Chelsea was one year younger than his oldest daughter, Gracie, and the same age as his other daughter, Jamie, but was ten years older than his son, Corey, who was fourteen. Chelsea had a daughter, Molly, and a son, Wesley, who were only three and two years old.Even with having met each other’s kids and the kids having all met each other, Michael and Chelsea decided the best thing to do before the move would be to take a vacation. Keeping fun at the top of the list for everyone, they decided on Gatlinburg, TN. They booked a house to rent, Michael and his kids planned their flights, while Chelsea was going to drive with her kids as it was close enough for her to do so. The night before their trip was Chelsea’s twenty-fifth birthday day. It comforted her knowing it would be the last one alone. She had been packing her bags for the trip, and boxes for the move, as she would be moving just a few days after they got back.  There was a knock at her door; when she opened it, there stood Michael and Corey! Her face kocaeli escort lit up as she hugged them both, and kissed Michael. “What are you doing here!?” Chelsea shrieked with joy.Michael responded, “Well, we couldn’t let you celebrate your birthday alone, and definitely didn’t want you having to drive tomorrow by yourself.” “Well, get in here,” Chelsea said, as Molly and Wesley came running around the corner to greet Michael and Corey. The kids had instantly taken to Corey as a brother, and Michael as a dad they didn’t have. After everyone got over the shock and excitement of the unexpected arrival, they got to work packing boxes and cleaning up until the only things left were the mattresses on the floors of the bedrooms. That evening after dinner, Chelsea made the guest room up for Corey and kissed him on his forehead, and then went to her bedroom. Chelsea curled up into Michael’s arm and said, “I cannot believe you came here to surprise me. You don’t know how much that means to me, I was thinking about how it would be my last birthday alone, now it isn’t. I love you so much.”Michael kissed her lips, softly but with passion. He softly spoke, “I know. I couldn’t leave you alone, you’re my world. I wanted to be with you.”With one last kiss, they dozed off to sleep.It was morning but Chelsea didn’t want to get out of bed just yet. She wasn’t even sure if she was awake or still in between dreams. Lying on her side she knew it was grey and rainy; she didn’t even have open her eyes to know. She could kocaeli escort bayan hear the soft rain against the window – the perfect weather to stay cuddled in bed.As she settled deeper into her pillow and comforter she could feel a warmth develop within her, a feeling of arousal. Chelsea could feel her nipples become hard as they brushed against her tank top, but then she felt Michael’s arms wrap around her, one underneath, curled and holding her right breast, and another wrapped around her waist, on her thigh, close to her mound and treasure.Chelsea became more aware of her senses, but still not wanting to wake up. Through her shorts she could feel something very hard up against her backside, a throbbing, almost thumping between the cheeks of her ass.She decided to snuggle closer against the thumping, and then she felt his arms pull her closer against her.His hand began to play with her nipples, first teasing them through the tank top, and then sliding underneath her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breasts, circling and flicking her nipples.She was startled and let out a quiet gasp as she felt his hand slide between her thighs as he gently lifted her right leg. Chelsea could feel the stiffness of his cock strain against the fabric of their shorts; she could feel his fingers trace up under the hem of her shorts and over the inside of her thigh.Michael nibbled on her neck between the soft gentle kisses he was placing on his way to her ear. He kissed her ear before whispering, izmit escort “Good morning, Sexy.”Chelsea craned her neck into him, running her hands through his hair. Kissing the underside of his chin, which was full of stubble, she softly spoke, “Good morning, Handsome.”Michael continued to play with her treasure under her shorts and her breasts. Chelsea started to moan, “Mhmm, Michael, that feels so good.” Michael was enjoying the warmth and reaction that she was sharing. He could feel how the lips of her pussy were becoming more swollen and moist. As he traced the line between her thighs, her waist, her mound, he could feel her opening her legs. With her hand, Chelsea took and moved his directly above her clit, and together they began to play and enjoy the pleasure and passion that had begun.Michael made Chelsea cum all in her shorts, but she needed more. She got up and threw her shorts off, and straddled him. Michael, only in boxer briefs was hard against her bare pussy lips. She playfully ground against his package. With a flirtatious smile, she arched her back, lifted her arms over her head taking her tank top off at the same time. She tossed it just above Michael’s head and then leaned toward him. Her breasts taunted him as she expertly dangled them above his face. He pulled her down onto him, so he could have her breasts. With his face between her soft, plump mounds, he craned his neck to the left and played and nibbled her right breast. He craned to the right and did the same with her left breast. Circling her nipples with his tongue, gently squeezing each breast, Michael indulged in the firm but soft, supple feel of her breasts. Chelsea’s moans grew louder with every second of attention he gave her breasts.

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