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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 19BCHAPTER 19B: STARTING A NEW LIFE AGAIN, PART 2At the end of the meal Tim whispers in my ear and I nod. “Of course, Sir.” I excuse myself and suggest that Mom join me at the ladies room. While washing our hands, I look into the mirror at Mom. She smiles back to me. I say, “Have you enjoyed the evening?”“You are so fortunate to have a friend like him, Michele. He is so charming. And handsome.”“We have him as a friend, Mom. Now that you are a part of us he will consider you part of the friendship.” Turning off the water I say, “Mom, at this point in the evening it is common for me to become the after-dinner entertainment for the men in Mr. R’s suite.”Her response is simple, “Oh my, I guess I forgot about that part of the relationship. So you pretty casually … I mean when he is here … well and at his estate, I guess …”“Yes, Mom. As we have said, I am also submissive to him. I do what the men require of me.”“Oh, Michele, that is so … exciting! Always within your limits, of course.”“Of course.” I look in the mirror at her, “Mom, you are not submissive to Mr. R. And your submission to Tim does not yet include other men. We need to finish your limits so Tim knows what to expect and plan. But for tonight he will want to know if you are interested in joining us in Mr. R’s suite.”She looks embarrassed and blushes … again, “If that is what Tim would like me to do.”“Mom, there will be sex involved. What if Mr. R wants you?”“Yes. I do want to. Even with Carlos. Maybe especially with Carlos. What’s happening to me? I am so excited by this. Will you tell, Tim?”“No, you need to tell him. Tell him, Mom, that tonight he can also use you how he would like and with whom he would like.” Looking at her in the mirror she is a bright red. “I love how you blush.”We return to the table and find the men standing, waiting for us. I walk to Mr. R and engage him in conversation as Mom walks to Tim and leads him a few steps away. “Sir?”Tim responds, “Yes, Barb?”“Sir, Michele said that now you will likely be going to Carlos’ hotel suite. Is that so, Sir?”“Yes, it is. Michele closes an evening like this with Carlos by pleasuring us both.”“Sir, may I join you?”“In the suite?”“Yes, Sir. Sir, I know I have not yet provided you with my limits for my submission to you and I owe that to you. It will be much different than Michele, Sir. I cannot be that open. But I do trust you and that is the conflict for me. Anyway, Sir, tonight … tonight … I would like you to use me as you like … and … with Carlos if you would like me used.”“Barb, you know that he will?”“Yes, Sir.”“Barb?”“Sir?”“Are you wet right now?”“Oh, god, yes Sir!”“I’m proud of you, Barb. And I do know that your submissiveness is likely to be restricted to our little group. But it is nice that Carlos might be included in that. Stand perfectly still, Barb, and don’t flinch. Your back is to Carlos and he is watching us.”I noticed Mr. R intently watching something behind me and I turned to see Tim stroking Mom’s back and slide his hand down her back. Reaching the edge of the deep plunge of her dress he slipped his hand under and down onto her ass. I then saw Tim nod to Mr. R. I turned to him and he pulled me into him and repeated the same motion. I felt his hand slide down my back, reach the edge of the dress and then slide underneath and down to my ass.His other hand raised my chin so he could look into my eyes, “No underwear, young lady?”“Of course not, Sir. I wouldn’t want it to hamper you.”I accompany Mr. R to the hotel in his car while Tim and Mom follow us. As soon as we were in the car he had me pull the straps off my shoulder and drop the top to my waist and raise the hem into my lap. He played with my breasts for a few moments as we kissed and then he smiled as he started the car. “My god, Michele, I am so grateful you and Tim found your way into my life. So, I am curious, what about you mother?”“That’s up to her, Sir.”The hotel wasn’t far away but along the way he still slips his hand under my dress and I obligingly spread my legs as far as I could in the confined space of the car seat. He quickly strokes up the inside of my thigh and finds my cunt and lightly strokes the outside, then along my lips his finger slips between and strokes the inside but never actually penetrates me. But as he pulls his finger away as we approach the hotel entrance, “You are already wet, Michele.”“I am always wet when I am with my two Sirs.”As we are approaching the front, I lift my ass off the seat and pull the hem down over my knees and slip my arms into the straps and adjust the bodice over my breasts. When the attendant opens the door, I smile to him but as much to myself. Wearing a long gown, this is once that I won’t be flashing my bare cunt. We wait for the valet to assist Tim and Mom when they pull up. As Mom gets out, she looks a little flustered. I take her arm and we step away as we wait for Tim. “You look flustered, Mom. What happened?”“Michele, that evil man of ours. He had me pull my top down and he played with my breasts on the way over. And he had me suck him as he drove.”“How do you feel now?”“I’ve never felt so alive. Each new thing takes me higher. I love this but I am also becoming more convinced that it is a very small group, our very intimate group that I will be comfortable in.”“That’s fine, Mom. We’ll finish your limits and meet with Tim. There is no forcing and pushing beyond comfort. They push me but I think I am different. I don’t know why but somehow I have become willing to expose myself to more. You do only what is comfortable and no more.”The hotel is large and of course the suites are on the top floor. Mr. R uses his key card to access the top floor button. It is about 11:00 PM as we are going up. Once in the elevator and it is heading up Tim instructs me to remove my dress which I immediately do. I undo the small zipper at the back that hold it tight to my waist, remove the straps from my shoulders and let the dress fall. I bend over to pick it up and Tim’s hands go to my ass. Tim takes my dress and I am now standing in the elevator as it goes up in only my stockings and high heels.Mr. R smiles and says, “I will NEVER get tired of seeing you like that.”Tim is looking at Mom but not saying anything. She has been watching me and the reactions I was creating. She sensed the pause from everyone and looked at Tim and saw him watching her. But he wasn’t pushing, requesting, making any demands. His look was just that of an inquiry as if to ask, ‘what about you?’ She returns Tim’s look, then to Mr. R and me. Then she looked at the lights on the panel as it indicated the rising elevator bahis şirketleri that could be stopped by anyone outside. Then she must have decided. She reaches behind her back, unzips and slides the straps off her shoulders. When she bends over to pick up her dress, Tim strokes her ass as well. We are now both standing side by side between the men in only stockings and heels.Again, Mr. R reacts, “Barb, my memory didn’t do you justice. You’re beautiful!” Mom blushes. “And you blush like your daughter.”Then what we might fear actually happens. The elevator stops with six floors to go. I reach for Mom’s hand and squeeze it for her support. The doors slide open and a young couple starts to step on and then they stop halfway in. They both smile and step in and the door closes. They are both looking at the four of us in the mirrored walls. Finally the woman turns to us, “Do you guys do this a lot?”I reply, “She doesn’t, but I guess I do. She only has been exposed like this a couple times.”She turned to Mom, “How does it feel?”“Embarrassing now that you are here. But exciting, too.”Just then we reach the top and we all exit the elevator but the couple just stands there. She has more questions apparently. “I don’t know if I would have the nerve to do that, but it seems so exciting.”Tim responds, “We have been getting deeper into this kind of thing. We started easier by going to an adult’s only resort where nudity and sexual encounters are expected. We’ve grown into more since then.”She looked at her man, “We need to talk. What dangers are there?”Tim said, “There are some. First, are you protected? Can you be kept safe? Then there is the law issue. You don’t want to be arrested and have that get into the paper or on your record for others to discover.” We are standing, nearly naked, in the floor lobby while we talk to them. Finally, she seems to have been satisfied. We turn and walk down the hall and I can feel them still watching us.Then we get nearly to Mr. R’s room and then next fear actually happens … a door is opening down the hallway. And sure enough it is a frumpy guy looking for the ice machine since he is holding the little bucket. He of course stops and looks in surprise but then continues towards us, eyeing us blatantly. I would say top to bottom but he wasn’t, he was only moving his eyes from our pussies to our breasts. The rest didn’t seem to interest him much. And the presence of the men didn’t deter him from leering at us. Mom was very thankful to finally get into the room.But once inside the room Tim took her into his arms and hugged her tight to him. He stroked her back and just held her for a few moments. He pulled his head back slightly, just enough to look into her eyes, “I’m proud of you Mom. You held it together out there. How did it feel?”“Timothy! It was awful. I’ve never been so embarrassed maybe in my entire life!” She then looked at me and smiled. When she turned her head back to Tim, she took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately and long on the mouth. She pressed her body up against him, went up onto her toes and squirmed into him. All the while in the kiss. “And I loved it. God, I was standing nearly naked in an elevator and then in the hallway with a strange couple and we were just talking. Well, I wasn’t. I don’t think I could have gotten my voice to work. But, I was just standing out there like it normal. Wasn’t I? I mean I didn’t try to hide and move away?”We all chuckled and Tim responded to her, “You absolutely did all that. And you were wonderful.” He slipped a hand down her body and a finger between her legs which she opened slightly, perhaps without really thinking about it. “And that experience wasn’t lost on your body, I see.” Mom wrapped her arms around his neck and they were kissing again. She started removing his jacket and with it off she turned and asked, “Am I being presumptuous or are do we have some men to pleasure?”I just smiled at her and went to work at undressing Mr. R while beginning our own kissing and touching. And before I had Mr. R naked I heard sounds behind me and looked to see that Mom already had Tim naked, sitting on the sofa, and was sucking his cock and in only moments he was hard and her mouth was engulfing it from the head to the base. I smiled and pushed Mr. R to the easy chair to start in on him in the same manner. And before long we were pulled up, turned around and redirected to sit onto laps. Our pussies penetrated by hard cocks. The seats arranged as they were allowed Mom and I to watch each other as we moved up and down on the cocks inside us. Our breasts moving when we got to the top and changing direction and they bounced as we hit the bottom. Watching her I suddenly realize just how sexy it is to see a woman’s breasts move while being fucked. Very soon we have all climaxed. The activities, exposure, anticipation and sharing has heightened our stimulation.I look over at Mom and she is beaming despite her mouth open, gasping for breath. One of Tim’s hands on her breast and the other between her legs gently rubbing her clit. She takes the hand from between her legs and kisses it. She is looking over my shoulder at Mr. R. I lean back into him and whisper, “Sir, you appear to be having an effect on my mother. She is firmly planted on Tim’s cock but is having eyes for you it would appear. She is my mother, Sir. May I ask what your intentions are?”“My intentions, Michele? I would like to do to her what we have just finished doing. I would love to fuck that woman, your mother, if it is okay with you.”“Me, Sir? No. She’s her own woman in this relationship. Tim and I will both do what we need to in order to protect her, but she has to decide. She isn’t obligated like I am, Sir. Frankly, I am surprised she is even here participating this much. But if that is your wish perhaps I can assist you.” I smile at him devilishly.Making sure I have Mom’s attention so she can watch, I slowly raise myself up and off Mr. R’s softening cock. She is completely focused on that sight and recognizing what I am doing, Tim is tweaking Mom’s nipples. She groans as the cock is free of my cunt and slaps down onto his abdomen. I walk over to Mom and take her face in my hands and kiss her, deeply and passionately. I then take her hands and pull her up and off of Tim but I am deliberately keeping the line-of-sight clear for Mr. R to see her slowly rise up and off. I then turn, “May we make use of the mini-bar, Sir?”“Please. I’ll have a scotch.”I knew what Tim would have and I led Mom to over with me. I quietly said to her, “I want you to get the bottles out but do not crouch down. I want you to bahis firmaları face directly away from them and bend over at the waist with straight legs to get the bottles out.”“But that will show them my … ooooohh, Michele. But Tim just came inside me … they might see … some cum … Michele, you want them to. That is so obscene.”“Will you do it?”“Yes.” She did and it took her a while. She had to inspect several of the little bottles to find the right liquor and then the wine for us. But she did it. And I peeked, myself. And, yes, there was a little of Tim’s cum that leaked out of her pussy.When we had the drinks poured, I touched Mom’s arm as she took her wine and Tim’s drink. “You don’t have to, of course, it is completely your choice, but Mr. R would love to have you next.” She looked at me and then turning only her head she looked at Tim and Mr. R. She turned back, put Tim’s drink down and picked up Mr. R’s scotch and gave me a kiss. Then she seductively swung her hips as she walked to Mr. R and handed him his drink. She then sat down in his lap and blew a kiss to Tim.As I sat onto Tim’s lap, I looked across and saw Mr. R’s free hand come around Mom and cup a breast and while they sipped he rubbed and caressed her, occasionally pinching a nipple. And we settled into casual, friendly talk.As the drinks were about finished, Mr. R asked Mom, “Barb, I take it that you haven’t had the experience of much public exposure before?”“Tim got me to model intimate apparel at a private show for a store we frequent, but otherwise, no. Not like that one over there.” She was indicating me.Mr. R laughed, “Did she tell you about the streets of Amsterdam?”“The streets? You don’t mean the a****l show?”I said, “Oh, that! You have to watch out for that one, Mom. As you know, these two have control over my dressing. We were going out in Amsterdam for our evening and he had selected this short little thing that barely covered me anyway but then was such light material that the wind just picked up the hem and fluttered it around. We turned a corner and walked right into a good wind. He told me to keep my hands away from the dress as we walked down the sidewalk. That dress was at my waist more often than it was down.”Mr. R was laughing at the memory. “Yes, and Anthony and I walked behind you the entire while.”“Yes, you did.”Mom looked at me with new understanding, “And no panties?”“Exactly.” Now even Mom was laughing. And I loved the sight of this. We are laughing together, sipping our drinks. All casual, friendly, relaxed and laughing. Only we are all naked. We are sitting on the men and I can feel the cock I am on losing its soft state. And Mom does, too, as I see her shift. She looks at me and I nod to her. We down the last of our wine and get up, turn and kneel in front of the men. I can’t see Mom anymore but I know she is doing the same thing I am. Sucking cock for another good fucking.We had the men ready and wanting. I was raised to my feet by Tim and led to the bedroom and the bed with Mom right behind. Tim stripped down the bedspread and we were placed on our backs for some good old fashioned missionary while side by side. I raised my knees and opened them for Tim and he was quickly between them and pushing into me. I smiled at him and looked to Mom. Mr. R was leaning forward and planting a kiss on each nipple before he too positioned himself and gently pushed his hard cock into her pussy for the first time. I reached to the side and found her hand, took it in mine and squeezed. She didn’t let go but held on but not with tension. When I heard her breathing get quick and ragged, moaning and gasping with her increasing arousal and nearing climax, I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it. With her mouth open and her eyes just slits, she turned to me and gave me a weak but comfortable smile. Then, she went right into it. Her back arched up to meet his thrusts and her legs were around his waist, holding him tightly to her, not wanting him anywhere else but deeply inside her. And when her orgasm crashed over her, she cried out in her release and murmuring for him to give her all his seed. Every drop.Tim somehow left the next morning without waking us. And we slept late into the morning. It was much later before we finally got out of bed. Each of us sharing the feelings, emotions, and arousal we experienced the night before. And each of us pleasuring the other in a delicious 69 before we giggled and grab-assed our way into the shower to clean ourselves up from the wonderful sexual encounters. And after rewarding ourselves with a good breakfast/lunch, we finally released the dogs from the kennel and chased them into the property until we stopped and got onto our hands and knees to service two more males. Mom kept saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have never felt so alive.”That next Saturday we drove up to Nikki and Joe’s. Well, actually, our soon-to-be home. Nikki wanted to have us up to meet their neighbors and best friends, Juli and Harry. Nikki had mentioned them to me in the past but mostly in passing. Nikki was good that way. What happened as friends basically stayed in that relationship. So I knew a little about them but Nikki felt it would be good, since we would be neighbors, to get to know each other a little better and break the ice, so to speak. I knew that she thought we would become good friends, also. And she was anxious to initiate the contact.When we arrive, Juli and Harry are already there. The three of us are introduced and we head through the house to the patio in back for drinks and talk before dinner. Nikki describes each to the other from her perspective and provides some detail but not everything. On our part she doesn’t know the entire story. She just knows that Mom is now living with us after a change in her life. Nikki has just given a brief explanation of how she knew me and it gets a little quiet. Then Juli asks, “Michele, I have to ask and I apologize if I am blunt. I guess that is just the farm girl/ranch girl in me. Nikki has only given us little comments about some of the things you have been up to. They only served to be tantalizing temptations for wanting to know more. But, you recently went on a trip to Europe with your friends and then Tim met you there?”“Juli, please, don’t apologize for being direct. You don’t know how refreshing that is. I’ll be as open as you want me to be if it is reciprocated. Yes, I/we have the good fortune to have a friend with some means and quite an imagination.”“And part of that involved Amsterdam and a live dog-sex show where you stole the attention?”“Hmmmmm … that is direct.”Tim sat back kaçak bahis siteleri and chuckled, touched Mom’s arm and said to her, “Let’s see how your daughter handles this. And for the record, I wasn’t there to see this, I just heard about it after I arrived the next morning.”Juli added into that, “That’s the other thing I am dying to get into with you guys. You let your wife go off to another continent with this man and she ends up on stage in a dog-sex show. How does that happen?”I hold up my hands to get quiet, “I don’t think we have the time to get into all of this. Yes, all of that is true. And it is complicated.” I thought for a moment and looked at Tim, then Nikki, and Mom. “Well, it’s not really that complicated. But, you know … we’re just getting to know each other and … well, I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.”“What happened to being direct, Michele?” Juli was challenging me to start our relationship open and up front. “Okay, you know that Nikki is into dogs. Well, she got me into them, too.”“If it’s okay with Tim?” I looked at him and he nodded. “The quick story. Nikki didn’t get me into dogs; I managed that with Tim’s help. But Nikki and Joe did get me to open up to sex and that probably led to being open to the rest. You see, not only am I just adventurous in sex but I am also Tim’s submissive. At least sexually. I submitted myself to him. He can have me do his wishes for himself and others. But we have some established limits that he operates within. It is only because I trust him so completely that I can do this. Our friend? After spending enough time with him, we realized that the same was true with him. So, Tim and I agreed that we could trust him to watch over me and protect me and work within the same limits. Finally, we were to the point that I also submitted myself to him in the same way. When I am with either of them, they keep me essentially naked and well …”“Fucked. You can say it to us, dear.” Juli was smiling as she finished my sentenced.“Yes, exactly. As I said he is very creative. He had several scenarios for me in Europe. We can get into those details as we go. Some my mother has heard, perhaps.” Everyone chuckled at that and then went silent and I was thinking. How much do I want to say? “I know you guys had a wonderful relationship with Nikki and Joe. And I truly hope we can have the same type of relationship. But we aren’t Nikki and Joe. I am not a wholesome housewife who happens to have sex with dogs. I do have sex with dogs … a lot … but …”Nikki jumped in, “Don’t sell yourself short, Michele. You may not be the housewife type like me but your relationship to Tim is as deeply loving and devoted as mine is to Joe. And that is the important thing in a marriage.”I look at her and smiled and looked at Juli and Harry. “You’re right, of course. But … there is something about our relationship that you don’t know Nikki because it is relatively a new development. And it is why we wanted this property so badly even if Tim would have to find different work. Which he doesn’t by the way. Just a change in responsibilities. But, anyway …” I held up my left hand to them, then Tim did and finally Mom. “We each wear the same ring.” I got up and stood between Mom and Tim and put my hands on each. “When Mom was getting divorced by her husband, my dad, she stayed with us for support, for strength. But while she was with us we realized something else was happening. Our relationship changed and grew, very quickly. This might sound strange, but the three of us fell in love. Not us two women to Tim, although that is also true. But all three of us to each of us. The ring was Tim’s idea. A circle that represents our love. Tim to me to Mom to Tim and back the other way. Unbroken. Although it isn’t considered legal, we are committed to each other as a marriage. Is that open, enough?”Nikki, Joe, Juli and Harry all had big smiles on their faces. Nikki looked at Juli and Harry, “Didn’t I tell you they were going to be right?”I was confused. “What does that mean?”Juli got up and walked over to me. She hugged me, and then kissed me on the lips. I was surprised and I am sure it showed. But then she bent over and did the same to Tim and then Mom. She walked back to stand behind Harry, “You’re beautiful, Michele. You tell us that, concerned that you might offend us with a different life relationship and thinking coming out here will be perfect to be away from prying eyes and judgment. In reality, you have to stand in line.”“What?”“Michele, Tim and Barb, Harry and I aren’t legally married, either. We are brother and sister.” She bent over and kissed the top of Harry’s head. “Nikki and Joe were so accepting of us. We were nervous when they said they were moving. What were the odds of someone else being so openly accepting? And here you are.”With those secrets out of the way, Nikki informs us it is time for dinner. During dinner Nikki asks about our discussions with Bob, the breeder. “When you went for your second dog, did you talk to Bob about the other things you were thinking could be done when you move in?”I know she is setting this up to bring Juli up to speed since she has also been somewhat involved with Nikki. “Yes. And thank you for the recommendation. Jackson is a wonderful addition to our family. Oh, Jackson is our second dog. Or really Mom’s dog. If you get my drift.”“Michele!” Mom reacted like I expected her to.“Well he is. Anyway, Bob seemed quite excited about the ideas. With this wonderful kennel, Mom and I felt we could kennel the ‘special’ dogs that would be going to the K-9 community here. It should be really short-term kenneling because he would expect to find homes for them. And while they are here we could do some initial training to get them better used to human females, basic commands, and train them in the basic trigger response for dressed or naked. I also felt we could continue the client training. I don’t know that I could do it as well as you did, Nikki, but there seems like there would be a void. Also, he was looking for a better way to handle the toys, jewelry, informational documents and videos. They could be displayed here for when the women picked up their dogs, got training, etc. It would all be on a careful referral basis and only ‘call ahead’ with no drop-in activity. The traffic really shouldn’t change much as a result.” I looked at Juli and Harry. Waiting. “What do you guys think?”There was a pause and Juli was just looking at Harry. Finally, Harry smiled and the smile got bigger. “You said you have two dogs now? And there will be others kenneled here periodically?” He patted Juli arm. “This one will be happy.”Now it was Juli’s turn, “Harry!” She swatted his shoulder but then she kissed his cheek and smiled at me and Mom. “But, yes, I could be very happy.”* * * CHAPTER 20: ADJUSTING TO THE CHANGE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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