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Michelle’s Revenge

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Michelle laid down on the hospital bed to see if she could squeeze a few hours of sleep in before the next emergency. She was in the final hours of a double shift as the on call emergency doctor. She was in the final weeks of her residency and she felt like they were trying to kill her with sleep deprivation. Michelle awoke to one of the nurses shaking her shoulder, she was startled, but the nap had done her wonders.

“Michelle, are you awake?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, I am now,” Michelle replied wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“There is a patient demanding to see a doctor, and everyone else is tied up with other patients. He’s waiting in exam room 5.” the nurse informed her.

“OK, I’m there.” said Michelle getting up from the cot.

David had come to his wits end, he slumped back into his bed in defeat. No matter what he did, no matter what he saw or who he was with, he couldn’t manage to get to orgasm. He wanted to desperately, after a few fake attempts he lost his girlfriend, Julia. She figured out what he was doing, she thought that he was either seeing someone else or not attracted to her any more. So, eventually, she packed her things and walked out of David’s life. Even after Julia left, David tried every flavor of pornography he could find, and still nothing.

Since he had no doctor to see, David figured the best thing to do would be to take a trip to the local emergency room to see what they could recommend. David knew they probably would not see his problem as an emergency, but he did. David entered into the emergency room and explained to the admissions desk that he was having an issue with his groin area, and he would prefer to discuss it with a doctor.

The admitting nurse lowered her voice and leaned in close “Is it erectile dysfunction?”

“Sure, something like that” David replied quickly.

The nurse smiled at him and quickly jotted down a note about ED and sent the forms back. As David turned and walked to the waiting area, the nurse noted his pleasing figure. A while later he heard his name called, David got up out of the chair and followed the nurse where he was led to a room and asked to disrobe, place the cotton johnny on with the opening in the back and wait for the doctor to enter. The nurse turned and shut the door behind her. David did as he was told and waited.

Michelle rose from the cot, threw on her white coat and stopped for a brief moment to splash water on her face. She looked in the mirror, she gathered her thick brown hair back into a pony tail and tied it with an elastic. Michelle looked at her face and felt that she could see each of her 28 years on her face. She knew once her residency was over she would at least have a set schedule which would help. Maybe then she could develop a love life. Her soft features and full figure made her an instant hit with the young doctors, she occasionally would take one to her bed, but it never lasted. They’d climb on top of her and minutes later it would all be over, she’d hear some excuse about how they had to get up early or get into the hospital, and off they’d go. Just for once she wanted to do what she wanted to a man. But, that was for a different time, she got herself together and headed to exam room 5.

Once she arrived, she picked up the chart hanging on the door. Michelle briefly read through the chart and was puzzled to try to understand what was wrong with the patient. The notes written were cryptic at best, something about erectile dysfunction, but maybe not? She sighed and opened the door. She wasn’t expecting to find a cute guy sitting on the table staring at her with blue eyes. Michelle quickly studied his features, medium build, sexy black hair, and a tan that screamed either tanning booths or a recent vacation.

“Good evening, I’m Doctor Michelle Silvia, what seems to be the issue?” Michelle asked trying not to seem like she just woke up.

“Hi, I’m David, I have a problem.” he stated.

“Yes, well I didn’t think you came in to ask us how we were doing. Would you mind letting me know what it is?” Michelle smirked hoping the sarcasm would help the patient to open up to her.

“I can’t cum.” David stated bluntly.

Michelle’s eyes opened wide with the statement, she was a little surprised that she got such an abrupt statement.

“Well then.” she cleared her throat, “Are you sure this isn’t something you’d rather discuss with a psychologist?” she inquired.

“No, it’s a medical problem, I want to orgasm, but something is preventing me from doing it. I tried with a girl, I tried by myself, nothing. It’s gotten so bad my girlfriend left me and I feel frustrated as hell. Doctor, you have to help me.” David replied.

Michelle could see the look of desperation on David’s face.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Michelle inquired.

“Absolutely.” David said looking into the young doctor’s eyes. David allowed his eyes to roam from her eyes, up to her long brown hair, then, down her face to the tender flesh of her slender neck. As his eyes wandered down further, he could see past her white coat to the tight blue canlı bahis sweater she had on. He could see the curve of her breasts and the outline of the bra which held them in place. He wanted to free them, to taste her soft pale flesh, he wanted to kiss her, he wanted to do anything she wished, but, he knew that it would end the same. David knew her disappointment would drive them apart. He sighed and sat back, hoping that she could solve his problem.

Michelle felt his eyes roaming over her, she could feel his gaze deepen as his eyes lowered. She looked down to where his eyes were pointing and saw that her sweater had fallen open a bit, exposing the flesh of her breasts. She quickly sat up and put her hand to her chest. In her mind, she knew she must not allow her emotions to come into play. She was so tired of feeling like a an object of men’s desires, she just couldn’t begin to think that this one might be different. Perhaps, she thought, she could take her revenge on this one, to make him different, to make him see, she had an idea.

Michelle didn’t really think David had a difficult problem, or even a medical problem. She heard about issues where people couldn’t reach orgasm all of the time, most of them were not medical, but psychological. Now was her chance to prove to David that physically, he was just fine.

“Can you help me?” David asked in a desperate tone.

“Well, we can try” Michelle replied. She ran through all of the standard exam procedures, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature. She found that he was in great shape.

“Now, I’ll need you to stand up.” Michelle instructed

David did as he was told and stood up with his back to the examining table

Michelle approached him and knelt down, she pulled the johnny aside. Though she did not show it on her face, she was attracted to what she saw. David was muscular and tan, and of a size she liked, and he was shaved neat. Michelle reached up and took his balls in her hands, rolled them gently around with her fingers, searching for a clue which may give a medical reason for his condition. As she touched him, she felt him twitch and heard him inhale quickly. She palpitated around his genitals, she found nothing which could explain David’s ailment.

David knew what was coming when the cute doctor asked him to stand, he knew that she would touch him, he told himself he wouldn’t get hard, he wouldn’t twitch or react. But, when the moment came, he couldn’t help it. The physical attraction he felt for her betrayed him. He wasn’t sure if she could tell or not, but he blushed hard after his reaction and he got more red as she felt around him. All he wanted was for her to stroke him, to make him cum, for her to take him into her soft mouth and drink him until he was dry.

“Turn around and lean against the table. Michelle’s voice had turned from a typical doctor to something a bit more sultry.

David didn’t know what to think now, he thought he knew what would happen, but now he started to feel uneasy. He was entering a territory he was not familiar with. He thought of putting his clothes on and leaving, but the thought of being with the doctor and having his problem solved at the same time kept him where he was. He watched her hair move as she turned around, he thought about running his fingers through her hair and burying his face in the nape of her neck.

Michelle got up and turned around, she smirked a little as she saw his face drop when she gave him her last command. She gloved her left hand and lubricated a couple of fingers. Upon her turning back around, she saw another sight which almost made her stop. David was bent over the table with his chest on it’s surface and the johnny had parted around his waist exposing his muscular legs and ass. Michelle could see his legs were slightly parted which gave space for his cock and balls to hang, she also noticed that he had started to get hard.

Michelle knew she wanted him now, protocol be gone, she didn’t care. Even if it cost her the residency, she didn’t care, she wanted him. Michelle approached him, grabbed a stool and sat. She pushed herself closer to David’s body, she smiled and placed her thumb and forefinger just above his rectum and opened her fingers, spreading David’s ass, exposing him fully. She stopped for a moment to take in the sight of his exposed asshole, closed and puckered, she could have sworn that she saw it tense up and relax.

David heard the stool wheel toward him, he felt her fingers glide into his butt and spread him apart. He noticed she hesitated, David thought about being penetrated and the thought made him tense up for a brief second. He did everything he could to relax, he took a breath and waited.

Michelle placed a finger on his ass and rubbed slowly, spreading some lubricant on his puckered hole. She heard him groan a bit before, she assumed, he caught himself and silenced himself. Her eyebrows raised upon hearing his pleasure, and she smiled and pushed her slippery finger gently into his ass. When she got about half of her finger in she paused to allow him to get used to the sensation.

David bahis siteleri felt the coolness of the lubricant for a split second before he felt her finger press against his ass. His eyes widened with anticipation and fear. He wasn’t sure if this would hurt, or possibly feel good. David knew that a prostate exam would probably be necessary to diagnose his problem, and at this moment he was very happy he was with a cute female doctor. He felt her hesitate and wondered if she stopped to become clinical again or second guess her decision, of course she could just be waiting for him to get used to the idea. As she rubbed the lubricant around his opening David’s eyes closed and his muscles relaxed, he groaned for a moment before hearing himself and quickly stopping. It was like a small bolt of energy passed through his body. He had never been touched there before, it felt wonderful and yet he was anxious at the same time. He wasn’t sure if there would be pleasure or pain, but he didn’t care, he wanted to know. David tried the best he could to relax as soon as he felt Michelle’s finger enter him. She was careful and slow with her finger, exerting just enough pressure to continue on, but not so much that it hurt. As she pressed, he felt his ass give way to allow her finger more access. The further she got, the more his cock grew and harden. He felt her pressing stop and hold her position inside of him. He wanted to grab his cock and stroke it but was afraid of what she might do. He knew he didn’t want this to end so he would remain as silent as possible.

Michelle saw his cock growing as she explored his ass, she knew she would need to push a little further to reach his prostate, she noticed his scrotum tightened and she knew he was liking this feeling. She pushed on and moved her finger toward his abdomen, she reached his prostate and felt around it. Clinically, everything was fine. Now, she knew she could have some fun with this guy and she would make him cum, but not until she was ready to. She started thinking about bending over the table herself and feeling David take her from behind, the thought of his flat stomach slapping against her ass, to have his hairless balls bounce off of her clit made her wet with anticipation. She started to slide her finger out when she felt David move his body back to keep her finger in, she pushed further and heard David moan with pleasure.

David felt her finger exploring him, he loved the feeling. When she reached what he assumed was his prostate, he shuttered and he moaned, he just didn’t care anymore. He felt her finger withdraw and he thought “No!” he didn’t want this to stop. He pushed his body back toward her finger in an attempt to tell her that he wanted more.

“Are you liking this? Do you want me to do more? Shall I touch you?” Michelle stopped herself before she asked anymore questions. She had given prostate exams before, but never like this. She had used her fingers to go into a guys ass before during sex, most liked it, some thought it would make them gay, so they stayed away. She had always wanted to discover more, now was her chance, but, she wanted to make sure it was wanted before she proceeded.

“Yes, yes, and yes. Do anything, do everything, I want you, in me.” David replied, he wasn’t sure how to phrase what he wanted, he just knew he wanted more.

“I see, well then my good boy, lets see what we can do to correct your problem.” she said in her sexiest voice and with a smile on her face.

Michelle pushed her finger back in to him and started to make small circles with her finger to loosen him up further. She removed her fingers holding his cheeks open and lowered her hand to his stiff cock. She slid the palm of her hand down one side of his hard cock and rounded the tip of him which was wet with pre-cum, a very good sign she thought to herself. Michelle slid her hand back toward his balls and rubbed them with her palm while she extended her fingers around the base of his cock. She tightened and released her fingers around his thickness while moving up and down his length. While fondling him she kept on fucking his ass slowly with her finger. She was very excited, she had never done this before, she was loving the new feeling of control as her hands explored David. She leaned forward and kissed his butt cheek feeling her gloved hand next to her cheek. She felt the cool skin of David’s ass against her lips and pressed her cheek to his ass, she loved the feeling of his soft skin against her. She sat up and pursed her lips together.

“I have an idea, I’ll be right back.” Michelle said as she withdrew her finger and let go of his cock. She got up and left the room after taking the glove off and throwing it into the wastebasket. She closed the door behind her.

David couldn’t believe what he was feeling. When she stopped and asked if he wanted more, he gladly answered yes to all of her questions. He also felt relief that he wasn’t the only one who was completely turned on by what was happening. When she grasped his balls and touched his cock he felt like his body was in overdrive. She was pushing in and out of bahis şirketleri his ass, he could feel himself loosening up, he slowly rocked his body with her motions. The feel of her lips against his ass made his jaw shudder, he was so content when he felt her face press against his butt cheek. David felt the air from her mouth and nose wash over his ass and it added to his delight.

Just then he felt her move away from his ass and stop her stroking motions, he heard her say that she’d be right back and before he could turn around to protest she had thrown off her glove and shut the door. He thought about finishing himself off if he could, but, instead he took the time to remove the johnny he had on. He placed himself back into the same position he was before and he waited.

Michelle ran as quickly as she could back to the staff locker room, she found her locker, opened it up and ripped open her purse. She fumbled around moving her checkbook, pen, and car keys aside. She reached the zippered part on the side and quickly opened the zipper. The vibrator she kept with her was tucked neatly in there, she took it out and slid it into her coat pocket, put everything back into her locker and locked it up. She rushed back to the examining room hoping that her patient as well as their mood had not fled.

Michelle hastily opened the door just enough to fit her slender frame through the door, she shut and locked the door behind her, she thought of shutting off the light but she wanted to see his nakedness, she wanted to see her hands around him, mostly, she wanted to see her vibrator opening his ass up. She moved over to the doctor’s station in the room, took out the vibrator from her pocket and set it standing up on the counter. It was a plain pink vibrator with a silicone skin over it, it stood up about 6″ and was about 3/4″ wide. She lubed up the vibrator well, washed her hands and removed her coat. She slipped off her sweater keeping only her black bra on, Michelle noticed that her patient was exactly where she had left him, minus the johnny, he turned around to see what she was doing. She could see the want in his eyes as her sweater came off. As she reached behind her and unclasped the pencil skirt she had on, she lowered the zipper which raised David’s eyebrows. Michelle slipped the skirt down revealing her legs and matching black panties which were high cut showing off her high legs and outlining her pussy.

David heard her come back into the room, he was thrilled that she had returned. She was doing something at the counter, but he wasn’t sure what. He turned around to watch her, he noticed something on the counter but she was blocking his view of what it was. He was curious only until he saw her take off her sweater revealing full C sized breasts contained in her bra. The noise of the zipper was a sound David loved, and when she slipped the tight fabric down past her waist, he thought he might cum right there.

Michelle watched his reactions and smiled when she could tell that he obviously approved of her figure. She reached up and behind her to unfasten her bra, she crossed her hands over the front of her shoulders the pulled down each strap carefully and let the bra drop to the floor exposing her breasts which seemed to bounce in relief. She turned and took the vibrator in her hand and walked toward David.

David took in the spectacle of her breasts and sighed a little, they were just the right size, the perfect handful, and her nipples had a slight puff to them, he wanted to roll his tongue around them and suck on them. Right then as she turned around and back and started to walk toward him, he noticed it, in her hand. Now, he felt nervous.

“Umm… I don’t know…” David started

“Yes, you will, and you will like it, trust me” Michelle persuaded him.

David turned back around and resumed his earlier position.

Michelle sat back down, she could feel the cold of the seat through her panties. Although it cooled her skin for a moment, soon her body heat would warm it up. She sat the vibrator on the paper of the table next to David. She took a clean cloth that was next to David’s leg on the table he was leaning over, and draped it over her finger. She once again parted David’s butt with her fingers and used the cloth to wipe away the previous lubricant.

David had no idea what this was going to feel like, his anxiety returned, and when he felt her cleaning his ass with a cloth he was lost. What would happen next, he could only guess. He was happy to have her hands on him again though.

Michelle finished her cleaning and put the cloth on the floor. She kept her fingers where they were and used her other hand to spread David’s ass further apart. She leaned in, licked her lips a couple of times and parted her mouth. Michelle slipped her wet tongue onto David’s opening. She could feel each fold of his asshole on the tip of her tongue as she slowly moved her tongue around his ass. She moved her hand down from the top of David’s ass and began to stroke him. She forced more saliva onto her tongue and gently pushed it into his ass. She heard David shudder and moan. She continue to stroke his cock as she moved her tongue in and out of his ass fucking him with her mouth. She kept pushing as much saliva into his ass as she could. She knew just then that her panties were wet.

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