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Middle eastern wife 1st time in glory hole

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Middle eastern wife 1st time in glory holeWe are a middle eastern couple. I am 45 years old and she is 37 years old. We have a very good life style, our sex life is also so good as we both are liberal .When it comes to sex between both of us. We tried role play with so many fantasies, we tried toys and dildos, specially I wanted her to feel a massive cock size without involving any one. our dildo is 8 inch long and 2.5 inch wide.We are typical middle eastern couple. She is shy apart when we are together in sexual intimacy.After saving lots of money we finally decided to go on vacation to the western countries for the 1st time.We decided to travel around Europe between Amsterdam. Milan. Barcelona, Brussels and Vienna.We started of with Milan, then Barcelona, then Brussels then Vienna and finally with Amsterdam.While being in Europe we had lots of great sex together, we bought big dildo that is 9 inch, dark one, we started fantasising her fucking a big black man in Europe and double penetrating her.I noticed her becoming more hot, more wet with the role play while using that huge massive cock, despite that I am not a small man as middle eastern men mostly are well sized cock , but definitely I am not 9 inch and I am not that massive as width too.One day in the morning after breakfast we went walking down town in Amsterdam, and we noticed lots of shops that sell sexual toys in one road.When having one of our sex action I asked her if she likes to go to the sex toy shop? Initially she was hesitant, but I convinced her that I will be with her and she does not need to be shy, we are in open liberal country and no one knows us here.We both agreed to give it a try, we went to the 1st shop, she did not like it as it seems so filthy. She was ok with the 2nd and the 3rd but she did not seem like the idea at all.The 4th one was my lucky chance, it was a very clean, well decorated clean shop, with really very well presentation, nice well uniformed salesmen and nice environment.We roamed around this shop a lot, she touched a lot of toys and commented in a lot of sizes, I can see she is fascinated with the black cock even though I am a dark tanned man myself.One of the sales ladies came and asked us about our nationality and she was amazed to know that we are from the middle east and a middle eastern woman is in the shop, you know how all the world think of middle eastern women are so conservative.She asked my wife if she would like to go to a special private room that the shop has and use the facilities there?We asked and the lady told us it is a room that we can watch variety of sex movies according to our taste, we can watch life show from behind a glass for real people fucking each other, we can have the privacy of fucking each other there without any one watching or seeing us, or if we like other can watch us through holes in the walls if we open these holes, we can even play with them through the hole.My wife got amazed and asked how can we play with people through the hole and the lady explained to us the idea of the glory hole.My wife refused the idea and we left. At the hotel room while having sexy with her with our new 9 inch cock and the strap I bought from the 4th shop today she was like a charcoal in my hand, I never hear her screaming and moaning that load in my 15 years marriage with her, and she came twice and squirted twice.So I took the opportunity to role play as if we are in the glory hole and while fucking her made her as if she is stroking a stranger men cocks and making them cum, she became so wild and I even made her suck the dildo (as if a stranger men cock from the hole ) while fucking bursa escort her and she accepted and started sucking the 9 inch dildo and the strap cock as if two different glory holes.I was so hot and she was so wild and it was one of our best fucks in 15 years, despite that we had lots of amazing fucks through our marriage.Next day while having dinner down town I suggested to go o the red street the famous sex street in Amsterdam. She said ok and we went there and it was such an experience. Amsterdam was such an amazing sexual new experience for couple like us.I can see the affect of the sex street on my wife so I suggested to go back to that 4th shop and enjoy may be buying new toy.When we entered the shop the same lady remembered us and welcomed us back again, while roaming around I can see my wife started walking a lot with the sales lady and she was showing lots of red face remarks as if the sales lady is telling her things making her so shy and shocked.I went close to her and asked her if she is comfortable being her, and she was little shy but she through me the question that I will never think she will ever say;;What do you think we try the private room and see how it goes from there?I said are you sure you can go through such an experience? i was little surprised and shocked?She asked me am I getting mad from her question? surprisingly I was not mad but I was in a shock that my wife is asking such a question, but I believe the environment of our Europe vacation and the sex we had since we started the vacation made my wife become wild.I asked the lady again are you sure we will be so private and no hidden cameras or hidden walls that we are not clear about and we will be abused? the lady assured me her shop is a well known shop and they won’t destroy their name and reputation for any reason.So we went to a very nice clean room, it was very dimmed in light, it has a huge LCD screen, DVD with so many wild different porn movies selection.We saw a movie title shy wife shared first time movie, we decided to watch it and it was so hot watching a man had a fantasy watching his wife getting fucked in front of him, she was shy and her luck her 1st experience was a black man who was her husband job colleague.I noticed how hot my wife started to become and I hugged her and start playing with her neck and nipples knowing that will drive her nuts but I wasn’t worried as we are in a private room.She started moaning and started the role play her self about getting fucked from a black stranger and I went a long with her and it was so hot, my wife moaning became so load and so obvious out side the room and suddenly we heard nocking in one of the wall in the side, I noticed the cover of the hole and the nocking was coming from that side.I ignored it but I went to different role play that we are fucking in this room and we opened the hole and suddenly a massive black cock come in the hole that she never saw in her life before, she went so wild and she started screaming loader and the nocking in the hole became more persistent. I slightly opened the hole to see her reaction but she was so much turned on and getting fucked by me to think of any other stuff happening around us, suddenly a white small cock came in and my wife and me ignored it and stayed fucking each other and I saw him playing with him self begging my wife to help him, but she did not and he came so quick hearing her moaning and screaming load and stroking himself.Nothing happened from the glory hole apart from few different eyes were looking through the hole watching me fucking my wife and I believe the sales lady informed all those men that we bursa escort bayan are middle eastern as they were saying lots of words begin us to involve them as it is their first time with a middle eastern women in here.We had a break a little and discussed with each other is that enough and we agreed to go.At the hotel we slept so well and my wife was so touchy that night in bed and wanted to be so much close to me through out the whole sleep.for the next two days we talked a lot about what has happened and I can see every time we chatted about it she become so wild and horny and we fuck so well.One day before leave to go back home we were down town shopping and before hit back to the hotel I suggested to go back to the sex shop for the last wild evening. She so eagerly accepted as if she was waiting for me to say??!!We went, again welcomed back with the same lady, she looked so naughty looking at my wife and wildly said directly same room or different one?We agreed to go in a different room preferably bigger as we are both tall people, but the lady said with a naughty smile in her face bigger room means more glory holes :):):)We want to the room and choose another porn movie of a husband watching his wife in the glory hole getting fucked, we were watching the movie when nocking in the hole started, I looked at my wife and she smiled nodding with her head it is okay open them.I opened both holes and quickly two cocks came in but my wife spoke to them only to play with themselves for her she won’t touch them.They did while she was speaking sexually to them and I was amazed my wife does have such wild imagination and naughty personality talking sexually to strangers.I got so hot and horny and started kissing her neck and playing with her nipples.She warned me the consequence of what am I doing specially where are we now and the surrounding around us could lead to stuff we won’t be able to stop and she is so horny.I was so horny with the way she was speaking to them and I proceed with my sexual act on her, playing with her tits and kissing the neck knowing she will be melted in seconds.I started taking her top off and her bra which I didn’t 1st time as I fucked her with her cloth on, She looked at me and her eyes were asking are you series you are getting me naked in front of strange men who can see her naked body through the hole?I proceed and kept going on and made her topless and I was savouring her nipples and she started moaning so load, men started begging her to play with their cocks through the hole but she was so much focused on my action and also her middle eastern morality did not make her even think of it and I believe the size of the cocks and the shapes were not tempting too.We stayed playing with each other and men watching and playing with each other while we are on action believing so much that the sales lady informed all those men that we are middle eastern couple.I left her skirt up to her waste and took of her undie off and she was in shock seeing me doing this in a public area even though it is a private room but she knows strangers are watching her from the huge two holes in the side walls.I started licking her pussy and she was begging me to stop other wise she will be moaning so load that the whole Amsterdam can hear her. I went on and on knowing how much my wife adores pussy licking and eating and she started cumming loudly saying i am summing I am summing ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, goooooooooooood, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck………………I want a big cock …………..fuck and i was shocked she said that sentence I want a big cock really she said that??!!!! she kept cumming for longer time with escort bursa real noise ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.suddenly a massive black cock came from one of the side glory hole wall and it was still not even semi erected but so wide and at least close to 7 inch , and she was shocked when she saw it and looked at me and asked me:Is that for real?I was shocked my self and I did not reply, but I continued pinching her nipples and figuring her clitrus while kissing her too and she asked me to fuck her now.I positioned her to look at the black cock in the hole and i fuck her from the back and she was licking her lips as if she is getting so thirsty and moaning load and started saying I am getting fucked so well but your massive black cock is so big…She was moaning ohhhhhhhhhh honey his cock is so big…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me but I can’t believe how big his cock is ……………………..ohh ahhh off ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm honey I never thought I will see in real such an amazing massive cock like that in real life, oohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm he is getting so big …….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHer way of talking made me so horny and so mad and i was finger fucking her in her ass and I even managed to put two finger and I never fucked her in the ass before in our life, it was so virging but the atmosphere made me go wild and amazingly she did not stop me, and started moaning so load with me fucking her both holes while she is watching for the 1st time in her life real cock apart from mine in front of her face.To our surprise another black massive cock hard on already came in the 2nd side wall glory hole it was not as massive as the 1st one who became so hard now and I believe more than 10 inch as it is bigger than our dildo.I turned her to face both holes watching both real cocks while I am fucking her wildly letting her to enjoy the look of real cocks not more.I believe i woken up the b**st inside my wife as she started moaning and screaming ohhhhhhhhh my goooooood I can;t take it any more you guys have a yummy cocks,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh t want those yummy cocks, My middle eastern wife saying this to strangers and saying loudly I want your yummy cocks!!!! in front of me , she was saying ohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddd these cocks are heaven, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssss let me touch them, pleeassssssee ojjjjjjj ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me touch them honry , ahhhhhkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want these awesome big cocks.She did not even wait for me and stretched her both hands started stroking them , first time to touch any cock in her life apart from mine specially she was complete virgin when we got married.She was screaming load fuck me more I love their cocks, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they are massive.Suddenly she came close and started sucking them in sequence and I am wildly fucking her couldn’t believe what is truly happening . She sucked them for long time and they were begging her to let them fuck her through the holes but she was busy fucked by me and enjoying savouring their cocks till they came and for the 1st time she was full of cum all over her.We finished, looked at each other as we both came from what was truly happening and she orgasmed several times due to the action she was going through.She got dressed , we relaxed a little in the room without any talk just a true smile in her face with shocked eyes too.We went to the hotel room, fucked her so wildly with the 9 inch cock only role playing it was the stranger cocks she sucked for the 1st time ever in her life.after she came twice again she hugged me, kissed me, sucked me and for the 1st time swallowed my cum, she told me what ever happened today that is it.thank you for letting me try such an experience she won’t ever think of, I am an amazing husband and our life went so gr8 from that day.Hope you enjoy the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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